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Perfect Neighbor’s Part 2

He Didn’t Stand a Chance!

(As told by June, a week after our ‘Afternoon Delight’ , while sitting on my cock)

“Sue and I talked about Bobby ‘getting up to speed’ just to be fair before we invited you back for some more bedroom game’s.

She was even willing to wait for “Oral sex 101″, I hope you didn’t mind, but she wanted Bobby to know the pleasure she, we had enjoyed. Apart from some friendly sibling rivalry I am very proud of my c***dren”.
I saw her clit twitch and I made my cock jump in her pussy, god I loved that clit.

June screwed up her face, “Don’t do that!, I’m trying to tell you what happened, anyway, I thought we could get the ball rolling with Bobby, so to speak, by dressing a bit more daring, sexy even, ‘show a bit of skin’, before we invited Jane to do the deed. Sue got further into the game by suggesting we let Bobby see us naked, accidentally of course”.

That nipple was annoying me, it was right there, I couldn’t concentrate, so I leaned forward and nipped it.

“OWWWW, shit, what’s wrong Dave, I’m telling you what happened and you keep interrupting. By the way, DON’T stop. Well anyway, once Sue has an idea in her head you can’t stop it, so that night she walked in on me and Bobby with just her bra on asking me where her knickers were?”.
“I was stumped at first, where did she get these words from?, but Bobby looked, I mean for the first time I think, he was looking at his s****r in a different light -“.

This time it wasn’t me, I mean it was me, my eyes told my cock to move without informing me. Her clit was bigger and my body could feel wetness. Oh Boy, I hoped this tale had a nice ending………

“-so I asked her”.

“We have an English exchange student in our ‘Human Studies’ and she has all these neat words. A pussy changes to a Kitty or Puss n’ Boots and breast’s become Titties or Knocker’s, it’s neat. We can talk in front of boys and they don’t know what we are talking about. So, where are my knickers?”.

Watching Bobby I replied they were probably still in the dryer if he hadn’t done his chores, it was his turn to put the washing away. He turned a little red”.

“Damn it Mom, you are both wearing the same kind of panties, I just put them all in your room. How am I supposed to know?”.

“I think this was what Sue was heading for”.

“Well, Mom and I will have to show you who wears what then and they are not panties, they are knickers. Come on Mom, we will show this blockhead the difference!”.

Time was telling for June with the low sex drive. She was really getting to be a voracious sex kitten.
That’s right, she had gone from a cat to a kitten, a sexy kitten and her pussy told me. I touched her clit, her eyes closed and she moaned.

“As I said, when Sue gets an idea………., we went upstairs and Sue explained”.
“We get all the knickers and put them on in front of Bobby, I mean we change in front of him, we can even fight over whose are whose. He’s seen us naked before……. It’s mean but he will see both of us, our pussies. Are you game?”.

“I was a bit worried about Bobby seeing my puss but what Sue had decided was heading in the right direction. We were going to drive Bobby straight into Jane’s arms. I had a sudden thought of your arms. OH GOD, do it again”.

Just as ordered I stroked her clit again. I’m a Good Boy when it comes to being told what to do. But not a ‘Toy Boy’.

“Sue suggested we ring Auntie Jane and get her to arrive while we were showing Bobby our knickers. We could ask her to show Bobby hers”.

I didn’t think I could last until the end of the story and started to move. Just a gentle rocking motion that would keep June on edge as she continued.

“Oh Dave, your cock feels so good, yes, Pump Me, fuck me. Please, more, get it in my womb again, Oh Fuck, I’m cumming, pump me full. Fuck ME…………….”

From sex kitten to Cat and back in 60 seconds, I was amazed but still held back from my own climax.

“Anyway, when we got back downstairs I was as horny as our first morning and Jane was on her way over, I hoped she didn’t get a speeding ticket. She had told me she was ready to fuck her horny nephew, right now. Sue had me strip my panties, and gathered our ‘knickers’ in a pile. Down stairs we took time sorting them out, opening them and figuring out which was which. I stole glances at Bobby, he tried to watch the TV, he didn’t know what we had planned”.

That nipple was being annoying again but this time I gave it a flick.

“Owwwwwl, leave it alone if you want to hear the rest of the story, It’s bad enough with having to contend with this beautiful cock in my pussy”.

“Anyway It was my turn, I pulled my dress off and picked up a pair of panties from the pile. These are mine, I told Bobby as I slowly pulled them up, too far. My lips were pushed apart as they eased into place. Sue, not to be outdone, and these are mine. They were more a thong than panties, Her lips were separated by the thin material. Poor Bobby, his bulge was showing and it was only going to get worse as the door bell sounded”.

“I’ll get it”. I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was only going to get harder. Jane had arrived.

“Mom, Aunty Jane is here”, he announced in a clear voice as if to warn us to get dressed, ‘Poor Bobby’ “.

Jane pulled Bobby into the lounge, afraid to let go his hand in case he bolted.

“We were just showing Bobby our knickers, Sue explained, he keeps getting them confused”.

‘My darling daughter was standing in the middle of the lounge with a thong hard up against her lips with tits to die for. Bobby noticed. Jane didn’t help by taking off her dress”.

“I guess you had better take note of mine then seeing as how I’m going to stay for a couple of weeks. I wouldn’t want you to confuse mine with Sues”.

June had started masturbating her clit against me. It was going to be a ‘Battle Royal’ to see who lasted longest.

