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Party Time

Jake and his friends were having a party around at their place. They must have had around 15 people, maybe more, I know some but most I had never even seen before. I made conversation with the few people I had met before but too many people for just a small flat was starting to make my head hurt.

I was getting ready to call it a night. Sarah, who I would usually chat with all night at these sorts of things was on holiday with her f****y and the conversation was starting to run dry with the other people I only knew as friends of Jake. Besides, I was Just d***k enough to knew I should probably slow down or stop. I decided on the latter.

I got up to go to the bathroom and caught Jake’s eye as I walked off. It had only been two weeks since Movie Night, and we hadn’t really talked since. I had spoken to Sarah about it a few times. She told me that it came about a few weeks before that, when her and Jake were together. They had started talking about me and both agreed I was pretty. Which was very nice to hear! Sarah told me that Jake went on about how he would love to have a threesome with me and she just went along with the roleplay in bed to turn him on. She never thought it would actually happen. We both agreed it was fun and would probably do it again, but the next movie night I had other plans. Plans I could have cancelled but I guess I was chickening out of the whole thing. I walked past him and smiled, he was very sexy, he worked out often but wasn’t so big he scared you, and was always well groomed and clean shaven. He smiled back at me, watching me as I went.

I came out of the bathroom and sat in the hall outside of Jakes room. I was just going to gather my thoughts and then go home when he came out and sat next to me.

“Hey”, he said to me in a wisper

“Hi”, I said back to him in the same tone, laughing as I could feel we were both nervous.

“I wanted to say thanks for the other night, little fantasy of mine played out”

“It’s ok”, I smiled feeling myself blush, watching his eyes clearly thinking about it. “Sarah is too good to you” I joked.

“No, you were too good to me, I can’t stop thinking about you” he whispered moving closer to me, his lips now almost touching my ear as he spoke as if other people could hear us “I can’t stop thinking about the way you tasted”.

This was not something that turns me on, usually I would slap a guy who said something like that to me, but I didn’t. Maybe it was the way he said it, or maybe just because his breath was right in my ear, but goosebumps rose up over my arms and legs. I sighed, trying to slow my heart down which I could feel beating faster.

“That’s not something we should be talking about now”, I whispered back to him, wondering if I should tell Sarah about this. Him placing his hand on my bare knee though, that I should definitely tell her about. I looked at his hand then to him, his face inches from mine. “What are you doing?”

He looked into my eyes, smiled and answered me, kissing me deeply, pushing his tongue between my lips. I remember thinking that I need to get up, storm out and text Sarah right now, but when my mind went back to the moment I found I was kissing him back, my hand was on his firm chest and my tongue rolled over his as out mouths opened and closed around one another.

He reached up over my head and opened the door to his room. My mind jumped between “no” to “yes” to “what are you doing” to “do it, do it, do it”. The devil won. He started to stand up and I followed him, wrapping my arms around his shoulders as we kept kissing deeply. He led me back into his room and closed the door quietly behind him, turning back quickly to kiss me again.

At 5”3′ I was stretching up just as much as his 6” plus frame leaned down to me. His hands went down from my hips to my thighs, under my skirt. This was already too far, but things seemed to be getting even more out of hand, and fast.

His hands kept rising, running over my pants and up to my hips. My skin sensitive to his touch my body wriggled in his hands as they kept rising. He lifted my skirt over my head and the cold room touched my bare body. I stood there in my underwear.

He leant in and kissed me again lifting his t-shirt off between our deep kisses. My hands ran over his smooth firm chest and I felt his nipple hard in my fingers as I ran over his pecks and down his abs to his jeans. I was in too deep now. This was the action that meant no going back. I showed him that I wanted to.

I struggled to pop the button, eventually he reached down to help me. His hands going back to my sides as soon as his pants opened, tickling my skin up to my bra, grabbing each of my breast and squeezing them gently before going around my back and releasing the clasp. He pulled the straps so they fell off my shoulders and I felt it slide down my arms. Stopping at my hands that were playing with the elastic of his boxers.

