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0052 Threesome for Dave

0052 Threesome for Dave Dave was experiencing the most intense sexual feelings of his life with a threesome of lovelies. Right now, one beautiful green-eyed girl was straddling his head with her warm pussy feeding him her sweet juices. Her b*****r was riding Dave’s cock with his snug asshole… bouncing wildly and screaming with pleasure. […]

Teacher. VI

First thing I was in Mr. Roberts class, I stripped down and waited for him. Standing behind his desk, I started to play with my dick getting it hard for him. When he finally came in I was laying on the desk, fingering my butt and stroking. When I seen him I pulled my finger […]

Bachelorette Party

Jason Moore stood in front of the bathroom mirror and looked at the reflection staring back at him. Condensation on the glass made it difficult to really see himself, but that didn’t matter. In his mind he knew what was looking back at him. A freak of nature. That is how Jason thought of himself. […]

Dream Job.

–please bear in mind this story is purely fictitious and any resemblances are merely coincidental, all rights reserved– As a man who secretly likes to play with dolls and panties, it can be ‘hard’ finding the kind of stuff you are after. Money doesn’t necessarily help. Who wants to pay retail for something fresh out […]

Blackpool Memories

It was a stormy and blustery ,late October night in Blackpool. I was there with my new boyfriend, Steve, I was just 19yo and Steve was 22yo. We had been out to a “School Reunion” night in a well known Blackpool pub, both dressed in uniform, Steve in Blazer, shirt, tie and flares, me in […]

Toilet Training

Here are a couple of gallery images to illustrate what I’m thinking about… Ladies need to give a quick wipe to their labia after going pee… Urine is basically clean and sanitary, so it is usually not unhealthy to lick it or even drink it! Toilet service by licking a woman dry after […]

f****y holiday pt4

Peter and Anjia straightened them self up and exited the toilet. Peter noticed a wicked look in his daughters eyes. As they left they were greated by the site of the red head Laura with her hands inside her bikini bottoms. “Your a bad daddy…but your a wonderful daughter” she said. Whilst removing her wet […]

Meeting A Fan 2016

” Hello there!” A voice shouted behind me as I strolled hand in hand with my husband, Simon, on Blackpool’s Central Pier, I turned, a man in his mid 40s,around 6ft tall with thinning dark hair slimly built, he spoke again, “Hi, pardon me but aren’t you A.J. from Tumblr? I love your blog,” I […]

All is Not as it Appears

Not All is as it Appears A story about the holiday adventures of Belle, Eve, and Vanessa (Sequel to “Isabella and Evelynn” Read it here: By Billy69boy Chapter One Tears welled up in my eyes as I pulled away from the house I shared with Vanessa, my best friend and lover. I would miss […]

Nudist f****y

‘So what’s this about?’ I flopped down onto the couch as my parent’s stood expectantly in the middle of the room. ‘We’ll tell you when your s****r gets here. Where is she anyway- oh!’ Molly burst into the room and took a seat on the opposite end of the couch, tucking her long hair behind […]

Bus Ride with s****r

How could I refuse? My s****r had two expensive tickets for a private bus tour through Southern California. It was the romantic kind of tour where couples would be taken from destination to destination on a large bus. And suddenly I was being pressured to go with her. Let me explain: Our f****y has always […]

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