“Dave, you wouldn’t guess that Jane, my sweet s****r, had the smallest thong around, I mean it hardly covered her clit let alone her pussy lips. It was a G string, honest to god it was pushing her lips apart not covering anything and Bobby was trapped. Now all we had to do was get him fucking Jane, then Sue and god help me, ME. So help me god, I wanted my son to fuck me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

It was time I pushed some buttons, “Just like your Daddy’s cock, you wanted something a little naughty. You wanted your son’s cock in this sweet little pussy, you wanted to feel him cum in you, fill you up with his cum. Fuck his Mommy?”.

“Oh Dave yes, I’m such a terrible mother, I wanted his cock in me, not Jane, Not even Sue, I wanted him to fuck his mother. Oh fuck, what’s wrong with me. It’s all your fault, you have made me a sex manic, fuck me, move that big cock in my cunt, FUCK ME……………”.

I knew the story was going to have to wait as I did move, I was hard, I was horny and I did love this beautiful woman sitting on my cock……… Where had that come from. It was true though, I did love the Beautiful Perfect Neighbor. The Lady of my dreams.

We settled into a rhythm, a smooth movement of in and out, up and down. June’s hot tight pussy caressing my cock, her clit rubbing my pubic area, exciting us both.

Then the words, words I don’t think June was ready for. But I spoke them clearly because I knew they were true, “I LOVE YOU……………..”

“Oh god yes, do you, Oh fuck Dave, IIIIIIIIIIIIIII yes, I love you, Oh fuck yes, Now, cum in me now. OH FUCK I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

We were both breathing heavy, gasping for air. We had crossed the Rubicon. There was a whole new world in front of us.

I had said it, June had said it, we both believed it.

“What will our c***dren say?”

“I know what my Daughter will say and I think Bobby and Sue will be the same. What the fuck were you waiting for, an old age pension?”.

June laughed, that deep belly laugh I was beginning to love, a happy laugh.”You have made love to my Daughter, I want to fuck my Son. My son may fuck your Daughter, you might even fuck your Daughter, what has happened to us? are we perverted or what”.

“I just know I am in love with the Perfect Neighbor”.

“Oh Dave, What are we going to do?’.

“You are going to stay sitting on my cock and you are going to finish your story, I’m still horny”.

“OK, we were standing there, Jane, Sue and me in our, our sort of panties when Jane said it wasn’t fair. I looked at her, then Sue, what. I mean if Bobby has to know which panties belong to us……….., well, how do we sort out Bobby’s if we don’t know. We have to see Bobby’s…………”

I thought it was perfect, now we could SEE Bobby. He didn’t even wait and pulled down his Jeans. I had to laugh, he had little kittens on his boxers.And he was hard.

“It’s easy, I wear boxer shorts”.

Jane was not to be sidelined by this, “Just wait”. In a minute she was back with her overnight bag. Opened it and sorted through it for a minute. “Ah Ha”.

“I couldn’t believe what happen next, Jane stripped off her thong, bent, giving Bobby a good look at her pussy, legs open and stood up. What do you think about these?, waving a piece of material in front of Bobby”.

“I watched as Jane bent again, her pussy even more open to Bobby, I was feeling sorry for him now as Jane pulled on a pair of short boy shorts. It was the most sensual act I have ever seen. She stood up. Her boy shorts had puppies, not kittens”.

“I like a little doggie up close”.

“You could have cut the air with a knife”.

“Poor Bobby, he had a hard on you wouldn’t believe, Jane to the rescue. Wrong!”.

“I’m sorry Bobby, have we done this?”, and winked at me. She stood in front of Bobby. I looked at Sue. Damn it Dave, she was drooling.

I grabbed her hand and started to pull her from the room. “Hang on a minute”.

“I knew Sue was playing this off the cuff but didn’t know where she was going now. We, Jane included, had agreed this was going to be a fine seduction, not just fucking. Not the first night anyway.”

“You have to turn our knickers the right way out and open them so they get a good wash. Look at these”, and grabbed a pair that looked more like a rag than what we wear closest. She unwound the mess and I realized they were mine.

“Jane didn’t help Bobby or his condition as she peeled off boy shorts. Sure enough, they turned inside out and scrunched up. “See, you have to shake them and turn them the right way”. She shook them in front of Bobby and Sue took over.

“I have never tried boy shorts before Auntie, can I try them on?”.

“Mom, do I have to, I mean……”

“I turn your good jeans inside out to wash them don’t I, and I do open your boxers so they get a good wash the same as ours. It doesn’t take long”.

“Jane and Sue were like a tag team in front of Bobby. He was backed against couch with his jeans still around his ankles, he hadn’t remembered to pull them up and his boxers couldn’t hide his erection”.

“Sue had Jane’s shorts on and Jane was smoothing out non-existing wrinkles on her bum. Sue’s twisted sense of humor floored me. I had to sit down. I grabbed the rest of the pile and started sorting them out, trying not to look. I couldn’t just stand there with my mouth open could I?”.

“I had no idea what was coming next, but knowing Sue……….., it would be good”.

That nipple was getting my attention again so I kissed it, sucking it into my mouth hard. With a little bite. June just sighed and held my head tight against her breast. I could feel her heart beat. So nice, so warm, so close. My own heart rate increased.

