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Panty Power

Hi there. My name is Vi and I’m 35 years old. I work in advertising and promotions and have made it fairly high up the corporate ladder. I wouldn’t say I’m terribly smart but suffice to say I’m smart enough to get where I am with my limited skills.

I had lost my virginity at 18. I don’t even remember the guy that took it away. All I remember was that I got a little d***k at a party and went to rest in one of the rooms. I remember being half awake as some guy started feeling me up. I was too d***k to protest and I guess in my stupor I kind of liked it too. Anyway, I recall him fiddling about with my dress and then pulling my panties aside. He slipped his cock between my legs and had his clumsy way with me. I only fully realised I had been fucked the next morning when I saw bl**d on my panties and felt a dull ache between my legs.

Anyway, I had a few fucks from then onward but nothing great. In many ways I was a prudish girl from a conservative f****y and my knowledge of sex was kind off limited. I had a lot of girlfriends tell me about Pussy Power but I never quite understood.

I guess I first realised what powers I had between my legs when I was about 19. I had just had a shower and changed to go out. I forgot to get my favourite lipstick and had made my way back to my bedroom. That’s when I saw my elder and only b*****r sniffing my panties and moaning out my name. I watched as his cock grew hard and made a tent in the front of his pants. It was amazing how my panties could get him so hard. I was initially filled with disgust at my b*****r for sniffing on my used panties but that slowly turned to a feeling of kinkiness.

I didn’t stay to watch my b*****r but when I got home later that night, I picked up my panties and found them wet. I realised with revulsion that he had jerked into them. Again, that revulsion slowly turned to quite a bit of lusty thoughts as I imagined him jerking his hard cock into my panties. I often found my dirty panties wet with his cum after that. I never said anything to him about it and I don’t think he ever realised that I knew.

I started to check my mother’s panties in the laundry and often found them either wet or crusty with caked cum. I could only presume that my b*****r was doing the same thing with my mother’s panties as he was with mine. Armed with this new found knowledge that panties could excite a man so much, my life started to change. I started to use Panty Power!

I guess that Panty Power is practically the same as Pussy Power. The only difference being that I could sometimes offer my panties in exchange for favours rather than my pussy. In reality though, Panty Power almost always led to my pussy getting some action. It just seemed a little more decent to be offering my panties, if you know what I mean.

As time went on though, I started using Panty Power to get some good sex. Teasing a man with panties was always a good prelude to sex. I also realised that men love a kinky woman and to most men, there is nothing kinkier than a woman’s soiled, used, filthy panties. Especially if the panties are sexy.

There are numerous stories to tell and I will try my best to keep them all in sequence. I suppose this would be a good time to describe myself or rather how I looked about 12 years ago where my stories start. I haven’t really changed very much except that I’ve now put on a bit of weight and some things have started sagging but more of that later. So this is how I was 12 years ago at age 23.

I’m 5’7″ tall and weigh about 115lbs with nice long legs. I was extremely fit and my body was toned. I guess my favourite part was my tight, small butt. I was lucky to have small hips because my mother and s****rs were both endowed with c***d Bearing Hips!

I was also endowed with beautiful breasts. 34C mounds of creamy alabaster. The only thing I didn’t like about my breasts were my nipples. They were large and long and whenever I was aroused, would become elongated and erect like tiny little penises, sticking out of my breasts. The thing I did love about them however, were that they were my magic buttons. The slightest grope or stimulation of my nipples and I would start juicing immediately.

My hair was dark brown and I wore it shoulder length, often tied up in a bun or a pony tail for the casual look but I always wore it blown and teased around my shoulders for that seductive, sensual look. I was a pretty girl and I knew it although I must emphasise that I wasn’t one of the snooty crowd that flaunted their attractiveness or put others down because of it. You could also say I was fairly outgoing and popular although I never knew if it was just because people wanted to get into my pants. Not that it really mattered anyway.

My first episode with Panty Power was in my third year in University. I was failing miserably in my Accounting 305 class. The professor was a kindly gentleman by the name of Evans who had tried his best to help me out with extra classes and assignments. I just couldn’t get the hang of it.

“Ms Thomas,” Professor Evans said as he ushered me into his office. “There’s only two weeks to go and at the rate you are going, I really don’t see how I can pass you.”

“I’m really trying.” I said. “Can’t I do some extra work?”

“You haven’t even handed in some of the assignments I’ve given you.”

“Is there maybe something else I can do?” I asked coyly, slowly spreading my legs.

“And what exactly do you mean?” Evans asked, his voice getting slightly hoarse.

“I’ve seen the way you try looking up my skirt Mr Evans.” I said softly, opening my legs even wider. “In fact most of the girls know you like to take a peak.”

“Well! I never…Oh my!” Evans said as his eyes fell on my splayed skirt.

My skirt was riding high on my thighs as I spread my legs wide. It wouldn’t have been difficult for anyone to see my panties. If truth be told, they were getting a little wet and I wondered if there was already a dark patch at the gusset.

Evan’s gasped at my wanton display. I watched as his eyes devoured my light blue panties. They were hi-cuts and wisps of my pussy hair could be seen peeking out of the sides. His eyes grew even wider and his breath quickened. I slowly lifted my skirt, offering him and unobstructed view of my panties.

“You like, Mr Evans?” I pouted.

“Ohhh Yesssss.” He replied.

“Would you like to smell them Mr Evans?” I teased. “Smell my juices and see how wet I am?”

“Good God!” Evans moaned as his cock grew hard in his pants.

“Are you a dirty old man who likes to smell young girls panties Mr Evans?” I continued to tease him as I slipped my hands through the elastic waistband and pulled my panties off.

His breathe caught in his throat as his eyes took in the view of my hairy pussy. I dangled my panties seductively with one hand, teasing him further. I felt powerful as I watched this senior lecturer turn to putty, controlled by my panties.

“Does this warrant a pass Mr Evans?” I asked, smiling sweetly.

“Give it to me first.” He said, his confidence returning. “We’ll see after I smell them.”

Laughing, I threw the panties to him and he caught them deftly. He raised them to his nose and sniffed deeply, sending a tremor of lust jolting through me. I knew my panties smelled, I had worn them the whole day and they would have my pussy scent as well as droplets of my urine on them.

I watched in fascination as he inhaled strongly, his eyes bugging out with lust. My hand moved to my pussy lips and started to stroke them lightly. Evans watched me rub my pussy and smelled my panties again.

“I think we can arrange a pass for you.” He smiled softly. “As long as I can keep these.”

“What grade do I get if I let you fuck me?” I moaned as I bucked my hips against my hand.

“Oh Vi,” Evans said quietly. “It’s hard enough just to pass you. I really can’t do more than that.”

“Fuck the grade and just fuck me.” I moaned. I was getting so horny I needed a cock to fill me. The grade didn’t really matter anymore, as long as I passed.

Evans didn’t need anymore goading. His pants dropped to the floor and he positioned himself between my spread legs. Just before he entered me, he d****d my panties over his face, ensuring that the stained, wet gusset was over his nose and mouth.

“Oh Vi!” he cried as he stabbed into me. “I can smell you on your panties!”

I don’t know what got me going more. The fact that his hard cock was drilling into me and giving me a good fuck or the way my panties were d****d over his head. I could imagine how my panties smelled, full of pussy and urine and probably even some sweat. He didn’t last very long but it was a very satisfying fuck. I clamped my legs around his back and thrust my hips hard against him as I felt his cock shudder. I could feel his hot cum shooting thick globs of semen into me and I clenched my pussy muscles to milk him. My body shuddered in climax just as he finished shooting into me.

As he pulled out of me, Professor Evans suddenly seemed to lose interested in my panties and he quickly removed them from his face. Just in time too, as his cum was starting to leak out of me. I reached over for them and quickly put them back on, feeling his cum leak into the already stained gusset.

I smoothened my skirt and got out of the chair and gave Professor Evans a light kiss on his cheek.

“Thanks Prof.” I smiled cheekily. “I take it I wont fail.”

“Uh No…No.” Evans replied, somewhat flustered. “I trust this wont get….”

“Oh No sir.” I replied quickly. “This stays between us.” I kissed him lightly again and left his office.

That night when I returned home, I removed my panties to find them damp with our combined juices. I placed the panties in a zip-lock bag and mailed them to Professor Evan’s office with a note that said ‘thanks for the experience’.

He never said anything to me after that evening in his office although we did exchange meaningful glances from time to time. In the next two weeks, I finished off the assignments that I was supposed to do and a month later, when results were posted, I was gratefully surprised to see I had received a Credit. I can only assume that my ‘gift’ was evidence that Panty Power had succeeded in upgrading my grade.

After leaving University, I left my small town and moved in to the city. It was easy to find a job in those days especially in the field of advertising and marketing.

In my second month of work, a very attractive Account Director joined us. Steve was about 35, tall, dark, handsome and most importantly single. We spent a lot of time working together and often worked late hours. He was a lot of fun but was very professional about his behaviour. Aside from the little glances, slight touches on my thigh and shoulders, there was nothing to show that he was interested.

One night after work, the office went down to the local pub. It was a Thursday and I was rather formally dressed in a business jacket and matching skirt as I had made a presentation to a client that afternoon. We had clinched the deal and it was a time to celebrate.

After a few drinks, I was seated with some other colleagues at the seating area while Steve was with some others standing around the bar. The seating area was full of low sofa’s and armchairs. We were all relaxed and chatting away when I noticed Steve looking at me out of the corner of my eye. I turned to face him and found that from his vantage point, he was looking straight up my skirt.

Instinctively I clamped my knees together and his eyes shifted upwards and locked on to mine. A thin smile broke on his face before he turned away as if nothing had happened. I was glad I was wearing a sexy pair of panties and got a thrill from the fact that he was looking me over. He continued giving me the eye and in fact I juiced constantly for the remainder of the night. By the time I got home, my panties were a sopping mess.

The next day at work was Casual Friday and I wore a short denim skirt with a white loose fitting shirt. I wore an extremely sexy pair of lacy, beige panties as I had a plan of action. We normally have our department meetings on Friday and this Friday was no exception. I purposely sat opposite Steve and he had a little twinkle in his eyes each time he glanced at me. I was leaking pussy juices thinking of him and my plan and after two hours, my panties were nicely moist.

Just as the meeting was about to finish, I slid a bit lower in my chair and rolled my panties down my leg. I slipped one foot out of my panties and used the other to place them on Steve’s lap. I felt him stiffen and then look at me sharply before feeling his hand remove my panties from my foot. My heart was thumping wildly as Steve wrapped up the meeting.

“Thanks everyone.” He said nonchalantly. “Vi, would you mind staying back and running over the figures for next week’s presentation?

“Yeah, sure.” I replied, trying to sound matter of fact although my heart was beating at a million miles per hour. I pretended to look around indifferently as the rest of the staff shuffled out of the room. As soon as the last person left, I spoke before Steve had a chance too.

“That’s for last night.” I smiled at him softly, “seeing that you seemed to like looking up my skirt so much.”

Steve blushed slightly, which made me feel good. He was slightly embarrassed and that meant he wasn’t such a lout.

“I-I …er I mean I don’t know what to say.” He sputtered. “I didn’t really mean to look but I caught a glimpse and then….you know.”

“I know what?” I teased.

“They were just so sexy and I mean you are one helluva sexy babe too.” Steve said and then looked down at his lap. “Oh wow! These are amazingly hot!”

