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Paying Back What is Owed

I stood over my stepb*****r’s sl**ping body and smiled with satisfaction. Breaking into his very expensive (paid for by my daddy) condo had been a piece of cake. d**gging him to a stupor had been even easier, although when you work with pharmaceuticals all day and know that a few samples won’t be missed it was c***d’s play.
I appreciated the fact that he already slept naked and spread eagle. It made restraining him to his bed way easier than I had figured it would be. I watched as he shifted slightly in his sl**p and pulled against the restraints in his sl**p. He shifted again and was then wide awake.
“What the fuck?” he exclaimed, staring at my figure that stood in the shadows of his room, “Who the fuck do you think you are? Answer me damn it.”
I replied by chuckling softly.
“Goddamn it,” he shouted, “tell me who the fuck you are right now!”
I slowly flipped on the light.
“Ginanna, what the fuck are you doing? Did you do this?” he blinked quickly adjusting to the light.
I chuckled again and took a step towards the bed, a riding crop in my hand.
His eyes widen, and he starts cursing me out again.
“Brad,” I said quietly, “I would suggest you stop cursing and listen up. This can go easy for you, or hard, it all depends on what you want.”
He opened his mouth to say something and then closed it.
“Smart move.” I said, running the riding crop up in calf to his thigh.
“What’s going on?”
“What’s going on is this big b*****r; after blowing through your inheritance that my father gave you early, you manipulated my father to give you more money. You shouldn’t even have an inheritance from him. You aren’t his fucking bl**d.”
“He asked me if I needed help.”
“Only after you called him ‘crying’ on the phone that you were going to be living on the street; you knew my father thought of you like a son and would do anything to help you.”
“Why do you care?”
“Because now he’s in trouble, you said you’d pay him back and you never have. I went over his books and you owe him over fifty thousand dollars.”
“That’s bullshit.”
Crack I brought the riding crop down over his thighs, causing him to groan.
“Language big b*****r,”
“What do you want?”
“You to pay him back.”
“I don’t have that kind of money.”
“I do,” I said sliding the riding crop slowly down the length of his cock.
He moaned as the riding crop teased his length.
“What do you want?” he hissed.
“You’re crazy,”
“Am I? I’ve seen how you’ve watched me over the years. You can’t deny that you’ve always wondered what it would be like.” I slowly slid out of my shirt and watched his face as my perfect 38C tits came springing free, only held back by my bra.
“Gianna, please, think about this.”
“I have, I will the money you owe my father to him telling him it’s from you, providing you give it to him, if you do a few things for me.”
He licked his lips slowly and took in deep breath.
“What do you want?”
“I have a few things in mind. Do you agree?”
“Before you say no, I want you to take a look at what you’d be missing out on. Oh and know that I will call the police and tell them that you stole the money that my father gave you.” I slid out of my skirt my eyes never leaving his face. I saw his breath hitch as his eyes roved over my body. I knew I had dressed well.
I turned and gave him a view of the black lace thong that hugged my ass. Moving forward I untied one hand and brought it to my ass.
His eyes closed as it slid over the curve, and caressed the crease gently.
“Gianna,” he moaned, his hand moved forward and slowly slid down the front, he stopped and shook his head, “no, we can’t. I can’t.”
“Why not, we aren’t related, I know that you want me, your cock is already getting hard thinking about it.”
“Gianna,” he groaned as I slid my hand down the length of his shaft and cupped his balls.
“You don’t have to answer right now, how about I give you a taste of what I want, and then you can decide?”
I restrained his hand again and bent my head licking the length from his balls all the way up to the head of his shaft. He cursed softly and pulled on the restraints.
“What do you say big b*****r?”
“Fuck,” he cursed as my teeth nipped him lightly, “you’re fucking crazy, but I don’t have that kind of money, and shit,” my mouth closed over the head of his thick cock and I flicked my tongue against it, “you’re right, I have wondered what it would be like to fuck you.”
“Well just so we’re clear, it would be me fucking you, not the other way around.”
“What’s the difference?”
“I’m in control.”
He pursed his lips and hissed as my nails grazed his inner thigh.
“Gianna, I don’t know about this.”
“It’s either yes or no big b*****r.”
He eyed me again and nervously nodded his head.
“Good,” I purred softly, “you will address me as Mistress or Lady Gianna, are we clear.”
“You’ve got to be k**ding me,”
I cracked the crop against his thighs sharply.
“Do I look like I’m fucking k**ding boy?”
“No, no, not at all,”
“Not at all what,” I hissed raising the crop again.
“Not at all Mistress,”
“Good, you’re learning.”
My manicured hand reached out and gripped him firmly, stroking his length.
“Also, this is my cock, I chose what to do with it,” I dipped my head and pressed an opened mouth kiss to it before taking the full length into my mouth. I heard him curse and struggle against the bonds and I smiled with satisfaction.