“Where was I, mmmmmmmh so nice, now, Sue and Jane, “Oooh, they feel so nice Jane, come on Bobby, lets swap, I want to see what a loose pair feel like and you’ll love these. They are sooooo smooth”. Anyway, the tag team, I nearly burst out laughing. Sue grabbed Bobby’s boxers and pulled them down, as she bent Jane pulled Sue’s shorts down and his cock hit her nose”.

“As Sue had made the rule, ‘no sex tonight’ she didn’t do anything more than push Bobby back. He ended up sitting on the couch with his legs in the air. The tag team in a well organized effort grabbed a leg each and removed his jeans and boxers. Now he had three legs in the air. Sue ignored his cock apart from dropping Jane’s shorts on it”.

“She had more willpower than I did at that moment”.

Remembering getting tackled by Sue on her bed was enough for me to ‘see’ what must have happen, the other me remembered as well and told June he was still there. June was purring again.

“This was just like all their rivalry when they were playing, when Sue wanted something Bobby had she usually got it. Bobby was laughing and getting into the game. He put Jane’s shorts on as Sue pulled his up”.

“Ok Jane, I like yours better but what do you think of Bobby. He’s my b*****r and I like him anyway so I biased. What do you think, cute or what?”.

“Just like you, Sue was pushing all the right buttonsoooooooow, that’s nice but hang on a minuteOOW, the best part’s coming, you keep doing that and I will be cumming and you’ll miss out”.

I was only rolling her clit with my thumb. I wasn’t doing anything wrong, was I?.

“Like I was saying, buttons, asking a half naked female what she thought about a male wearing her tight, stretch boy short’s. “Well………”, Jane started, she was smoothing out non-existing wrinkles again when, “Hold on”, and bent over, again, poor Bobby. I could see what he was seeing, ass and pussy, so close. “Got them, I thought I might have left them at home”, she turned with an even smaller pair of shorts, “You’ll love these”.

“Jane was holding them out so we could all see. You’ll have to wait to see mine, we all have a pair now, but just to get you readyaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, that’s cheating”.

I had lightly pinched her clit.

‘Well, they were bl**d red with little orange devils, horny little devils. “These are what you need”, and without breaking the mood put her hand inside them and poked her finger through the hole in the crotch’.
“It took a minute then we all burst out laughing. It was the perfect time for a break, and I think I need a break from storytelling. Someone has been waiting so patiently. Dave……., when we were in the kitchen…………, after, you know, did you like it or did you just do it for me?”.

“I’m……….., I’m an engineer, you will have to make it a little clearer. Did I like what, what did I do?”.

Silence………….., “I told you this ‘new age’ stuff was hard for me, I…..”,

I waited, I had a fairly good idea what June was talking about but also knew she had to come to grips with it by herself. I wanted our relationship to be open.

“You are not going to help are you?”.


“OK…….., you went down on me when we, I finished. You sucked my pussy with your own cum. It was the first time for me, even my late husband wouldn’t do it…….., it was… nice………., will you do it again………., please………”

Another of my sayings, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, June had gotten over whatever hurdle she had. It was up to me now.

“I don’t know about other men but I like it. It’s a hell of a better finish than ‘wham bam thank you mam’ and going to sl**p. You did like it, didn’t you?”.

“Like it, Damn, I have been thinking about sex more in the last week than ever. All the things we did, I did, shit, I have masturbated every night since we watched those pictures and I love it. You are so good for me and I want to give something back. I have never swallowed a man’s cum and I want you to be the first, if you want to?”.

“Do I?, Do bear’s shit in the woods?, hell the only thing stopping me, well two things, I am at bit bigger than usual and I do unload more than a mouthful. If we are careful and take it slowly………..”.

“When I watched how careful you were with Sue, I just knew you would be the one. I know you wouldn’t f***e me………., I’m still a little scared I won’t do it right, you know, spoil it for you…………”.

I stopped this line of thought with a kiss. After our tongues got a little tired and we broke I started on a new approach.
“When I was talking to Sue about making love as opposed to just fucking and after your orgasm – maxi, I meant it.
I like making love, giving and sharing, enjoying everything and I do mean everything. So, how about a bit of 69, just take it slow and ENJOY’.

I picked June up and lay her on the bed, a pillow for her head and a pillow for her ass, perfect. I WAS going to enjoy, she looked so pretty laid out like that, her coy smile grew bigger as she opened her legs. Not in a bold move like Sue had, more like a young girl on the eve of starting womanhood. Not a virgin but………, I shook my head. I was thinking, you are a young man in love for the first time!
What was it about June that made me like this. I really did love her.

“What’s wrong?”. June was looking up at me, her hands on her breasts.

“Nothing, absolutely Nothing. I was seeing just how beautiful you are “.

Shut the fuck up and do it. Don’t think, just do it. So I started, I had a plan.
From the top, I started with butterfly kisses on her eyelids then down to her mouth, just a touch of my tongue on her lips and over to her neck, a little nibble on her earlobes and down. June’s shoulders were shaking slightly and her breathing was becoming deeper. Lust or fear? I didn’t want to break and ask her so I continued south.

I knew June had sensitive nipples and left them for a moment and just kissed her breasts with a small suck every now and then. I could feel June’s hand on my back, the other was teasing my nipple. I gave her’s a bite, yes, she squeezed mine in return.

