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Owed to Joy

Owed to Joy

“Mum?” Toni said as she sat at the table looking at the computer screen. “What’s this thing with Mr Daniels?”

“What thing?” Joy Andrews asked moving over beside her daughter and staring down at the screen. Toni pointed to the figures on the screen.

“He owes nearly seven grand!”
“bl**dy Hell!” Joy said. “I didn’t realise it had got that high.”

“Mum! You really are the limit. You’re running a business here! You have to keep on top of things like this. This guy is taking the piss!”

“I know but he’s been having cash flow problems recently and….”

“And nothing, Mum! You’ve supplied him with the goods and he’s sold them on. No doubt he’s made a profit and he’s paid you fuck all!”

“I’ll speak to him, Toni.”

“No! You won’t! I will speak to him! You’re too soft.”

“Go easy on him. He really is having problems, love.”

“Mother! I don’t believe you!” the girl said. “I think you have a soft spot for this Mr Daniels.”

“Don’t be silly,” Joy said straightening up and moving over to her own desk. Toni was shocked.

“Mu-um! You DO, don’t you?


“I can see it. You’ve gone as red as a beetroot.”

“ don’t deny that Joe is a very personable man……”

“Oh, it’s Joe is it? Think we now know where that soft spot is. Bet it’s a wet one too.”

“Toni!” Joy said but a grin spread across her face and the two women laughed together.

“Is he married?” Toni asked.

“Divorced. That’s why he’s having money troubles.”

“Long ago?”

“Couple of years I think.”

“Desperate for a fuck then.”

“I don’t know,” Toni said firmly. “I don’t pry.”

There was silence for a moment before Toni spoke again.

“Bet you’ve wondered though.”

Joy looked up and smiled.

“You are far too knowing young lady and I’m sure you shouldn’t be talking to your mother like this.”

“Mum, I’m eighteen. Not eight. And let’s face it, you haven’t had much man-meat recently.”


The girl stood and walked over to her mother.

Toni was slim and at five feet ten she was tall and made even taller by the three inch stiletto heeled shoes she favoured. She placed a hand on her mother’s back and gently massaged between the shoulder blades.

“I get my share of sex. You make sure of that!”

Toni moved behind her mother and slid her hands down Joy’s chest, gently cupping and massaging the small breasts encased in the silky blouse. Joy writhed and leaned back against her daughter.

“You are more tha enough for me, Darling. And I do get off on the tales you tell me of your men.”

“And women, Mother. Don’t forget them.”

“Oh I don’t and Ohhh, that is so nice.”

She writhed against her daughter who bent down and kissed her softly on her auburn hair.

There was no mistaking the fact that Toni was Joy’s daughter. They were almost like twins apart from the age gap but could easily be mistaken for s****rs.

“I think, Mother dear, that Mr Daniels can work off his debt. Don’t you?”

“He wouldn’t!”

“It will take a lot of working off.”

“Seven thousand?”

“Well, three and a half each. We are equal partners in this business, Mother.”

“You are a dirty little bitch, Toni,” Joy said wriggling free and pulling her daughter towards her. Their lips met and a passionate kiss extended as tongues writhed in each others mouth.

“A really dirty little bitch.”

“Like mother, like daughter!”

“I had planned on a morning concentrating on the business,” Joy said, smiling at her daughter.

“The beauty of running a business from home is……..” Toni left the question dangling.

“……Bed is in the next room,” Joy finished the sentence. They laughed and as her daughter passed by, Joy planted a hard slap on the rounded buttocks temptingly showing through the tight pencil skirt. As she followed her daughter she watched the sway of the hips and the tantalising points where her suspenders showed through the tight, black skirt. She wondered it Toni looked at her in the same way. In her heart she knew that she did.

In the bedroom, Toni turned and unfastened her mother’s blouse, easing it back onto her shoulders. She moved forward and kissed her neck, just below the ear. Her teeth gently nibbling the soft flesh don onto the shoulder. Her hands were stroking up Joy’s ribcage and slowly round onto the 34” bust. They were firm and the same size s her own so neither woman wore a bra. Gently, she stroked her thumb over the hard nipples.