He picked up my ultra sexy undies and stared at them. I felt the familiar knot growing in my tummy as he fondled my panties and then quickly brought them to his nose.

“Mmmmm,” he said. “You smell so good.”

I wanted to fuck him right there and then but I knew I couldn’t. I also knew that I had to seize the moment or it could be lost forever.

“Why don’t you hold on to those for a while, then you can give them back to me tonight. Say seven?” I said boldly.

“No. That wont do.” Steve said and my heart fell. I had overstepped the boundaries. I had been to brazen and he was obviously not interested in such a woman. A hussy who dropped her panties all over the place. My face must have betrayed my emotion because Steve walked over to me.

“Put these back on and wait for me downstairs.” He whispered in my ear. “We’re having a lunch meeting. At least that’s what I’m telling the others. I cant wait till tonight!”

My heart fluttered again as I quickly slipped on my panties. I could feel the wetness on the gusset pressing against my equally moist vulva. I left the room and walked down the stairs rather than wait for the elevator. My brazenness had paid off and now Steve was calling the shots.

I stood around in the lobby for about 5 minutes before I saw his car pull up outside. As soon as I got in Steve pulled away quickly.

“Take them off again.” He said, this time with a little more authority. I gladly removed my panties and passed them to him. As he drove, he sniffed on my panties and I could see his cock throbbing in his pants.

Steve reached over and lifted my skirt, placing his hand on my furry cunt. His fingers caressed my mound and then dipped lower to slowly slide into my weeping channel.

“God, your wet!” he hissed as his finger plunged slowly in and out of me. I let out a muffled moan as my hand snaked to his lap and I gently massaged his cock through his pants.

“Don’t sit on your skirt” Steve advised me, “Or you’ll leave a wet spot.”

I took the opportunity to f***e his fingers in me deeper as I lifted my ass off the seat and pulled out my skirt so that I was sitting directly on his seat.

“What about your seat?” I managed to mumble, realising that my juices would probably stain his car seat.

“Doesn’t matter. Material is dark and the car will probably smell a lot better too.” He replied with a grin as his fingers danced magically within me.

We reached his house very quickly and I was already on the verge of cumming. I sighed as he pulled his fingers out of me and we practically ran into the house. Hardly had the door closed than we were all over each other. His hands cupped my ass and pulled the zipped and skirt down in one smooth move. My thighs were already coated in juices and I dropped to my knees to unbuckle his pants and free his cock.

It was nice and long and the head was a dark purple. Steve sniffed hard on my panties again and I watched his cock lurch. I kissed the tip of the head and then swallowed his stiff cock into my mouth. His taste was pungent and salty and her insides throbbed with lust. Steve moaned and I slipped a hand under myself and played with my pussy.

“You keep that up and I’m gonna shoot in your mouth” Steve said. I gave his cock two more long sucks and then looked up at him.

“Fuck me then. Slide your hard cock into me.”

Steve needed no further encouragement. He grabbed my hand and led me to his sofa. He bent me over the sofa and moved my legs apart, opening my pussy for him. I felt his cock head at the entrance to my pussy and then he lunged it, separating my pussy lips and slipping right into me.

“Oh Steve that feels so good!” I cried out as I thrust my ass back against him. He rested in me for a second and then started pounding his cock hard into me. I was so wet that my pussy was making slushy sounds. Steve wrapped his hands around me and started to squeeze my breasts. “Unhh…Fuck yeah!” Steve moaned, thrusting harder into me. “Play with my nipples. Please!” I pleaded. Steve’s fingers grabbed my nips and tweaked on them causing powerful shivers of lust to travel through my entire body and erupt in my pussy. “God yes. Harder. Fuck me harder!” I cried out, the passion building inside me. Steve’s cock was like a jackhammer, thrusting hard and fast into me. I was going to cum soon and cum hard. “Cum with me Steve. Please cum with me.” I cried out as the first waves of pleasure started inside my pussy. My stomach clenched and my pussy convulsed as a huge orgasm washed over me. “Earrrgghhaaahhhggghhh!” I screamed out. My pussy clamped on Steve’s cock, milking him.

“Holy Shit!” Steve yelled out as I felt his cock swell inside me and spurt hot jolts of semen into my spasming pussy. He squeezed harder on my nipples, causing even more intense feelings in my pussy, triggering another climax.

I collapsed forward on the sofa, feeling his cock soften within me and then he withdrew it. His cum dribbled out of me and trickled down my thighs.

“Wow! That was some hot fuck Vi.” Steve said as he gently patted my behind. “Get me a towel please?” I asked softly, my body still trembling. “I need to clean up.”

Steve didn’t answer but took my hand again and led me to the bathroom where we both showered in the bathtub. He washed me gently, rubbing my back and kissing me softly. I soaped him over as well, watching as his cock grew slowly again. He lay back in the tub and I straddled him. We both fucked slowly in the water, enjoying each others bodies.

The feeling of fucking in the water was incredible and I came hard twice before I felt his cock tighten. “Cum in my mouth. Let me taste you.” I pleaded as I pulled myself off him. I knelt in the tub and enveloped his cock with my mouth, tasting my juices coated on his cock. It wasn’t at all as I expected and the taste was musky and fruity. I sucked on his cock as I teased his balls.

“Yeah baby. Oh yesss.” Steve moaned. “Take it baby. Swallow it!” His cock throbbed and his semen squirted into my mouth. I swallowed hard and took every drop down, leaving his cock to soften in my mouth. I finally let it slip out and gave Steve a warm smile. We lay in the tub cuddling for a little while before Steve nudged me. “We better get going.” He said. “This has been too long a lunch break!”

We dressed and went back to the office. I put my panties back on and the gusset was stiff with my dried juices.

Steve and I started seeing each other after that and we had a lot of fun sex. But that’s another story for another time.

My relationship with Steve continued to go well. We kept our relationship a secret from the office as we felt there would be too many complications. I don’t know if you could really call it a relationship actually. I think we both knew that we were more into each other for the sex. We were ‘Fuck Buddies’ more than lovers or anything else. Whatever it was, the sex was great!

Steve adored my panties and there was hardly any time that we had sex where my panties didn’t play a part. He loved sniffing on them and he would get so worked up by the smell. Sometimes, he would sniff and chew on my panties as I sucked him off. It turned me on that he loved my panties so much.

I often wondered what it was exactly about filthy panties that turned men on. I had read somewhere that some women loved the smell of used stained panties too. This intrigued me and I often considered smelling my own panties. I would bring them close to me and then get grossed out and never complete the task.

One evening, I dropped off Steve at the airport. He had to go out of state for a few days. I drove him to the airport and as a farewell present; I blew him in the car, with my panties on his face, of course. I then gave him the pair of panties and drove home naked under my skirt.

At that time in my life, I lived with Nancy, a 34 year old redhead. She worked in this big legal office uptown and worked fairly long hours too so we didn’t see each other all that much. I got home to a dark, empty house – something I was unaccustomed too as I was normally home early or with Steve. I went around switching on the lights in the house, ending up with Nancy’s room.

As I switched on her light, I realised she had soft lighting in her room, giving it a real cosy feel. There was a lovely smell in her room, like lavender. Nancy was big into aromatherapy and the smell and soft lights made me feel very sensual. To this day, I don’t know what made me do it but I started fishing around in her laundry hamper. Being a Friday, the hamper was full and full of her panties too.

It appeared that Nancy only wore black knickers because that’s all I found. I picked up a pair of cotton hi-cut panties and stared at the white streaks on the gusset. I felt a pang of lust burst like a bubble in the pit of my stomach. I quickly looked at all the panties to find that they each had similar white streaks on the gusset. I couldn’t help myself anymore and picked one up and jammed it against my nostrils. The smell was overpowering and made me dizzy. I was smelling pussy!

I had smelt the faint smells of myself on my fingers; in the air after sex; on men’s faces after they licked me; but that was nothing compared to this. This was the thick, pungent scent of a woman. I almost went weak at my knees as I clutched the panties and inhaled deeply, relishing in the intoxicating smell. I felt my pussy start to secrete my own juices. I couldn’t believe I was sniffing another woman’s panties but I was. And it was incredible!

Almost as if in a spell, I picked up another pair. This pair was so sexy. It was a sheer black lace panty but the gusset was cotton. With trembling hands, I raised it to my nose. This pair had obviously been on a night out. It had the sweet floral scent of perfume all over it. I sniffed closer to the prime area – the gusset – and was overwhelmed by the mixed smell of pussy and piss. I have to admit I was initially a little reviled by the smell of the piss. The heavy, acidic smell was almost stinging but yet it sent jolts to my pussy. The feeling is best described as eating wasabi with sushi – but only in reverse. You get the incredible taste sensation and then you feel the incredible sting in your nasal passages.

I stared at the black lace panties and imagined Nancy in them. I had never had bisexual thoughts but the smell and feel of Nancy’s panties were pushing me to areas I had never dreamed of before. I picked another pair up. These were stiff cotton with an extremely high waist. I figured they were support panties – the kind you sometimes wear to tuck in the tummy and give your butt some extra lift. I certainly didn’t think Nancy needed any extra support.

I studied these panties. The gusset didn’t seem to have quite as many white streaks on them. I lifted them to my nose and sniffed. I got the stale, dank almost putrid smell of sweat. But deep inside that was still the smell of pussy. I gulped hard, as my seeking nose found the pussy scent hidden, almost buried, in the sweat. I turned the panties in my hands, sniffing everywhere. The whole panty had the smell of sweat on it. I wondered if these were her exercise panties.

I found that my heart was beating fast and I had a lump in my throat. I searched deeper in her hamper, drawing out more panties. My pussy was soaking and I couldn’t get enough of Nancy’s panties. Was this the same feeling that Steve had? That the professor had when he sniffed at my filthy, used panties?

I selected another pair, a black thong. It was very sexy with transparent plastic straps, at the side, acting as garters. The crotch was heavily streaked with white stains and there were even small, tiny globules of pussy juice on them. The smell was strong and inundated my senses. These panties smelled very strongly of pussy, but it was different somehow. It was still fruity and musky but somehow it was a heightened smell – like concentrated pussy juice. That’s when I realised that Nancy was probably fertile when she wore this thong. That would explain the globules. They were mucous secretions from her wet, sopping, fertile pussy.

I groaned involuntarily as I handled the most private, most sensual garment of my house mate. I moaned as I imagined where she had been, what she had done and realised that I could even decipher her body cycle by studying and smelling her panties. My pussy throbbed with lust as I sniffed each panty in turn, working myself up with lusty thoughts that accompanied the aroma’s on her panties.

I placed all her panties back in the hamper and wandered into Nancy’s attached bathroom. I needed to pee badly. I sat on the toilet and sighed as I felt my pee spray out of me. I could smell my pussy juices wafting up as I peed, that was how turned on I was. I wiped myself and pulled my panties back on when my eyes rested on the basin counter.

There, sitting pretty, was the sexiest pair of panties I had ever seen. It was white lace with an extremely lacy black border running around the leg holes. And it was skimpy, oh so skimpy! I reached over to pick it up and shuddered as I realised they were damp. I moaned softly as I felt the dampness and inspected them, paying close attention to the gusset. The gusset was particularly damp, almost wet and had thick mucousy strands on it. I raised it to my nose and inhaled deeply. The pussy scent was strong but there was another, familiar scent to it. Musky, dampy and salty. I recognised the smell almost immediately. It was semen; male cum; sperm!

