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Peter, ch. 1

Peter was my friend first and we’re still great friends… I thought it would be good to establish the chronology of events before we get too far into the story.

Peter was a golf buddy and we met through another friend about six months back. With the weather getting colder and golf season winding down, we started hanging out for drinks more than golfing. A lot of the time recently it was just Peter and me at the nineteenth hole on Saturday afternoons watching sports and having long chats (mostly about his crazy dating life… I liked living vicariously through the stories of his adventures!).

Peter is in his late 50’s, retired and divorced but still friendly with his wife. He’s an excellent golfer but isn’t competitive at all. He’s just out there for a good time. So our rounds are always good spirited and we spend more time laughing than keeping score.

He approaches dating the same way… He just loves to have a good time. He’s so engaging and charismatic that it’s almost too easy for him to become friendly with people, especially women, and his disarming personality makes those new friends feel comfortable almost instantly.

More than once I’ve headed home for dinner with my wife Deb, and he’s stayed behind to chat with a few of the female golfers who have come in after their rounds. There’s always a good story for me the following week. Usually with Peter talking one of the ladies into having dinner with him and ending with her following him back to his house and staying into the wee morning hours.

This past weekend’s adventure ended a little differently than the previous stories I had heard from Peter. Instead of staying the night, his new friend had to rush home after they had finished. When I asked why, he nonchalantly mentioned that she needed to get back before her husband started to worry.

This floored me. The thought of Peter bedding a married woman changed my whole understanding of his abilities to befriend people. I responded about how amazed I was that he had managed to be with a married woman… he shrugged his shoulders and said at least half, if not more, of his dates were married. This floored me even more!

“They’re not so uptight or nervous, so it’s easier to talk to them and really get to know them. There are plenty of times that we don’t sl**p together but that’s not the point. I’m really out to just get to know them and have fun together. Once they realize I’m not a threat, lots of them are very open to getting physical, some never are, but the ones that do are well worth the wait.

“They tend to be so relaxed in bed. Just comfortable with themselves. I think it’s because they don’t really care if things get physical or not. They have their husbands at home if they ‘need’ sex. With me it’s more that it becomes a natural part of getting to know each other.

“Sure, some are nervous about being unfaithful. But those are a lot more rare than you’d expect. And I’m not looking to turn anyone into an adulteress… So if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen.”

It was at that point that I understood the engaging power that Peter owned. He didn’t need to be physical, he loved it, but didn’t need it. It must be so disarming for a woman to be around someone that was so clearly confident and comfortable.

I think it also helped a lot that Peter was great looking, well groomed, in great shape and well to do. As I mentioned before, Peter was retired and financially more than comfortable. He spent a lot of daytime hours working out at the club. I’d joined him during my lunch breaks on a number of occasions and that’s how I found out another reason for Peter’s easy going confidence: Peter is well hung. Not obscene, soda can, trouser snake hung. Just big. And… he’s not afraid to let you know it… Not in a “hey look at my manhood” kind of way… Just in that nonchalant Peter confident kind of way. He would never tell you it was big, you just knew it was.

My suspicions were confirmed the first time we worked out together. He was not shy in the locker room afterwards. You could tell he was proud but not arrogant. I have to admit, it was fantastic looking and he kept it well groomed which showed it off even more. In fact, he was well groomed everywhere. He was a hard worker and it showed. He was tall, thin, had great muscle tone in a wiry kind of way, and his hairless body showed off that long, lean strength.

As we showered that first day, I had trouble keeping my eyes off of him as he soaped himself thoroughly. He must have known I was looking but never let on that he did. He kept me engaged in conversation a lot, facing me as we talked. Nothing shy about Peter.

“You’re wife must love being with you” he said as we were shutting down the water and starting to towel off. “You’ve got… Shall we say… a lot to offer her.”

I laughed. “I think she’s pretty happy with it. It’s decent sized and does the job but I have nowhere near what you have to offer.” I lightheartedly replied.

He laughed. “Yeah, this thing tends to get me in a bit of trouble. It’s bigger than most and has a big appetite to match!”

We both started to laugh as we walked back to our lockers. “And of course as far as your wife is concerned… I’ll be gentle with her”. At that we both broke out in hysterics as we finished dressing.

“Meet later for drink?” Peter asked.

“Sure thing. Deb’s actually got a bunch of stuff going on tonight so I can hang out for a while.”

“Sounds good. 5 o’clock? Maybe grab some food too?”

“Perfect.” I replied. “Maybe you can tell me more about your date with that married woman last weekend? I’m still stuck on that.”

“Yeah. I noticed how interested you got when we started talking about the married aspect. You probably need to be careful that you don’t end up like me! Deb is pretty awesome and you don’t want to risk that.”

“Oh no… I could never pull that off. Wouldn’t even want to. I can barely keep up with Deb as it is. But… It’s just the thought of a married woman willingly letting that happen… Spreading her legs and allowing another man in there… There’s just something… I don’t know… Sort of sexy about that.”

“Yeah. There definitely is!” Peter said with his easy smile as he got into his car and started it. And with a big wave he was off while I stood there just thinking about it all.

I was definitely bummed that Deb wouldn’t be home until much later. My mind was racing with visions of Peter, his married women, how much they must love being with him and how good he must be in bed. Those thoughts had me incredibly worked up. I could really have used some private time with Deb right about then. But… hearing about Peter’s weekend over dinner and drinks would have to do. That would definitely keep me edged up until Deb and I could find the time to be together.

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