Today Toni had taken the lead and Joy was the sub. She loved being seduced by her daughter. She was caring and gentle when she needed to be and firm and rough when she sensed Joy wanted it. They had been lovers now for seven years and had no secrets. Toni had told Joy before she gave her virginity to a boy at school and in bed that night, had recounted exactly how he had taken it and her.

Toni eased Joy’s blouse off and down her arms as she bent forward to gently kiss each breast in turn. Joy put her arms around her daughter’s head and cradled her as Toni’s hands eased down and released the clip on her mother’s skirt. The zip sounded loud in the electrically charged atmosphere and Joy wriggled it over her hips as Toni stroked her hands over her mother’s buttocks.

“Ohhhh, Darling,” Joy moaned as she felt her daughter’s fingers under the strap of her thongs and easing between her buttocks. She eased her hips back and felt the first touch at the tight little puckered hole. A long fingernail scratched gently at it. Toni knew her mother lover that before she went further until she found a very wet and responsive hole. Her finger probed.

“Mmmmm. You know just what a girl needs.”

“Yes. Like mother…….”

“……Love daughter.”

Joy’s hips writhed as her daughter slid two fingers down between the soft wet folds of flesh and gently began to rub. Toni could feel the had nub of her mother’s clit as she slid her fingers back and forth pulling right back until the tips were over the pleasure button then down until they probed inside the tight hole.

“I can’t believe how tight your cunt is,” she whispered into her mother’s ear. “Considering how big Dad’s cock was and I popped out of it.”

“Mmmm. You weren’t so hard to squeeze out and the Doctor put in an extra stitch to tighten it up afterwards and your Father loved it tight. That’s why he loved yours too – Ooooohhhhh, fuck, yesssss!”

Joy writhed as the feelings of her building orgasm filled her lower belly. It was spreading and her muscles were tightening.

A sudden twist and Toni was kneeling between her mother’s legs, her face buried in the wet lips and Joy was moaning out loud as the soft tongue of her daughter worked on her. Toni probed into the tight hole, letting the tip of her tongue seek out that special spot just inside before moving up. The flat of her tongue spreading the lips. She found the small piss hole and heard the cry of her mother as she probed into it before moving to the clit.

And Joy went. Her mind taken over by the massive orgasm filling her body. Her hips rose from the bed as every muscle tensed and she felt the spurts of her ejaculation.


She was twitching on the bed as Toni moved back up and kissed her firmly on the lips.

“Now get up and get dressed,” she said. “We’ve got work to do.”

“Toni!” Joy said. “It’s your turn.”

“Later you dirty slut,” Toni said with a grin. “You will service me later and, Mother dear, you WILL service me well later.”

She bent and placed a kiss on her mother’s tit and stood back before Joy could grab her.

“Get dressed, slut!”

“Yes, Mistress. Oh what a pain it is to have such a bossy daughter.”

“You love it.”

Joy grinned as she watched her daughter’s hips sway as she left the bedroom.

She walked into the room they used as an office as she adjusted her long, dark hair in the pony tail she wore when working. Toni was speaking on the telephone and grinned at her Mother, putting a finger to her lips.

“Yes, I do appreciate the difficulties, Mr Daniels, she was saying. “But you must also appreciate our difficulties also……..No, No. We don’t want to f***e you into liquidation, Mr Daniels but we must come to some arrangement………….”Is your wife…………Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know……….Look. We can’t really discuss this over the phone. Why don’t you come round after you’ve closed the shop and we can discuss a solution I’ll get Mum to make something to eat……….Well, we look forward to it also. See you at about half six?……..Yes. Until then.”

“You are bl**dy awful,” Joy said as Toni placed the phone back. “You do realise you’re hawking your Mother out for sex. Little more than a prostitute.”

“Oh no, Mum. A bit more than that. Not much more I admit…….OW!”

“That’ll teach you to be saucy to your mother.” Joy said, her hand slightly stinging from the slap she’d placed on her daughter’s bum.

