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Pastor John and the boss’ wife

John was at a party comprising pastors, deans cardinals and all sorts of other religious men and their wives. There was a lot of chatting with pompous men and very prim wives.

Janice was different. Janice was dressed in a scarlet dress that finished just below her pussy. (I bet she caused a lot of gossip amongst the other wives) Janice was a free spirit. John could not figure how she became the wife of such a boring, pompous dean of the cathederal (John’s boss).

Janice’s dress was low cut in a square pattern.It was so low cut that Janice’s bra was on display as was the top of her delicious tits (34D cups). The bra was highly plunge showing off her cleavage beaautifully. John noticed that most of the men in the room had taken a sly look at either the cleavage or the lovely legs on show.

Having talked to Janice for some ½ hour John was in no doubt that Janice was no bimbo even if she dressed like one. He wondered what he statagy was. John was sure that there was one and he was determined to find out what it was.

John plied Janice with drink, Janice could hold her drink he found out. It was clear that drink would not be the way to worm the secret out of Janice but what was it? It is often said that there are only three things that are the downfall of men (women too), sex, money & power.

John decided that maybe he could achieve his aim with sex. He hoped so because he could not offer money or power given his lowly position in the church. Janice was knowledgable on literature, films, antiques (John had no knowledge of the latter and little of the two former). He was just ready to give up when he discovered Janice was a keen swimmer.

It was a stroke of good fortune that so was John. He swam at 7.00 every morning in the local pool. So they discussed swimming and where they swam. Turned out that Janice’s f****y owned a hotel not far from where John lived and she swam every day too.

John worked the conversation round so that he manouvered Janice into challenging him to a race. John played coy and refused at first but finally he relented and took up her challenge. They would race in the hotel pool next Tuesday at 7.00 am.

When John turned up at the appointed place and hour there was no sign of Janice but he went ahead, changed and dived into the pool. After a few lengths he spotted a vision of lovelyness entering the pool area.

It was Janice. Every mans’ head turned to watch her parade down the side of the pool to the shallow end. Janice was wearing a tiny weeny scarlet bikini. Her tits were barely covered and the thong was like a tiny triangle covering her pussy only. It was held in place by narrow tapes. As she walked her tits wiggled a little. It looked to John that Janice’s tits might be self supporting if the bra was removed.

John paid close attention to Janice’s pussy as she climbed down the steps into the pool. Strangly enough she faced outwards as she climbed down. That afforded John a great opportunity to observe the lovely (he assumed) pussy covered by the tiny triangle of thin cloth. The pussy looked like it was very full and rounded, just the sort John would love to sink his cock into and feel it grip tightly.

“Morning John. Sorry I am a little late.” “Not a problem Janice. I really enjoyed your procession down the side of the pool, like every other man here. I also enjoyed watching you climb down into the pool. I would have missed that pleasure if you hadn’t been arriving after me.” “True but then it was me who missed out on watching you arrive.” “Janice how are we going to organise this contest?” “Well we could race over 6 lengths. How would that do?” “Fine. What is the prize we are racing for?” “Looser buys the coffee and winner chooses the location in which to drink the coffee.” “I can go for that.” John said thinking as a college swimmer I will be the winner.

The race was duely run and Janice won much to John’s surprise. Janice choose the coffee should be d***k in the wood surrounding the hotel. So they found a bench and chatted while drinking. John asked how Janice had met Dean Ken. “Oh he was a c***dhood friend.” “But a beautiful, intellegent, well educated and well read lady like you you could have had anyone you wanted. I bet you had a lot of guys who wanted to date you and more.” “I did but no one was like my Ken.” “What do you find special about Ken?” “He is mine to mould.” “How so?” “Ken has no ambition other than that that I f***e on him.” “Janice why do you say that?” “Ah you naughty boy you are trying to weedle secrets out of me.” John now knew what he had to do – find out Janice’s ambition for Ken. By now the coffees were finished so they said goodbye but not before agreeing to have another contest.

John asked for and got Janice’s mobile number because they had not agreed on the contest before he had to leave for an appointment. Two days later he asked if Janice would like to wrestle? Janice came back “but I am a woman and therefore weaker.” “How would it do if I had to win by three throws or pin down to count of ten but you only have to do it once.” “Ok how should we dress? Tee shirt and shorts?” “Perfect.”

