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Pantyhose Wife’s First Erotic Encounter

Pantyhose Wife’s First Encounter

The first erotic adventure I had with my wife was when we first started dating. She decided that she wanted to start exploring some sexual fantasies that she had, so one night she got dressed up sexy. She was wearing her black satin business suit, with a silky tan camisole and matching silky half slip underneath. She finished the look with her shiny tan dance tights and black heels.

We decided to go to a local truck stop bar. Once we arrived, I told her to do whatever she felt like doing, so she turned on our digital voice recorder, and hid it in her purse as she got out and headed to the bar. I pulled my car to the back of the lot so I could play with my cock while I was waiting. I was a nervous wreck as time crawled by, reaching the 45 minute mark. Then she texted me and said she was coming out and to park the car closer and get out. My cock was throbbing as I watched her walking to me along with an older man in a cowboy hat.

She introduced him as Bill, and said he wanted to help her with a fantasy. She wanted to wear her lingerie and shiny tights in public and get some pictures, or video of it. So, I got out the camera and started filming as Bill wrapped his arms around my wife, and they began to kiss. I watched as his hands groped all over her satin skirt, and occasionally even underneath it. They carried on for a few minutes, and she even took her skirt and suit jacket off as they made out in the parking lot. After a while, she pulled away and told him thanks for participating. He said that if we wanted to, we could come back to his house for a little bit and film some more. Before she could open her mouth, I told him that would be great! She looked at me in shock, and became dead silent as we got in the car to follow him. She was so nervous and blown away that she couldn’t even speak. Part of it was the 6 shots of vodka she drank in the bar, and part of it was how awesome it was that she was exploring a few of her fantasies that night instead of just one.

When we arrived, I set up the camera in his living room, and started filming. They sat down on his couch and began making out. His hands slowly groped all over her body, and I even caught him going under her skirt! She was stiff as a board, so with some coaching from me and from Bill as well, she got up and took her satin suit off again. They began making out again, and this time he was groping and fondling her all over, right on camera! They went on for a while, as I snapped pictures, and kept filming. Then she decided she needed a break. She stood up and was stumbling around for a minute or two, so we went outside for a cigarette. Bill stayed in and started drinking more vodka, as I guided her out the door. Once we were outside, she said she was really scared, and somewhat ashamed at how slutty she was being, but that she was extremely horny too, so she would just leave the night up to me and do whatever I wanted her too. I grinned realbig as we headed back in!

She excused herself for a minute and went to the bathroom to change clothes. When she came out, she still had the shiny tan tights on, but this time she also was wearing a silky white camisole, a matching silky white half slip, white satin gloves, and some silky white panties over top of the tights. Bill was d***k by then but still had a bulge in his pants so I figured he was good to go still. They sat down together again, as I started filming. This time I excused myself and told them that I had to make a phone call, and needed to step outside. She stared at me in disbelief, and with total fear in her eyes. She had never been alone with a dirty old man before, and her face and body language was picked up by the camera very well!

The kissing started again, only this time, Bill looked around to make sure I wasn’t there, and when he saw me outside, he unzipped his pants, and pulled his 5 inch cock out. She was startled and in a daze, so Old Bill reached over and took her hand and rested it on his cock. She was scared, but eventually started to get into it as she slowly stroked him with her white satin gloved hands. They kissed deeper as his tongue went in and out of her mouth, and his hands caressed her pantyhose covered crotch slowly underneath her silky slip. He then began flickering her nipples on top of the silky camisole, and petting her nylon pussy at the same time. She moaned as he did this, and he started talking to her like a dirty old man would talk to a high school cheerleader. I could tell when I watched it later, that she was almost in a trance by all of this! They carried on for a few minutes more and he told her that he wanted to fuck her. She told him that she didn’t want to tonight but that he could finger her if he wanted. So, with the patience and cunning of the old man he was, Bill agreed and went to the kitchen. When he returned he had a knife in his hands. She jerked her body up quickly but he already had it at her crotch. He carefully cut a small hole in the crotch of her shiny tan tights, and began fingering her. She moaned for several minutes while he touched her, and started telling her all of the things he was going to do to her that night. She tried to argue but it was no good. She yelped and moaned out load, as his fingers moved faster. She came a couple times, and when I decided to come back in, they were making out again.

We filmed some more, and she posed in different positions, had Old Bill grind his meat on her silky panties, and even got down on the floor in front of him to give him a slow, shiny nylon footjob for a few minutes. After a while, I decided to go back out again. This time when I looked at her, she was silently “telling” me to get out. This time I was outside for about 10 minutes or so. As I played with my own cock on Bill’s front porch, I started hearing her yelp and moan. The sounds became louder and louder, until eventually they turned into a “cooo” sound that she was repeating over and over, so I decided to go in. Later on when I watched what I missed, I saw Old Bill leaning over with his whole hand shoved in her pussy, and he was now naked from the waist down as his cock was going in and out of her mouth. She was trying to jerk with the satin gloves on as she also sucked his meat, but he hammered into her pantyhose crotch harder and faster, making her legs and feet kick around wildly as she came again, and I heard Bill let out a low moan as well. He was emptying his load into her mouth, and she was swallowing all she could!

They made out some more that night, and he grinded on her silky ass again, but the night was fading so after awhile we parted ways. When we got home she insisted on putting the film on the computer, so I went to our room to jerk off, while she disappeared. After about an hour, I had to go looking for her. I crept down the stairs, but she was already getting up. I didn’t say a word as she passed by me and went to the bedroom. I sat down and started my turn with watching the videos we made. As I did, I noticed she had left her purse by the computer. I opened it up and there was the voice recorder, still running! I wondered what had taken her so long, and I was rock hard anyway, so I put my headphones on and listed as she began uploading the videos and pictures. Then I couldn’t believe what I heard next.

She was dialing her phone as she watched the videos. That sneaky Old Bill had given her his number in the bar, and she was calling him, right after just getting back from his house! They were talking filthy to each other, and making plans to meet up the following weekend! I could hear the nylon from her silky half slip, as it swished and slid across her shiny tights covered pussy. She played with herself for the entire hour, getting off 5 or 6 times while talking to him. I was so turned on though, that I quit watching the videos and just kept listening to them until I exploded my hot load all over.

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