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out to lunch

i couldn’t help it! i told my bf i would not cheat on him again and i meant it when i said it, but when john asked me to lunch at work i said yes, knowing he’d probably want more than lunch. i thought we’d just go eat, talk about work and that’s it, but…. all day he had been staring at me, i was wearing a cute and very short summer dress and cute sandals, which i had off at work, i prefer barefoot, my legs must’ve looked real good to him because i caught him staring at them a few times and he’d just go on staring, made me feel hot! around 11 am he came up to me to talk about some work stuff then said “maybe we can go over the project during lunch? i’m going to that mexican food place, do you want to join me?” hmmm, i wondered, ok, sure, it is work stuff i thought, so i said, “i’d love to thanks! noon?” “noon it is” he said and started walking away then stopped, turned around and said “you look stunning in that dress by the way.” then went back to his desk, “aww, thanks!” i said, and smiled sweetly at him, and since he kept staring i crossed my legs just for him, giving him a nice peek at my little white panties, big pretty smile on my face.

noon came and john and i left the building together and walked to his car, he touched my lower back a couple of times as we walked, i let him. one time as he dropped his hand it brushed lightly against my ass, i sort of reacted and he said, “sorry” “oh, it’s ok, it just startled me” i smiled at him… mmmm. he opened the door to his car for me and i sat in, my dress so short he got a good peek at my lil white panties again, his eyes went right to my pussy, i brought my legs together and smiled real pretty at him and said thanks as he closed my door. he got in and sat there, his eyes glued to my legs, i smiled at him, he kept staring, i giggled and said “u like?” “sooooo much” he said, he had such a huge bulge in his pants! it was my turn to stare. i could tell he wanted to jump my bones right then and there so i said “you know i have a boyfriend right?” he stopped staring, turned on the engine and started backing out as he said “that’s ok, i don’t mind sharing, i’m not the jealous type” i started laughing, “aww that is so sweet of you!” “yep, that’s me” he said “real sweet.” we drove to the place and talked about our co-workers, who did what and when, etc.

we got to the restaurant and, thank god it was not crowded! we got a nice booth in the corner, one of those half-circle ones, private and cozy, we sat next to each other. our waitress came and asked what we wanted to drink, john quickly said “bring us a nice, big pitcher of your finest margaritas please” “you got it” said the waitress. i looked at him and asked “a pitcher?! you must be thirsty!” i laughed, “oh, you’ll have some too, right?” “oh, i don’t know, i never drink at lunch, especially on a work day” i replied while looking at the menu, “aww come on, one little margarita at least?” john said, “i don’t know… maybe half of one, i don’t wanna get tipsy, i get very … um…” here i paused, i didn’t want to tell him that i get very horny when i’m tipsy, that i love to suck guys off when i’m tipsy, “yes?” he asked “you get very … what, when you’re tipsy?” “oh, i don’t know” i looked for the right word “… um friendly, yep, i get very friendly when i’m tipsy” i giggled. “well what’s wrong with that?” he asked as he moved his leg so it was touching mine, i let him, “oh… i don’t know” i was starting to get horny, just thinking about getting tipsy and sucking his cock, making him cum in my mouth, mmmmm. my nipples got hard and sort of poked through my thin dress since i wasn’t wearing a bra, he noticed them, i blushed and brought up the menu to cover them, he laughed as the waitress brought our big pitcher of margaritas, she poured us each a glass, i tried to stop her from filling mine up but john butted in and, there it was, a full glass… oh boy! he raised his glass toasted to being friendly with a big i-wanna-fuck-you-so-bad grin on his face… i smiled sweetly, to being friendly! i laughed as he rubbed his leg against mine and took a little sip, mmm yummy.