I pressed the panties hard against my face, my fingers reaching down to cup my own mound as I ground my crotch into my fingers. Nancy had dripped someone’s cum onto her panties right after she had been fucked. It was so erotic, smelling Nancy’s pussy scented panties and also finding man-cum on it! I stuck out my tongue, licking the gusset, getting the unmistakable taste of semen on it. My pussy shuddered a tiny climax as I found my fingers had pushed aside my panties and were busy diddling my clitoris and slipping into my vulva.

I lay on her bed and raised my legs, slipping my own sopping panties off. I rubbed my pussy wildly, slipping two fingers into my gaping wet slit. I inhaled deeply on Nancy’s wet panties. The time had come, I had to bring myself off. My hips bucked on my fingers as I raised the wet panties to my nose.

“Yeaanngghhh” I moaned out loudly as I sniffed hard on the wet panties and my body bucked with a muck needed orgasm. My body trembled and my thighs quivered as my fingers stayed buried in my cunt.

“Oh my! What a perverted slut!”

My eyes flew open at the sudden intrusion. Standing just inside the doorway was Nancy, with a lecherous grin on her pretty face.

“I –I…. This isn’t ..I mean.” I spluttered, trying to think of a way out of this. “How long have you been standing there?” I finally managed, realising that there really as no way to talk myself out of this.

“Long enough dear,” Nancy purred, walking very sexily toward me. “So you like my panties huh?”

I realised that I was still holding her panties in my hand, mashed against my face while my fingers were still buried inside me. I must have looked like such a wanton bitch. My face went red with embarrassment.

“You do this often?” Nancy enquired, standing beside the bed now.

“N-No….really,” I tried to explain. “This is a first for me.”

“Perhaps you’d like a fresh pair?” Nancy taunted.

I wasn’t sure what I should say. Nancy’s hands were on her hips. She looked beautiful standing there in a white blouse and a black skirt. I could see her breasts heaving underneath the delicate lace bra that she wore.

“Answer me slut.” Nancy said softly. “Do you want a fresh pair?”

I still couldn’t work out if she was angry, sarcastic or if she really meant what she said. I nodded silently.

“What was that?” Nancy goaded. “I didn’t hear you. Answer Me!”

“Yes, Yes!” I cried out. “I want it.”

“And what will you do with it slut?” Nancy continued, sliding one leg up on to the bed. I looked up her skirt at a pair of black cotton panties with a hint of lace on the garters and covering the crotch.

My body trembled at the sight of her long legs tapering upward to her sexy panties – the last remaining barrier to her pussy. I longed to see what her pussy looked like and dreamt of smelling it, maybe even tasting it.

“Oooaahh” I moaned, “Let me smell them, please!”

Nancy giggled as she slid her hands under her skirt and slowly rolled her panties down her legs, as if teasing me. I saw her thick bushy pussy as the panties left her bare. A glob of juice trickled down my cuntal lips as I stared at he hairy pussy. She stepped out of her panties seductively and then unfurled the rolled up panties with a flick of her hand. Gently she leaned over me before dropping them on my face.

Greedily I reached for it. They were wet around the gusset and I shivered as I realised how fresh they were. I inhaled deeply but was a little disappointed to find that they didn’t smell as strongly of her as I hoped they would. There was a faint smell of pee and sweat mixed with a little of her feminine odour. Nothing too overpowering though. Still, it was lovely having a fresh, warm pair to fell and smell.

“You like that slut?” Nancy teased again as she placed one leg over my head, beginning to straddle me. “I personally think, wet pussy is better than wet panties.”

I stared at the hairy cunt lowering itself on to my face. I had never sucked a pussy before and relished the first one that I was going to eat. Her muff landed on my nose and I stuck my tongue out, lashing it across her wet slit.

“Ooohhh! Yessss!” Nancy cried out. “Suck me Vi, taste the real thing.”

Nancy started to buck her hips, fucking herself along my teasing tongue. I reached out my hand to grasp her thighs, and stuck my tongue deeper into her. I licked and tasted every crevice of her pussy and was rewarded with slick, thick, juicy gushes of liquid cum.

I chewed and licked every inch of her, teasing her, wantonly driving her to reach orgasm. I felt her thighs clenching around my head and her back arch outward.

“Yess…that’s it. That’s it Vi. There. There. There! Don’t stop. Right there!” Nancy moaned out. I kept my tongue working at licking that very spot that seemed to be driving her wild.

“Aaaahh….Aarrhhh… Aaaahhh….yesss….Aarrchhgg” She cried out as her body tensed and then she collapsed on to me, her mouth lying teasingly close to my pussy. I could feel her hot breath on my vulva as she panted.

Nancy slowly raised herself off me and gave me a weak smile. She picked up her panties and wiped my face with it, soaking up my saliva and her pussy drippings. She then lay next to me and kissed me, hard and deep. I kissed her back, grinding my crotch into hers. Her breasts mashed against mine and my nipples responded by sticking out hard.

We spent the rest of the night in bed together. Kissing, cuddling and licking each other to orgasm – many times in a 69 position. Our friendship had reached a new level and there were many times from then on that we would use Panty Power as a prelude to fantastic sex. But more of that another time.

More importantly I finally learnt how the look, feel and smell of used panties could be such a turn on. It was so erotic and kinky to be so close to a woman’s most personal and private item of clothing – especially a used pair, filled with her drippings and scent. I finally understood why men, like my professor and like Steve, loved used panties so much. I truly grasped the true meaning of Panty Power and how someone could so easily fall under the spell of used panties and be trapped by it. After all, hadn’t I?

adjusted my flared black skirt as I approached Richard Martin’s office. I rapped my knuckles on the dark, solid teak door and almost instantly I heard his voice beckoning me to enter. “Come.” The sheer opulence of his office never ceased to amaze me although it wasn’t very often that I got the chance to go in. The carpeting in his room was thick and plush and all the furniture in the room was either leather or wood.

“Good afternoon Mr Martin.” I said respectfully.

“Richard will do just fine.” He replied. “Sit.”

I smiled softly and pulled out a leather chair and proceeded to sit down, adjusting my skirt again. The chair was low and my knees rose up, causing the skirt to ride up as well. I pushed it down as best I could and placed my hands on top of the skirt, trying to look demure.

“Well, Vi.” Richard smiled. “I’ve been hearing some good reports from Steve. He feels you are ready for Accounts Director.”

“Yes, Sir. I think I am.” I said confidently, relaxing a little in the deep chair.

I managed to answer all of Richard’s questions and was pleased at the way the interview was turning out. The interview was more social and personable in nature rather than work focused and I found myself relaxing and practically enjoying the experience.

“Alright, I think we’re almost done here.” Richard said. “Just a few more things before we wrap this up.”

“Alright then, fire away.” I said, happy that the interview was going so well.

“How far would you go to seal a deal?” Richard asked quietly, looking straight into my eyes.

“Uhh, well, I suppose whatever it took. Long hours, extensive research.”

“But would you go the extra mile?” Richard probed further.

“The interests of this firm come first in whatever I do Mr Martin.” I replied, not exactly sure what I was agreeing to.

“Richard. Call me Richard.” he smiled. “And would you be willing to put that to a little test?”

“I’m not sure what you mean Mr Mar…..I mean Richard.” I replied, my heart was beating hard and I felt a flush rising in my face.

“Do you always dress so provocatively, Vi?” Richard asked.

“I—uh …I never!” I spluttered. What did Richard mean? “I’m dressed as I normally am Sir, and you’ve never complained. What…what do you mean?”

“I’ve never seen your panties before…” Richard said softly. “And may I say what pretty panties they are!”

I gasped audibly as I realised that during the interview, my hands had been moving around as I talked; trying to emphasise certain points. My legs had also parted somewhat, causing my skirt to rise and offering Richard a clear view up my legs. My hands automatically flew to my knees, and I snapped my legs shut.

“There’s no need for that,” Richard said softly. “I was kind off enjoying the view.”

I felt my nipples suddenly grow erect and poke out at my lacy bra, causing two small bumps to appear in the thin light blue material of my blouse. My stomach turned over and butterflies fluttered in it. Richard was an elderly man but he was handsome and I couldn’t deny that I had had some lusty thoughts about him. In fact, most of the girls in the office had.

“How long is the extra mile?” I asked coyly, realising that I had better make use of the situation.

“Keep those legs open and we’ll see.” Richard replied, obviously liking that he was still in control.

I made a show of opening my legs. Oh what a show! First I ran my hands up my thighs until they were lying on my lap. Then I slowly crossed my legs and extended them out before drawing them back up and pulling them in tightly to the edge of the seat. I pushed my ass back low into the seat so that my knees were almost at a 45 degree angle to the seat. I then opened my legs slowly, pausing when I knew he could just catch a glimpse of my grey lacy panties. Then I opened my legs further, letting the skirt ride up and offering him a full view of my white thighs, disappearing upward in the black skirt only for the white to be covered in skimpy grey lace.

I watched his face as I showboated to him, enjoying the way he stared. A lump of lust grew in my throat and my heart was pounding. I noticed his breath quicken as I splayed my legs and displayed my inner wares. It was time to be assertive.

“You like my panties Mister Martinnn…?” I purred, emphasising his name.

“Yes! And if I said I wanted to smell them, what would you do?” Richard grunted out.

I almost choked as the lump in my throat grew bigger. Hot flushes started to shoot up my cheeks and into my stomach. Without a word, I half slid my ass off the chair and slipped my hands under my skirt. With one smooth movement, I pulled my panties off and lifted my heels out of them.

“Give them to you?” I asked softly looking slightly downward as I offered my soiled panties to Richard. I looked up briefly and my eyes met Richard’s as he grabbed the panties from my hand. I watched in awe as he pulled her panties to his face and breathed in deeply. I tried to look away as my insides trembled in embarrassment but at the same time I had to look at the kinky sight of this powerful man sniffing on my panties.

Richard inhaled deeply on my panties and I knew he would find that my panties smelled of perfume mixed together with my womanly juices. I watched him sniff deeply a few more times, cherishing the scent as he looked up my skirt to see the thick thatch of hair covering my pussy. He sniffed again, noticing how my breasts rose up each time he sniffed my panties. My nipples were long and hard, poking out at my blouse.

“Show me your tits.” Richard commanded.

I left my legs wantonly splayed as I reached up to unbutton my blouse. I pulled aside the light blue material, exposing my lacy white bra. I moved slightly forward in the chair, bending over and giving him a perfect view of my large breasts. Then I reached behind me and unclasped the bra. My tits heaved and then trembled slightly at the new found freedom. My nipples were oh so hard and sending jolts of passion straight to my hot cunt.

“Oh God, look at those breasts!” Richard said, still sniffing at my panties. I sat in the chair watching him. I contemplated being a brazen hussy and teasing him some more but I decided against it. I had heard that you could only go so far with powerful men and I was afraid to cross the line. My pussy was already leaking its juices and I could feel my vulva thick and swollen with lust.

“How long is your mile?” Richard asked me, teasing me and getting my consent.

“As long as you need it to be Sir.” I replied, hanging my head low and acting the part of a subservient slut. He could have had anything he asked for. He wouldn’t have even had to ask, I was his for the taking. His to do what he wanted. It wasn’t just the promotion anymore. I was hot, I was horny and I wanted him. I wanted to please him. Nothing else mattered.

