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Peter, ch. 4 – The Party

Peter came to the house. It was our annual holiday party with about 20-30 friends and neighbors. Always a good time with lots of drinks, lots of laughs, and usually a memorable moment or two throughout the night that would give us something to talk about until the next December party came around. Usually nothing bad or torrid but always something “on the edge” of decorum.

Peter brought a friend, Paul and they both mixed in with the rest of the party perfectly.

It was quite an evening. The wine, beer, scotch, and frozen mudslides flowed freely, the music got louder throughout the night, and people we’re having a great time.

Deb and I were working the party hard. Keeping glasses filled and making sure the food trays were fresh. Doing a bit of cleaning here and there to stay ahead of it. But we were also freely partaking in the festivities and by 11:00 our partying overtook the hosting and it started to be really fun.

Peter and Paul stayed late and actually started ramping it up the later it got. I spent a long time partying with Paul. He was a riot and we matched each other drink for drink, laughing hysterically most of the time. Like Peter, he was tall, lean, muscular, handsome, and easy to get along with. The only major difference I could find was that Paul was black and shaved his head bald and really neither of those differences mattered much.

While Paul and I got to be fast friends, Debbie spent most of the night talking with Peter. They weren’t drinking nearly as much as Paul and me, but lots of laughing going on with those two. I had had a feeling the two of them would get along great given a good opportunity to chat and that was proving to be the case tonight. While not jealous, I definitely felt Peter’s comments about “taking it easy on her” sitting in the back of my mind as I watched them interact. I have to admit, it was exciting to watch Peter interact with Debbie. Nothing obvious was going on though, so it was probably just my over active imagination getting the best of me again.

When things finally did settle down around 2:00 am, it was the four of us left hanging out, chatting and laughing away. I was on one end of the couch, Peter was on the other. Paul was in the recliner next to Peter, and Deb was across from the couch on our ladder backed chair. We had all had our fair share of liquor by this point so the conversation was pretty open with respect to topics.

“So Peter. Did you see any married women you liked tonight? Any new targets?” Debbie teased.

“Oh come on, I’m not that bad” Peter laughingly replied. “Although….” He continued with a devious smile.

“Although what!?!?”

“Although, there was one… But I shouldn’t really say anything.” He kept going. Still with the sheepish smile.

“You are so bad!” Debbie clearly couldn’t stand not knowing. But Peter didn’t budge he just smiled knowingly.

Paul suggested that he and I make a final batch of drinks before we call it a night. Not that we needed any more to drink, but at that point, judgement wasn’t our best virtue, so the two of us proceeded to high five our way into the kitchen to hit the liquor cabinet one last time.

As soon as I got up, Debbie took my seat next to Peter on the couch saying she was going to get to the bottom of who Peter’s married target might be. And while Paul and I worked on drinks, Debbie was going to grill Peter for the information.

Even though it was just the four of us, it was still pretty noisy with music playing and our voices still in party mode. Paul and I snuck in a shot of tequila while we were mixing drinks (bartender privileges!) and we were laughing up a storm when things suddenly got just a bit quieter. Not quiet. Just not quite as loud. That’s when we noticed we were the only ones left talking. We could no longer hear Debbie and Peter. So, we grabbed the drinks and stumbled back into the living room to see if we could get the conversation going again.

I can say that while what we saw wasn’t a complete surprise to me considering the conversation Debbie and I had had during sex the previous weekend, it was still a shock to see in person. Paul on the other hand didn’t seem phased by it at all as a big grin spread across his face.

“Mmmmm, nice. Looks like Debbie found out who Paul’s target is! They’re really quite sexy together aren’t they? I think I’m going to enjoy this….”

I was still too shocked to speak, but the electricity I felt the other night when Debbie asked me all those questions about Peter as she sucked my cock was back, and it was racing throughout my body. I was tingling all over. I’m not exactly sure I emotionally liked what I was seeing but I sure was having a positive physical reaction.

Debbie and Peter were leaning into each other kissing. It wasn’t a deep sloppy mash up. It was tender, short duration, open mouthed kisses with tongues exploring each other. They were soft… And light… and looked incredibly intimate. Peter was clearly in control, but not f***eful. He had one arm around Debbie’s neck pulling her in and the other hand was gently exploring her body.

Debbie had her hands on either side of Peter’s face. Keeping his face close to hers in between their kisses. Her eyes would close as their lips met and then open as she smiled between kisses. I had to agree with Paul. They were extremely sexy together. And Debbie clearly agreed “Mmmmm… That’s nice Peter. You kiss nice.”

With that they noticed that Paul and I had returned. “Oops… Sorry baby”. She said with a little grin and giggle. “I just couldn’t help it…. But let’s have those drinks. Sit back down again and tell us what the two of you were laughing so loudly about in there!”

Paul took his old seat and I sat in the ladder back where Debbie had been sitting before I got up. Debbie stayed close against Peter on the couch and Paul told about the tequila shot and general goofiness of our “drink run” to the kitchen. While I was a lot more quiet than before, the three of them seemed to pick the conversation right back up where we had left off.

I noticed Peter’s hand on Deb’s leg. She didn’t even seem to realize how strange that was to see. He was slowly caressing her while we talked. Rubbing the top of her thigh, brushing up the inside of her thigh every so often. It was when he would hit the inside of her thigh that I noticed her reaction.

Her eyes would close a bit and she seemed to melt or relax just a bit more than she already clearly was. Eventually I saw her move her leg slightly to give him better access to the sensitive inside portion and he concentrated there, moving his hand back and forth from her knee to just below her panty line. I heard a soft moan as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back, clearly enjoying the attention. “You have amazing hands Peter… You don’t mind do you Ted? It’s just that his hands are so good.”

