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Parks Service 2016 Tuesday

Several interruptions, a power outage and lack of a computer have delayed this.

Sunday morning until Tuesday night seemed forever.

3 Women, how can this be, is this a joke?
Am I really right doing this?
2 want to get pregnant? If my count is correct I have fathered 5 c***dren in the past 2 years, now 2 in one night?
What is wrong with me?
My wife cannot conceive –so no my DNA is all over this state!

To pass the day (this is my week off I work 14 days and get 7 off) I volunteered to be a guide at what was a presidential retreat. It was fairly cool –in the 80’s, but it is getting hot I can only imagine the sun beating in on the rocks where my tent is. No real desire to hurry back, yet I did not want to have them show up and me be absent.

I purchased 2 bottles of black berry wine and a 6 pack of Hard Lemonade, just in case. Also Ice for the cooler.
Some prepared food, ate a meal at the wayside and headed “home”.

Got back, yea it was “cooking” hot.
I lowered the cooler by rope and went down and tried to find some shade for it, back up and same with the other supplies.
Went to the “shower” pipe and waited (cooler there).

As the sun set heat relief came, but I was all alone. I thought well here we go, stood up. I had already checked the “mail box” (Specific rock with a stone to hold down any notes left) no notes.

The a car pulled in and doors opened/closed and I heard female voices. I headed back to the tent area and saw the rope moving, it was tied down to keep people from playing with it. Then I heard “untie the Fuckin rope”!
I thought what is this going to be?. I complied and in a few minutes a basket was lowered containing, towels, soap, toilet paper, lube, sandals, and 2 chilled peach brandies.

Then down the “stairs” came 3 women, wearing—bras and thongs, and sandals.

In the waning light I saw 2 black haired women in their 30’s firm big tits, and rather full hips and a woman in her late 50s. Her hair is an “assisted” black, large chested held poorly by a bra that was severely overloaded. Stretch marked tan belly and a well rounded ass.

All 3 have natural hair in their pubic area–and beyond.

DAMN! She is Cindy, a woman I dated 30+ years ago, never amounted to anything because of factors pointless here. I still have that spot in the heart for her and now she is nearly nude standing here face to face

She calmly introduced me to what I came to find out were 2 of her daughters, she has 4 and a boy.

I will call them here, Ann and Elaine.

I was dumbfounded, speechless and like a 15 year old on a first date, seeing them nearly naked I should be hard as a brick—just call me the Ice cream man–you know Mr. Softie.

The ensuing conversations took some time–I will not bore you here, believe me though it took a while to move on.

Finally it was near dark, the red sky in the west fading, the full moon would soon be up in the East, but moon light does not light anywhere it does not directly hit so our tent and related area would be mostly dark.

We had already drank one bottle of the peach and started a black berry–by the way– no glasses (note to self).

Cindy has already removed her bra, setting the large but firm tits free to move as they desired, Ann and Elaine had done the same.
I suggested a cool dip in the “water fall” and the women removed their last bit of covering and said “lead the way”. I took off my shorts and lead the way.
At least it was a week night, the park is usually empty at night during the week, the women were very noisy splashing in the cold water. The moon did illuminate that area, I saw 3 nymphs dancing in the moon light and me, one very aroused male, just waiting to fill them with my cum. I had now gone from shocked male to male in heat.

We returned to the tent, toweled off a bit, and went into the tent, damn it was still hot, so we left it open, no one to see so why care.
I figured it was time to “move” so I began caressing Ann, she asked “you want me first?” in a feigned shock voice.
I replied if you want to. Cindy chimed in, “it’s baby time!”

I had some light sticks so I broke a few, colored lights for the occasion.

Cindy and Elaine moved to one end of the tent — which is not far 4 people in a 4 person tent leaves little room.

Ann and I sat down together side by side, I started caressing her and we did lover kissing, I heard Elaine moan, guess she was fantasizing in on it.

Ann laid face down and I straddled her rubbing and licking her neck, working to her lower back, I skipped her ass–hard to do believe me.

As I worked the back of her thighs she stopped me and rolled over, saying now this side.

I straddled her again, licking her ears, neck and then kissing, all the while dripping pre-cum on her belly.
Her chest was next, I massaged those full size tits and sucked the firm nipples that in 9 months might very well be feeding my c***d.

I went down her belly and skipped her pussy–on purpose, then to her legs.

Suddenly I heard Elaine make cumming sounds, seems both her and Cindy were masturbating to the show.

Cindy spoke up–just go on and eat her you are driving us all nuts!

Elaine said yes now!
So I got off of her and she spread her legs pulled her legs up and I needed no invitation.
I went in slow, wow a clean musky scent, and she was so wet, I licked slow and deliberate, Then Cindy let out loud moan, I was getting sex scent in a tent from 3 women, my limit was arriving. I went to work on Ann in earnest, suddenly she arched up and screeched oooooohh ooooooooooooohhhhh AHHH!

When she settled she looked at me and said—your turn, indicating I should lay down, as I did her intentions were obvious, with her ass toward her mother and s****r she very slowly mounted me. She was so wet, it was hot in the tent, we were sweating like lovers in a parked car.

She rubbed those tits up and down my chest and moved as little as possible, my cock and balls were just absolutely raging. Then she laid down on me and just raised her ass up and down, in the dim light apparently mom and s*s could see what they wanted and both apparently masturbating began cumming in unison.

Ann now started the rhythmic movements that can lead to only one result. She sat up, bouncing tits before my eyes, her face was firm with lust and I could feel twitching and quivering in her pussy, then I felt my entire prostrate and balls melt into one, I grabbed her hips, pulled her down and held her, I basically grunted a loud I’M CUMMING! and filled her with enough sperm to populate a state.

As Ann rolled off I noticed her hand catching spilled cum, she quickly beckoned Elaine.
Elaine quickly crawled over and Ann smeared the extra cum back on my cock and while I was still hard and twitching some, Elaine hopped on me.
Elaine moved up and down on my still sensitive cock, smearing my cum into her also.

So that is how this works I thought.

Before the night was over I had mom and Elaine but I will post that later tonight

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:29 pm

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