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Pregnant from my Step-Son (True Story) Part 2

Part 1 concluded with the arrival at LHR (London Heathrow Airport). For a better understanding you should read the previous part first.

We had rent a two bedroom flat, one bedroom for me, one bedroom for my stepson and a living room.
The rooms of flats are really small in London.

The “best” thing was the shower which was a tub and then covered with a curtain. It was a chamber-like room without a door. At least the WC was separated and ok.

My strategy was to use the shower when my step-son would not be at home to avoid embarrassing situations.

We couldn’t renovate the flat much because of the currency exchange. The Pakistani currency has a much lower value then GBP and my husband would send us money and we need to be careful.

Because of this, me and my stepson would share the same wardrobe!

And thats what caused the first embarrassing situation. I was standing close to the wardrobe to set in the clothes and his job was to hand me over the clothes. At some point we reached to my lingerie!

It was already a bit awkward that he as my step-son would touch my lingerie and then on top of that when it came to my sexy lingerie (bra’s, thongs, sexy nighties, stockings, velcro panties (exist only for one thing in my opinion), my step-son “tried” to flatter me.

He would whistle when he would hand me over my sexy lingerie and when it came to my velcro panty he said:

“Ouhhhhh, this is a special one”.

While saying it he opened the velcro like a man would be before having sex with me.

It was really awkward and I laughed it away but he must be thinking that I am a really horny woman (which I am, the velcro is really for only one use case and that is to wear it under a dress for a party or so where the chance for a quickie is very high and you cant undress fully for some reason), but hey its my step-son in the end of the day, ok we got a good friendly friendship but still very awkward.

But when the opened that velcro, I had again that feeling that lightning hit my vagina as it was the feeling in the plane (part 1).

One more awkward thing was that as I explained in part 1, that I covered my erotic body parts with a veil in front of him, the could read the signs on my lingerie which the sizes and measurements. So from facts & figures point of view he now very well know my measurements. I felt a bit “exposed” and “naked” in that situation.

As it was the first evening we ordered food from outside and given that we had traveled as well, we decided to go to bed early.

As I was in my bed and trying to sl**p my vagina was really itching and craving for a nice penis which could satisfy me given the fact that my husband is a 0 in bed and I was already frustrated (part 1).

I rubbed my vagina a bit – but not too much – I don’t like to masturbate and like to save my hornyness for real sex. Before going to bed I had changed my underwear and had seen the result of my vagina leaking in the plane (part 1). When I thought about that while gently rubbing my vagina, it started to leak again a bit.

Around the same time my step-son stepped into the room (without asking and the so called “door” which was a curtain for my room was open).

He came to say “good-night” and wanted to “thank” me that I was staying with him in London (in a not-to-well maintained flat rather than staying in our house in Pakistan). He gave me a kiss on my cheek and then on my forehead.

OMG! Thank God I was covered with the blanket, my right hand was still at/around my vagina and the moment he kissed me, I really felt how my vagina was leaking, as if you would open a bottle of water and turn it around then you would hear how the water is streaming out, or like when a man cums then the penis twitches and like that my vagina was twitching while leaking.

I was really horny and craved for a PENIS! And SPERMS! and that as soon as possible! The moment he was out of the room I was thinking how to arrange a one night stand in London, given the fact that I couldn’t take that whoever the man would be to my home.

After a few minutes he asked me – this time not coming into my room – where the laundry was.

Back in Pakistan, I would have a separate laundry as I was a woman, so not to mix up and not to “give access” to my lingerie to someone else.

In London it was a different game. I assumed that he was going to bed as well and he would change underwear of course. As a result, he would put it in the same basket where my bra and panty which I wore over the day were already lying.

I was also feeling “exposed” and “naked” again given the fact that my vagina leaked in the plane and if he would “check” my panty then he would see the result of that as well which I had seen when I was changing clothes a few minutes ago.

This concludes part 2. Let me know your feedback in the comments.

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:28 pm

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