Peter jumped in “I’m sure Ted doesn’t mind. I’m an old guy compared to him… Can’t be a threat there. And he wouldn’t want to stop something that his wife clearly enjoys so much… Would you Ted?”

I was on autopilot by this point. Not clearly thinking about what I was saying. I was in as much of a state of trance as Debbie looked to be. “No… No. It’s good…” I heard myself say.

“Paul, why don’t you take Ted outside and smoke that hooch you brought? I think Ted might need something about now.” Peter suggested.

“Good idea buddy. I could use a toke or two myself. Do the two of you want some.”

“We’ve got some other things to do that will keep us relaxed” Debbie interjected. “You two enjoy yourselves. We’ll stay right here.” And with that she leaned her head back, relaxed her body into the couch and spread her right leg onto Peter’s lap to give him full access.

Paul grabbed my arm “Come on Ted. Let’s go blaze up a bit. Give these two some alone time.”

That woke me from my trance state enough to start moving but I was still mesmerized by the site of Peter having his way with my wife. I could now clearly see why he had so much success with his dating. His confidence was so strong that it just seemed natural for him to take her. It seemed like I was the interloper here. And Debbie clearly agreed with that. She looked so comfortable to be sitting there with her leg on his lap… opening herself to his touch.

Paul gave my arm another tug as he produced his one hitter from his coat jacket. “It’s going to be cold on the deck, but this weed is worth it.” He said as I grabbed my jacket from the hall. It was cold but not freezing. Certainly tolerable for a 10 to 15 minute smoke break. Plus once the effects started to kick in we wouldn’t mind the temperature much.

Paul packed a one hitter for me while we leaned against the deck railing. I could still see Peter and Debbie through the sliding glass door. They had gotten even more comfortable. Peter was kissing Debbie as he worked his hand on the inside of her thigh. She was completely giving herself to him at this point; legs spread a bit wider, slouching, almost lying down and giving him full access to her still clothed body.

Paul handed me the one hitter and sparked his lighter for me “Here you go buddy. Concentrate on this for a while and give them a bit of privacy. You don’t have to worry. It’s not like he’s going to steal her from you.

“He will definitely give her a good ride tonight… And probably tomorrow too” he laughed. “But, he does this all the time and it all works out well for everyone… Even the husbands end up thanking him. Not sure how he does it. But they always do.” He trailed off.

It was his turn to take a hit now and I let the effects of the good weed he was providing rush over me. I still felt the electricity from seeing Debbie with Peter but now the rush of the pot mixed into that and my whole body felt alive with energy. I always get horny when I smoke and this time was no different. I was sexually charged and that made me start to appreciate even more the events that we’re taking place inside.

“She really does seem to love it” I finally said. “I mean… You were right. They’re really sexy together. I’m not sure a husband is supposed to be happy to see his wife with another man. But god damn those two are hot!”

“I know right?” Paul responded. “I wasn’t sure how you were taking it. But I was thoroughly enjoying it. And the two of them were clearly enjoying it too. They seem to fit together so well.

“I think I’m going to need a place to crash tonight if you don’t mind? Peter always ends up staying the night and he’s my ride!”

“Of course you can stay” I responded. “You can have the guest room.”

“Cool… Where are you going to sl**p? The couch?”

I hadn’t thought about it before. I had just assumed that I would sl**p in my own bed. But Paul’s question brought home the point that Peter would be taking my bed tonight. He’d be taking my wife in my bed. I was getting harder by the minute thinking about it. Between the booze, the pot, and the sight of those two gorgeous people inside starting to make love to each other, I was in a highly charged state of sexual anticipation.

“Yeah… The couch is good for me” I said clumsily.

I looked back inside and I saw they had changed positions on the couch. Debbie was now straddling Peter as he relaxed back into the couch. She had her hands up under his shirt caressing his chest as they talked and laughed. Then she leaned down in for another kiss. His hands slid up her back under her shirt. I could see her start to grind down on his lap as they kissed.

As she sat back up she moved her hands down between her legs and started to massage his groin. I heard Paul chuckle as I saw her face change expression to somewhere between shock and delight. “I think she just found Peter’s prize package.” Paul said and I noticed him staring just as intently at them as I was. “This is going to be tough. I get horny when I smoke and those two are like watching a porno! Hope you don’t get offended if I eventually have to whip it out… Cause I’m not sure I’m going to be able to stop myself!”

“No offense at all” I replied. “I’ll probably be right there next to you doing the same thing!”

“That’s the spirit. Now you’re rolling with it. You don’t get many opportunities like this, so you might as well find a way to enjoy it when you do!

“I’ve been in this situation a number of times with Peter” he continued, “and I can tell you that this is going to be a long night for those two. So take it slow. You don’t want to blow your enthusiasm too quickly so to say.”

“Well, Debbie tends to be a one and done kind of girl, so maybe tonight won’t be quite as long as you’re used to”

“Maybe… But I’d still stay prepared for a full night of activity. Peter has a tendency to get women to want more… And more!” He laughed.

It was clear there was something special going on inside between those two and I really was starting to enjoy it all. I wanted it to last a while. I wanted Debbie to love every minute. To have an amazing night. To thoroughly enjoy things and completely surrender herself.

“Here, have one more hit and then we’ll head back inside” Paul said as he handed me a packed one hitter. “We’re going to need this to keep up with Peter.” And with that I took a long, deep drag off the pipe and let the effects wash over me as Paul and I stared intently at the performance playing out through the glass doors.

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