I suppose that’s what made this so memorable for me. He knew he had me where he wanted me but yet he was gentle. He came round to the chair where I was seated and quietly took my hand, raising me up. I stood up and he kissed me softly. Not harsh like I expected but a warm, soft, sensual kiss. He kept kissing me as his hands danced along the small of my back. I could feel my panties, still in his hand, as he rubbed my back gently, sending warm pulses up and down my spine.

He arched my back toward him, his kissing becoming more earnest as his tongue lightly brushed against my lips, teasing me. He began to kiss my neck and nibble on my years. I felt myself turning to putty in his grasp. His strong hands had circled my ass now and were busy massaging my ass cheeks. I ground my crotch toward him, finally realising that he was still fully clothed! I reached down to fumble with his belt.

“Wait!” Richard commanded. I stopped fumbling and reached for his cock instead. It was hard and I rubbed it softly through his pants.

“Uhhh..!” I gasped suddenly as Richard’s finger slid tantalisingly across my drenched slit. He worked his finger up and down my slit, never entering me but just playing around the entrance.

“Ohhh…What are you doing to me?” I moaned as every nerve in my body tingled. He was still kissing me all over as he played with my pussy. His other hand suddenly reached to fondle my breasts, squeezing and crushing them.

“Uunnnhhh..yeesssss…oh yessssss!” I screamed loudly as his fingers flicked across my nipples, teasing them and causing them to grow more erect and hard. His mouth closed over one nipple and suckled on it as his hand teased the other nipple, flicking it and pinching it, sending electric jolts coursing through my pussy.

Slowly Richard moved me to his table. Still kissing me, titillating my pussy and playing with my nipples, he cleared the documents on the table. He pushed me forward, so that my hips pressed against the table. He positioned my legs, manipulating my ass and my body so that my breasts lay on the table, my ass offered up to him.

I heard the fumbling of his belt buckle and his zipper. Then his hands were on my ass again, positioning me for his entrance. I felt his hot knob press against my swollen pussy and then I felt him pushing in. He was slow. So slow and gentle. I felt his hard, hot cock slip slowly into me, spreading my pussy lips and inner walls.

“Unnnhhh” I grunted with the pleasure of his cock spearing into me. He was nice and thick and fairly long as I finally felt his balls slap against me. My pussy felt so full of his cock.

“Mmmm…your sooo wet.” He moaned. “I love a wet pussy.”

His hands reached under me to cup my breasts. His warm, soft hands were a welcome change from the hard wood. What was even better was that he started fondling my breasts and teasing my nipples. My love buttons were being stimulated and the results were going straight to my cunt.

I felt Richard moving slowly within me. I needed more. I needed to be fucked like a woman in heat. Like a bitch slut. Like a whore. I needed his cock so badly.

“Don’t be gentle with me Mr Martin,” I cooed coyly. “I wont break.”

Richard didn’t seem to hear me but kept fucking me slowly. With each thrust into me, he tweaked my nipples. He obviously knew what he was doing as I felt my orgasm starting to build quickly. His expert manipulation of my tits coupled with his slow, long fucking into my pussy drove me over the edge.

“Nyeeaahhhh…Oh God! Oh God!” I cried, as a most intense and powerful orgasm shook me. I pulled my hands up to pull his hands off my breasts – they were so sensitive. His cock continued ploughing into me, his speed picking up a little.

Hardly had my orgasm subsided when his hands were back on my nipples, teasing them and pinching them again.

“Oh please, no!” I protested. “They’re sore. Please!” “Just trust me” Richard said. “Trust me.”

I couldn’t argue when his cock felt so good working in and out of me. I felt his hands on my breasts again and I flinched, expecting to feel the soreness on my nipples. Amazingly, his gentle flicking and squeezing didn’t hurt at all and the erotic sensitivity came rushing back to my nipples. I started fucking back at him, drawing his cock deeper into me.

“Fuck…fuck…fuck…oh yes…fuck me!” I cried out, humping back to meet his every thrust. I clamped my pussy hard on his cock, trying to milk him as I felt another orgasm fast approaching. He knew it too as just as I was about to cum, one hand flew to my clit and started rubbing it furiously. The effect was incredible and I arched my back high as my whole body erupted in tingles

“Ohh…Aaahhh…Oh fuck! Fuck meeee….fuck….Oh yeaahh.hh…. Unnnhhh…. Oooaahhh” I cried out in delirium. My whole body shook and I felt my pussy clenching and unclenching on his hard cock. My body shook in spasms and I felt my body wet with sweat. And still his cock plouged in and out of me.

It was so pleasurable but I was starting to feel sore. I didn’t want the fucking to stop but I needed to get him off. He seemed like a veritable fuck machine and I was afraid how long he could keep it up. As I recovered from my orgasm, I clenched my pussy muscles tight, feeling him throb within me.

“Cum on….fuck this pussy. Fuck me and cum.” I goaded him. “Please, I cant take much more!”

I heard him grunt and place his hands across my shoulders. He started hammering hard and deep into me. Each hard thrust caused me to shudder forward and I felt him increasing his pace.

“Yess…yess. Fuck me. Fuck this cunt. Cum in me. Fuck me!” I cried out, relishing in the slight pain his jack hammering cock was causing me. I could feel myself fast approaching another orgasm as Richard continued fucking hard into me.

“Nyeaagghhhh…oh shittt…yesss!” I cried out as I felt him thrust hard into me and then stop, triggering off my own wet climax. Again and again my body jerked as another orgasm was squeezed out of me. Then I felt his cock still hard in me.

“Oh wow…you haven’t cum yet?” I purred, satiated and reeling from the hard fucking. I felt Richard pull out of me and my pussy made a loud slurping noise, as if trying to keep him in.

“Suck me off. Suck me as I sniff your panties.” Richard cried out.

I adjusted myself on the table, turning sideways to face his cock – seeing it for the first time today. It was long and thick, with strong veins running all across it. His cock head was dark and purple, throbbing with lust. His whole cock was wet with my juices. Streaks of white pussy cream coated his cock and I could smell my fruity scent on his cock. I leaned forward to take it into my mouth. His hot throbbing meat filled my mouth and I tasted his musky flavour mixed with my juices.

“Mmmppphhh.” I moaned as I slurped his cock and Richard gently fucked my face. I cupped his balls with one hand and massaged them lightly as I hollowed out my cheeks, sucking his manhood deep in my mouth. I looked up at his face, getting an immense thrill at the way he held my panties close to his nose, inhaling deeply. I wondered how they smelled as I dreamt of Nancy’s pungent, sweet odour on her panties. My own pussy started to throb again and I my stomach was doing lust filled somersaults.

My mewling around his cock grew louder and Richard realised it. Still sniffing my panties, he moved one hand down to caress my tits and then moved slowly down to my dripping gash. His fingers teased around my opening and then he dipped his index finger into my hot, seething hole.

Richard certainly knew how to touch a woman! He worked his index finger slowly in and out of me and then slipped another finger in. He seemed to be dancing his fingers inside of me, moving them up and down alternately. I felt his fingers curling inside me, pressing against the upper surface of my pussy walls. His fingers seeked out my rough ridged area and started to tease it, almost lightly scratching against it.

My pussy was like a sluice gate. The gentle friction of his fingers against my g-spot was causing me to juice so much. His fingers made a slushing sound as they twisted inside of me and my hips started bucking hard against his hand.

“Mmmmphh. .Mummphh…Uhhhhh..MMMmmmmppphhhh!!!” I moaned as I slurped even harder. My whole body was aflame and it seemed even more concentrated in my pussy. I wished there was another cock to fuck me while I sucked on Richard. God, I was so turned on I would have done anything he asked me to. Anything!

My pussy was spasming and I felt like I was going to pee. I was on the verge of a major orgasm but it was almost too intense that I couldn’t cum. I focused on the cock in my mouth, sucking and massaging Richard’s balls to draw out his cum and hopefully trigger off my own climax. I could feel the base of his cock throbbing and his scrotum tightening. I knew he was close to cumming

Richard seemed to sense that I was on the brink and he bit on my panties, freeing his other hand. His free hand now turned its full attention to my erect and throbbing nipples.

“Muuugghhhaahhnnn!!!” I screamed around his prick. The feeling was incredible. My pussy started to clench and grab at his fingers and I felt myself leaking juices around my thighs. I arched my hips and used my hands to jerk on Richard’s prick as I sucked harder than I had ever sucked in my life. His cock tensed and expanded in my mouth and then it let fly.

“Aaarrgghh…..yesss! Suck it. Suck..suck…don’t stop..keep sucking!” Richard cried out as he bit hard on my panties. Spurt after spurt of hot semen sprayed into my mouth. His taste was lightly salty but more musky. It was thick and hot and it filled my mouth even as I swallowed hard, trying not to let any leak out. His fingers continued to dance on my nipples and in my pussy.

“MMmmmuuunnhhhhhgggg!!” I cried out loudly, my voice muffled by his cock still in my mouth. My pussy spasmed and my toes curled as a most intense orgasm washed over me. My entire body went rigid and ever muscle fibre tensed. I think I stopped breathing for a moment as the feelings were so damn intense. I felt his cock slip out of my mouth and I gasped in air.

“Ohh…Oh God…Ohhh…Unnnhh….Ohhhhhh!” I moaned incoherently. Richard’s fingers were still in my pussy but they had stopped their assault. I was still trembling as I felt his fingers slowly pull out of me. I looked up at Richard who pulled his fingers to his face, slipped them into his mouth and sucked my juices off his fingers.

“You were amazing.” Richard smiled at me. I was too overcome with orgasmic pleasure to reply and I just smiled weakly up at him. Richard picked up my panties again as he zipped himself up.

“If you let me have these, the job is yours.” He smiled. “That’s why I didn’t cum in you.”

“I don’t understand.” I replied as I got off the table and started to dress.

“If I came in you, you would have needed your panties back to stop the cum leaking out!” Richard laughed. “Then I wouldn’t have been able to keep them.”

“How considerate of you.” I said mockingly as I smoothed my skirt down, trying to regain a semblance of decency about myself. I noticed the whole office smelled of sex and I realised that I would too. My thighs were wet with my own juices and a mischievous thought crossed my mind.

“So can I have them?” Richard asked. “The job’s yours either way.”

I grabbed the panties from his hand and lifted my skirt, giving Richard a nice view of my matted pussy hairs. I slowly wiped myself, making a show of wiping my cum soaked thighs and pussy. Then I walked over to Richard, kissed him hard and placed my soaked panties in his hands.

“Now you can have them Boss.” I smiled as we kissed again.

Panty power had worked its magic again for me. Its amazing what panties can do for a girls life, isn’t it?

Two months into my new position as Accounts Director, we had a visit from a large Japanese corporate customer. Richard had asked that I looked after his wife while the senior corporate officers entertained the customer. I welcomed the chance to take time off and go shopping and sightseeing. I was also looking forward to the chance of learning about someone else’s culture and meeting someone from so far away.

Not entirely sure of the protocol, I didn’t dress too casually for my first meeting with Mrs Matsuda. I chose a knee length brown skirt with a beige sleeveless blouse. I threw a light sweater over my shoulders, just in case it got cold as well as in the event that my sleeveless blouse may have been too casual.

I had been briefed that the proper way to address Mrs Matsuda was Matsuda-San – interestingly enough, there was no differentiation between Mr and Mrs. They were both Matsuda-San. I had also been told that calling somebody by just their name, without adding a title, is yobisute literally “call and throw away”, and is considered very bad manners unless the person has given you permission.