I backed off and untied his legs, he looked up at me quizzically, but only for a moment I roughly lifted his hips and tied his legs up pushing his ass in the air his knees to his chest. My nails stroked the skin between his balls and his ass.
“Ever been pegged big b*****r?”
When his face contorted slightly I already had my answer.
“I’m not a faggot,” he hissed.
“Language, I’ll not stand for that term or any other derogatory turn of phrase, understood?”
“Yes Lady Gianna.”
“Good,” I leaned forward and pulled his balls into my mouth biting them gently. Hearing him hiss, I wet a finger and stroked the skin around his tight hole with my finger nail and smiled against him as he whimpered softly.
“Did you like that boy?” I continued to stroke him there.
He hissed in response.
“I’m sorry I didn’t hear you boy.” I slowly inserted my finger one knuckle deep.
“Oh Christ,” he moaned.
“Do you like that?” my free hand cracked against his ass.
“Yes Mistress,” he moaned softly.
“So you may like being pegged, yes?”
“I don’t know Mistress,”
I laughed softly, “Just so you know it’s not a matter of you wanting me to peg you or letting me peg you, it’s knowing you have no say in the matter and being ok with that,” I slid the finger deeper and his hips twitched, “actually no I’m lying you have absolutely no say in the matter whatsoever,”
He groaned loudly as my head dipped and I took him back into my mouth. I slide the single digit in and out of his as my head bobbed on his shaft.
“Mistress,” he moaned.
I stopped sucking on him and looked up, “Yes boy?”
“Please what?” I whispered as I pressed the finger in his ass up and stroked him deftly.
“Peg me, fuck my ass,”
“Are you sure,” I teased, slipping a second finger in.
“Yes damn it please;” his body was so on fire he was close to tears.
I walked over to the large duffle bag I had brought with me and turned my back to him, giving him a view of my ample ass. I bent and pulled out my strap-on belt attaching a thinner dildo to it and turned to face him.
Beads of sweat had formed on his forehead as I approached. I slicked up the shaft of the phallus and positioned myself at his ass. Adding some lube to his hole I slid two fingers in stretching him slowly, his eyes closed and he growled softly as I added a third finger.
“Please,” he whimpered softly.
“I’m sorry I didn’t hear you boy,” I slid my fingers out and teased he tight hole with the phallus, “you want this cock in you?”
“Yes,” he hissed.
“Yes what?”
“Yes Mistress, please Mistress,” his hips lifted towards mine and the tip of the phallus eased in, “fuck,” he cursed.
“You like your Mistresses cock boy?” I stared down at him with satisfaction as he whimpered in response as the phallus slid into his ass.
“Yes Mistress,” he moaned softly, “Mistress please touch me?”
“You want me to jerk you off while I fuck your ass?”
“Yes Mistress please,”
I gripped him firmly while my hips drove into his ass over and over again, adding lube as I needed to. I fucked him fast and hard but jerked his shaft slowly methodically.
The strap-on had a clit stimulator that was working feverishly on my own sex. My own moans mixed with his.
“You are not to cum until I give you permission understood boy?”
“Yes Mistress,” he groans, I know he’s close and I reach down to turn the vibrating feature of the phallus on, “JESUS,” he growls, “please Mistress may I cum,”
The vibrations of the phallus increase the vibrations of the clit stimulator and I’m so close that my thrusts have increased dramatically.
“Cum for me boy,”
We both erupt at the same time, my juices gushing down my legs, his all over his chest and face. I smile satisfactorily as his tongue snakes out and he laps up what he can reach moaning softly.
I ease out of his ass and untie his legs, allowing them to fall down to the bed; I restrain his legs again and walk over to the desk that’s in his room picking up my ledger.
“Well I’d say you worked off one thousand dollars of the fifty that you owe my father,” I walk over and untie one wrist.
“Aren’t you going to release me?”
“No, you can figure out how you’re going to get free once I leave big b*****r, I’ll be back later on today, I will call before I come and you will get directions as to what you are to wear or not wear before I come.”
“You really are a bitch Gianna,” he hisses from the bed.
“True big b*****r, but remember you agreed to this, and if you feel like telling anyone know this, I have the whole encounter on tape. There are cameras installed within your condo, after all I need to check up on my boy don’t I? You will not fuck anyone other than me or people I may bring with me, also you may not jerk off without my permission is that understood?”
“You cunt,” he hisses.
I march over and grab his cock again, stroking it until it’s hard and aching.
“Damn straight boy, and don’t forget it. I’m leaving now. Remember no jerking off; keep my cock nice and hard for me for when I come back.”
I slid my clothes back on and grabbing the ledger and my duffle bag leave my b*****r where I found him tied save for one hand to his bed.

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