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peanut butter jelly time!!!

Laura got home from work at around 5:45 PM. She walked in her door, set her bag down, took off her coat and said hello to her cat. She slipped off her shoes and walked to the kitchen. After looking into a couple sparse cabinets she said to herself, “Hmmm. PB&J it is then.”

She pulled down from her cabinets a loaf of soft thick slices of white bread, an extra-large jar of smooth creamy peanut butter and an extra-large jar of g**** jelly. She pulled out two pieces of bread, holding one in her hand held out flat, she began spreading on the peanut butter, slowly, almost sensually.

“It’s so hot in here!” she said to herself.

The AC had been busted for days now. She set down the bread, now covered in a thick layer of peanut butter, and decided that since she was home alone, she would combat the heat by sliding her black skirt down to her ankles and stepping out of it, leaving her wearing only black thigh-high stockings and a black lace thong on her bottom half. She unbuttoned her short-sleeve shirt to reveal a black bra supporting her large beautiful breasts. She then went back to preparing her snack.

Laura placed a large pile of g**** jelly on the other piece of bread. Dispensing with the knife, she spread the jelly with her middle and index fingers for fun. Interestingly, Laura loved how the jelly felt on the pads of her fingers and in between them. She began spreading the jelly on with her whole hand, and when she was done she licked her hand clean. She loved how the jelly tasted on her skin, she felt delicious.

She hadn’t put her sandwich together yet and she looked down at the sticky bed of creamy peanut butter on her left, and at the soft glistening g**** jelly spread on her right. She looked down at her two breasts and got an idea. Laura took off her unbuttoned shirt and unhooked her bra from the front, freeing her sizable pert breasts with large dark nipples just beginning to harden from the new naughty thoughts she was having. She was going to have some fun… She was going to make a mess… of herself!

Laura ran her hands over her breasts and then placed the peanut butter and jelly pieces about as far apart on the counter as her nipples were. She took a deep breath, and then slowly leaned forward on to the counter, letting her breasts rest on top of her peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The substances felt fantastic against her tits; they were making her nipples so hard that she could feel them pressing against the counter through the soft bread and gooey substances. She stood up straight again, holding her new messy breast coverings with her hands. She rubbed them around a bit on her tits, she felt so delicious.

She took her hands away and found that the peanut butter half stuck to her breast while the jelly half slid off and fell to the floor. She then proceeded to spread peanut butter on another slice of bread to stick to her breast that the jelly slipped off of. She pressed the new peanut butter slice on her breast, letting it ooze out on all sides. She pinched both of her nipples through the bread and ripped off the bits of sandwich there. She ate the small bites that exposed her beautifully hard nipples, and then she began spreading peanut butter on another piece of bread with her knife, and g**** jelly on another piece of bread with her fingers.

She slowly and sexually sucked the jelly off of her fingers, and then placed the new peanut butter piece in her hand. She reached down and back with her other hand and pulled the lace of her thong out of her ass crack. She stuck the peanut butter slice on to the middle of her ass, right over her crack. She let the thong snap back into place, smooshing peanut butter and bread into her crack and all over her tight anus. Then she picked up the jelly slice and pulled forward the lace material of her thong; she could feel the material tighten in on the mess she had already made in her crack.

She bent down just a bit and placed the jelly slice in her panties against her slick shaved pussy and her bulging clit. She took another deep breath and let her thong back in to place, which pressed the sandwich up against her and f***ed the jelly between her pussy lips and up inside of her. She gasped with pleasure as she felt the slimy jelly all over her crotch and inside of her. She slowly gyrated her hips in the air as she stood there, working the sandwich into every crevasse of her pussy and ass.

She was gushing pussy juices from the feeling of the substances all over her. She squeezed her right breast through the bread and peanut butter with her left hand, while she gripped her crotch from the outside of her panties with her left hand, further smearing, squishing, and rubbing in the mess inside. She felt her knees weaken and just before she was about to cum she stopped and sat down on a kitchen chair next to the counter.

She was so horny… but she was so hungry. She began preparing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to eat this time. As she held the pieces of bread in her one hand and spread her toppings on with the other, she was continually rubbing her legs together, smearing and grinding the jelly and bread soaked with pussy juices into her sweet cunt . She had prepared a thick sloppy peanut butter and jelly sandwich for herself and had made a steamy g**** jelly filled mess of her black lace thong in the process.

She held her sandwich in her left hand, peanut butter and jelly oozing out of every side onto her hand and arm. She spread her legs and slid her right hand under the black lace of her thong to begin caressing her pussy lips covered in slippery g**** jelly. She began to pump her juicy pussy with her middle and ring fingers while she fondled her clit with her thumb, everything slippery and lubed up, a mess of jelly and cum juice.

She was about to orgasm, she could feel the heat building inside of her. She took a huge bite of her sandwich, more than she could chew. She was cuming hard and what came out of her mouth as loud moans were her screams of pleasure and delight muffled by the gobs of sticky peanut butter and gooey jelly in her mouth. She continued to feverishly thrust her fingers into her pussy and rub on her sweet clit, and she was about to peak again. She shoved another big bite of her peanut butter and jelly sandwich into her mouth. She loved the feeling of stuffing her mouth and her pussy at the same time, screaming with pleasure through the gooey mess in her mouth while she fondled the messy jelly and twat sandwich in her thong.

She was in heaven. She kept fingering herself and eating her sandwich every time she came. She finished her sandwich after six mouthfuls and six incredible orgasms, and she set to work on an even bigger, gooier, peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

She scooped the peanut butter out of the jar with her hands and spread it thickly on the bread, the same with the jelly. She put her sandwich together and upon taking a good look at it, decided it wasn’t big enough. She applied another thick layer of jelly on top of the sandwich, and smothered another piece of bread with peanut butter. She placed the peanut butter piece on top, creating the tallest, messiest triple-decker peanut butter and jelly sandwich ever.

“This will work,” she thought.

She stood up from her chair, and peeled off her black thong, which was now completely saturated and dripping with jelly and pussy juice. She picked her sandwich up off of the counter with both hands and sat down on the floor.

She laid down on her back, spread her legs, and arched her pelvis up, pointing her plump pussy lips toward the sky. She placed her mammoth sandwich on top of her, already sloppy, heaving pussy. She let it sit there for a minute, she felt the weight of the sandwich on her pussy lips and on her clit, and she felt the bottom piece of bread sopping up the pools of cum juice in between the folds of her pussy.

Then, with both of her hands, she smashed the sandwich into her pussy. Peanut butter and jelly went flying everywhere and all over her as she felt the substances getting pushed deep into her body. She shivered in orgasm there on the floor as she ground the sandwich into her pussy and pumped her pelvis up and down. She screamed as she came and pussy juice, peanut butter, and jelly shot out of her pussy, only to be rubbed back into her sweet messy folds as she continued to rub and stroke her delicious cunt until she was exhausted.

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