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Pastro John Visits School Teacher

Pastor John enjoyed his success and decided he would try his luck with a harder target.

He selected Janet, a school teacher who would be available during the long summer holidays. Janet was unmarried and that caused John to wonder why. Could she be a secret lesbian or had she been hurt by a man? Still, in order to find out he had to get closer to Janet. She was part of his charm hug on meeting in all circumstances.

Janet was probably about 39 – 45, naturally blonde hair, slim (so slim she had no tits. This caused John to wonder what her nipples would be like if erect.) well no tits is wrong but her bra is 34 A cup, Slim legs all the way up to her pussy (John knew that because she always wore skin tight jeans or slacks. When she wore a skirt it was always down below he knees.). Janet had soft hands with long fingers that ended in long manicured nails and she always smelled lovely – expensive perfume.

John took his strategy step by step. First he called at her home just after lunch and stayed only a few minutes, talking about church things. Then he called mid afternoon and stayed longer. It was during one of those visits that John started to find out more about Janet asking “If you think I am being too personal or intrusive please just say so. I was wondering about the fact that a lovely lady like yourself is never seen with a man. were you hurt by a man at sometime in the past?” “As a mater of fact I was but I don’t want to talk about it.” “Ok but may I give you some advice before we leave the subject. Psychologists and experts on human behavour always say that I hurt not exercised will eventually case the person even more harm. They say that talking is a good way to get over the hurt. I am guessing that you never talked about it with anyone before. Now as your pastor I am there for you and what you tell me will only be between us no one not even my wife will know what you tell me. Don’t give me an answer now, think about it – take your time. What ever you decide I will accept and our relationship will remain as it is now.” With that John stood, gave Janet one of his special close up hugs and left.

The following week John had a phone call from Janet “I have thought about what you said and I would like to talk to you. Can you visit me soon?” “Oh Janet I’m sorry but the rest of the day I am busy with things that cannot be put off. I could drop by tonight if that would suit you but I don’t want you to miss any of your tv programs.” “Tonight would be good for me.” “About 9?” “That is fine.”

On the stroke of 9 John rang the door bell. Janet opened it and led John into the lounge. John took a seat on the sofa and Janet sat opposite him in a soft chair. “Would you like tea or coffee?” “Janet, you have waited a long time for this talk so it is probably best we start now. If you need me to come by more than once I can come as often as you want. Take you time and if you want to pause just do so I will not interrupt and I will be patient.

Janet started hesitantly, she was conscious that she was talking to a minister and not sure how he would react. John reassured her “Janet you can tell me anything and the more personal and private the better you will feel afterwards. It will also help you get over your hurt better. I will not judge you.”

She related that when she was in he teens she had a boy friend they were always together and Janet thought he was ‘the one for her.’ They used to go for a drive in his father’s car and they would always stop in a quiet spot to kiss and cuddle. He started to have wandering hands that stroked her breasts on the top of her blouse. At first Janet stopped him but gradually she stopped objecting, especially when her close girl friend warned her that he would find someone who would allow the touching. So it was that the touching developed: opened her blouse and stroked her bra cups so that each night white cups were black, then he wanted to feel the skin of her breast and nipples so she loosened her bra. He started to suck her nipples next. She enjoyed that and her panties were always soaking after he started sucking her nipples.

Moving on to the next stage he asked if he could put his hand on her knee while sucking her nipples. Again for fear of losing him she said yes but only on her knee. In those days Janet always wore a flowing skirt when dating. After a few nights when he tried to move his hand up her leg she checked with her friend who said everyone lets the guy feel their leg all the way up. So Janet let the feeling progress to the top of her lag and of course her pussy was the target. Now instead of her bra getting black it was her panties that became black. As you will have guessed next it was “Can i slip my finger inside your panties and then it would be so much easier if you didn’t wear panties when we date or else take them off before we start to make out.

That led to: I would love you to feel my penis. Again refusal at first but then the friend told her everyone does it. You will like it but even better her will love it so much her will not even think of another girl. So Janet relented once again. Now he was naked from the waist down in the car. Janet had her skirt on but no knickers. You have guessed it.

Next he suggested the back of the passenger seat should be put all the way back so they could lie together and kiss and he could suck Janet’s nipples while she felt his penis. After a number of such sessions he wanted to touch her pussy with his penis, not put it in just touch. Janet loved the feeling of being the centre of attention and finally she agreed on the understanding that he wouldn’t put it inside her. They were both loving the feeling they were getting from this and both were producing lots of love juice.