I wanted June to experience and explore her own wants and needs, I moved to the other breast and did the same as I moved my hips closer to her shoulders. Now the belly, June still had a remarkable trim stomach, no stretch marks, in fact no marks, perfect.

A tickle in her belly button with my tongue got a little chuckle, she seemed to have a different laugh for every occasion. I decided to straddle her head at this point, I didn’t want any interruptions later, when I really got down to the important parts. I made the move as smooth as I could but kept my hips high. I didn’t want to rush her and I certainly didn’t want to crush her either.

Now I could stretch out and June could take as much as she wanted as I entered the home straight. Her clit was in sight and what a sight it was to me. I was in heaven. I love sucking a woman’s clit. Latent homosexual, hell no. This was all woman, the smell, the taste even the sight was all woman.

A silly thought popped into my mind, if she squirts I’ll get it up my nose. I eased my hands under her ass cheeks and opened my mouth for my first taste of heaven.
I’m not religious but right then I thanked god for making women. This one in particular.

June had a sweet personality and her pussy was just the same, sweet. I lapped her lips, pushing my tongue into her opening, so sweet. I sucked as I felt June close her lips around the head of my cock. Think dave, think, this is for June. This is important for her self esteem, her self image. I kept my hips still, only just. I wanted to plunge my cock into that hot mouth. So Bad.

Back to her clit, slowly. I had no idea why some men never bothered to learn just how good it felt to suck a woman’s cock. It was smooth, not as hard as mine but still, it had nothing other to do than make it’s owner happy. And I was determined to make June happy, very happy. The fact it was making me happy as well was a bonus.

I made my mouth into an ‘O’ and turned up the vacuum as June used her tongue and hand to give me the pleasure she wanted to share. She didn’t say anything, I don’t think she could, but there were moans and I felt her grip on my cock tighten as I sucked.

I watched, fascinated as her butt cheeks rippled, I wondered, just a little?. I slid one finger into her opening and used another to lightly touch her rosebud. Shit, I thought she was going to bite the end of my cock off. Super Sensitive Clit with Outstanding Sensitive Butt. A bit more pressure, yes. June had added the other hand into the mix, my balls were now getting a working over.

I thought she had remembered our time on the bed but it had been Sue who played with them. Whatever, IT made a difference to how fast I would cum, back to work. The moans were louder now and I watched her butt. June was getting close. Another finger, a bit more pressure. SHIT, again. This time it was her hand holding my balls. She squeezed, hard, so I sucked, hard, then she sucked, hard.

I had just got my mouth practically covering her lips while keeping hold of her clit when I started. Never before had a climax snuck up on me, I had no time to warn June as she joined me. Her hips slammed up forcing her pussy and clit into my mouth. I was in heaven but there was to much going on. I was on a wild ride but I didn’t want to get off.

My mouth was full of clit, pussy lips and girl juice and my balls were being drained beautifully. I could die right now and I would be the happiest man ever. What a feeling. I sucked, just like June was doing to me, I licked, I swallowed and sucked some more.

“No more, Please, I can’t stand it, yessssssss, oh please Dave, Stop”.

One last little kiss then I lifted up, back on my knees, still astride June’s head and looked down. A little touch of white on the corner of her mouth told the story. June had sucked a cock the whole way. And the smile, she liked it, June was happy.

“Why the fuck did I wait so long Dave?, it was beautiful, the best thing ever. I can’t even tell Sue, she would be over here all the time on her knees begging for it. Sorry, was it good?, did I do it right?”.

Get your act together dave, she needs to be held, encouraged. She made you feel good but it’s more important for June to feel good about herself. I swung around and lay beside June, holding her in my arms, squeezing her tight.

“To tell you the truth, it was my best ever. I don’t know if it was because this was a first for you or what but this was the first for me. I didn’t even feel it coming, it was just there. Thank you, yes, it was good and it was as sure as hell right”.

I licked the little bit of cum off her face, holding it on my tongue I kissed June. She kissed me back. Perfect.

“Can we lie here for a bit, I don’t think my legs will support me if I get up?”.

MMMMMM, words were just too hard.

“And there’s a small part of the storytelling to finish”.

“OK by me, By the way, how are Bobby’s balls?. He must be hurting by now”.

“Well, that’s just it, Jane hasn’t gone to bed with him yet, it’s all Sue’s plan. We’re up to stage three she said. Bobby doesn’t get any pussy until stage four. Then……, she did say there was a stage five. You probably hear us at night, we all masturbate like mad”.

“What was stage two?, you missed that part”.

“I didn’t miss it. We were busy. So, where was I, yeah, a break. I told everybody it was time for supper and asked Bobby to set the table, it was his turn and Sue to help Jane get her bags to my room. She is staying for two weeks by the way”.

“So stage two started right then, we would be in our underwear in the house. Neither Jane nor Sue had bothered to get dressed and Bobby still had Jane’s shorts on. I asked him what they felt like”.

“Actually they feel good, kinda smooth……….., nice”.

“Well, I told him to leave them on, that they kinda looked …. nice as well. I think Bobby was getting the idea and didn’t mind showing his erection.
In fact I think he was kinda proud. He’s not as big as you but I don’t think Sue’s going to say anything”.

“So that’s what we have been doing, Jane’s is a big flirt and has been giving Bobby a hard time, worse than Sue ever did. now we come to stage three, and you………”.

“I thought it was a plan to get your s****r and Bobby together! What did I do?”.

