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I studied my reflection in the mirror, twisted my tie around nervously and flipped down my collar to adjust the knot. “So tell me again why I’m putting on a suit just to meet your parents” I asked, knowing the answer already. My girlfriend Sierra and I had been dating for about 6 months, and […]


I am a depraved individual; there was nothing I wanted more than to fuck my stepson. I had been married to his father since he was f******n (almost four years); he was just starting to fill out; I had caught glimpses of him getting out of the shower, towel wrapped around his waist. I’d try […]

My Little Girl is a Pimp

My Little Girl is Responsible My Little Girl is a Pervert My Little Girl is Pregnant? My Little Girl is a Pimp ================================================= I entered the house and went to the shower and washed and shaved. After the first three weeks I did not know what to expect, Lisa had been sending me pictures all […]

Two Moms, Two Laps, Two Hours

“Harold, this is crazy! We’re never going to fit all that in the car.” I had to agree with Mom on this one. We were shutting down the summer cabin early, and as usual, it meant bringing home lots of gear that had migrated there during our multiple ‘mini-vacations’. Unfortunately, Dad’s workload had exploded with […]

Dylan and Brett

Dylan There was nobody in the world I wanted more than my stepfather; no one. My roommate at college was a good distraction, and so was my on again off again boyfriend, but I wanted my stepfather more than anything. He had married my mom just after I had turned ten, and had basically raised […]

Riding on Son’s Lap

The sun was beating down on her skin as Jackie watched her husband, Eric, walking towards her while precariously balancing his fishing gear and a large cooler in his arms. Her son, Jake, was paddling his board out trying to catch one last wave before they went home for the day. “What’s that you got […]

Good Golly Ms Molly! (Story 1, Part 1)

Story is for Xhamster friend – exclusively for her. But she wants everyone else to hear it and get off to it as much as she has… You look like you’re a bridesmaid possibly for someone’s wedding. You have got this sexy little smile from cheek to cheek and got sexy hair up, perfect […]

A question

I have come up with a little challenge and would like to see some answers take a minute to read this and answer The challenge is below This is listed in several languages here: 1. English This is a little fantasy of mine If I give myself to you for a full 24 hrs what […]

Lonely Fam!ly Fucks

LONLEY FAM!LY FUCKS This is a story about a desperate fam!ly that was all alone. The mother left the father about a year ago, the son was always single and the s!ster had been single for about 4 months and they were having no luck hooking up. They didn’t know why. They were a good […]

Job Posting for a New Lover (Satire)

JOB APPLICATION FOR MISTRESS EMMA’S LOVERS JOB DESCRIPTION: Mistress Emma is a 49yo , SWF, 5’9″, 240lb, 42DD, BBW, uninhibited, sexually adventurous, dominant female who lives in the Portland, Oregon area.  By day she is a senior project manager for a large company, with a Master’s Degree who has travelled to 4 continents and over two […]

How I became a Voyeur Part 4

This is the last installment of my true experience probably best to read them in order Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 The next morning after beating off again (my cock was sore) to the memory of her. I headed out back to her place. On the way I was trying to […]

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