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Powell Redhead

As i said in the subject my favorite color is red, doubly so when it comes to red heads.

And red heads it what this story is about. The first time i ever had sex in public was at Powell’s books. I was wondering around the fantasy section, then there she was, a D cup thin legged red head, hot as could be, wearing skinny black jeans, and a white tank top and push up bra. She followed the Portland puck scene a bit because from where I was standing i could see that her nipples were pierced. When I got behind her, pretending to look at the books in front of her I could see down her shirt at those pretty pink nipples. I knew then that I had to fuck this girl.

So I bumped into her by ‘accident’ and excused myself. After a bit of talking she smiled at me and touched my arm, now i’m not a bad looking guy, a few tattoos, 5’10, 210, little bigger around the waist. But i had something other guys didn’t and that was confidence. I touched her shoulder and told her she was really pretty and that I would like to go out with her sometime to get a drink or maybe buy her coffee. She laughed and told me that she was only in town for the next day or so, and was returning to California for school. I thought that I wasn’t going to get to fuck her. Well i was wrong.

We walked around Powell for a bit, till we found the bathrooms on the third floor. She grabbed my hand and we darted in together before anyone could see us. She sat me down and placed my empty pack on the ground and stepped inside of it so if anyone came in, only one set of feet would be seen. She starts gyrating and erotically pushing her self on me, rubbing against my hard rod like there was no tomorrow, I was getting so hard, and she could tell. She kissed me with lips the same pink as the nipples I wanted to see so badly. She had everything off except for the black bra and panty set.

Then as my cock was getting so hard, hard enough that I could feel my heartbeat in my pants, she unzipped my pants and pushed aside the boxers to see a surprise. She assumed a white guy wouldn’t have such a nice 8 inch cock. extremely thick in the middle, and thick all the way down. She smiled lavishly as she put her mouth down, brushing her hard to the side. Her mouth was cold as first, but as it grew warmer, her talent with her tongue started to show. She was gliding up and down on it, pumping it with her hand, after about fifteen minutes of this and my white reward shot deep into her mouth. She moaned as she took every drop and pulled her head up, mouth open, eyed glazed. She was so horny that it wasn’t funny.

After she cleaned my cock of every drop, She pulled out a condom from my bag. I told her that she better be ready. She was smiling, quite as she slipped it on with her mouth. She took off those panty’s and bra, finally the pink nipples that I wanted to see for so long were in front of me. She mount me so I could feel the nipples in my mouth. and as I was sucking on them she slammed down on my cock. She was so wet that there was no friction except for the fact that she was the tightest thing i’d ever been in, my cock was so thick and hard from all the teasing and masterful blowjob that i was thrusting into her and almost touching her womb.

She moaned a little and then went quite, a moment later someone came into the bathroom and took a piss, I was flexing my hard cock inside of her while she was still waiting for the man to finish washing his hands. She couldn’t take it and was wrapping her arms and head around my neck. trying to hold in the orgasm that was creeping up on her. She then started to move her hips up and down really fast, building up to another orgasm. I could feel the juices pouring down the sides of her and my legs. She was in pure joy. So I picked her up and put her against the wall, since we were in the last stall, and started fucking her full f***e. the ten minutes of slow fucking had taking its toll and I needed to fuck her till I came, she was cumming almost every-time I thrusted into her, I could tell because her sweet pussy was almost ripping my cock off. I was about to cum and she knew she, pushed me back onto the toilet and proceeded to suck me faster and more skillful then before. I came even harder then before, cum dripping from her mouth to my legs. It was one of the best orgasms of my life, I came twice while she sucked me off, one after the other. She then cleaned me up and sucked on my balls for a few minutes thanking them for the present she had received. She gave me her number, and I gave her mine, the next summer she came up, we fucked all day everyday for about three weeks.

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