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Peter, ch. 3 – Debbie wakes me in the morning

I woke in the morning to the amazing feeling of Deb taking my cock deep into her wet, warm mouth. The perfect start to the day and a fantastic continuation of the marathon session we had enjoyed last night.

I let out a deep moan as she went all the way down. She released me for a second so she could talk, “Oh, you’re awake! Good morning baby… Thought I’d relieve your stress a bit. You’ve been hard all night! Ever since we talked about Peter’s… abilities…” With that, she took me back into her mouth and started to suck harder.

I felt her tongue work the head of my cock as she moved slowly up and down the shaft. Her suction was harder now. I loved how warm and soft it felt and I spread my legs to give her better access.

“Do you like it baby? Do you like the way I suck your cock?”

“Oh god yes… I love it” I moaned.

“You’ve been hard all night baby. You got hard when we talked about Peter’s cock sliding into married women. Does that excite you? Do you like thinking about Peter’s cock as I suck you baby?”

It was too much to handle. Debbie was killing it with her mouth skills and her words. I was starting to feel that tingle at the base of my cock and I knew I’d cum soon. She had my cock deep in her mouth again. Sucking even harder than before. My cock was absolutely rigid. The blow job was remarkable as always… and the thoughts of Peter’s cock and how he could use it to get whomever he wanted, were pushing me over the edge.

“What would you do if Peter wanted to fuck me baby? Would you like that? Would you like to know that I think about Peter sliding his nice big cock into me? Would you want to watch us baby? Would you want to watch as I spread my legs and let him slide into me? Watch as I moan in ecstasy as he fucks me deep… Deeper than you can…? Watch as he makes me cum with his cock? Watch as he fucks me longer, and harder, and better? Would you like that baby?”

She went back to work, concentrating on the head of my cock now, working the shaft fast and hard with her hand. I was moaning nonstop and she knew I was close. “Come on baby… Cum for me… Show me how much you want Peter to fuck me!”

And with that I let out a long, loud moan and fired my cum against the back of her throat. She kept sucking me through my climax. Sucking every drop of cum from me. Sucking me until my cockfinally started to soften. I was now completely worn out from last night and this morning. Drained.

She crawled up and planted a wet kiss on me. Opening her mouth and sending her tongue in to explore mine. I could taste my cock and cum. I wanted more from her but I was physically spent.

“Poor baby, so worn out” she sighed. “Did you like that? Seems like you did… Seems like you like having your wife talk dirty about other men…” She smiled and giggled as she continued, “Want to watch me a bit?”

She rolled over onto her back and spread her legs. Her hand moved down between her legs and she started to rub gently around the outside of her pussy. Her eyes closed as her legs spread wider. Her head tilted slightly back and she let out a soft quiet moan. She rubbed herself gently for a few minutes and then her hand started working just a bit faster… starting to concentrate on her clit.

I could see her wetness covering the outside lips. She was obviously as aroused as I had been. “Oh god baby, it feels so good”.

She kept working herself harder, “Oh god” she moaned again more loudly. “Oh god”.

“Baby, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum for you baby. I’m going to cum just like I plan to when I let Peter fuck me… When I finally get his big cock inside of me.”

Her legs bent up at the knees as they spread even wider apart, her head tilted up to look at me and I could see her stomach muscles contract into a tight six pack as she started to climax, “oh god it’s so fucking good baby!”

She shuddered in orgasm as she continued to work her hand on her pussy finally convulsing in a strong spasm as she rolled onto her left side. She held her hand still, applying firm pressure to her clit and her orgasm started to subside. “Oh god damn it! So… Fucking…. Good…!” After about ten seconds she finally relaxed with a sigh.

She was silent for a minute and then started giggling, “Oh my goodness. I don’t know what got into me this morning. I woke up so horny! Sorry that I had to wake you up! But it is a nice way to start the day isn’t it?” She was all smiles.

“It sure is!” I exclaimed. “I loved every minute of it…”

“Even the stuff I was saying? The stuff about Peter?”

“Even that…” I replied just a touch embarrassed. “I don’t know what it is either, but it sure has both of our motors running and I’ll take that any day!”

“You’re the best baby!” She said closing her eyes as she moved in to snuggle more. “I love how open we are. Makes being together so much fun… I love you baby!”

“I love you too” I said and pulled her in tight against me as I closed my eyes next to her. We were exhausted and drained, and we both drifted off to sl**p within seconds.

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