They agreed that they didn’t want anyone to witness the contest so it must be out of the way or very private. “What about one of the rooms in my f****y hotel?” “Perfect” said John. “We can go in at different times. You can go first and txt me the room number.”

They both turned up as agreed. Janice took off her overcoaat to reveal a tee shirt that was body hugging. That ment that it was obvious to John that she was wearing no bra. Her beautifully rounded tits topped off by her nipples looked good to John. He decided that the nipples were not erect, so it would be interesting if they became erect after the wrestling. Janice’s shorts were tight fitting. Guess what they were scarlet and they showed off her camel toe beautifully. Mmmmmm a lovely pussy in there I would love to f**k thought John, at the same time knowing it would never happen. It was clear that she was wearing no knickers.

“So what is the prize going to be today?” “If I win I want to be able to order you to follow my instructions for one day.” Janice said. “If I win you will answer all of my questions truthfully.” said John.

John was not aware that at college Janice was part of the wrestling team. As it happened so was John so he was confident he would win.”

They started and John grasping Janice’s hands, twisted them behind her back so that his chest was pressed against Jaince’s tits. Her nipples were hard in a few minutes after the wrestlling started. John succeeded in dropping Janice to the flour and straddled her. He pressed her hands onto the floor on each side of her head. John counted to ten holding Janice down. “Do you agree that you have had one fall against you?” “Yes”

Sitting on Janice gave John a hard on. So that was obvious to Janice. When the wrestling started again she grabbed John’s cock while John tried to throw Janice. Accidentally (?) John pulled the back waistband of Janice’s shorts down below her lovely round ass buns. “Oh you naughty boy.” Janice exclaimed. “Sorry” was John’s response. Never the less he pulled the shorts so they were soon arounf Janice’s ankles. While John was distracted, looking at Janice’s hairless pussy, Janice threw him to the floor.

You are my slave now. You will do what I order for 24 hours. I intend to take the hours in little segments rather than in one great lot. What can you do that I could cammand you to do that wouldn’t raise any questions with the community? “Well I could teach you to bowl or play tennis. How would that do?” “I would like to learn how to bowl.” “Ok you just order me to teach you and I will do so.”

John had a raging hard on as he spoke and Janice still had her shorts round her ankles. “Slave raise my shorts to their proper place.” John knelt down making sure his nose and mouth were close to the pussy on show. As he raised her shorts John’s nose was pushed into the crack between Janice’s labia lips. Janice made no comment and didn’t back away so John thought I could be lucky today. “Mistress may I lick you before I raise your shorts?” “Been a while. Go for it but don’t think you can go any further.” “You must lower your shorts. Not fair I am naked but you have your shorts on.”

John lowered his shorts. His cock was at attention. It was 8” long and thick. Janice looked it over and her surprise showed on her face before she said “Someone is a lucky woman. Do you keep it for your wife or do you share it around?” “Officially I keep it but unofficially it is shared. Would you like some?” “Could be.”

Not long after that John had sunk his cock into Janice’s cunt as far as it would go. “Janice you have such a tight cunt have you not been getting any recently?” “No been a while.” “Janice tell me why did you marry Ken.” “It was love but after I though Ken should be higher up in the church than he is. He is cleverer than most but he is not being noticed because he is modest. I decided to help his career.

I made friends with the dean’s wife and got us both invited to various dinner or party events they organised. I told Ken to be sure to talk to the Cardinal at every opportunity. I talked to the Dean and I flirted with him. That’s when I strated to dress like a bimbo. The men loved it but the wives hated it.

Soon the dean wanted to consult me on how I would behave if Ken was promoted. One thing let to another and we became lovers. He told me the key people to get on board if Ken was to get better congregations ad that is key to getting higher positions.

I worked on the wives first before seducing the husbands. You would be amazed who is really keen on three somes or group sex. It goes right up to the top. Some of the wives really like lesbian lovers. I was straight but now I am bi.

One thing about lesbos, they can go all night. I have never had so many orgasms. Some of them start with the wife using me before the man gets his turn. You would be surprised who like to slap tits and or pussy. I didn’t think I would like having my pussy slapped so it was red and stinging before it had a big cock shoved into it roughly. Any way it worked. Ken go better parishesand the promise of promotion as soon as a position opens up.

How would your wife fit into a set up like that? John replied “I will be satisfied with where I am now. My wife would never turn and would never break our wedding vows.

“You have. Why wouldn’t she?” Janice said.

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