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excerpt 7

it was just one of those days where the sun is hot, but the day is cool, a breeze was just coming off the water cooling hot flesh from a romp in the sand. beads of salty water clung to voluptuous curves that were still quivering from the aftermath of heated sex with a new […]


fingers clenched tight at the clear plastic casing of the pen till knuckles were white with effort. the effort not to scream from remembered pleasure. flesh gone soft and sore throbbed with molten lava of heat that swelled soft tissue into one central sensitive button. moisture pooled between shaking thighs clenched together under an old […]

excerpt 6

i couldn’t help but moan, my hands gripping the sink feeling the cold steel underneath my palms as i leaned into a body that was so much more than mine, definitely masculine. strong hands moved their way over my hips and underneath my shirt just to tease by touching my belly. and then fingers just […]

The Photo Shoot

The shoot was scheduled for a seedy Bronx hotel, all dirty walls and bedraggled furnishings, apparently to highlight the contrast between the exclusive and outrageously expensive lingerie and the squalid surroundings. Eve had various misgivings about the reasoning behind the location and so on, but mainly wondered why posh women would see these fancy knickers […]

The Holiday – Chapter 4

After introducing “re”introducing ourselves it only seemed polite to ask them to join us for breakfast. At the table I couldn’t help but notice that Mark in particular, but Mandy as well seemed to be at least as uncomfortable as we were. However, our conversation soon picked up. Our chatter encompassed work, k**s, school, hometowns, […]


by Phoebe Magus The great town hall was ablaze with the firelight of lamps, and boisterous with laughter and talk of the townspeople. None were resting or idle, except for the elderly who sat in corners talking about the good old times. Grandmamma was hugging my sl**ping baby b*****r, while my old aunt, whose arthritic […]

webcam sex

The first introduction I had of dildos was by my husband. He started with one that vibrated but still resembled a penis. I had an orgasm unlike any I’d ever experienced before. This he recognized and soon had me worked up to some that were huge , cock-like, non-vibrating dildos and would make me cum […]

Hardonis Academy p-5

New Student’s Second Day Part 2 By Victor Lavay & J.F. Kimberly finally turned around, but now she had one arm across her perky breasts, and a hand covering her teenage pussy, pretending to be shy. Sandra just giggled, glancing at the others to gauge their reactions, but otherwise to shy to actually do anything. […]

House peeping!!

I like going for a walk at night! Some of the houses in the area are student houses. The cheapskate landlords not only convert the front room on the ground floor into a bedroom, they skimp on the blinds. I noticed the light on in one such room, the window blind a good 6″ too […]

The Holiday – Chapter 6

After we tied up the boat we decided to catch some rays. We staked out a couple of lounge chairs and watched the boaters and swimmers, we watched the people walk past us, but mostly we just talked. Between us there were always so many things to talk about. Hopes and dreams, fantasies, k**s, retirement, […]

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