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Park service Tuesday night conclusion

I have been away from any computer for weeks.
Home checking on property–darn people paid to mow lawn–did not-raising H*** with them

I will catch up on the events of July/August, from memory so if off a bit please understand and my wife has 1 more club experience to share.
made me cum!

The storm missed us, good, a tent on a rock precipice during a thunderstorm is not a good situation.

However later in the night the thunder started again, this time it meant business.

Went out in the dark with only light sticks to secure what was out and check tent tie downs, no pins in rocks!

We all huddled in the tent during the down pour–no time to head for cars.

Temperature dropped, the women had nothing to put on so we all got close under the only blanket I had.

After the rain and wind stopped we all fell asl**p for a while.

I felt a warm spot against my right leg, with the light sticks still working I could see it was Elaine, the warm spot was her pussy.

She cuddled close and coley asked “is it my turn now”?

I answered if you want it to be.
She rolled up on top of me and we kissed and she kept rubbing her groin area over my cock, which soon began to respond to the call.

She moved up offering me her large tits and I sucked and licked them for a while she slid back down and my cock slipped right into her, however she said “do not get spoiled” so we lay there connected but pretty much motionless for a while each enjoying the body heat of the other (now that is was actually cool out).

Then she climbed off, popping me out into the cold air. We looked at each other in the dim light like what next?
I had her lay face down and started licking her neck then I straddled her, having to fight Ann and Cindy for space on either side, and put my cock between her ass cheeks and started to message her upper back, lightly moving down her spine to the lower back.

Suddenly Ann work up and simply said “oh here we go again” her mom said leave her alone or join in.

Ann rolled over out of the way, but with an air mattress there is no hiding the activity.

I moved down and started to lick Elaine’s ass including my pre-cum deposited between her cheeks.
The she said get off of me and when I did she got up on all fours, the invitation was obvious. I lay on my back and put my head under her, she sat her now hot wet pussy on my face. My tongue went to work on her, soon her wetness was running out and all over my mouth and I was swallowing a good bit too. The she started the rhythmic grunting women make when it is getting good. Then she growled UGGG! I am cumming! with her setting on my face I could feel her hot insides quivering.
Then there was a mouth on my already hard cock, I thought NO! don’t bring me now!

It was apparently Cindy as she sucked me briefly then said “your ready, why don’t you do her?”

Elaine raised up on all fours again, invitation for doggy, so I took her up on it. I knelt behind her and slid in, cool air and hot pussy, sensory overload.

Felt so good, it had been a few hours between her and her mom so I had recovered , but i suddenly had concern if I had any cum left, why did I think of that then?

I started out slow, Elaine said STOP!

Startled I did , then she said “stay Still”. She started rocking back and forth, obviously wanted cock her way and pace.

She rocked back and forth, moaning and keeping me at bay, some times she would slap back and take me full length, sometimes just playing with my cock head at her pussy lips.
Then she settled back on me and began massaging my cock with her inside muscles, it was so good.

All at once I felt a hand on my back, it was Cindy rubbing my lower back, very lightly, Damn I was getting close. Elaine still massaging my cock and Cindy my lower back and now my ass cheeks, then Cindy Grabbed my balls and pulled them down and held them in a tight grasp. Elaine began rocking back and forth again, every time I was about to unload Cindy tightened her grip on my balls, sometimes squeezing me to pain.
She said to Elaine, let me know when you are ready.

After a bit more and I was so ready to bust Elaine blurts out “now Mom!”
Cindy left go and my balls snapped up like they were on springs, Elaine slammed back and I grabbed her hips holding her there, I came so hard, I unloaded what little sperm I had in a giant squirt, my prostrate muscles kept pumping but the well was dry, it felt so good, my balls hurting and my cock was so sensitized that Elaine’s every move was adding to my orgasm

Panting we separated and collapsed, all Ann said was “finally”.

I woke up well after sunrise and they were all gone–no good bye –nothing.
Cindy left a note pinned to the door–I’ll be back Thursday

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