“Look at it this way, Mum,” Tony said rubbing the spot. “What we’re really doing is getting you laid.”

“I get enough of that from you.”

“Yes and it’s great but you need a cock too…….I know I’ve got the strap-on but you need a good juicy man-cock.”

“And what about you?”

“Don’t worry about me. Anyway, Maybe Mr Jo Daniels will be up for a double.”

“He’s a fifty plus year old man! I doubt that he’d do a double. In fact I don’t know many men who can.”

“He’s also been a widower for the past five years. If he is a shy as he sounds, he’ll be desperate for cunt as a change from his hand.”

“Toni! You can be so crude at times.”

“Go on. You love it!”

They kissed and got back to their work.

* * * *

“Do come in, Mr Daniels,” Toni said, opening the door almost as soon as the bell went.

Joe Daniels was in his early fifties, Dark wavy hair was going slightly grey at the temples. A dark complexion and with penetrating dark eyes.

“You must forgive me, Miss…….”

“I’m Toni. Tonight we don’t want formalities, Joe. I may call you Joe?”

“Er – yes. Yes, of course.” he said as he stepped across the threshold. “I came straight from the shop and haven’t had time to change and………”

“No apologies necessary, Joe,” Joy said coming out of the kitchen. “It’s strictly informal and Toni thought it would be a good idea if we did it like this and chatted over the problem.”

“I don’t honestly know if a chat will work, Mrs…….”


“Er – yes. Joy. I freely admit that I am floundering.”

“Can we do anything for flounders, Toni?”

“I always feel a large Scotch will always help.”

“Then perhaps you will apply the remedy while I finish. Dinner will be in about twenty minutes, Joe. Hoppe you brought along your appetite eith the floundering.”

She laughed as she went back into the kitchen and Toni took his arm and guided him to the main room. Joe stood looking around as she poured the drinks and turned to face him.

“You CAN sit down, you know,” she said. “The furniture doesn’t bite.”

He smiled and took the proffered glass before taking a seat. The girl picked up her own glass and touched it to his.

“Good health,” she said as they chinked. Moving to a seat opposite him she sat demurely. She was wearing a short, very short dark skirt and royal blue blouse and he was consciously aware of her attractions. Long legs, primly next to each other, were curved back, her ankles crossed and the high heeled shoes polished ot a gleaming shine.

“How is business,” she asked.

He almost jumped as her words roused him from the reverie which he was enjoying.

“Oh, you know. Hard times and not so good. To be honest I’m just getting deeper. I just don’t seem to have the enthusiasm for it now.”

“It’s bad all over,” Toni said. “I know we’ve really taken quite a hit…….”

“Look, I’m really sorry about the bills but……..”

“Oh, please, Joe. I do know. I wasn’t referring to it in particular but just in general. Hard times all round.”

“Yes. Of course. It’s just that I – well, – you and Joy have been so good about it and I am very conscious of……..”

“Business later. And don’t worry. I think we might have a plan. If you are willing of course.”

“Willing? I’d do anything to get out from under.”



“Hmmm. I wonder…..”

“What are you two plotting?” Toni asked with a smile as she entered the room and picked up her drink.”

“Mother! You wound me and I’m sure Joe would never plot would you, Joe?”

“What? Oh! No, of course not.”

“Don’t tease the man, Toni. He looks nervous enough as it is. Dinner’s ready. Shall we go through?.

Dinner was relaxed and with the Scotch and wine, Joe was feeling more relaxed than he had felt for a long while. Conversation carefully avoided business and the three were soon laughing as they dined.

“Please excuse me, Joe,” Joy said pushing her chair back. “Nature calls.”

Joe half rose in his chair as she left the room and, resuming his seat, noticed Toni looking at him. He smiled nervously.

“What do you think of my mother?”

“Er – she’s lovely. Nice, I mean.”

“Yes, she is, isn’t she?”

There was silence for a moment and Joe raised his glass to take a drink, hoping the girl hadn’t noticed just how nice he thought she was.

