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Summer Fun 2

David and I had plenty of fun that summer. We had extra time on our hands to play all our favorite games. Our parents typically dropped us off at our grandparents house before heading to work, just about every weekday. Of course grandma Margaret and grandpa Ralphie didn’t mind having us over. David and I […]

Summer fun 3

Those were the days, back when it was just David and me. A couple of years later, in the summer I was to turn fortein and it seemed David wanted to play our secret game more often. One late summer afternoon David and I had just finished taking our evening shower. We were headed to […]

Future Prison

A pervert controlled In the year 2050, the world has changed. Women are now in control, men have been reduced to second class citizens, we are all slaves and must obey women totally. We have a dress code, we must keep our bodies’ shaven and smooth from the neck to the ankles we are only […]

Elders Meeting – Moses

Elders Meeting – Moses There was a bit of a crisis in the Upland Rustic Church. Pastor Daniel and the two church elders had been making plans for months for their annual Elder’s Retreat and the Pastor’s assistant had just gotten pregnant. Who was going to take notes and run errands at the Pastor’s cabin […]

Happy birthday Angie

She was so nervous she could hardly contain herself as her parents got ready to go out. They felt safe leaving her home by herself, now, since she had Davey to protect her. Just a few days before, Angie wouldn’t have even dreamed of the things currently running through her mind. The difference between then […]

Peter, ch. 1

Peter was my friend first and we’re still great friends… I thought it would be good to establish the chronology of events before we get too far into the story. Peter was a golf buddy and we met through another friend about six months back. With the weather getting colder and golf season winding down, […]

Air Raid

Plymouth It was the year 1940 and I was on seven days leave from my company of the Royal Engineers. The company had been building defences along the Cornish coast against the anticipated German invasion across the English Channel. I was on my way to London to spend my leave with my s****r, and as […]

The Ball

Jodi came into the lounge, took off her wrap and flinging it onto a chair pirouetted round the room singing a song she remembered her grandmother singing: “After the ball is over, after the break of morn/After the dancers’ leaving, after the stars are gone/Many a heart is aching, if you could read them all/Many […]

The Last Star

“What are you reading Russ,” Kath asked as she plonked herself down on the divan beside him. “Mmm…what?” “I asked you what you’re reading.” “Oh…er…some stupid story.” “It may be stupid but you certainly seemed to be engrossed in it.” “Was I…oh not really; I don’t think I’ll read any more of it.” He laid […]


If ever there was someone who should never have been involved in the rough and often brutal business of journalism and politics, it was Friedrich Wellstone, yet he was involved in both. His father a miner and his mother a pre-feminist feminist, Friedrich was brought up in a f****y devoted to left wing socialist politics. […]

CD Waitress 4

I didn’t know our destination, but we took a slow walk down from the peninsula to the edge of town and strolled along the shops looking in the windows. Several couples passed us, and I could see the men checking me out in the reflections of the glass windows.The local youths were more obvious, and […]

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