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A Woman’s Wishes

Sex is a mind game. Regardless of appearances, the romantic settings or the sexy lingerie, ninety percent of sex is in the brain. It’s the messages your lover gives you, the willingness to please and be pleased, meeting mutual needs and being loved and wanted. Men tend to be visual, enjoying their lovers expressions, their […]

Pink Flowers

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Pink Flowers “You’re such a pain!” “You’re so bossy!” The two girls spoke at once, unwilling to let each other be heard. Then all at once they fell silent. “Do you think… are we s*sters?” “Yes! I think so! I knew I sensed something between us!” Willow replied to Tara, […]


Jan was home alone with her step dad as her mom was out of town for a few days. She went in and sat next to him and asked him “Would you take me to get a tattoo?” He replied “Where do you want it?” She smiled and told him “Across the top of my […]

Detective Jack O’Bannon

The sound of a gunshot echoes through the night. A woman screams, and then her high-heeled shoes clatter down the dark alley, as she runs for her life. A man is chasing her as she darts form street to street. Thinking fast, the woman ditches her loud shoes, and runs barefooted through the darkened streets. […]

The Taste of Ass

After a great Saturday, the wife and I relaxed, watched some TV, and as normal did a little work on the laptops. My wife has been getting extra fit so has of late been drinking less. Tonight however she had not one, not two, but three glasses of wine. After winding down we went to […]


I have a style that keeps me away from using too much bad language or giving too much detail… I expect the reader to fill in the details. On the other hand I suddenly had an overwhelming urge to write a smut laden story full of genital dripping filth. I have had this urge before […]

Taken by Stan

I have always harbored a secret fetish for doggy porn, but it’s not something I would ever attempt in real life. A perfect afternoon of self-loving consists of my favorite bullet and some doggy porn on my laptop. I’m not sure what it is but it gets my pussy hotter and wetter than anything else. […]

Little tease

I’d been keeping my eye on you most days of the week. I couldn’t help but notice you on the bus in that short dress. I could nearly see your pussy clearly but then you’d only tease me. I decided to follow you home. As you walked in through the front door of your empty […]

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