“It is, we are and Sue has decided you are going to help in her grand plan”.

“OK what do you want me to do, how can I help if it means more of this”, and leaned over to kiss a nipple again.

“I thought it would be a good idea to invite you over for a meal, sort of even up the odds but Sue said it wouldn’t work, we couldn’t get Jane and Bobby alone that way. So, her master plan was that you invite us over, we’ll cook everything and bring it over and after you can show Jane your pictures, then we, Sue and I would stay for a bit and Jane and Bobby would be alone, together, back home. What do you think?”.



No, you will not cook and bring it over. I love cooking and I haven’t cooked for more than myself in years. I………, ok, we will start with a corn soup, a nice dry white wine followed by my famous, in this house, fish. Smoked fish mornay with a creamy cheese sauce, a Chardonnay I think, then my Grandmothers recipe, grilled chicken breasts sliced over a salad with potatoes. We will finish with an apple cobbler and dairy whip, a nice late harvest wine with cheese and crackers.
No problem, we eat at six!”.

“You are sweeping me off my feet again aren’t you. I just love a ‘take charge’ man. Kiss Kiss Kiss. What can we do to help?”.

“Actually, the deli down at the supermarket must have a new lady, I tried her salad last week, to die for and Sue can come over early and set up. Oh yes, I forgot. GET some clothes on or we’ll never eat”.

“What’s this, you have had your evil way with this fair maiden now you’re kicking her out of your bed. How could you, I….?”

I have found the best way to shut a nagging female up was to kiss her. June melted into my arms again. I really did like the way she flowed around my body. Over my body until she was sitting on my chest.

“I shall just take my charms home then……….”

“Good, and send over your daughter………”, we both burst out laughing.

“You didn’t have to say that, I mean………, earlier”.

“I did because I meant it. I love you June, I think this love can only grow………., IF YOU GET YOUR FANNY OUT OF HERE. I’ve got work to do.
Damn it’s hard to find good help now days”.

One of my most important parts of cooking was learning ‘one pot’ cooking. Plan your meal into stages, a smile for Sue, and go for it. The chicken I could grill early and let cool for the salad while the corn soup was cooking I could finish the fish. The cobbler would go in as we sat down for the soup. all set with an hour to go when Sue appeared. Dressed to thrill. One minute the kitchen was empty except for me, then. A goddess entered my life again.

Sue gave a little curtsey, a little smile then floored me. She turned, lifted her dress and bent over looking back at me. No panties!

“Mom said you needed a maid. If I get everything done in time will we have time for a quicky. Seducing Bobby is hard work. I’m sooooo horny and mom said I needed to plan for at least two hours for “Oral 101″.
Can I ask, what DID you do to mom this morning. She been singing all day?”.

“The table needs setting and you had better wash the wine glasses, they haven’t been used in a while. Don’t forget to rinse them and let them air dry. The knives, forks and other stuff are in that draw and I going to have a shower”.

I had to leave, I kept telling myself this should stop. Sue could end up my daughter. I kept telling myself to shutthefuckup. YOU LOVE IT. Two horny women on your backdoor. I got undressed and climbed into the shower. Later.

With Sue in the house, it had to happen and it had to happen when I was unaware of anything. I had just covered my face with soap when the water suddenly went cold. I knew why. It hadn’t happened since my daughter had moved. It had been a game with her. Sneak into the bathroom while I was in the shower and turn on the hot water in the sink.

What that did was drop the hot water pressure, the cold stayed the same. End result. A cold shower. I yelled. Trying to get soap out of your eyes while not subjecting your body to cold water is not easy, certainly not fun. Just as suddenly the hot came back. I yelled again. “Sue, get your butt in here”. I’m not sure what I thought was going to happen and it was a nice surprise when a warm naked form hugged me from behind.

“Are you going to spank me for being naughty Daddy?”.

“No, worse. I’m cutting your supply of cock. I don’t spank little girls, it’s against my religion”.

“NO please Daddy, I’ll be a good girl, please let me play with your cock. I’ve missed him soooo much. Please”.

I finally got the rest of the soap cleared away and turned. A mistake. Sue slid down my body and I DO mean down my body. Her breasts seemed to have grown in the last week and left two tracks down my chest. She ended up on her knees, a hand cupped my cock against her cheek and I got the ‘puppydog’ look. Shit. I turned the shower off.

“Have you done all your chores yet?”.

“No, we will have lot’s of time………, after”.

Sue flowed back up my body and stood on her toes, her face up for a kiss. Hell, we did have time. I lifted her up. I had forgotten just how flexible Sue was. As I kissed her she bent in the middle, locked her legs around my waist and guided my cock into her pussy. Deed done she smiled. I was lost, no, I had lost. Sue was in charge.

“It’s just like mom said, I would love it and hate it. I hated the girls in school, all their talk, it’s just BS. Not one of them said anything about how good it feels and it was so hard not telling them to get a bigger cock. Get an older man who knew how to treat a woman. I’m not ashamed of you Dave, it’s just that I am not going to share you with anyone……., other than mom………., maybe Jane……..”.

Sue was plotting again. This time I was going to be ready, forewarned. I carefully stepped out of the shower. Sue shifted a bit and I realized something else. Our pubis were touching. Sue noticed as well, her notice was a little cry of triumph.