I reached the hotel about 15 minutes early, knowing how important punctuality is to the Japanese. Matsuda-San appeared in the lobby at 9.25 – 5 minutes early. She wore a one piece sleeveless dark blue dress with white patterns that showed off her figure nicely. Her breasts were relatively small by western standards but seemed to fill out the dress sufficiently well. Her hips were in proportion to her breasts and she had nice smooth legs that somehow flattered the dress even more. Her butt was small and round and stuck out just enough and at the right angle too. Definitely no sagging there.

I watched her quietly as she turned and walked about the lobby. Her dress was very snug around her ass and I could make out her panty line. I was delighted to note that she wore panties and not a g-string or thong. Her panty line nicely covered her tight ass and for a moment I felt a pang of lust going through me as I wondered how her panties might smell. Dismissing all lustful thoughts, I waited until it was 9.30 sharp. I smoothed my skirt down and walked toward her with a bright smile.

“Matsuda-San?” I enquired politely, standing a little away from her.

“Hai! Yes! ohayou gozaimasu.” She smiled and bowed slightly before offering her hand.

“Good Morning!” I replied, returning her bow and shook her hand warmly.

“You are Bee-San, yes?” she asked.

“Yes, Vi. Please to meet you Matsuda-San.” I replied, still holding her hand in my grasp.

“Prease to meet you too. And Prease, call me Asuka.” She replied, her eyes twinkling. “Sank you so much for coming.”

I warmed up to her very quickly. I loved her slight Japanese accent and found it very endearing, if not slightly sensual. I looked more closely at the pretty woman in front of me. Her skin was like porcelain and her shoulder length black hair framed her face, contrasting against her pale skin. Her eyes had a twinkle to them and a thin smile always seemed to dance on her lips.

“Would you prefer to go shopping or sightseeing?” I asked.

“Shopping is nice.” She replied. “awready seen city before. Anyway, Japanese girls arrways like shopping!”

“I think ALL girls like shopping!” I countered.

We both laughed as we walked out of the hotel to get a taxi. We didn’t have to wait long as a taxi soon appeared. The bellman opened the taxi door for Asuka and she stepped into the taxi. I felt a lump in my throat as I watched her swing her legs into the taxi, catching a glimpse of her white panties. I quickly walked to the other side and got into the taxi myself.

We had a great time shopping! Asuka bought quite a number of clothes and shoes – and she had a great fashion sense. She spent a lot of time in the lingerie section and I particularly enjoyed watching her select some panties and bras. I tried on a few things too but didn’t end up buying anything. We both had a light lunch of salad and soup and then it was back to more shopping. By about 6 we were both tired out and decided to go back to the hotel.

“Prease. You help me with bags?” Asuka asked as we reached the hotel.

“Sure!” I replied as I carried half of the bags for her. I followed her up to her room and was surprised at the size of the room. It was huge! As Asuka walked toward the bed, the sun shone right through her and I could make out the silhouette of her legs through her dress, all the way up to her panties! I swallowed hard as a lump in my throat formed again.

“My husband, Matsuda-San, always rike to get suite” She explained, probably seeing my wide eyes. She placed the bags on the bed and I followed suit, taking a seat in the desk chair after placing the bags down.

“Something I eat not good.” Asuka said as she rubbed her stomach. “Asuka go toilet rittle while?”

“Sure.” I replied. “Take your time!”

Asuka retreated in the bathroom and I heard the door lock. I looked around the room and my eyes fell on a plastic, hotel laundry bag, standing in the corner of the room.

My mouth went dry and my heart started to quicken as I walked over to the plastic bag. I knelt on the floor as I opened the bag to inspect the contents. The first was a man’s shirt followed by a black, lycra top. The black top smelled of her wonderful perfume. Digging deeper I found a white blouse and then I hit paydirt – two pairs of used panties!

I could feel my heart thudding in my chest as I inspected my find. One was a black panty that was sheer all over except for the crotch. The other was a pair of white cotton panties with little red rosed all over them. I picked up the black pair, noticing how thin and soft they were. I brought them up to my nose and inhaled deeply. They smelled divine! I looked at the gusset to see fine white streaks of dried pussy juice on them. I inhaled deeply once again, intoxicated with the slightly sourish yet sweet smell emanating from those panties.

I picked up the white pair and stared at them, opening them up properly to examine them. The leg holes had brown stains on them, while the gusset was yellowish, tending toward a light brown. Obviously these panties had been worn a long time. I was feeling a mix of revulsion and excitement as I brought them to my nose as I new they would probably smell strong. I wasn’t wrong. Those panties reeked of sweat and urine. Yet, I felt my own juices starting to flow as I detected her pussy scent buried under the sweat and urine. I had to admit that the foulness of her panties was exciting me too. I held it close to my nose, breathing in deeply, almost wanting to run my tongue along the stained crotch.

“Sonna….!”Asuka suddenly exclaimed. “Oh!.. You like pantsu? I thought only Japanese man like the used pantsu.”

I must have blushed scarlet, I could feel my face so hot. “I –I’m sorry. I was just…” I kicked myself for not hearing the flush as now I could hear the cistern filling quite clearly. There was really no way I could explain myself. I quietly put the clothes back in the bag and looked down at the floor.

“I beg your forgiveness Matsuda-San” I said softly, still kneeling and looking down at the floor.

“No. Is okay.” Asuka answered. “Prease. Is okay. Just not used to a rady doing zis way. Normally, in Japan, only man smell panties.”

Grateful that she wasn’t angry at me I smiled softly at her.

“Did you rike it?” She asked me. “You rike smell my pantsu?”

“Y-yes.” I replied. “Very much.”

She offered me her hand, pulling me up from the floor. I shivered slightly at how close she was standing to me. I could smell her perfume emanating from her.

“You are vely pletty rady.” Asuka said and then frowned slightly. “Or is it wong to say rady? Should be woman?”

“Lady is fine!” I laughed, relaxing even more that she wasn’t angry with me at all. “And thank you! You are very pretty too!”

“You are vely kind. But Asuka breast too small.” She replied, looking down as she said so. “Wish Asuka breast bigger.”

I wasn’t sure if I was expected to respond or even what to say. I hardly expected Asuka to be this open with me about the size of her breasts. But then, after watching me sniffing her panties, there was really nothing to be modest about.

“You’re still beautiful.” Is all I could muster.

“You vely sexy too.” Asuka smiled. “I sink you smelling my pantsu vely hot.”

“Have you ever tried it?” I asked, getting bolder by the minute. “I mean sniffing panties?”

“No, no.” She replied. “Resbian I have try, and I rike. But no pantsu for me. You try resbian? You like?”

“Oh yes! Not much experience but I do like it” I replied. I saw a glazed look wash over her eyes as she took my hand in hers.

“You do resbian with me?” she asked, almost pleading. “Now?”

I was caught unaware but not entirely surprised by her request. I wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity with the gorgeous Japanese woman. I raised my hand to her face and stroked it lightly. Then we kissed. Small kisses at first and then our lips locked and I felt her tongue slip into my mouth. Her tongue flicked against the roof of my palate, sending shockwaves shooting to my pussy. Her hands were fumbling urgently against the zipper on the side of my dress and I grabbed at her zipper as well.

Asuka softly pushed me away and undid her dress, letting it slide off her body. I stood in awe of her almost faultless body. Her skin was so smooth and silky and the white lacy bra that she wore only emphasised the beauty of her breasts. Her white cotton panties had a lacy garter and I could see a dark patch at her crotch. I quickly disrobed as well, showing off my black undergarments.

“Ooohhh.” Asuka groaned, “so pletty.” She undid her bra, exposing her firm breasts. Her nipples were long and dark and she had tiny areolas. I gulped hard again at this vision of beauty. I unhooked my bra and let my breasts free. My nipples were already erect. Asuka came closer to me and cupped my breasts with her hands.

“Such lovely breast.” she moaned. “I wish Asuka breast big rike you.”

I pulled her toward me and then turned her around to push her on to the bed. She moaned slightly as I reached down to pull her panties off her. She was completely bald and her pussy lips were thick and swollen.

“Smell zem. Smell my pantsu!” She moaned. “Show me how you smell.”

I was only too happy to oblige. I lifted her wet panties to my face and pressed them firmly against my nose. I felt the wetness of her panties as I sniffed deeply. Her smell was so delightful, almost fruity and I felt my own pussy leaking its juices.

“Oooaahhhh.” She moaned as her hands rubbed up and down her body as she watched me sniffing her panties. “Sooo hot…”

Her hands were lightly caressing her pussy and I dropped her panties and then knelt on the floor. I pushed her thighs further apart to stare at her gaping pussy. I could see white fluid collecting just inside her, on the floor of her pussy. She was so juicy! I dove right in and placed my tongue at the mouth of her pussy, lapping up the thick cream that had collected there.

“Aaaahhhh…Mmmmmm.” She moaned loudly. “Rick me. Rick me there.”

Her juices corresponded to her smell. She tasted fruity, almost like citrus and I lapped at her cunt hungrily. She pulled my head harder into her pussy and bucked up and down as I licked her. Suddenly she pushed me away.

“What’s wrong?” I cried.

“No, nussing.” She mewled. “Turn around, let me rick you too. What zey call zis….69?

I smiled as I pulled of my panties and climbed on to the bed. I lifted my leg over her head to straddle it and slowly lowered my weeping pussy to the face as I buried my own face in her pussy.

The smell of sex was thick in the room as we both licked and slurped on each others cunts. Asuka was one of the most talented pussy lickers I had ever been with! She licked on my vulva, teasing me and then dipped her tongue deep into me – effectively tongue fucking me. Then she would alternate between licking my clit and then sucking on it hard. My clit was swollen with lust with her sucking and it was so sensitive, sending chills flowing all through me.

We were both making guttural noises with our throats as our mouths were too busy sucking juicy cunt. Asuka was keeping me on the brink and although I wanted to cum, it was heavenly being kept at such a high for so long.

Asuka started bucking harder on my face and then suddenly she stuck a finger up my ass. The feeling in my pussy started to intensify and she licked more urgently as she finger fucked my asshole. Her mouth slipped off me momentarily and she cried out, “Same, do me same!”

I stuck my finger into her ass as well, loving the feeling of her tight shitter giving way and then clamping on my finger. She mewled around my pussy as she humped against my face. My whole body was on fire and my pussy suddenly clamped and started spasming just as I felt Asuka’s body tense. She thrust her hips upwards, her back arching high as she sucked hard on my clit.

Both our bodies spasmed almost simultaneously as wave after wave of pleasure engulfed us. I felt her pussy leaking out more juices as she came and then she finally collapsed on the bed, spent. I kept my face buried between her legs as I lapped her softly, trying to drink in all her juices. My own body was aglow as she rained soft kisses on my sopping pussy.

We lay like that for a little while, basking in the afterglow. I pulled up from Asuka and turned to lie beside her. She lightly stroked my breasts as I nuzzled against her shoulder.

“That was amazing.” I moaned.

“Mmm..yes….you vely good too.” Asuka replied, stroking my hair. “I sink I give you Japanese name. You mind? Easy for me to call.” Asuka said.

“I don’t mind. I think its quite sweet. What will you name me?” I asked.

“Akemi. It mean blight and beautiful and that is you. From now, you are Akemi to me.”

