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perfect world

hi people this a story i put together from fantasy and thoughts, friends on here i have spoken to have been very supportive. a fantasy of how i would ofliked things to be but thats whole different story xxxx…
as i grew up believing i was normal boy in a f****y of 5 being the youngest and only boy had advantages that i never got hand me down clothes like my s****rs did. over years i was slowly being drawn by mum and older s****rs under wear, the sexiness of the material and the design was very intoxicating to me. i started wearing my mum knickers and matching bras with her stockings would harden my cock for me to wank off. at first i had feelings of guilt rush over me, i’d strip say never again but we all thats not true.
my obsession grow to me wearing knickers and bras through the day, if i was alone in the house i’d strip off all my maleness and basically be a girl. i was heading for trouble i didnt notice or care at the time. i was borrowing my mums clothes and my s****rs too and after finding my look as a sissy i used to wear my mums size 7’s purple velvet high heels with 3 inch heels at night i was walking round the area mastering my balance in heels. before long i was in heaven i had created a image of a sissy i know to be.
my 16th birthday was going to mile stone memory for the wrong reasons, my mum called me into her room i came sat down where she had asked me to sit. she gave me present i was thinking why alone? as i unwrapped it and discovered it was a shoe box and she said “i know you have been wearing these so” it was a pair of white high heels but in a size 8 for me i hugged my mum as i asked can wear them now. i slipped them on standing in them was very arousing for me i could not hide my hard on, mum replied guess you like them! want to wear these for me tonight was a set matching knickers and bra with lycra white catsuit, i stripped exposing myself to my mum and revealed my thong that could not contain me. i was seeing my mum in a whole new way, the kind sweet persona was gone a lust and sexual desire was very noticable as she rubbing her clit through knickers. was a enough to encourage me stand between her legs in my stocking clad legs and new shoes and wank off to what we did. my mum exploded into a wild orgasm ripping her blouse open for me see as i felt the button hit me, seeing this sent me over the edge shot my load over her tits and i watched her licking it off her lovely breasts, i knelt to lick it off too was getting aroused by this.
we were brought back to reality when the front opened hearing my s****rs call for us, my mum called out saying coming! i replied coming too, we giggled together as i wanted to do more but dressed and we kissed her tongue salty from my come was very hot. opening the door my mum told me change as i wearing my heels still i grabbed socks kicked my heels onto my mum bed, my mum saw this said ” thinking of joining me again later?” as we went downstairs jo my s****r asked “what you been doing?” we laughed and replied together “nothing was talking” deb replied must of been some talk as your all sweaty! mum informed them it was the birds n bees chat! i went red saying “MUM!!” my s****rs giggled at my discomfort.
as we sat eating pizza and watching movie the quiet f****y affair slowly sends people to bed leaving myself and my mum alone, we didnt talk and the silence was strange likiie our sexual encounter had changed our relationship sent it into the realms of the unknown. finally the silence was broken by “you coming to bed babe?” yeah i replied followed her up the stairs i watching ass sway as she walked, she stopped i walked right in to her she giggled about it as i was overpowered by lust and desire.
soon as her bedroom door was shut we were tearing clothes off each and stood together started kissing our naked bodies touching, my cock poking her in the belly button, i was asked your gonna stick that in the right place?

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:25 pm

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