One fateful night he asked to put his penis into Janet. At first she said no but he pleaded and told her how much he loved her and that they would get married really soon. Janet made the condition that he was just to put it in and immedatey take it out. He was happy to agree to that and she wanted to feel what it was like because all her friend had told her that it was so amazing. Janet knew that her parents, who were church goers would be against what she was thinking of doing, but she went ahead any way.

She lay back and took instruction from him. “Open your legs wide, be relaxed, it might hurt a wee bit but you will love it in the end.” He placed his penis at the opening and pushed. It was very sore but his penis entered me. I was stretched and filled because he pushed in all the way. He groaned almost instantly. I wondered why but I soon found out why he had filled me with his sperm.

“From that moment on he blanked me and I became pregnant. My parents threw me out and I moved to a town where I wasn’t known. I had the baby adopted. I have always felt bad about that but I could not have given it a good life and I could not have had a good life either.”

At this point Janet was crying and shaking. John stood up held out his arms without speaking and waited for Janet to rise and come into his arms. She did. He knew he was on the road to achieving his objective.

Janet hugged John close, she put her head on his shoulder. “That was the first time I have related all of that. You were wrong, I do not feel better now.” “I didn’t say you would instantly feel better, it will take time but it will be worth it in the end. You will become whole again and that will make you feel better. It will take a number of sessions but I will be there for you each step of the way. Same time next week?” “Ok and thank you I appreciate you giving me your time.”

As the sessions continued John, who was an expert on reading people – gestures as well as words – could see they they were getting closer. John made sure that he hugged Janet when he arrived and when he left. These embraces were as close up as he could make them and he gradually lengthened the time they were together.

The point came when he wanted to move Janet on in her rehabilitation (dependency on him – his main objective). The meetings always took place in the evening and at 9 o’clock. John had increased the frequency of the meeting to four times a week. He tried missing the occasional meeting just to see her reaction. Janet confirmed that she was becoming attached when she rang and said “I missed you when you didn’t visit last night.” “Oh sorry but I had a sudden and unavoidable issue I had to attend to.” There was no issue.

“Janet you are progressing well but I think I should explore your likes and interests.” It became clear that she liked music and had danced when she was young but not since she was thrown out of the parental home. “Janet your dancing is the next area we should rehabilitate. I will bring suitable music and we could try dancing if you would like that.” “I’m not sure but I will give it a try if you think I should.”

John brought ballroom music so they could be body close to body. It worked because, although not strictly correct, John made sure their bodies were so close together that a sheet of paper couldn’t pass between them. John pressed his chest against Janet’s. The lower part of their bodies were also close together. Each time they met it was straight into the clinch.

John could feel the heat from Janet’s pussy when pressing against his penis. All the dancing meant his cock was being rubbed through his trousers. One night he came as they danced. When they separated John noticed the front of Janet’s jeans was wet.

At this point John started to let his hands rove from her back downwards to her bum cheeks. This when they were dancing. It also meant he could press her pussy harder onto his cock. These days when they danced John always had a hard on. Janet may have noticed but she didn’t mention it. John decided to take a chance, it might backfire but he had decided it was worth a try.

“Janet next time we dance will you wear thinner clothes top and bottom. Would you do that.” “Why?” “I love to feel you close to me. Do you like to feel me close to you? Does it take you back to your cad of a boyfriend? I hope so because that is almost the final stage of your rehabilitation. Do you see the importance of that? Would you trust me to help you through that?”

“Oh John there is no one else that I would trust. You I trust completely. I will wear what ever you want me to wear, just tell me.” “Ok then it would be best if you wore a see through blouse that leaves your belly uncovered. Don’t wear a bra. You should wear a mini skirt so that it is as high above your knee that you can tolerate. You should also wear lace panties preferably a thong. How would you feel about that?”

“I’m not sure I am ready for that step.” “No problem. Ring me when you are. Meantime there is nothing more I can do for you. Think about it.” John didn’t visit Janet for the rest of that week. He was counting on the fact that he believed she had become dependent on him. Sure enough the second week John got a phone call “John it’s Janet here. I have thought about it and I am ready to take the next step. Please ring me.” John waited for two days before he rang “Janet sorry I couldn’t find a minute to meet you. I can be with you this evening at 9. I will ring you when I am at the end of your avenue. Unlock the door and retire to the lounge. Please stand as I enter the room. I want to admire how you look.” With that he hung up.