we ordered our food and talked about this and that as he drank and i took little sips. he stared at my legs again and said “you look so hot in that dress, wow!” i took a bigger sip and said “thank you” real sweetly, “i like the fabric, so soft, feels so nice on my skin!” here he moved his hand, it softly brushed against my thigh and he felt around the hem of my dress “mmm sure is” then he moved his hand to my thigh and felt my leg, i gasped a little and was going to tell him to stop but the waitress came with our food. john left his hand on my leg and moved it slowly to my panties. the table had a big festive tablecloth that d****d to the floor so the waitress couldn’t see john’s hand rubbing my pussy, i didn’t want to make a scene so i let him, felt really nice actually. as soon as the waitress left i pulled his hand away from my pussy and said “you are such a bad boy!” and shook my finger at him “i can’t believe you did that!” i told him “did you like it?” he smiled at me “you did didn’t you” “ugh!” i gave him the evil eye and started eating my meal, but my pussy was getting wetter with every bite, every sip, every new compliment from john. he even brought the fingers he used to rub my pussy to his nose, took a deep smell and said aaaaaaaaaaaaah! as he exhaled. fuck me!

my promise to my bf went out the window! i was very turned on and the margaritas were coming to play. john could tell that i was very turned on, my nipples were super hard, he stared at them and then, he unzipped his pants and took out his hard cock, “see how you got me?” my eyes almost popped out! “oh my god! john! put that away!” i told him in a loud whisper as i looked around the restaurant, we were totally out of anyone’s direct sight. i looked at john, then at his cock, all wet and shiny looking at me, he saw me wanting it and said “put what away?” and smiled as i finished my drink. he kept eating, sitting there next to me with his big hard cock out of his pants, i tried to eat some more but i kept looking at john’s hard cock out of the corner of my eye, looked sooooo yummy, so hard, sticking out of his pants, glistening with precum, I wanted it so i just, leaned down and put his cock in my mouth and sucked all the precum off real sweetly, mmm i love the taste of precum, my lips wrapped around his head, my tongue licking and lapping it up, so hot, he moaned a little too loudly so i sat back up and picked at my food as he stared at my face, i brought the fork to my open mouth, turned to look at him and said “what?” then giggled and wrapped my lips around the fork and sucked the food into my mouth and said, “mmmmm yum!”

he poured us another glass and by then i was gone, yay! let the party continue! his hard cock still out of his pants, i put my hand on it and rubbed it slowly as we kept eating and drinking. i’d take turns, a bite of food, then i’d lean down and suck his yummy cock for a while, for like 10 seconds or so, then i’d take a sip of my margarita, turn to him, smile like a happy little girl and i’d go down on him again, each time taking a little bit more of it into my wet mouth, mmm, he was sooooo hard! as i kept going down on him he had his hand between my legs, rubbing me. he’d quietly say stuff like, suck it baby, yeah lara, you are such a hottie, i wanna fill your mouth with my hot cum. mmmmm. i was feeling a little d***k and so wanted to fully deep throat him and make him cum in my mouth but i didn’t want to get caught. just as i was finishing my second margarita the waitress came by to check on us, “we’re good” john said with a big smile, i giggled and chimed in “yep, we’re good” as he slid a finger into my pussy. “ok, just holler if you need anything” as soon as she left, i turned to john, his finger in my pussy, my hand on his throbbing cock, i smiled at him real pretty, leaned into his mouth and kissed him sweetly and started rubbing his cock faster and harder, squeezing it, getting it ready for my throat, mmm then i licked hi ear real lightly and whispered, “i’m glad you’re not the jealous type and that you wanna share me, i want you to fuck me in your car, ok?” “mmm fuck yes!” he said, i kissed him again, like a lover does and said “mmmm now cum in my mouth baby, ok?” and i went down on him, took him all the way in to my throat, that’s all it took, he moaned and grabbed my head as i fucked him with my sweet mouth, BOOM! mmmm, big, hot load of cum down my throat! yay! i closed my eyes and sucked it so sweetly, he tasted great, his cock fit perfectly in my mouth, mmmmm baby! i kept sucking him, i didn’t care if anyone saw us, so fucking hot! i swallowed all his cum, didn’t waste a drop! yum! i cleaned him up with my mouth and sat up with a big sweet smile on my face, my eyes all shiny, he looked at me like he was a man in love. “did you like that?” i giggled.