“I worry about her. She’s only had me for company since Dad left and I really think she needs a good fucking!”

Joe felt the Scotch burn as it flowed into his lungs and up his nose. His face was red as he coughed and spluttered, his napkin held to his mouth. Through tear filled eyes and still trying to clear his throat, he looked at the girl. Her dark eyes were sparkling as she smiled at him.

“And judging by that bulge in your trousers, Mr Daniels, I’d say you could do with a bl**dy good fuck too.”

“Really! I……”

“Joe, don’t bother in protesting. It’s time for us to be straightforward with each other.”

He looked at her, his eyes like a hunted a****l as he dabbed at his mouth with the napkin. The girl reached out and placed a hand on his knee.

“I am right, Joe, aren’t I?”

“Really, I…….”

The girl tilted her head to one side quizzically.

“Well. Your mother is a very attractive woman…….”

“With a great arse.”

“I wouldn’t say that…….”

“I know you wouldn’t say it, Joe. But I’ve watched you looking at it as she walks.”

“I didn’t think you would……”

“I notice everything Joe. I also notice the way you look at me but that’s something we can discuss later. Mum is my priority and I want her in a good, relaxed mood. It’s better for me around the house and it’s better for business when dealing with clients. She needs something to relax her and a good hard fucking will solve all that. I’m also pretty sure that you could do with something more than your hand to help you, Joe.”

“I don’t know what you mean!”

“Yes, Joe. You do know what I mean. And there are seven thousand reasons why this could also be good for you.”

“Now wait a minute!” he said. “Are you saying that if I – er – have sex with……”


“…….Yes. Your mother, You will write off my debt?”

“Eventually, Joe. Eventually. No one is worth seven grand for a single fuck.” she said with a smile. His jaw dropped. “Shall we say a hundred pounds a go?”

Joe was lost for what to say for a moment.

“But that would make me a sort of – PROSTITUTE!”


“I – I – I -”

“Oh, come on, Joe. What’s the problem? Women have been hawking their bodies for time immemorial. Just look at it that we’re getting a bit of our own back. And she likes you.”

“Does she?” he said and could have bitten off his tongue as it was almost an admission of his interest. Perhaps the girl hadn’t noticed.

“I see that interests you, Joe” she said.

“Fuck!” he thought. “I must learn to keep my face blank.”

They looked at each other as the door opened and Joy walked back into the room. Without taking her eyes from Joe, Toni spoke to her mother.

“I think Joe is open to our business plan, Mum.”

“Oh, Toni. I told you not to. I’m so sorry, Joe. She’s impossible sometimes. I can only apologise for her. You obviously aren’t……”

“No!” he said. A little more forcibly than he intended. “No, I won’t say that I’m not interested.”

The two women smiled at each other.

“It’s just that I can’t do it to write off my debt.”

They turned to him as he stood.

“If I do – make love with you,” he said to Joy. “It’s because I want to – er – make love with a beautiful woman.”

Joy smiled and moved over to the sideboard and retrieved something from one of the lower cupboards. Joe noticed that she hadn’t changed her clothes but somehow he was noticing them in more detail. The silky blouse showed no signs of bra straps and maybe the nipples were a little more pronounced. They black skirt, a little tighter and no pantie line under the buttocks. Instead a small ridge just above the cleavage. A thing line. Small button sized lumps on the thighs. Stockings then and dark, sheer stockings too.

Joy stood up and moved back to him.

“We’ll discuss that later,” she said, her voice almost a whisper as she moved close in front of him. Her hand was at the front of his trousers and he felt her squeeze at the bulge he had developed over the last few minutes.

Her lips were slightly parted as they moved to his and her tongue gently stroked his lips as she probed into his mouth. Joe’s arms were working without his command and enclosed her slim body, pulling her close to him. He pushed his hips forward against her hand and she moved it. His bulging erection was against her lower belly and she writhed her hips, rubbing it with her pubic mound. His hand drifted down onto the swelling of her buttocks and pressed her hard to him.

“I think that cock needs to go somewhere warm and wet. Don’t you?”