“That’s very sweet.” I replied. “Can Akemi ask you a question?

She smiled at me at my own use of the name she had given me. “Yes, of course.”

“Does your husband do this?” I asked, “I mean smell your panties?”

For a second I saw her face turn dark and I was afraid that I had crossed the line in asking too personal a question. Her face quickly broke out into a smile and she nodded her head, smiling.

“In Japan, man love pantsu. Especially if very wet and dirty.” She said quietly. I wasn’t sure if a reply was expected or if she just wanted to talk. I didn’t have to think too long as she continued. “Matsuda-San, my husband, also love my pantsu. Japanese rady can get many things with pantsu” she giggled. “You want see? Rearn Japanese pantsu tricks?”

“How?” I asked, completely intrigued. “What do I do?”

She turned to look at the bedside clock. It was almost 7.30.

“My husband have early dinner tonight. You stay with me and we have loom service. When he come back I show you. K?” she said.

“Wont he mind that I’m here?” I asked

“Mind that pletty white rady in loom?” Asuka laughed loudly, then suddenly when quiet. “Only if you mind Akemi.”

“Will I have to fuck him?” I asked quietly, the heat already building in my pussy.

“Akemi only do what Akemi want.” She replied firmly.

“You wouldn’t mind?” I asked.

“You gaijin don’t know how open some Japanese are.” She replied. “My husband and I vely open.”

I nodded in reply. I was completely captivated with Asuka and the opportunity of spending more time with her was an added bonus. I couldn’t wait to see what she had in store for her husband.

We dressed and I noticed that Asuka re-used her sticky wet panties and I wondered why when she obviously had so many at her disposal. I wished I could change mine but in a sordid kind of way was enjoying the dampness and how they stuck to my vulva.

We enjoyed dinner, both of us having a small steak and then pigging out on dessert. After dinner, Asuka took my hands again and looked me in the eye.

“Asuka get ready now. You come see” She said as she stood up and walked to the wardrobe.

I followed her to the wardrobe and she opened a drawer. The drawer was filled with sexy panties and bras. Asuka dug around and extracted an extremely flimsy garment. It was like a g-string except it was basically two long black strings acting as garters and holding a small butterfly rather high up. Daintily she stepped out of her panties and pulled the strings on. The small butterfly sat on top of her clit and the strings were indeed garters, leaving her pussy bare. She then pulled on her white panties again. Finally she opened her hand to show me a tiny black box with two buttons.

“Zis lemote control.” She said handing me the box. I pressed the green button and I saw her bite her lip. “viblating butterfly.” She announced matter of factly.

I smiled and passed the remote back to her. She left it on for a little while and then turned it off. I was surprised how quiet it was.

“Husband home soon.” She announced as she pulled a bathrobe around her. Even in a bathrobe she looked sexy. I wasn’t sure if it was because I knew about the butterfly that I found her sexy or if she was just plain sexy. Ever so often she would turn on the butterfly and I could see her enjoying every jolt of the butterfly.

“Zis make my pantsu wet.” She announced. “ready for pantsu games.”

I wanted to see her panties get wet and I wanted to smell them again and taste them. But I knew I was there to observe and to learn. I was getting so turned on watching this sexy, seductive lady that my hand slipped under my skirt.

I lost count of time but suddenly we heard a key in the door and Matsuda-San walked in.

“Good evening again Matsuda-San” I offered.

“Konbanwa.” he smiled, as he walked in.

“Kenji!” Asuka cried. “Is that how you tleat pretty rady? This is Akemi.”

I was amazed at the transformation of shy, subservient Asuka into this strong woman. Was there some secret that I needed to learn about Japanese wives?

Matsuda-San turned back to look at me and bowed respectfully. “Moushiwake arimasen deshita” he said.

I had heard that expression before and knew it was a formal apology more commonly used by women and subordinates. I was again confounded as to why Matsuda-San was being so docile.

Asuka laughed loudly. “Kenji know he must show lespect or he wont get what he want. Isn’t that right Kenji?”

“Hai. Yes, Matsuda-San” Kenji Matsuda said, addressing his wife formally.

I sat quietly observing all this. My already soaked panties were getting wetter with the dominant game unfolding in front of my eyes.

“What would you like Kenji? Straight or with scotch?” Asuka asked again, her eyes shining with power, her fingers turning the remote on and off

“Uhh..Scotch prease Matsuda-San.” Kenji said. Kenji was obviously very excited as I saw he had a massive hard-on in his trousers.

I watched as Asuka pulled a glass from the counter and filled it with a shot of scotch. It was then that I noticed a small ice bucket, half filled with water. Asuka placed the glass of scotch next to the bucket and then smiled at me.

“Come, Akemi. Help me.” She said to me, the smile never leaving her face. I heard Kenji groan a little as he watched me come over to his wife.

Asuka lifted her skirt and spread her legs. She pulled down her panties and passed them to me. I took them gratefully, relishing their wetness. They were positively soaking. I lifted them to my nose and smelled her sweet nectar coating the panties. Asuka gently took them from me and leaned down to kiss me. “Learn!” She said softly.

Asuka held her panties in her hand and slowly, tantalizingly, dipped them into the water filled bucket. She let her panties soak up the water and then squeezed them out into the scotch filled glass. I noticed the liquid flowing out was cloudy and my own pussy started to drip even more. She was giving her husband a pussy juice cocktail!

My stomach flipped a couple of times. I didn’t know whether I found this disgusting or erotic. Was it revolting or kinky? The way my pussy was throbbing, it had to be kinyk and erotic. I watched spell bound as Kenji sniffed the drink, like he was testing the bouquet of wine. Then he took a small sip before taking a larger gulp and swirling it around in his mouth. He was making guttural noises as he slurped on his pussy cocktail.

Asuka proceeded to unzip his pants and pull out his cock. Whatever I had heard said about Asian cocks was certainly untrue as Kenji had a decent sized cock with a nice thickness. He wasn’t circumcised and I liked how the bulbous head peeked out of its sheath. Asuka licked along the whole shaft up to the head and then down again to his balls as Kenji finished his drink.

Asuka, removed her dress, showing off her naked glory and her small but perky tits. She spread her legs and straddled her groaning husband. With one deft move, she dropped herself on to his lap and his cock slid right into her. Her bald pussy seemed to swell outwards and sight of her husbands cock deep inside his wifes was enough to make my pussy spasm in a tiny orgasm.

“Ohhhh yes…Kenji….Ahhhhh” Asuka moaned.

“Akemi, prease. I want yours! Prease!” Kenji pleaded with me.

“No. wait! Not yet!” Asuka cried out.

“Onegai Shimasu!” (I beg you!) Kenji cried out.

“You know what it will cost!” Asuka said loudly.

“Hai. Yes. Hai!” Kenji conceded.

“Give it to him.” Asuka commanded. “then come here.”

I pulled off my soaking panties and then my dress. I rushed over to Asuka who took my panties and then pushed Kenji so that he was lying on the sofa. She stuffed my panties into his mouth as she rode him hard. Her eyes had a glazed look as she reached for my breasts and started to fondle my nipples. One hand slipped under me and up into my pussy, fingering my pulsing hole as her mouth and fingers teased my nipples. My body started to build up to its long awaited climax as Asuka started to moan and scream in Japanese.

Kenji was sucking wildly on my panties as his wife bounced up and down on his cock. She was mewling almost as if she was in pain, making loud guttural noises and yelping. The sight of a man sucking on my panties as he was fucked was so incredibly sexy.

“Ennggyaahh….yahh…nnyahh…nyahh…eeeyahhh….aarrghhh!!” she screamed as her body tensed and jerked spasmodically. Watching her cum triggered my own orgasm and I bucked hard on her hands feeling my body get its long craved release. Asuka slowly pulled herself off her husband and grabbed at her used panties. Globs of his cum leaked out of her and she used her wet panties to mop it up. She plugged her hole with her panties as she slowly sashayed to the toilet.

I was still trembling as I looked over at Kenji. He had pulled my panties out of his mouth and was looking at me all sheepishly. I felt Asuka return as her hands circled my breasts from behind. She started to kiss my neck and then worked her way slowly downward. She fell on her knees and tongued my pussy from behind.

As she was tonguing me, she slipped the butterfly on to me, covering my clit. Then she turned it on. My head exploded in a flash of lights as my clitoris responded to the stimulus. I bent down and spread my legs wider to give Asuka better access. Kenji’s cock was growing hard again and I decided I needed my mouth filled.

As Asuka sucked me and toyed with the butterfly on my clit, I swallowed Kenji’s cock. He groaned as my mouth applied suction and my tongue swirled around the head. I could taste Asuka’s juices mixed with the musky flavour of Kenji’s cock. My body spasmed as my pussy clenched and bucked against Asuka’s face. My entire body began to tingle and my pussy cried for mercy from the intense buzzing on my clit. I came so hard and only the cock in my mouth prevented me from screaming.

Asuka turned off the vibrator but kept tonguing me softly. It was like I never stopped cumming.

Asuka called the shots that night. She had ‘resbian’ sex with me more than once and I got fucked by Kenji too – my first Asian cock. We spent the whole night fucking and sucking and the next morning, before he left for work, Kenji left Asuka $1000 in cash.

Asuka explained that Kenji loved his panty games and she got a thrill out of controlling him. The money was just part of the game and she normally used it to buy more panties or sex toys. She gave me half the money, although I protested. She said that I had deserved it.

I learnt a new dimension to Panty Power – Japanese Style. It had given me awesome sex and also left me $500 richer. I was also left with a lovely lacy pair of Asuka’s used, soiled panties that was full of her scent, Her lovely smell gave justice to her name, Asuka, which means – tomorrows fragrance. Most importantly it gave me an everlasting friendship – we have kept in touch ever since.

It had been a busy day at the office and I was glad to be home albeit for a short respite. I was due at the product launch for a client in about two hours. As I opened the door, I was delighted to see a small package with my name on it lying on the table. There was a Japanese stamp on it and I knew it had to be from my beautiful Japanese lover.

I excitedly unwrapped the small brown package. Inside the small parcel was a neatly folded piece of paper and underneath it a bubble wrapped envelope. I contemplated ripping open the bubble wrapped envelope, dying to find out what was inside but decided to read the letter first.

Dear Akemi,

I hope this letter finds you well and in good happiness. I have sent you a small gift for your pleasure. I too have one and I love the way it feels on me and also the way it makes me feel. A small word of warning. It can make you very wet so I sometimes wear a small pantsu on top so my juice don’t flow all over my thighs.

Kenji and I think of you often, but not as often as I alone thinking of you. Thankyou for your e-mails and please continue to write.

Love long and often!

Your friend

Asuka Matsuda

It was nice to read Asuka’s letter written in near perfect English. I missed her accent though and I smiled quietly to myself as I re-read the letter, pronouncing the words like she would have, feeling my excitement level increase. My fingers trembled slightly as I picked up the bubble wrapped envelope and ripped it open. I shook the contents out and I gasped as my eyes set upon a black, lacy garter with a string of pearls running down the front and back. The front had two strings of pearls running down the front which merged into a single string of pearls at the back. It was a pearl thong! I had only ever seen such a garment in an episode of Sex and The City.

I fingered the garment gently, feeling the soft, sexy lace of the garter. For a moment I contemplated ripping off the panties I was wearing to try on this lovely present from Asuka but decided that there was a time and place for everything. I would wear it tonight!

