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Peeping Mom

Peeping Mom I looked up and I saw a pair of feet under the heavy curtain at the door. ‘Oops!” I thought to myself that I forgot to shut the door. I hoped the owner of the feet would go away. To my surprised it did not happen. “What is going on?” My wife asked […]

Jenny, Mum and Dad.

Jenny, Mum and Dad. Part One. Jenny could not resist her mother’s invitation to come and spend some time with her parents for the summer break. They had just finished installing a new swimming pool and spa in their backyard and the landscaping should be finished by the time she arrives. She works and lives […]

a weekend visit 2

(Must read part 1 first, so you don’t get lost) As Dawn stood there in the doorway, her hand down her pants, I could feel myself getting harder, the excitement of her watching as I plowed her youngest nice, turned me on more and more by the second. I couldn’t bare it anymore, I let […]


Even now, some years later, when I have got my life, my new life, together, when I am able to think fairly rationally on the first terrible discovery of my change, and the train of its effects, it is still impossible for me to fully describe the intensity of my bewilderment and shock during these […]

Cuckold Teen

He got in touch with me and asked me to help him with a fantasy that he had. I replied back and explained that I was straight, but asked him to explain the fantasy, I mean why would a 19 year old lad contact a 40 year old straight guy? The next message explains it, […]

Mom in law Massage

This is a story of what might be called, In(law)cest. It involves masturbation, oral sex, and vaginal and anal intercourse between me and my mother-in-law, Kathy. I called my mother-in law in Chicago to tell her that I was going to postpone a planned business trip there and so wouldn’t be able to see her […]

Mother-In-Law Lust

None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for my first son being born with jaundice, but I’m getting way ahead of myself, so let me explain. My wife’s name is Patty and I’m Mike and we had been married for about four years when she got pregnant with our first c***d. My wife […]

Arabian Plaything Chapter 4

Hassan the Overseer, the muscles of his gleaming black body rippling, pulled Belle to her feet by the hair. “Big banquet tonight, my beauty,” he said. “You’ll be there.” He grinned. “Not at table – as you once were, but to display your wares.” Belle listened to the words with resigned despair. There was no […]

Taking the Charge on

Jenny, my little s****r, had a rough year the year my k**s went off to college. She’d lost her job about a week before her husband, Eric, had first been laid-off. Eight months later the bank announced foreclosure on their home almost the exact same day her husband received notice that he was being called […]

Shower With s*s

Brittany turned the shower off and got out. She began to dry herself, and marveled at how soft the cotton towel felt against her smooth skin. She felt her nipples harden as she dried them and then she saw her reflection in the mirror. “I wish I was a cup size bigger,” she thought as […]

The Final Frontier

THE FINAL FRONTIER Seeing What I Could See #9. Fantasy based on a shred of fact! My relationship with my “Auntie A” was now been going on for nearly 9 years. It started as fairly innocent curiosity on my part as a p*****n about mature, full figured women of which “A” was a prime example. […]

Island Doctor

Island Doctor The tiny brown girl was bent over a special table. An enema bag was delivering warm liquid to her asshole. Her belly was bulging and her open pussy was showing pink excitement. Stuart sat beside her gently holding one perfect little foot while talking softly to her… soothing her. His mind drifted to […]

Lucy Bruce Janie (and me) Part 6

This installment of the saga follows on from the episodes linked here: Categories…. This story has anal, first time, blow jobs, gay male, lesbian, crossdressing, voyeurism, taboo. Pick your poison. Lucy had been masturbating while she watched Janie fuck my ass with the big strapon. Now she suggested that since […]

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