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Pink Flowers

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Pink Flowers

“You’re such a pain!”

“You’re so bossy!”

The two girls spoke at once, unwilling to let each other be heard. Then all at once they fell silent.

“Do you think… are we s*sters?”

“Yes! I think so! I knew I sensed something between us!” Willow replied to Tara, excitedly, and gave the girl a hug.

The hug was nice, but in a slightly uncomfortable way, somehow. It was very unnerving to have no memory of anything but the last five minutes. They only knew their own names from their driver’s licenses!

The two girls crouching by the counter had no identification – until the older one noticed the younger girl’s necklace.

“At least you have a name: Dawn!” It was the perfect name, the older girl thought, smiling.

“Would you like me to name you?” said Dawn, smiling brightly. She was very taken with her mysterious new friend.

“No… I want to be… Joan.”

Dawn made a face at this. “Maybe Joanie? That seems a little more right for you.”

“Joanie…” the older girl said to herself. “Yes, I like Joanie. I’m Joanie!” She took Dawn’s hands, laughing.

Willow’s terrible spell would not be broken while the spell’s crystal remained intact. And it had worked too well: her friends had lost all of their memories, and Willow herself did not even remember burning the magical pink flowers to cast the spell. She had no idea that the crystal in her pocket was the key to restoring their missing past. She sat with Alexander, her boyfriend it would seem, and her s*ster Tara, wondering what could possibly have had this effect on everyone.

Soon, however, memory loss didn’t seem scary at all. Not compared to the snarling, fanged vampires attacking this strange shop. Real vampires! It was nearly unbelievable. Everyone cowered as far from the door as possible, looking everywhere for a good escape route and finding none.

Anya and Rupe, the couple who owned the store, were trying without success to determine what might be useful for defending themselves. It appeared to be a magic store – a REAL magic store – which seemed slightly less far-fetched now that vampires were pounding on the door. Rupert’s son Randy seemed fascinated by the creatures, who – fortunately – appeared to be unable to enter the building.

Only Joanie seemed strangely unafraid. Dawn clung to her, whimpering, “Please Joanie, don’t let them hurt me!”

And just minutes ago, terrified at her loss of memory, she had been begging Joanie herself not to hurt her! But Dawn felt a natural bond with Joanie, and found it easy to trust her completely. The older girl wrapped her in her arms and stroked her hair. “Shhhh…. I won’t let anything hurt you.” Joanie was so sweet and beautiful!

A thought suddenly struck Willow. “I think you two are kinda gay!”

Joanie and Dawn looked at one another.

“Let’s look back here for something useful,” said Dawn, pulling Joanie by the hand into a back room. She closed the door behind them and sat with her nameless friend on the couch, her fear nearly forgotten. She had a private thought to share. “Maybe… you’re my girlfriend!” said Dawn.

Joanie said nothing, but she found herself relishing the look of adoration on Dawn’s face. An idea came to her. “Key?”


“Do you have a key?”

“A key? What kind of key? I don’t think so.” But Dawn did find one in the pocket of her jeans. Joanie, too, located what appeared to be her own house key.

Both keys were a perfect match! They were indeed lovers, and lived together. Joanie was delighted, but not surprised – it just felt right. She lowered her face close to Dawn’s, and the two fell into a deep kiss. Dawn’s kiss was strange but electrifying – it was as though she had never kissed before, yet it was filled with intense passion.

“It’s so romantic!” breathed Dawn. “Even without our memories nothing can come between us!” She wondered how they had first met – she was sure it must have been like living in a fairy tale.