“I did it………., I got all of you now. I been practically r****g myself with Jane’s dildo, it’s bigger than mom’s and Jane said she didn’t want to use it if she was going to be ready for Bobby. Now I know what mom was talking about, it’s lovely Dave, I’m full and you are rubbing my clit, it so nice. Isn’t this better than setting the table?”.

It was but the table still needed us, the work wasn’t going to happen on it’s own.

“Yes it is and it is better than just nice. It’s a beautiful feeling to be right in you. To tell you the truth my ex-wife couldn’t take all of me even after the birth of our daughter. You and your mother are something very special. I stood a little straighter and put more pressure on her clit. And the reason your mom was singing, I hope, I told her that I loved her. I do and I love you too”.

“OH DAVE, it’s perfect. You can marry mom, you do want to don’t you? and we can all live together. Please Dave, mom’s been so lonely and now she’s so……. happyoooooooooh yessssssss Dave I’m cumming fuck me, tickle my clit again, cum with meaaaaaaaaaaaah.

We didn’t have enough hands so I squeezed my balls between my thighs. It was enough, I could feel her pussy milk me again. And Sue was going to be like her mother, a squirter.

Her legs relaxed their death grip I stepped back into the shower. As the hot water ran between us, Sue let herself down and I popped out. So did a lot of cum and pussy juice. She looked down then back and floored me again. Again with the ‘puppydog’look, a happy puppydog, if she had a tail I thought it would be wagging flat out.

“I think I will stop taking the Pill, you have so much sperm I know I would get pregnant straight away”.

This time I had to pick my jaw off the floor. “Don’t you dare. If I do marry June you will have to obey my one and only fixed rule. You will finish school, you will go to college and you WILL graduate. Then and only then can you think of something like that, if not……., I might break my rule about spanking you. Understand Sue, the world is a mean place and for an unqualified young solo mum, it’s the pits. “Now, come on, let’s get to work and remember…………, you still have “Oral 101” to look forward to. That’s the other reason your mom was singing. She passed.

Meeting Jane and Bobby’s big night

Sue had left to change even though I thought she looked great, the house was full of those beautiful aromas I remembered from my own c***dhood, as an extra treat I had dug out my bread maker. I hoped it would turn out OK even though the mix was a little ‘out of date’, it smelled good and had risen well. I could always tell everybody I was cooking it for the birds, the feathered kind.

My cheese sauce was smooth and the chicken a lovely golden brown. bring on the condemned, He was entitled to a good last meal. I was hoping it wouldn’t be to ‘heavy’, I didn’t think Jane would thank me if Bobby went to sl**p instead of performing at his best. The doorbell, a last look around, great.

I answered the door and thought “Charlies Angels” had made a detour, to my place. A blonde, Sue, A brunette, June and the black haired one must be Jane, I just about laughed, behind Jane, looking so out of place was Tarzan, Bobby.

Poor Bobby, he looked just as sad as Tarzan did when they took him back to England and put him in a suit but I was glad that I had ‘dressed’. In a lot of my meetings I had found it was easy to dress ‘down’, take a jacket off, while it was impossible to dress ‘up’. The evenings were getting warmer and the house was warm.

Bobby and I could take our jackets off, but the women, what could they take off I wondered as everybody made it through the front door.

Just as June started to intr…. Jane stepped forward and wrapped her arms around me in a big hug. I looked over at June, my eyes large and her mouth open. It was Sue as usual.

“Dave it’s silly but this is Jane, Jane meet Dave, come on, I’m starved and it smells soooooo good”.

I was meeting Jane, up close and personal. Tits in your chest up close. June playfully, with one of her laughs, pulled Jane away, “Don’t hurt the chef or we’ll have to order pizza”. It was a bit of relief to just welcome Bobby.

I could see the under plot, Sue’s planing. let Jane look like she wanted me and then……. Poor boy, a house full of scheming women. well, I could treat him as an equal, as we headed into the lounge I sort of pushed him toward the bar.

“If you would please Bobby, you are elected as barman while I’m in the kitchen, we men will show the ladies what they have been missing. The first one is simple, half a bottle of Vodka mixed with three shots of Drambuie over Ice, I looked at June. she raised an eyebrow, our secret signal that everything was OK. Make that four shots of Drambuie, when you have given it a good shake, strain it into those three balloon glasses.

Ladies, you are not to touch your drink, not even the glass until the drink turns a beautiful “clear” yellow, understood. I will have a Bourbon and coke, half and half and you can have whatever as long as your mother doesn’t kill me first”.

Just as I turned to the kitchen I saw three things, one; Bobby grew an inch, two; June smiled that killer smile, three; the bit that had me nearly walking into the door post, again, Jane opened her legs. NO PANTIES. Was she coming on to me or was she just ready for the fun later. Leave it out, you have two already. Sue asked if I need a hand.

So polite, so demure. was this the same sweet girl that had been riding my cock not more than an hour ago. “Thanks but no, you are here to enjoy yourselves”. I looked at June smiling. She got it, my reference to ‘enjoy’.

I didn’t need to do anything in the kitchen, I just needed to give Bobby that extra boost. I checked everything anyway. Perfectly planed, perfectly executed. This was going to be a night everybody remembered, for all the right reasons. No door posts, no falling over my own feet. I headed back being very careful were I put my feet.

The night was still young.

They were still where I left them, that was good and bad.

The good, Bobby was grinning. the drinks looked perfectly ready to drink. The bad, Jane still had her legs open. I got it. Sue had set me up as well. I was going to be super horny when Jane took Bobby home.