i went to the bathroom to tidy up, my cheeks were flushed and i could still taste his cum in my mouth, mmm. i freshened up, looked at myself in the mirror, felt bad that once again i was cheating on my bf, but my pussy was so wet and my nipples were hard and i was a little d***k and so horny, ugh, what could i do? i told myself, you are a fuck doll, fuck dolls please more than one guy. so true, i smiled, touched up my lipstick, then took off my wet panties, put them in my little purse and went back to the table where john was waiting for me. he had his eyes on me as i walked real sexy for him, i smiled sweetly at him, my new lover, mmmm, i couldn’t wait to suck his cock again, to feel him inside me, filling me up with his hot man stuff. when i got to the table i giggled, lifted my dress up a little and showed him my shaved pussy, no undies, i smiled at him and said “i’m ready!” “fuck yes!” he said, he had already paid the bill so we rushed out of the restaurant and went to his car. fortunately there was a fairly vacant parking building nearby so we went in and drove up to one of the empty floors, perfect! we quickly got out and went to the backseat, he dropped his pants and i immediately started sucking his beautiful cock, mmmm, this time we were alone and i didn’t have to stop, i sucked it so good, rubbing it, licking it, biting it, deep throating him, making love to it with all my heart, beautiful cock love, mmmm, he moaned, i looked up at him, still rubbing his cock and said “i love sucking your cock john” then put it back in my mouth, mmmmm. “you give great head baby, i’ve been wanting to fuck you for so long” he said, “you have?” i asked him, “are you k**ding?!” he asked me “i even jerk off at night thinking about you!” “awww, that is so sweet” i told him, so i moved on top of him, straddled him and put his cock in my wet pussy, mmmm felt so nice and warm!

he moaned and grunted, i said, “you like how that feels baby? is it like you imagined?” as i grinded my pussy on him, moving my hips all around, riding him slowly and real deep, mmmm. “so much fucking better babe!” he panted a little. i french kissed him as he rubbed my ass and started fucking me harder. we fucked like that for a good ten minutes, mmm really in sync fucking like the best of lovers, i rubbed his balls and lowered my dress so he could suck my small but very cute tits. i smiled at him and started grinding really hard and really moving my hips, rubbing his cock all up inside me, and i started sweet talking him “that’s it baby, fuck me like you’ve been wanting to all this time, i love how your yummy cock feels inside me, mmmm i can’t wait to suck it again. i’m going to suck your cock at work everyday baby, some days 2 or 3 times, would you like that john?!” and through all my talking he sped up, fucking me faster and faster, i was turning him way on, telling him everything he wanted to hear, everything to make him cum so hard in my pussy, mmm! as he started cumming he held down my hips so strongly, felt so great to feel him throbbing in me, shooting pulse after pulse of hot sperm in me, mmmm i came as well! so fucking hot to cum together! we stayed like that for a few minutes, his cock still in my very wet pussy, we made out real romantic like, and kept fucking real slowly, mmmmm. “i liked how you fucked me” i told him, big smile on my lips. “fuck babe, did you mean that about sucking me every day?! please?!! pretty please?!!” i laughed, “well, we’ll see, some days it might not be possible but yeah, i want your cock in my mouth again” and just to show him i meant it i got off him, curled up on the seat, put my head on his lap and began sucking his cock again, he closed his eyes, moaned and mmmmm, his cock was hard again!

with my head on his lap, my hair all messy, my eyes bright with sex, my lips so wet, his cock in and out of my mouth, i looked up at him and said “you see, a girl like me needs a lot of cock” “well, thank god for girls like you and you can have my cock anytime you want!” “aww thank you!” i said all peppy and put his cock back in my mouth, mmm, just the head in my mouth, my tongue running circles around it, i ran my fingernails softly up and down the shaft and balls, guys love that! i kept doing that and could tell he’d cum for me again, mmm, good girl lara, i patted myself on the back and kept sucking him like that, then alternating between deep throating him and scratching him and pinching him softly, i had him so sensitive! then i slowly took him all the way to my throat and held it there, squeezing it with my throat muscles, i pinched his nipple as i scratched his balls, mmmmmm bingo! more hot cum for me! it all went down my throat, he was throbbing so fucking hard, his body humping my mouth, he looked spent, i giggled while looking up at him, his now soft cock still getting kisses from me. i stayed with my head on his lap looking up at him, his cock still right by my mouth, my tongue on it, me looking like a little happy baby with something yummy to suck on, mmmmm…

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