The present from Asuka lifted my spirits considerably. I danced into the shower and luxuriated in the hot needles of water spraying my body. I scrubbed myself clean, paying special attention to my pussy which was thick with cream from reading Asuka’s letter. Thinking of my Japanese lover always made me gush – without fail. As I lathered my hairy pussy, a thought struck me. I was far too hairy to wear the pearl thong! The beads might pull at my hairs and I really didn’t want that.

I picked up my shaver and very carefully started to shave myself. I had only ever shaved my hairs once before and truth be told, I had been shaved by someone. It had done in my university days when I had bought a new bikini. My room-mate had tried to help me shave my pubes and to shape it but had made such a mess that she had shaved me completely bald. She had caused quite a few nicks as well and I hadn’t really enjoyed how my mound had burned for a few days.

I watched, fascinated, as my hairs fell off me in clumps. Razor technology had increased over the years and with the green moisturising strip on top of the razor coupled with the double blade, my pussy was smooth as silk in no time. It was actually very erotic shaving myself and I could feel myself sticky and damp, all the way inside of me. I squatted on the floor as I sprayed the shower all over my pussy, cleaning myself up. I ran the razor once more over my mound to clean up the tiny hairs that I had missed.

Patting myself dry, I stepped out of the shower and looked myself over in the mirror. My nipples were hard and erect with the excitement of shaving myself. I looked down at my bald pussy and was surprised to see how thick and swollen my vulva was. It looked like a camels toe only the lips stuck out seductively. The thickness and swelling was only obvious since there was no longer any briary patch covering it. There was a glistening of moisture between the folds of my lips – the evidence of how turned on I was.

Briefly, I considered touching myself to bring myself off, but a quick look at the clock told me I needed to rush. I sat on the bed and pulled on the pearl thong. The lace garter was so soft as it wrapped around my hips. I adjusted it around myself, ensuring that the pearls fit snugly in both my cracks. I was feeling so kinky and sexy wearing the pearl thong. It was an amazing feeling. The garters made me feel like I was wearing a pair of knickers but the cool breeze wafting at my bare pussy and ass told me otherwise.

I got off the bed and walked to my wardrobe, feeling the pearls move against me as I walked. The feeling was delicious and I remembered Asuka’s warning to wear a pair of panties over the thong to absorb the moisture. I decided to ignore her advice and rather to pack a pair of panties in my handbag – just in case.

I looked through my wardrobe wondering what to wear. The product launch was being held at an upmarket nightclub. “Hmm, maybe ‘smart slutty’ is the way to go.” I laughed to myself, having a go at that silly ‘smart casual’. What the hell was smart casual anyway.

With ‘smart slutty’ in mind, I reached for one of my favourite cocktail dresses. It was black (surprise, surprise!) and figure hugging but flared out at my hips to about three inches above my knee. What I especially liked about this dress was the top. The dress had a thin collar around the neck which gave it the effect of a choker. The collar held up sheer organza like netting that ran all the way down to the bosom of the dress as well as to the back. Black lace covered the armholes and all around to where the sheer netting met the solid black material of the dress. It was an extremely sexy dress and it set off my figure brilliantly.

I pulled it on and adjusted my breasts into the moulded underwire of the dress. This dress needed a half cup bra or else the cups would show through the sheer netting. I opted to go bra-less as the underwire more than gave me enough support and I loved how people would often talk to my breasts when I wore this dress. I also loved how my breasts would lightly bounce and jiggle as I walked, especially if I wore heels – and I was definitely planning on heels tonight.

A light lipstick and mascara finished off my look and I stared back at my reflection admiringly. I looked hot and I felt just as hot! I grabbed my handbag and stuffed a pair of white cotton panties into it, remembering Asuka’s warning again. Satisfied that I had everything, I gave myself another quick look over before leaving my home.

I opted to walk to the party as it was only about 8 blocks away. Not too far but by no means near either. It was a cool night and I would be able to save on taxi fare. Taxi’s were sooo expensive these days. In retrospect, it may have been better to take a taxi as my pearl panty drove me almost delirious as I walked! Still, it was a great experience and by the time I had finished the 8 blocks, I was perspiring – and it wasn’t due to the exertion!

Each step I took caused the twin strands to rub along my vulva. After about two blocks, the twin strands seemed to clamp on my clit while the rest of it merged into one and slid along my gash. I was soaking and the cool air swept against my bare crotch, causing extra tingles not just on my pussy, but all over my body. I was fortunate that the cool air also served to evaporate my juices quickly or I would have had them running down my thighs.

By the time I reached the nightclub, I had to lean against the door for support as I caught my breath and calmed myself down. I quickly found my way into the ladies room. The reflection looking back at me from the mirror showed a very flushed face and my eyes had a glassy look about them. God I was so horny!

I washed and dried my face, giving it some semblance of order before walking back out. My pussy was already screaming for some attention and each step just seemed to exacerbate things further. As I made my way to the bar, my ass took on a wiggle all of its own as I tried to ignore the beads rubbing all over my steaming pussy. It didn’t help in any way that the club was filled with beautiful people – both guys and gals.

My mind was no longer on the product launch and I was thankful that I didn’t have to do anything. Everything had already been arranged and it was only my presence that was needed – just to show support. I had already been sighted by several of the executives from the client and I had even smiled and waved at the CEO; evidence enough that I had attended the launch. Everything seemed to be going well and in no time the confetti was flowing out of the confetti cannon and white ice smoke billowed through the room. The launch was over and now there was no need to worry about anything and I could focus on having a good time.

“Oh well done Vi!” smile Tim Brewster, one of the senior executives as he put his arm around me. “The launch was fab! So exciting.”

Tim was drop dead gorgeous and I would have fucked him silly without any hesitation. There was only one problem. He was gay. I wouldn’t even have minded fucking him if he was bi but that was not the case. Oh well.

“Thanks Tim.” I smiled as I leaned forward to kiss him on both cheeks. “A lot of work went into this and I’m glad it turned out so well.”

“It was really, really fab. I’m sure the company will be absolutely delighted.” Tim gushed, “and don’t you look fab too!”

Tim gave me the once over and his eyes settled on my chest for a brief second before focusing on my eyes again.

“Hey there Tim!” said a tall, dark man in an expensive looking suit.

“Jarell! My man!” Tim responded and offered his hand. Jarell took Tim’s hand but his eyes stayed focused on me.

“Good to see you Tim. Nice launch. Congratulations!” Jarell said. He had a soft, pleasant smile on his lips and although he was obviously talking to Tim, his gaze stayed right on me.

“Oh, don’t congratulate me, she did all the work.” Tim offered. “Vi, this is Jarell.”

“Hello.’ I said rather demurely as I stuck out my hand. Jarell grasped it firmly and gave it a light shake as I felt his eyes look me over.

“The pleasure is all mine.” He said in a thick voice that had a strange accent to it that I hadn’t noticed earlier. My hands seemed tiny in his as he pulled me softly toward him. “Dance?” he said, more as a statement than a question. He didn’t even wait for an answer as he led me to the dance floor. We chatted softly as we walked to the dance floor and I found out he was originally from Kenya. That explained his accent.

I found myself enjoying his company as we danced slowly. I moved myself closer to him and swayed my hips more seductively. His hands circled my waist and his hips gyrated softly against mine, in time with the music. If walking had made me flustered earlier, dancing was driving me insane! The pearls teased and prodded me vagina. I felt the hard beads pressing against my clit and my ass hole simultaneously. My gash was stimulated along the whole length and my lips wanted to suck those beads in. It didn’t help that Jarell’s hands were kneading softly against my ass cheeks, his fingers dipping ever so surreptitiously under my swaying dress to lightly tease my buns.

I was gushing now and I could feel my pussy was slick with juice. I was glad I was wearing a black dress as I knew as soon as I sat down, a damp spot would show up. Suddenly I remembered the spare panties I had brought along and I leaned up to whisper into Jarell’s ear. He mistook my actions and kissed me long and hard. His tongue worked into my mouth and I returned his kiss hotly. I felt his tongue flick against mine and then he sucked hard on my tongue. It was the most amazing feeling ever and I was quickly panting, both out of passion and out of breath. I pushed him away and a trail of saliva joined our lips.

“Need to go to the ladies.” I gasped out as I felt my juices starting to run down my thighs. Quickly I ran to the ladies and entered a cubicle. I fumbled with my handbag and pulled out my panties. I was so fucking horny it was unbelievable. I contemplated taking off the pearl thong but decided against it. They were way too much fun!

I lifted my skirt high, exposing my pussy. My thighs were already coated with juice and I used my panties to give myself a quick wipe. I then pulled the panties on, thankful that I had brought them along and thankful to my beloved Asuka for warning me. I touched up my lipstick and noticed that my nipples were poking out at my dress. It was dark outside anyway and no one would notice. Actually, didn’t even care if anyone notices. I then practically ran back out, not wanting some other hussy to lay her hands on Jarell.

I got sight of him and caught my breath at how good he looked. I wouldn’t say that he was terribly handsome. Rather, there was an a****listic , stud like aura about him. His dark, black skin shone and his bald head was extremely sexy. His suit only set of his superb physique rather than masked it.

There were already two sluts chatting him up but as soon as he caught sight of me, he excused himself and came over to me.

“Wanna blow this scene babe?” he asked in his oh so sexy accent. I was so horny that I although I heard him perfectly well, in my head it sounded like ‘wanna blow my prick?”

“Yes!” I answered him and realised almost immediately that I sounded like a virgin schoolgirl about to be fucked for the first time. “That would be nice, its kinda crowded in here.” I added, trying to maintain some semblance of cool. His hand went to the small of my back and slowly guided me out. As walked, I felt his hand slip lower until his hand was cupping my ass and kneading it softly. That only served to heighten my lust.

The panties that I now wore pressed the beads even more firmly into my sex and anus. The kneading of my butt only served to twirl the beads around me further and each step I took was driving me further and further into sexual oblivion. I felt like the little mermaid where each step she took was like a knife cutting into her. Mine was more like jolts of electricity stabbing into my pussy and I absolutely loved it!

Jarell led me to his car, a BMW Roadster I was told. He let the top of the car down, making us the envy of all the onlookers. I imagined what we must look like; a tall, obviously well of black man, with a gorgeous looking hussy all over him, getting into an expensive, sexy looking car. An image fit for the movies. Jarell opened the car doors for me and I made an effort to splay my legs as I got in. I’m sure there were many more people other than Jarell that got a look at my white panties under my black dress. The fact that I was flashing made me even more turned on than I already was; something that even I found hard to believe.

Jarell did a wheel spin as he sped out of the parking lot, making those that weren’t already watching turn to look. He turned and flashed me a quick grin before slowing down in traffic. With one hand on the wheel, his other hand moved to my thigh and slowly lifted the hem of my dress higher. I covered his hand with mine and he stopped briefly, turning to give me a quizzical look. I smiled back at him and gave his hand a quick squeeze before moving his hand further up my thigh. His face broke into a large smile and he raised my dress higher, almost to the point where it barely covered my pussy. His hand brushed lightly up and down against my thigh, caressing it softly.

A soft gasp escaped from my mouth as I responded to his touches. No words were exchanged as he expertly teased my thighs all the way down to my knees and then back up again, stopping just below my pussy. I slid lower down in the seat, urging him to touch my weeping sex but he seemed to enjoy teasing me. Finally his hands reached the garters of my panties and he worked his way toward my slit. Suddenly his hands stopped.