Super horny and ready for them, I just knew it was going to be THEM. June was smiling. There was something I read a long time ago, about a man singing on his way to the gallows. What the hell, I can only die once. I got my drink.

“To Bobby, luck with your football career”, they could all drink to that. I watched carefully. It was a good drink to get things started. It didn’t hit you until later. June sipped and smiled, Jane took a good slug and smiled, Sue was a bit unsure until she saw her mom and auntie smile. She got something in between a sip and a slug, she smiled. Bobby took a healthy Drink of whatever he had mixed for himself. I’m sure he grew another inch, pulled his shoulders back and breathed deep. A man in the Making I thought as both s****rs watched.

“Bobby, could you open the Riesling please, Ladies, I bowed, if you would follow me. Dinner is about to be served”, this got a laugh from Sue followed by, “Behave yourself, you’re supposed to be a lady tonight”, from her mom, Jane just smiled then hooked her arm to Bobby. “Would you e****t your Aunt?”. This was going to be a night to remember.

Bobby must have seen some old “Fred Astaire” movies because I recognized it. The same tilt of the head, the same nod and so help me god, the same smile as he took Jane’s arm just the same as Fred had taken the other Jane’s arm.

I ushered them into my formal dining room, the least used room in the house.
I pointed, “Jane, Bobby, Sue, myself, the closest to the kitchen, and June, I said, holding her seat out. Bobby was the perfect gentleman, assisting Jane and then Sue. She even stood waiting for Bobby. Great, now for some good food to make it even better. I was going to rush but thought better, Bobby still had the bottle in his hand.

“Bobby, if you will pour the wine I will get the first course”. He stood, I held my breath. Yes, Bobby carefully moved to the right and half filled Jane’s glass. He was just finishing Sue’s when I got back. I checked June’s face, I don’t think she could fit the pride and happiness together but she did. Bobby had passed.

Sue for once was silent, silent and watching. She knew how important this was. I was thinking my soup had surpassed Grandmothers when Bobby surprised me again. Silent, not there, he was like a good wine waiter, unseen. My glass was topped up.

My next surprise was Jane, “Where did you learn to cook, I never had fish this tender yet so firm and the sauce…….. , melt in your mouth. Beautiful”. OK, I can cook, big deal, this is Bobby’s night but it did confirm my earlier thought. Bobby was gonna cop it out of left field. He wouldn’t even see it coming. I smiled as I gathered the dishes.

Bobby, could you get the other bottle and some fresh glasses please. The Chardonnay”.

I had already prepped the salad but needed to put on the chicken and potatoes, the dressing was in a separate jug. I figured we would both be back at the table at the same time with just enough time to check the cobbler. I was getting nervous. Something had to go wrong. Not yet, everything was in order. I remembered Grandmothers word as clear as if she was in the kitchen with me, “Turn the oven off and open the door”. I had forgotten, maybe Grandmother was watching over me.

I said a word of thanks and started delivering mains. I was a good cook but I was NOT going to invite “Murphy” to our little party. Two plates at a time. Bobby was doing his thing, in fact I think he was warming to the task. I saw the way he was holding the bottle and knew it took a lot of practice to pull it off.

This time as I sat I thought of another time, another place and rose again, picked up my glass and turned to June. “Happy Families”. You could hear a pin drop.

Time stood still. A tear rolled down her cheek.

A deep breath, a real deep breath. I could see June was fighting back even more tears as she raised her glass to mine and with a bit of a sob, “Happy Families”. I turned towards the others as Sue reached for me. Jane and Bobby were hugging, smiling laughing/crying. Sue whispered into my ear. “I love you Daddy”. Shit , What had I done. I had remembered a f****y get together and what Dad had said. Food.

“Come on, Let’s eat”. But that was the ice breaker, now talk flowed like water.
A formal meal between strangers had become a f****y meal. Damn I felt good.

When we had finished our chicken it was hard to get everybody to stay at the table. “There is only room for one in my kitchen, you Ladies sit. Bobby, there’s a smaller bottle on the bar, could you get that please. This time he didn’t swell up, he was a part of the f****y, doing his bit. This time I could carry all the plates.

They were all empty.

The apple cobbler was perfect and I sent a thank you to Grandmother as I sat down and allowed each their own amount. I did think I had gotten away with it, “Murphy” must have tripped over his own big feet.

I was away with the fairies when Jane pinched me. I looked, Jane and Sue had changed seats, sort of. Sue was sitting on Bobby’s lap so she wouldn’t miss what Jane was saying to me. I thought she was giving Bobby the treatment as well they way she was moving but it was a bigger surprise when Jane said something. All other thoughts disappeared.

“Sorry, I was miles away, did you say C++?”.
Now I knew why Sue was sitting the way she was. Jane squeezed my thigh, the top.

“Yes, June told me what you do, If I was a male you would probably call me a IT geek. I work with C++ but mainly Auto Cad. Sue told me of your computer set up. I would like to see it some time”. They must have cornered the market. That smile.

SHIT big time, tonight was supposed to be Bobby’s big night. If we got started on programing, well, you could say goodnight to everything else. It was hard, so very hard but June had said she was staying for two weeks, tomorrow, please let me hang out until tomorrow. Go away Mr Murphy.

