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Our New Life Together

Having discovered the den of perversion that is xhamster, we are enjoying the mix of videos, photos, stories, posts, and profiles. We are exploring ourselves, and after decades of being together, we are finding new ways to excite each other sexually – this new approach is almost like having a “new life together”.

Upon creating our profile, we immediately noticed the cum tributes people are posting. For him, it is very flattering to see other men horny for her, lusting for her, jacking off on her images, and imagining cumming all over her big natural breasts or inside her pretty pussy. For her, it is extremely exciting to imagine another man wanting to have sex with her, talking to her about what he would do, and recording a video about it. She loves cum, and seeing another man spurt a heavy load makes her want to pull out her dildo and magic wand vibrator and masturbate to his video.

If he is exciting enough, she might cam with him, taking things to another level. If he was vocal about how much she turns him on, she will want to be even more vocal on cam, hearing him describe a fantasy as they watch each other masturbate. Fantasies are very important to us. We want orgasms to originate in the mind, and to bring out feelings of deep excitement that a simple physical orgasm will lack.

Perhaps it will be a fantasy that involves a visit to a dark and seedy bar, where her husband can watch her from afar as he sits in a dark corner. The other man approaches her, buys her a drink, makes conversation, and flirts with her. He grazes her shoulder with his hand, turning her on ever so gently, and making her mind race. As the night progresses, she unknowingly gets wet with anticipation and sits closer to him, his hands roaming with more freedom, touching her neck, back, and even her ass.

Seeing she does not protest and that nobody can see what he is doing (except her hidden husband), his hands go under her short skirt, where he pleasantly discovers she is wearing no panties. She gets bold and massages his cock over his pants, and her wedding ring glimmers as her hand enjoys his bulge. She bites her lip and looks in his eyes as she gets a preview of how big and how hard he is for her. She says she needs a minute to go to the ladies room and he mentions also having to go to the bathroom, so they both head over after he closes out his tab.

As they make their way back, he leads her into the mens room, closing the stall door behind them. She opens his pants and takes his hard cock into her mouth, not having to prepare him much but wanting to taste him nonetheless. His fat bulbous head fills her mouth and she smacks her lips as she drools all over it, making strands of saliva hang down to her plush bouncing breasts. He fingers her from behind and gets even hornier when he feels her sopping wetness. His fingers squish and she squirts as he hits her very responsive g-spot.

He can’t wait any longer and turns her around against the wall like a caveman, thrusting into her pussy rough and deep. She relishes the feeling of being fucked with f***e, enjoying the adrenaline rush of being treated with such passion and masculine aggression. The many years of “making love” have made her yearn for this and she takes it all in, encouraging him by moaning loudly and telling him to “feed my hungry pussy” and “split it open with your cock”. He obliges her, removing all restraint, and knowing exactly how to give her body what it yearns for, what it desires, what it needs.

She is being taken just how she likes, riding the line between fear and utter excitement. It makes her feel like more of a woman to make a man lose control of himself. They fuck wildly and she gets the deep penetration her married mommy body needs and loves. He cups her breasts and tugs her nipples, giving her the pleasure pain that drives her crazy. Her pussy is different from when she was younger – hungering for deeper fucking, harder cock, more staying power than her husband can provide at their middle age. His rhythmic thrusts get longer, faster, deeper, and sharper, pounding her soft body and making it bounce beautifully. Finally, his excitement reaches its peak, his mind starts spinning out of control, and his body surrenders. He pumps his cum deep inside her unprotected pussy, spasm after spasm driving his loads deep inside of her. They exchange a passionate kiss and they are both on their separate ways.

She does her best to somewhat regain her composure and stealthily exits the mens room. She makes eye contact with her husband across the bar and he meets her in the parking lot so that they can regroup and go home to the safety of their marital bed. They re-enter the familiarity of their home, yet something is different tonight. They make love more passionately than ever before. On a primal level, he wants to be her alpha male and to fertilize what has just been fertilized by another man. Her cum-filled pussy is more than ready to accept him, and his cock knows just how far she went tonight as it slips in and out of her lover’s creampie.

As he slides back and forth inside of her, she easily slips into another orgasm – her pussy and mind have been buzzing with excitement all night and it seems as if she has been fluttering from one orgasm to the next. As he slides back and forth inside of her, the soft warmth and quivering wetness is impossible to ignore. He asks himself “How could she do this, knowing full well I was just one room away from them? How could she fuck another man right under my nose?” And yet, how could she turn away all the adoration and attention she was getting after so many years of being the good wife and good mom? Isn’t she entitled to it after these many years of sacrifice?

He cannot hold back his orgasm as he erupts with excitement he has never felt before – all these thoughts colliding in his head – all this confusion and unpredictability that their mundane vanilla sex life did not have until tonight. Tonight, she is much more than a wife or a mommy – she is a temptress who he had to conquer. His little wife was no longer a “sure thing” that was there whenever he felt like having sex. She was a goddess who completely dominated and commanded the lust of another man.

He is stunned and can’t believe that he is not repulsed by his wife’s affair. Instead, he is now in a position to have to stand and deliver – to have to reclaim what is rightfully his like a lion defending his pride or a bull defending his herd. The knowledge that another man has taken her to mental and physical orgasm and back makes them both explode with a new excitement – a pure and raw excitement that is a welcome departure from the gentle love they have experienced all these years.

She wraps her arms and legs around her champion and they fade off into a blissful port orgasmic half-sl**p, knowing that they were meant for each other and that they can explore anything together. Who knows what the future holds for them.

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