“God! You’re soaking!” he cried out. “Did I do that to you?”

“Umm…a little” I moaned back, “but not exactly all your doing.”

Again he gave me that quizzical look. A look that I found so enchanting. I grabbed his hand and pulled it over my mound, pressing it down. His fingers felt the beads under my panties and his eyes grew wide.

“What’s that?” he asked softly.

“Its….it’s a bead thong.” I replied, almost embarrassed. “That’s what’s made me so wet…..”

I have expected him to laugh or to say something cheesy. Instead he just smiled.

“Sexy. Very sexy. A woman who knows what she wants.”

We had stopped at a traffic light and a large semi-trailer slowly drew up beside us. I looked up to see the driver peering down at me.

“Take it off. Take the panties off.” He said, in a slightly commanding voice. I wasn’t sure if I liked his tone of voice but I was so turned on and the thought of flashing again was inciting me.

Slowly I raised my ass slightly and making sure my dress still covered my pussy, I peeled my panties off. I could feel how wet they were, the panties were damp almost to the sides. I must have been really soaked. I lifted my legs out of my panties and passed them to him, keeping my eyes off the driver of the semi-trailer beside me. I new he was looking and I wondered if his cock was hard in his pants.

Jarell took my panties from me and made a show of sniffing them. He placed them on his nose and inhaled deeply before placing them on the steering wheel. The light turned green just as he did so and Jarell sped off again. The semi-trailer driver gave two resounding blasts of the horn as if to say thankyou as we sped off.

“I might leak on your seat.” I said, more as something to say and also as a matter of fact. I really didn’t want to spoil this man’s lovely car.

“Nothing a good cleaner wont fix.” He laughed. “And besides, the car may smell better.” He picked up my panties again and sniffed on it deeply. “I love the smell of a woman. Especially a hot and horny woman. These are sooo wet!”

I watched as he stuffed my panties into his suit pocket. I was a little surprised that he had enjoyed sniffing my panties so much. Was panty sniffing a universal thing? Did ALL men love to sniff panties? Or was I just lucky to find the right men…?

“Back in Kenya, do the women there get so wet too?” I asked

The quizzical look game back again before he smiled softly.

“In Kenya, in fact most of Africa, the men like their women tight and dry.” He explained. “So those that get wet easily sometime use special herbs and powders to keep themselves dry.”

“What about you?” I asked fascinated. “Do you like it wet or dry.”

“I like them both.” He laughed. “Especially when the woman is as hot as you. But my preference is for dry. Its really an amazing feeling – even for the woman.”

His hands moved back to my pussy and he teased the beads as his fingers dipped into me. I groaned and thrust my hips against his probing fingers as I felt a long awaited orgasm start to ripple through my body. His fingers were doing magic and he used the beads to rub against my clit as he finger fucked me. I bit my lower lip and mewled loudly as my body tensed and shuddered in climax. It was a small orgasm but still a well needed release. But it wasn’t enough. I was so horny!

“You have to fuck me!” I cried out.

“Soon. We’re almost home.” He replied calmly.

It was true, hardly a few minutes later, he pulled into the car park of a luxury condominium. All the time, his fingers were still in me, teasing me and keeping my lust level at an optimum.

We practically ran upstairs to his apartment and almost as soon as we entered, he had peeled my dress off me.

Jarell whistled as he saw me in my naked form. Naked – except for the black lacy garter holding up the pearls in my bald crotch. I looked down and saw that the beads were glistening with my juices.

“Damn you’re sexy!” Jarell moaned as he carried me to his bedroom and gently placed me on the bed. He knelt down and I felt his fingers pull the beads aside before his hot tongue licked along my wet slit.

“Aaaoooooohhh” I moaned. “That feels so good….oh yes!”

Jarell still had his clothes on but he licked me all over my pussy. His tongue licked my mound, the sides of my thighs and then dipped into my slit before licking all the way upward and then concentrate on my clit. His mouth clamped down on my clit and he sucked hard on my clit as he tongued me. My body arched with the onslaught of his mouth and tongue and my stomach clenched hard.

“Ohh yessss….what are you doing? Oh fuckkk…so goood….gonna cum!” I cried out. My body trembled and spasmed and he continued sucking and licking me as I orgasmed hard. I grabbed hold of his bald head and rammed my pussy against his mouth.

“Mmmmmppphh….Aaarrrgghhh!” I screamed as my eyes bulged and my entire body went rigid. He continued licking till my orgasm subsided and then started to kiss my thighs.

“You ready to be fucked now Vi?” He asked gently. My eyes were closed, luxuriating in the aftermath of a beautiful orgasm. I heard his zipper being pulled down and the rustling of his clothes being taken off.

I opened my eyes to see my first black African cock. It was long as well but not abnormally long like what you hear African cocks are like. But it was thick! I gasped involuntarily as I wondered how it would feel slicing through me.

“I’m gonna fuck you dry.” He said, matter of factly as he peeled my pearl thong off with one hand and with his other hand he extricated my panties from his suit lying on the floor.

I had heard the expression ‘fuck you dry’ but I knew this was going to be different. If I wasn’t so horny, I may have protested but I was willing to do anything with this man.

He placed my already wet panties and the opening of my pussy and then slowly, almost clinically, he began stuffing the panties into my slit. I moaned softly as I felt the material slowly entering me. Jarell sucked on my breasts as he stuffed my hole with my panties. My already erect and turgid nipples were on fire as he tongued and nibbled on them. Finally, my pussy was fully stuffed with my panties. It felt strange but good. I felt full and stuffed.

Jarell massaged my mound and I felt the panties moving around inside me. Then, with his mouth still on my breasts, he quickly jerked the panties out of me. My body spasmed with the sudden stimulus and the strong smell of my juices suddenly filled the room. I also suddenly felt dry and realised that he had used my panties inside of me to soak up all my juices.

I felt the head of his cock pressing against my pussy lips and I arched my back slightly to give him better access. He began pushing into me and I felt my pussy lips stretching to accommodate him. I was just wet enough to let him in slowly but the friction was incredible. I heard him groaning as he muscled his way deeper into my tight, dry hole. I held my breath as I felt his inches slowly bury into me. It felt so hot and good as he slid deeper into me, my inner pussy walls stretching to accommodate his girth.

Finally I felt his hairy balls touch my hairless mound. The prickly feeling of his sharp hairs against my bald mound gave me tickles of delight.

“Fuck me Jarell. Fuck this white slut.” I called out, needing to be taken hard.

Jarell needed no further prompting. He began to thrust hard into me. The dry friction was incredible and my pussy started tingling like it had never tingled before. My whole insides were on fire as he rammed hard into me and my body felt like it was being bathed in electric lightning.

My breasts jiggled as he thrust deep into me and there was a loud smacking sound each time his balls met my pussy. I was reaching another orgasm very quickly as his thrusts quickened. I wrapped my legs around his back as my entire hole clasped at his spearing cock.

“Ohhh…. Awww……Aaaahh….Ohh Fuckkkk…Yessss…Aarrrgghhh” I screamed out loudly as a massive orgasm shook me. Jarell’s thrusting didn’t stop and it felt as if pussy was going to explode. Harder and harder he pounded into me and hardly had I settled from the first orgasm that another one shook my body, just as hard if not harder than the earlier orgasm.

“Oh shittt….Oh…Fucckkkkk Yes Fuck Mee….Ohhhh Nyeeaaahhh!” I came again in a matter of seconds and still Jarell kept pounding into me. He suddenly stopped and pulled his cock out. He wiped his cock on the bedsheet and then tapped my ass, signalling me to get on my fours.

I assumed to doggy position and I felt him thrust into me and then withdraw a number of times. Each time, he felt harder and hotter and I realised his was dipping his wick into me and then wiping himself off to get me dry.

He thrust again into me and I could feel every fibre of his wondrous cock. With minimum lubrication I could feel every inch of him as he fucked into me and I was delirious with pleasure.

His hands grabbed my breasts from behind and he used them as leverage as he pounded hard into me. The added stimulus to my breasts caused eruptions in my pussy and I buried my head in the pillow as my hands clawed at the bedsheet.

“Nyyeaaggh….Aaahhh Oh Godddd….Awwwww Aaaaaahhh” I screamed out as yet another orgasm trembled within me.

I was getting sore and he hadn’t cum yet! I was enjoying this so much but I needed him to cum. I knew I couldn’t take much more of it.

“Arent you gonna cum yet?” I pleaded. “Please cum…please.”

“You want me to cum?” he teased. “Wanna make me cum African style?”

“Just cum!” I cried, feeling my pussy starting to ache and burn slightly. “Isn’t my pussy good enough for you?”

As soon as I said that, I realised that it wasn’t the right thing to say to a man who had pleased me so much. I heard him grunt as he grabbed my breasts almost brutally and pulled me backward, slamming hard into me.

“I’ll show you what’s tight and you’ll enjoy it too!” he cried out as he pulled out of me. My pussy made a loud popping sound as his cock extricated itself from my used pussy. I moaned softly both at the relief that his cock was out of me as well as the sudden emptiness I felt.

I felt his hands on my face and I opened my mouth to suck his fingers. Suddenly I felt him yank on my hair.

“Aaaahhh!!” I screamed and just as suddenly I felt him stuff my mouth with my sodden panties. The taste of my own pussy assaulted my senses and cut off my scream. I felt his cock press against my ass hole and I screamed silently into my panties. I shook my head in protest as I felt his cock pressing against my virgin asshole.

“Aaaarrrrhhhhhhhhhh” I sceamed silently into my panties as his hard cock speared into my bowels. I felt an intense pain like a hot poker jamming into me. Tears came to my eyes as I continued screaming. Jarell wasn’t gentle at all and started ramming hard into me bung hole. My rectum stretched to accommodate him and the pain started to dull as I tried to relax and let him have his way.

His fingers danced on my clit as he rammed away in my anus and suddenly the pain gave way to a pleasurable ache. The ache in turn started to ignite a fire deep in my pussy and anus and I found myself thrusting back at his hard cock. Gasps and moans started to come out of my mouth as I felt a different but familiar and delicious feeling starting deep in my stomach and anus radiating out to my pussy.

I bit on to the panties in my mouth and was rewarded with the taste of my own juices. I started sucking on my panties as Jarell hammered hard and deep into me. His fingers were toying with my clit and my breasts and I was truly enjoying my first anal violation.

I humped back at him as I felt my body tingling all over and I felt a light exploding in my head as my body trembled, shook and shuddered in an enormous climax. I sucked harder on my panties, sucking all the juices out as I felt his cock swell and then a hot heat was released in my anus, shooting deep in my bowels. That only triggered another orgasm and I collapsed under him, his cock still lodged deep inside me.

I continued shaking as he withdrew himself from me and then kissed my ass cheeks. My ass was still high in the air with my face and body lying on the bed. I must have made quite a sight but I was in sexual ecstasy.

I spent the night at Jarell’s house and I sucked him off the next morning, tasting his sweet African nectar before he dropped me off. He asked if he could keep my panties as a souvenir and I told him he could only if he promised that he would fuck me whenever I wanted him to.

I was sore in my pussy and arsehole for three days after my African experience but it was well worth it. Jarell and I are firm friends and we still get together for some awesome sex every now and again. Its not always dry sex but sometimes we both get in the mood for the dry experience – both in my pussy and my ass.

Regardless of wet or dry, it’s always awesome with Jarell.

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