He guided me to the side, Having to break our lips in the dark so I didn’t fall over I let my bra fall to the floor and sat on the edge of his bed. He stood above me as he kicked off his boots and lowered his pants. In front of me jumped his cock. It was barely visible in the dark room where only the moonlight and street lamps shone through his window. He moved it closer to me and I knew what that meant.

Sat on the edge of the bed I reached up, just on eye level, taking it in my hand and stroking it gently. One hand on his hip, the other running up and down his shaft I opened my mouth and leant forward. He tasted clean, only the saltiness of skin on my tongue as I took him into my mouth, guiding it with my hand. I opened my eyes and looked at his distinct abs in front of me. I followed them up to his chest and then his face. He was looking down at me and in the orange tinted light from outside I could see his huge smile. I kept going, licking and sucking him in motion as his hips began to sway with my mouth, stroking him gently with my hand.

His hands moved down as he leant over me, playing with my breast one at a time, teasing my nipples making them harden with his gentle pinches and cold fingers. As I heard him moan I started to move over him faster, holding him a little more tightly and closing my eyes to concentrate on him. It seemed that he had other plans though.

His hips buckled a couple of time which I took as a sign he was getting closer and closer, but instead he motioned me to slow down, then stop, as he removed himself and pushed back gently on my shoulders. I leant back on the bed as he directed and he kneeled down to remove my pants. Stroking my legs very purposefully as my pants slid across to my knees then down the rest of the way. I felt him pull at my shoes and I lifted one foot at a time to help him.

He kissed all the way up one leg, pushing them apart slowly as he did. Then back down and up the other leg, again pushing at my knees spreading me. As he reached my inner thigh he kissed the same spot twice then dove right into me. Spreading me with his tongue and finding my clit quickly. I felt his rough tongue sliding side to side and up and down me. He continued slowly, pushing my legs apart each time he felt them close too much for his liking.

His fingers tickled up my thighs and over my sensitivity, gently spreading it while he gave me head. A I felt a single finger circle my hole, slipping in deeply and easily. My stomach turned with guilt as I looked out of the window behind me. I couldn’t see anything but the roofs of the houses opposite as I tried not to think about it too much. But I did think about it, and it made me all the more excited. I felt myself building.

He could feel it too and I gave him encouragement moving my hips to push myself onto his tongue, feeling his chin press into me with his fingers struggling to move in and out of me. I almost came as I felt pressure pushing inside me but just at the last moment he moved back for a breath. I remember moaning loudly, probably too loud as he pushed his other hand up my body, pushing me into the bed I think to remind me of where I was. As that hand moved to my breasts though it didn’t take long. I pushed myself into him again, pulling at the covers and covering my mouth as I came. I felt my warm breath on the sheets over my face as he pushed into me harder. His tongue moving slower but still firmly into me. Eventually I had to push him off me as the pleasure turned into an ache.

I fell back into the bed exhausted breathing deeply, feeling Jake kiss my thighs again, then up my mound onto my belly. His hands found the bed as he pulled himself on top of me. I looked down at him as his face came up to meet mine. He kissed me deeply. His lips were dry where he had wiped them with his hand but I could taste it on his tongue and feel his wet chin rub onto mine. He entered me smoothly, filling me as his strong body pushed down on top of me.

He seemed to be in an awkward position. My feet were still touching the floor so he hand to push himself up with his legs. This didn’t seem to stop him as his pace quickened after only a few seconds of being inside me. He wasn’t large but he pressed me in the right way, as he went in deep his mound pressed into mine and my clit tingled each time. Eventually his legs started to give and we spun onto the bed properly. He started again, faster and faster till I felt him ready to cum. I help him into me deeply and rubbed myself against him hoping to climax again myself. I did as he moan long, deep and quietly in my ear as he came and sunk on top of me.

We got under the covers and I rested my head on his chest, listening to his heart thump and feeling mine do the same. As I was thinking when would be a good time to get up and get my clothes to go I closed my eyes, feeling sl**py.

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