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Janitor and Carole

Janitor and Carole Carole was naked and straddling Marcio’s hard stomach. The teenager slid backwards taking his cock deeper inside her. She jumped and squirmed. She kicked but she could not escape… not that she wanted to; she didn’t. She liked to bounce on him like this. It made her tingle all over. She was […]

Janitor and Jacob

Janitor and Jacob Jacob was naked and straddling Marcio’s hard stomach. The teenager slid backwards taking the large cock deeper inside. He jumped and squirmed. He kicked but he could not escape… not that he wanted to; he didn’t. Jacob liked to bounce like this. It made him tingle all over. Jacob was so happy, […]

A Forever Kind of Love

He pulled onto the concrete slab of the carport just as the streetlights came on with a dull click. Another night or two and the moon would be completely full, he thought, as he unlocked the back door and walked in through the mud-room. The sharp clatter of keys hitting a porcelain dish echoed, almost […]

Ghostly Fantasy

He had been fascinated with ghosts and ghosts stories since he was a young c***d. Telling scary stories around a campfire with friends, or simply reading books about ghosts and paranormal experiences, it quickly became his life. One myth in particular always piqued his interest. It was the story of a ghostly lover, who would […]

A Dragon’s Gold

The sounds of gold coin and precious gems cascading down the piles of wealth echoed through the caverns. s**tha’s head rose from her claws, sated slumber broken by the racket. Irritation mounted when the cavern’s entrance remained empty. The precious goods slid down the mountain she nested in as she lifted her scaled body and […]

The nun

THE NUN As far back as s****r Mary Angela could remember, she was never interested in sex. As a teenager she developed large breasts at a very young age and was curvy and beautiful. Despite the fact that she always dressed very conservatively. In her youth, boys and even some girls, treated her very nicely. […]

Vacation Fun

It was July and I was on vacation with my wife and k**s. We had gone to Hilton Head in South Carolina. We stayed at our uncle’s house so we were away from the crowded public beach. My wife made friends with one of the other Mothers on the beach when her son had gotten […]

f****y Panties

I’m writing this tale because a friend of mine interrupted my new Tommie story by write a f****y tale…so I thought about it and here is part one… This story contains taboo issues..Mom/Son..Dad/Daughter..f****y sex..if these things offend you plz pass on this story f****y Panties My young daughter and I have been fooling around […]

The Candle Part Two

The Candle Part Two. Part One @ A week passed and Tommy was disappointed that Mrs Hudson had not asked him to go to her house. Of course she still visited his mother, but there was never an opportunity to speak to her as they were never alone together. One evening, the phone rang, […]

Long Time Coming 2

Long Time Coming 2 (Apologies for the delay) A work of fiction Part 1 @ David visited his aunts graveside regularly every month come rain or shine. He removed the old flowers and placed new ones in the vase. He removed any weeds and when he was satisfied that all was tidy he knelt […]

Gary My Hero

Gary My Hero A work of fiction It was getting late, it had started to rain. Rose Tyler normally walked the long way round to her home, but tonight of all nights, she chose to take the shortcut across the common. A sixty one year old widow, she rarely stayed out late, but tonight she […]

Roly-Poly Jessi

Roly-Poly Jessi The wholesome teen slid a slender dildo into her pussy with one chubby hand. Her roly-poly body jiggled and shook as she stroked; sending the dildo in and out. The other hand was behind her rounded bottom with one of her fingers deep in her hungry ass. She moaned and groaned… interrupted by […]

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