And it was June who kicked him out. “Can you show Jane the pictures from Alaska now?”. I wasn’t sure of Sue’s plan but if June was asking it must fit in somehow. The light went on, again. My lounge had a three seater and a two seater.

I knew where everybody was going to be sitting.

Not to be to forward, “Ladies, did you like that first drink, I have to admit it’s called “A Fallen Angel”, but seeing as we aren’t driving, would you like another?”.

I got two ‘yes please’ and a mumble from Sue, her face was buried in Bobby’s chest but I’m sure it was a yes. They were giggling. Secrets being shared.

Bobby, if you would be so kind, I’ll clean up then we can watch them, again.
This time was going to be even better I thought.

June insisted she help, more time for Bobby and Jane. She had switched from me to Bobby with an ease. If I didn’t know what was planed I would have missed it.
Once the dishwasher was loaded and the DVD was in we all settled in. June and Sue on either side of me with Bobby and Jane in the two seater. They say it is a two seater but not when one is the size of Bobby or me. Jane was squashed close. She wasn’t complaining as the show started. Sue had figured it was all up to Jane now.

The lights dimmed.

Jane and Bobby couldn’t see us and we couldn’t see them in the deep seats, but I still had a problem, they both wanted my cock and there was only one of me. I whispered into Sue’s ear. Share, you had him last, be fair. June must have heard, she started purring. I still didn’t know how Sue had set Jane up to get Bobby alone at home so I waited. Boy was it hard and I mean that in both ways. Sue had unzipped me and June had her nice warm hand on my cock.

Don’t you just love cute cuddly bear cubs, Jane did. I heard a “Aren’t they cute” and looked over. She was curled up close to Bobby, her knees on his lap. I remembered, she didn’t have panties on. This was Sue’s plan. I didn’t know half of it.

As the film finished I witnessed the worst/best acting show ever.
Jane stretched, her arms above her head, her tits in Bobby’s face. “That’s enough for me tonight, thank you Dave, for the wonderful meal and the show.
I’ll have to catch the rest later, I don’t think I can keep my eyes open any longer. Bobby, would you walk me home please, I’m ready for bed. Don’t worry June, Bobby will keep me safe. See you tomorrow Dave. Night all”.

Poor Bobby, nobody asked him as Jane held out her hand. “Night mom, see you in the morning. Thanks Dave, it was a great meal”. Then the smile, “I guess this is another thing I have to learn, how to cook and entertain?”.

“Anytime son, anytime. Just ask”.

As they were walking out the door I realized, fuck it was a sledge hammer blow.
I had called Bobby Son… and meant it. Nobody had said a thing…………

Back in the here and now, Sue did, “Give them five minute’s and they will be fucking like rabbits”.

“Sue, remember your manners and don’t use those words”.

“Sorry mom but I got Bobby to wear Jane’s boy shorts, the ones with the hole. I made him pull his cock through the hole and when I was sitting on his lap I could feel his cock. He doesn’t stand a chance with Jane. Tonight’s the night”.

“Sorry Dave, I don’t know what’s gotten into my little girl. She used to be so nice. What do you think I should do?”.

“Spend the night here, Bobby is going to be busy anyway and maybe we could teach your sweet innocent daughter the error of her ways. Well, we could try and keep on trying. What do you think”.

“I think you had better lock up and get into your bed if you want to sl**p there tonight”.

“Fuck, Sorry mom, but who said anything about sl**ping, we are going to fuck Dave all night aren’t we? please”. Those sweet little puppydog eyes weren’t going to work tonight.

“Unless you behave daughter, Daddy is going to put you in the spare bedroom where you will only have your finger. You will still hear your Mommy and I having fun”.

“Please Daddy, don’t do that, please mommy, I’ll be good, I can help you make Daddy feel good. Please”.


“Please mommy, I’ll make you feel good as well”

“Off to bed, the pair of you, I’ll be up in a minute”.

“Thank you Daddy, I’ll be good, sooooooooooo good”.

June just smiled. It was all I needed but she added a kiss and, “Love you”.


I didn’t find out just how Bobby became a ‘Man’, Sue gave me a blow by blow account later. They emerged at lunch time for a coffee and again after five for a sandwich. Jane was glowing. Bobby was smiling, still in Jane’s boy shorts…..

Sue had kept her Mother and I happy that night, she passed “Oral 101″…….. with both June and myself. June and I are still teaching her ‘other’ things.

Jane and I had some serious ‘discussions’ about programing, the human type. She also has a Super Sensitive Clit with Outstanding Sensitive Butt, maybe more than June. To quote her, “We have to go down that track”, and is thinking of working with me.., for me.., under me.., in the future. One big happy f****y. We all share………..

Sue has told me Bobby’s cock is nice but mine is better. Longer. Bigger.

Bobby doesn’t say much, he does smile a lot.

June just smiles when a question about Bobby’s cock comes up. Her Boss has given her more work, work from home and now that the “Library of Congress” has opened up all the law book to ‘ebooks’ she spends a lot of time on my setup doing her…, research.

Jill, my daughter, and I have talked a lot lately and is looking forward to the Christmas break. She is coming home for our wedding.

My next job is in the Gulf, a rich job. Designing a two stage pumping station for the loading docks for the ‘Super Tanker’s’. Jane can help with……………, The Drawings

And Sue………, Sue is busy………….., planning…………..

Jill, you don’t stand a chance……………… 🙂

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