She smiled and slithered down his body. She was kneeling and her long, slim fingers gently eased the zipper on his fly down. She reached inside and he placed a hand to stop her.

“I haven’t showered,” he said simply. She took his hand away from hers.

“Good,” she said. “I like flavour.”

She had eased his erection out of his boxer shorts and he felt her lips against the underside.

And then he felt the tip of her tongue! He actually moaned out loud as she flicked the underside of his knob before engulfing it.

“Oh, Fcuk!” he said as she began bobbing her head back and forth on his cock. “Please! Please, I won’t last long if you do that!”

“Good1” she said pausing in her mouth fucking of him.

“No! Please. I want to fuck you. Blow jobs later. Now I want your cunt.”

She stood, her hands unzipping and easing her skirt over her hips. She backed to the wall and leaned against it, her legs wide. Her slim fingers pulled the gusset of her thong aside.

“Eat!” she demanded and he knelt and put his face to the smooth lips. His tongue parted them and he tasted her juices. Her clit was large and protruded from it’s hood and her hole was soft and welcoming. He felt her hands on his head, forcing his face into her cunt. It felt like she wanted his head up inside her. He licked and breathed through his mouth when he could as his nose was pressed against the wet cunt. Her hips were grinding on him and she was moaning loudly. Her language turned him on more and more.

“Oh, Yes. Tongue-fuck me you bastard. Lick that fucking hole out you dirty fucking bastard. Get me ready for that fucking cock.”

He licked and licked and felt the flood of her juices. She was cumming and loudly. Could she fuck again straight away? He only hope she could.

Her whole body was quivering as she screamed her orgasm above him.

And then she was twitching. The post orgasmic shocks as she came back down to Earth. She pushed him back and sank to the floor.

“Fuck me!” she said. “Get that fucking cock up my cunt and fuck me hard you bastard.”

He just rolled on top of her and his cock f***ed its way into her body. He was surprised how tight her cunt was. His own wife’s had loosened up over the years but this woman’s was like a virgin’s and she moaned loudly as he pushed into her. He felt his body tight against hers and his balls against her arse and he pumped. It had been a long while since he’d had sex with anything other than his hand and now he was stuck in a beautiful woman and he revelled in it.

Her teeth were biting into the flesh of his neck and she was quivering again. She was cumming a second time and he rammed his cock into her harder and harder, feeling the pleasure building and knowing it wouldn’t take long.

She was screaming. ‘Fuck me! Fuck me!’ over and over and he wasn’t about to refuse a lady.

“Ohhhhh, Fuck! Yesssssssssss!” he cried as he felt his load spurt from him He thought it would never stop. Her legs clamped around him, holding him in place. Her cunt muscles were milking his cock and he was quivering, his back arched, forcing him deeper still inside her.

At last he fell on her and panted. It was Joy who spoke.

“How much did you agree for a fuck, Toni?”

“Hundred pounds,” the girl said and Joe suddenly remembered she was in the room.

“Make that Two hundred.”

“We can make it four hundred if he gives me a seeing to like that too,” Toni said.

“Look, I told you,! Joe said. “I will not work off my debt by fucking you. Either of you! Or both of you!”

“Of course,” Toni said.

“You can pay back the debt,” Joy added. “Fucking us will just be for the interest accrued.”


“Interest on the loan. At the rate of, what shall we say, Toni?”

“Oh, I think about two hundred pounds a day?”

“Sounds about right,” Joy agreed. “And if you have your energy drinks you could always get in advance. How much interest do you think can you pay a day, Joe.”

He looked from Joy, still under him and with his still erect cock inside her, to Toni who sat on a chair with her long legs spread for him so see her knickerless slit.

“I reckon I might manage eight hundred pounds a day.”

They laughed.

“Well, let’s see if you really mean that,” Toni said, standing and sliding her skirt over her hips. She walked to the couple on the floor.

“I think I’ll collect the second payment, Mum!”

“Ok, darling but please remember, this is MY debt!”

Joe rolled over and lay back as he slipped into a lifetime of this debt.

He smiled.

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