At 9.02 John saw the vision he had been thinking about for months. Janet stood there in a white see trough blouse that came to just below her tits. So finally, he was seeing those nipples that he had wondered about for so long. They were small like a c***d’s.

Janet’s mini skirt must have been 1′ above her knee (it was the length that there used to be the joke was “Good morning your judge”). The skirt was red and made out of silk John thought. The thong was not immediately visible bu John was sure he would see it soon. He would certainly feel it.

“Janet you look magnificent. How do you feel?” “Anxious. I have really moved out of my comfort zone. I hope this works.” ‘It will.” John held out his arms and Janet went straight into them. She wrapped her arms around him. John did the same thing and they remained locked together for a few minutes before John said “Now we should dance. Oh and since you have gone to the bother of dressing for the occasion I thought i should do the same. John took his shirt off, dropped his trousers to reveal a pair of silk y fronts. Janet noticed that, while he had a bulge at the front he did not have an erection.

“John should we do this?” “Do you trust me Janet?” “Yes.” “Have I been wrong so far?” “No” “So should we go forward to completely restore you?” “Ummm I guess so.” “Ok then lets get started.”

The music was started and they started dancing. As always they were close together, so John could not see that Janet’s nipples had become erect. They were now about 3/4″ long and 1/4″ diameter. On the other hand Janet could feel John’s erect cock pressing into her pussy. John felt the heat from Janet’s pussy now.

They started dancing the jive, primarily so John could check out Janet’s panties as she spun round and her skirt flew out. Janet was wearing red lace panties to match her mini skirt. John enjoyed seeing her bare ass buns. They are nicely rounded, I will enjoy holding them.

After a few jives the music changed to the smooching type. John enjoyed once again getting the chance to look at Janet’s nipples before holding them close to his chest. As before his cock pressed onto Janet’s pussy. Now with the cloth separating them being so thin they both could feel the heat from the other one. John’s cock was like a rod of iron. It was 8″ long and 2 1/2″diameter. It was pressed hard against the pussy, so hard that it separated Janet’s labia lips pushing the lace in.

As they danced John caressed Janet’s back and worked down to her mini. He worked his hands under the skirt so he could hold her buns in his hands. “We should talk now Janet. You are doing so well I think you are ready to go the final step and it shouldn’t be delayed. Are you ready for that?” “What is the final step?” “I think you like me strongly enough to let me make love to you in the proper way. John took hold of Janet’s hand and led her to the bedroom.

In the bedroom he kissed her passionately and sunk his tongue into her mouth. Janet responded. John led Janet to the bed and lowered her onto the bed. He joined her and continued kissing her. Undoing her blouse he took her left nipple in his mouth before repeating on the right one. Janet obviously enjoyed the experience judging form the moans she made.

John kissed down her body to her skirt. At that point he lifted the front of the skirt and kissed the front of the thong. “Would you like me to kiss you directly?” Janet raised her hips and John took that as an invitation to remove them. He did.

John the started kissing Janet’s clit. Janet’s pussy was totally covered by hair. John continued to play with Janet’s nipples using his fingers. At the same time he was licking her labia crack up to her clit. Janet was soaking wet from the juices she was excreting. She is ready for my penis. John moved up to her mouth and started kissing her again. “Are you ready for the final step now?” “Oh yes I am now I know what I have been missing. Please be gentle.” “I will.”

John lubricated his index finger with Janet’s juice and played with her clit for quite a while before he put it near her cunt opening. Playing around the opening for a time before gently inserting his finger. With his palm facing upwards John put his finger in as far as it would go. Then he bent his finger back towards the palm. This caused him to massage Janet’s G spot. Shortly she came and there was a great rush of liquid as she squirted.

“Janet maybe that is enough for now. I can go all the way if you want or we can leave it for another time. I will not be like the father of your baby, I will always be here for you.” “I trust you so lets do it.”

John put on a condom and positioned his cock so that he could gently push it in. “Tell me if you want me to stop.” “No I want you inside me I have been hoping for this moment for ages now.” John eased in and they lay still until Janet said “What are you going to do now?” “I am going to make love to you. I need to push it in and out. Would that be ok.” “Ok? It would be great.” They fucked for about 4 hours taking rest periods.

It was 1.30 am when John left Janet’s home. They continued to be fuck buddies. Janet rang when she wanted him but as time passed Janet found other men to fuck her and John was sumoned less and less.

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