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Making Mom Happy

Growing up on the outskirts of Philadelphia, Graham had always looked forward to spending the summer at the beach with his f****y. The Jersey shore may mean big hair and Guidos everywhere else but for him it meant the boardwalk and miniature golf, pure f****y fun. Ocean City, Wildwood and Cape May were indelibly burnt […]

Mai, StepMother

Little Jimmie!” Twenty year old James Middleton ignored his stepmother’s call. He had one more kill to make on his X-box game and he could advance to the next level. “James Middleton! I know you can hear me!” James groaned loudly, put down his controller and stood. He knew when his stepmother called him by […]

Ebony Euro Trip

10 Black Women travel to Europe to get impregnated A short story by Latisha The year is 2024, and for the past year their has been a global hive mind craze amongst millions of women across the world. And that is “impregnation tourism” in Europe. Tourism in which millions of women from all over the […]

Missy Part IV

Missy awoke the next day fully feeling the effects of getting railed by three teenage dicks. Fucking Ben and Wyatt had been completely unexpected but she was glad she did it, especially the way Alec fucked her afterwards. He did her again later that night after telling her that he saw someone, probably Jodie, watching […]

Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 2)

Wednesday The next morning Mason asked, “What happened last night?” “Oh,” Stacey said. She was standing at the counter, facing away from Mason. She didn’t turn around because she couldn’t stand to look at him as she spoke. “I guess I was just a little constipated.” “It sounded like you were on the toilet late […]

Mom’s Kisses

Part 1 “I’d really like to give you something extra special for your 18th birthday,” said Mom, as we stood in the kitchen in the early evening, “but I don’t know what.” Well, I could think of something extra special that I would like to have my mother give me, but I wasn’t foolish enough […]

Halloween: The Book

Halloween Two, 10/10/2016: The Book Abergale threw her coat over the back of her regular seat at the library next to the window directly opposite the storage heater which for some reason was always on and pumped out huge amounts of heat year round. She sat down heavily in the seat and placed her head […]

Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 3)

Friday The following afternoon, Stacey sat down on the couch next to Mason and turned off the TV. “We need to talk,” she said, gingerly. “Okay,” Mason responded. “It’s about last night,” Stacey smiled warmly. “We ought to be open with each other you know. What you saw me doing last night is perfectly normal. […]

The Controller Part 3

A few months had passed and Lauren had finished her gap year, finally moving to UCLA. The parting was bitter sweet as Lauren was totally devoted to me and it took considerable effort to calm her emotionally and mentally to accept that being away from me would make her stronger, without loosening the bond between […]

Tribal Justice

Tribal Justice The convoy of UN relief trucks snaked through the hot desert sun. It was on its way to a village without food for several weeks. Taliban were active in the area so it was not a safe trip. Among the aid workers were five americans,, Two men and Three women.. The women were […]


I’m an old guy that has been bi-curious for many years. I’ve thought about acting on my desires for a long time. But, to date, I’ve only done some touching in adult arcades. Friday night, I was fantasizing about being with a guy. I got up and looked at some online advertisements. But, they all […]

Gran, Pat and ME

Several years ago…13 actually, my grandmother started me on the road to perversion in a direction I had never thought of before. It all started innocently enough right after my divorce from my first wife and… well here is what happened. ============ Gran called me and said that her friend Pat was going to be […]

Missy Part III

Missy found that she couldn’t stop thinking about sex and not just with Alec. Every man she saw she found herself wondering about how big their cock was or how good of a fuck they would be. It was having an effect on her and not negatively. She was becoming more open, more personable, flirtier. […]

Party Time

Jake and his friends were having a party around at their place. They must have had around 15 people, maybe more, I know some but most I had never even seen before. I made conversation with the few people I had met before but too many people for just a small flat was starting to […]

Abergales Halloween: One

Abergale’s Halloween Halloween One, 3/10/2016: The Ritual Abergale sat in front of her computer. Apart from the harsh white light of the screen and the contrasting soft red glow from the keyboard the room was in total blackness. As she read the Wikipedia entry on the occult she quickly skipped down the page till she […]

Ryder cup part 2

Wills lucky adventure with his Mum Chapter 2 Will was very confused. His mother had always been very conservative, especially when it came to being naked etc. This morning’s little episode, despite being the best experience of his life so far, was so unlike Hallie and he could not work out exactly how to cope […]

My day off:

I have a rather odd work schedule and once a month I have a Friday off from work all to myself while the k**s are at school and the husband is at work. Sometimes I just stay at home and relax, sometimes I go shopping, but this most recently I went to get my nails […]

Not an i****t Story!

Orrin here. After our s****r Steph’s (nobody ever called her Stevie, I swear!) untimely death, my younger br0ther Jason and I have been scoping out 0ther w0men to fuck. We’ve had some successes, but there’s one bitch we’ve gotten to know recently who is very dismissive of our efforts to bang her. She’s an uppity […]

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