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Preacher’s Wife’s Birthday Preparations.

This is a continuation of the events described under the title Minister***** there are probably 4 stories. You can probably get the gist without reading the earlier stories. However, if you want to be fully up to speed better start at the beginning.

On the way home from the clothes fitting in the city Jonny sat in the back with Preacher John’s wife. She had been up for the fitting and purchase of the designer clothes from her skin out. Jonny had told Angela, often referred to as Ange Babe, that he would loan her the money for the purchases. Before they left the studio there had been no mention of the cost. Jonny seemed to be a great friend of the designer, June, and June had simply said to Jonny “I will send you the invoice, 30 days to pay as usual.”

Angela was anxious about he cost but Jonny had told her not to worry about it as they would be able to come to an agreement. Now Angela could hold back no longer. “Jonny how much did the clothes cost? Where will I keep them so Preacher John doesn’t find them?” “Ah no problem,I will keep them for you. Don’t worry about the cost.” “Jonny I want to know what I owe you. I have never been in debt and I don’t intend to start now.” “Ok Ange babe it’s only £3000 roughly, may be slightly more but probably not £4000.” Angela’s heart skipped many beats when she hear the cost. In the whole of her life she had probably not spent so much on clothes.

“Jonny I could never find that sort of money with out raiding our savings and that would cause Preacher John to ask questions.” “Babe I told you not to worry. Remember these clothes are for when you are e****ting business men. They will be paying for the honour of having you on their arm, so that will pay back the outlay over time. I am confident we will do well, so the money is my investment in you. Preacher will never know anything about it.” “Ok but I am anxious.” “Babe you keep me sweet and I will be in no rush to get the money back quickly. So far you have been doing really well. I was very pleased how you looked after me on the way to the studio and how you behaved in the studio. You were hot. June told me she really enjoyed how you took care of her needs. Toy boy was over the moon too. Usually he is not permitted to participate. He told me any time you want a return he is up for that. So all in all you are doing really well.”

Ange and Jane as you know I took video of the goings on in the studio. I would like you to give me a release to do as I wish with the video. Would that be ok with both of you. Ange with the cost of the clothes hanging over her commented “Jonny, I will sign but I want an assurance that the people of our town will not see it. In other words, I would not agree to having it on wide spread release on the internet but if your release is for your private login website, that will be ok.”

Jane was surprised that Jonny was asking for a release at all. “Jonny, why do you want a release?” “Oh that is only for my protection. You might at a later time decide to object and say you didn’t know you were being videoed. If you want I can mask your face a bit. Would that satisfy you?” “Oh that would be ok. Thanks.” “I will get the release drawn up and bring it to both of you later.”

Jane dropped Jonny off at his car and continued to take Ange back to her home. Preacher John greeted them at the door. Giving Ange a kiss on the cheek. Jane also got a hug and an air kiss on each cheek. Ange was worried he would smell her sex off her but no comment was made.

When they were alone Angela started to work on John. First she was on his lap kissing him passionately. Taking his hand she put it up her skirt. “Oh my you have been missing me. You are quite wet.” With that Angela took his hand and led him to the bedroom where they always had sex (the only place). Angela I have something I need to do so I cannot take long making love to you. “Ok but I need you right now. Angela lay on top of the bed lifted her skirt and spread her legs. “Oh Angela you have no knickers on. Were you out with no knickers and no bra on?” “Oh I went to the ladies and took them off they are in my handbag. I knew you would be busy when I got home but I want you to make love to me, so I didn’t want you to have to waste time as I undressed. With that Angela unfastened John’s trousers and dropped them and his underpants to the floor. Angela lay back on the bed, legs wide open and held her hands out inviting John to get on top. John got on top and immediately pushed into Angela. After a further two thrusts he came and saying “Thank you.” He got up leaving Angela unsatisfied. At least she would have been if she hadn’t had many orgasms earlier in the day at the studio.

It was two weeks before Ange babe heard from Jonny, she knew he would be in touch. “Ange we need to have a talk. After dark I want you to come to my house. He gave her the address.” Nice address Ange thought. “I will be there.” Ange wondered: is this for sex or what?

When she arrived Jonny was in a dressing gown, so Ange guessed he was naked below. It wasn’t long before she had her thoughts confirmed. Jonny sat down on the sofa, legs spread wide, with is cock showing through where the dressing gown sides didn’t cross over. Patting the sofa beside him inviting Ange to join him. “Ange, been a while since I have had my cock sucked or wanked. Which do you want to do now, while we talk.” “Oh, my choice would be wank you but if you want a suck I will do that.” “Ok suck me but concentrate on what I am telling you.” “Jonny you know I will. I always want to please you.”

“Ange as you know I was intending to have you earn the money for your clothes back by e****ting. I am finding it is going slowly, so in the meantime I want you to help me grow my number of e****ts.” “Oh Jonny I would do that if I could but I have no idea how to do that.” “Ange I have the answer for you. Your church choir has some choice widows, MILFs and Cougars even if they don’t know it yet. It also has some prime virgins too. I want you to recruit them to my e****t service.” “Oh Jonny they would never become e****ts.” “They would if there was something they didn’t want people to know. So you should make good friends with them and find out their secrets. I will give you a clue, many times church women have fantasies about the minister. Obviously they don’t broadcast it but you can work from that angle on them. Find out who has that fantasy. When you have about six prospects, let me know and I will tell you how to go forward with the plan. By the way you have a birthday coming up and Pastor John will be helping us with the plan.”

Before you go, Ange babe, I want to show you how to use a butt plug. “What’s a butt plug and why would I want to use one? Jonny.” “If you remember at the studio toy boy wanted to put his cock I your sweet virgin ass. I saved you from that by telling him that was mine. Now I don’t want you to be hurt if I can help it, so I am going to start you off with a small butt plug. The objective of a butt plug is to intensify your orgasm because you will feel much more filled up with a cock in your cunt and a butt plug in your ass.” Jonny produced a black butt plug and lubrication. “Ange, I want you to lubricate this plug.” Ange did as she was told and lubricated the plug. “Now lubricate your index finger and stuck it in you ass.” “Oh my that is like when I am passing a hard stool.” “Right babe now lubricate your thumb and put it in you ass while you put you index finger in your cunt and simultaneously play with your clit using your thumb.” “Oh Jonny, I see what you mean about it making whats in my cunt feel tighter.” “Now babe take the butt plug and slip it into you ass hole. You might have to work at that at first until you learn how to relax your sphincter muscles but it will come. Take it home with you and work in it daily. Ange babe do I get anything for being so kind to you. As you know I could have let toy boy violate your ass hole.” “Oh Jonny you are so good to me I will give you anything I can. I hope you know that.” “Show me how much.” Ange pushed Jonny into a dining room chair that had no arms, after first having dropped his trousers and boxers. She then lubricated her cunt letting him see the preparations. Slowly she advanced on Jonny whose cock was standing to attention by this time. Ange took hold of it and positioned it at the opening of her cunt and in one quick lunge she put the cock full length into her cunt yelling “Yee ha” as she did it. She then rode Jonny like a bucking bronco for ½ an hour before asking “Is it ok if I go now? Preacher John will be in soon for his tea.” Jonny said “Ok I wouldn’t want to deprive Preacher of his tea. As he is having his tea I want you to get down under the table, Take out his cock and give him a blow job. Don’t stop until he has finished his tea or when he asks you to stop what ever comes first. Oh and txt me a pic of his cock when it is fully erect. Be sure to tell him that you are taking that picture. If he asks why you are taking a picture,tell him you want to look at it when he is too busy to make love to you.”

To be continued.

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