“Oh, Dawnie,” said Joanie, overcome by a surge of emotion, “How could I deserve you?” She pushed Dawn down on the couch and began kissing her neck, and then the line of exposed stomach at her waist. Kisses turned to warm, wet, licks. Dawn closed her eyes and felt her shirt coming unbuttoned, then her pants, then… the most incredible touches… the most intimate kisses…

Joanie was amazingly strong, and moved her body over, around, and under Dawn, exploring every inch of her lover as though it were the first time. Dawn stretched and turned automatically, following her lover’s movements– they must have been together like this a thousand times. Dawn doubted that she could ever return the slow, mounting pleasure Joanie had just shown her, or the blinding climax that Joanie’s lips had teased into being. But she did her best, helping Joanie out of her pants and turning pure, eternal love into physical sensation. It was as though the two lovers had just found one another after a long parting. It was incredible. Tears of joy streamed down the girl’s faces, and nothing in the world mattered except one another.

Joanie’s expression turned subtly to horror as the ecstasy of their shared love making gradually faded. Dawn removed her fingers from her lover and looked at them in disbelief. The two girls suddenly shoved each other away, and Dawn scurried behind the couch, clutching her discarded clothing.

Willow was appalled at what she had done. That spell could have gone on for months! By sheer luck, she had dropped the crystal in the Magic Box’s bathroom and shattered it. Memory had come flooding back. S*sters! Her and Tara! She started to laugh. Then she grew very solemn and carefully picked up the pieces of the crystal. She flushed them down the toilet. Tara must never know what she had done.

Judging by the sounds of mayhem coming from the shop, Buffy had her memory back too. Willow emerged to see the last vampire explode into dust at the door of the building. Xander and Tara seemed much relieved to be back to normal. Giles, Anya, and Spike were acting rather embarrassed, though– they had believed themselves to be a f*mily, right down to the petty fighting.

Dawn stood in the doorway of the back room, very dishevelled and looking like she was about to faint. She must have broken down in fright. Thank goodness Buffy had been inclined to take care of her.

A short while later, back at home, the Slayer and her s*ster – or at least, the Key masquerading as her s*ster – had Willow cornered. “Please, Willow, you have to do your memory spell again!” said Buffy, practically begging.

“No way! I can’t.” Willow shook her head, very distraught and wanting to end this conversation before anyone overheard. She was afraid it was just a matter of time before the witch she loved discovered she had broken her vow to give up magic. “I really screwed up, big time, and if Tara figures out it was me… I’m afraid… I’m afraid she’s going to leave me!”

“I know, it’s a very bad spell, I agree, but… it’s kind of an emergency.” Buffy and Dawn both seemed extremely uncomfortable about something.

“I hardly have any flowers left anyway, I don’t think I can…” Willow’s words came to a halt. A pair of pink panties had just fallen from Buffy’s jacket sleeve. This was odd in itself, but something else was strange… that underwear just wasn’t Buffy’s style.

The three girls looked down at the panties for several moments, not speaking, then Dawn snatched them up hastily and stuffed them into her pocket. Both s*sters had turned bright red.

Willow’s mouth opened in astonishment and she simply stared at her two friends with wide eyes. Then she snapped out of it. “Two memory spells, coming right up!”

Willow gave them each a single small flower– the last she had– and muttered a few secret words that would bring out the magic of the plant. “Now, tonight, the two of you must eat your pink flowers–” Buffy and Dawn blushed an entirely new shade. Willow continued, flustered, “just swallow them some time before you go to sl*ep!”

That evening, Buffy and Dawn passed in the hall, heading to their beds. “That plant tasted kinda gross,” said Dawn, awkwardly.

“Yeah, it kind of did. I can feel it starting to do something though.”

“Me too.”

“Good. Um. Well, see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah. G’night.”

At breakfast the next morning, Willow asked how the flowers worked. Buffy and Dawn greeted this question with blank stares. Good. “I meant the flour. I used a different kind of flour in the pancakes!”

The Summers s*sters agreed that the pancakes were just fine.

It was really very odd – Willow did not know what to make of it. When she emptied the bathroom wastebasket a few days later, there were two tiny pink flowers in the bottom. She was very observant of the Summers girls from then onwards, and couldn’t help as they flirted with each other when they thought nobody was watching.

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