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Peter, ch. 2 – Debbie gets some details

We were three drinks into the evening by the time we ordered food. So we were feeling pretty good. Despite Peter being in his upper 50s and about 10 years older than me, he could definitely hold his liquor. As a result, the conversation was flowing freely as I brought up his penchant for bedding married women.

“It’s great because they never want anything long term. That would definitely get in the way. Oh, a bunch come back for seconds and thirds… And hell, even fourths sometimes… but it’s just mutual satisfaction at that point. I make sure they’re happy with their husbands before anything happens between us. It’s not good if it’s not just plain old fashioned fun!”

“Their husbands must seem so inadequate afterwards though. I mean… Your so big that the women must just love it!”

“They do. That’s why so many come back for more. But it’s different with me than it is with their husbands. For the most part they still love being with their husbands but it’s just different. With their husband it’s more love and comfort. With me it’s much more physical satisfaction. I can give them something that most have never even considered possible. It’s friendly and fun and mutual but… it’s not love. And… there’s a bit of ‘bad girl’ mixed in there too. Some of the women really get off knowing that they’re doing something they’re not supposed to be doing. And some just love the fact that I’m a lot bigger and longer lasting than their husbands. They get off on it.”

“What do you mean?” I asked. “Like they actually tell you about their husbands?”

“Some do. Some like to tell me how much bigger and better I am than their husbands. They actually tell me that while it’s happening.”

“Oh my god that’s so fucking hot!” I responded (the booze was clearly loosening my conversational filter!) “You must love hearing that… knowing that you’re owning them!”

“Absolutely. That’s the total thrill of it. Knowing I could have her all night if I wanted. Knowing that she’s risking it all to be with me… and at that moment, I do own her. She wants me more than she wants her own husband.

“It’s very hot and very satisfying. Not just for me but for her too. Not only is she having physically better sex than she’s likely ever had before, but there’s the emotional bad girl aspect where she’s controlling things with her husband. She’s getting her needs filled, when and where she wants. He doesn’t control her at that moment. She’s getting it on her terms with someone who is bigger, likely stronger, and flat out just better than he is. It’s sort of her chance to secretly flip him off and get what’s hers.

“I don’t mean to imply they hate their husbands. Quite the opposite… They’re just acting out on the Bad Girl fantasy. It’s fun.”

By this time I had noticed how I was being affected… Both emotionally and physically. My heart was racing with all the thoughts and visions in my head. And if it weren’t for the fact that I was sitting at a table, it would be clear to everyone around that I was excited.

“You alright pal? You look flushed”. Peter finally asked.

“What? Oh… Yeah. I’m fine. Just a little blown away by it all. I mean… It all sounds so intense.”

“It is intense.”

“I have to admit. The thought of Debbie being in that position is almost intoxicating. I never even considered it before, but the thought of her just surrendering… Spreading her legs to let a bigger, stronger, better man physically take her… It gets me hot. Never even considered it before your stories.”

“Don’t worry pal… I told you I’d be gentle with her!”

That slammed me like a gut punch… but I was also intriguingly aroused. It could have been an awkward moment, but Peter quickly defused it with his easy laugh and light hearted smile “I’m just k**ding you pal. I know Debbie loves you more than anything.” And I knew that was true too. But… That lingering thought of her “being bad”… of her being taken… Of her loving every minute of it and loving every inch of Peter as he slid in and out of her… It was overwhelming my thoughts. I took a big swig of my scotch, shook my head a bit, and snapped out of my trance. “Let’s get another round” I said. “Sounds good” Peter replied. “Sounds damn good.”

Later that night, I finally got my alone time with Deb. And I made every minute count. She was loosened up from having drinks with her friends but she still couldn’t understand what had gotten into me. “Your insatiable tonight Ted! What did you do that has you so worked up? You’ve never attacked me like that before. And you’ve definitely never gotten it up again so quickly before! I feel like I’m back at college!

“So… tell me… what did you do tonight that got you going so hard honey?” Debbie asked, “I was serious about something getting into you. Was Peter on the prowl again and that got your imagination going? He’s so bad sometimes!” I had told her about Peter’s exploits before so she knew he was pretty “successful with the ladies”.

“Tonight was different…” I told her. I proceeded to explain how he had been with a married woman last weekend and that in fact, many of his women have been married. She was as shocked as I had originally been. I explained it all to her: How easy they are to be with and how it’s more physical and fun since none are looking for a long term thing. Then I mentioned something I hadn’t before; I told how much the women love being with him because he’s big and good and long lasting. How he physically satisfies them in a way their husbands never can. How they often come back for a second and third and maybe even a fourth time. How they risk their marriages to be with him.

Then I told her how some wives play the “bad girl” game actually talking about how much better and bigger he is while they’re having sex. “Can you imagine that? Can you imagine these women loving the sex so much that they actually tell him how much better he is while he’s inside of them? He must be amazing…. I mean… I’ve seen him at the gym. He is in great shape… And he is big…”

“You’re big honey, he can’t be bigger than you!”

“I’m okay sized, but Peter is just plain large. He has an amazing body and his… well… His cock is just… well… really good looking…”

“Ted! You’re so bad. Did you check him out?”

“I couldn’t help it! It’s mesmerizing!”

Then she admitted “well, with some guys you know they’re probably good sized. You know… they just have that comfortable arrogance. Not full arrogance. Just that they’re comfortable with their own bodies… And abilities… And Peter definitely gives that impression!”

“Now who’s being naughty” I joked with her. “If I didn’t know better I’d think you had been thinking about Peter!”

“Well… I’m not a prude!” She laughed and then snuggled into me. “I better watch out for Peter” she continued to tease. “From the sounds of it, he may seduce me with his magic powers… and his big, magic cock too!” And with that she giggled herself to sl**p while my mind raced even faster. Her words were electric… They had me hard again as I thought about the possibilities… The thought of Peter being with her… The thought of her surrendering completely to him… Allowing Peter to penetrate her… Thinking about how she would react to his size, to his strength, to his stamina, and his skill… I was mesmerized by the thoughts and my hard cock was betraying my secret as it pressed firmly against her. Deb obviously felt my excitement… she moved her hand slowly down, circled her fingers around my stiff shaft, and said in her sl**py voice as she drifted off, “someone likes the thought of it… That’s for sure….”

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