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Pt 2 Encounter with Mom’s Boyfriend

After a rather intense shower, I finished getting myself ready. Somehow I’d managed to blow dry and straighten my hair in less than twenty minutes… that rarely ever happened. While I was working on my make up, I was trying to figure out what I’d wear — the only problem was I didn’t know where he was taking me.
When I’d finished applying some eyeliner, mascara and some nude lipstick, I headed back to my bedroom and was prepared to rummage through my closet to piece together an outfit. There, on my bed, was a little black dress all laid out. It was gorgeous! The dress had black lace detailing throughout the bodice, and had a corset style back. Surprisingly, the plunging neckline wasn’t something that bothered me, but then I realized how incredibly short it was. I held it up against my towel clad frame, taking it in for size.
“Do you like it?” his voice called from the doorway.
He scared me, and I spun around, gasping. “Jesus! Don’t scare me like that!”
With a soft laugh, he entered my bedroom, his eyes scanning me over like he was imagining me wearing the dress. “The colour will look exquisite against your snow coloured skin.”
“It’s very, very short.” I said softly, turning to look at myself in the mirror. “I’d be lucky if it just covers my ass.”
Although I didn’t see it, I could hear him smiling. There was a sense of satisfaction in his voice, “That’s the point. Put it on, I’ll tie the back for you.” He didn’t even give me time to protest, his fingers hooked the back of my towel and he began tugging it off.
“I don’t even have undergarments on!”
“You won’t need them, not with that dress, and certainly not where we’re going.”
Lowering the dress, I stepped into it, and slipped my arms through the rather bold straps. He came up behind me and gently began to work the lacing. Every second I felt the dress tighten around my curvy frame, it fit snugly, and as I watched in the mirror, I decided I actually looked quite nice in it. The contrast between the dark material and my skin was, as he said, exquisite. The lace added some elegance, while the neckline and the length gave it sex appeal.
When he finished, he stepped away and out of the reflection of the mirror so I could fully examine myself. It was so short… much shorter than I envisioned. The dress wasn’t even long enough to fully cover my ass cheeks, which also meant if I wasn’t careful my lower folds would also be visible. The material just covered my breasts as well.
“I’m supposed to go out looking like this?” I asked, shocked.
“You look very beautiful. And yes, you are.” he replied, “You can wear that long peacoat of yours until we get in the car, and when we get to where I’m taking you, the dress is all you’ll wear.”
I looked back in the mirror hesitantly. I should have told him no, that I wasn’t going to go anywhere in this flashy dress, but I found myself nodding my head in agreement.
“Good,” he said, delighted, “Get some heels, and your coat, and we’ll go in a few minutes.”
A few minutes was all it took for him to get ready. His hair was always styled the same, and was gently spiked in the front. When he returned to my room, he was wearing a pair of black trousers, and a black button up dress shirt. I’d already put my favorite black heels and peacoat on, and was ready to go. With the jacket it was incredibly difficult to tell what I was sporting underneath, it came down to the top of my knees. At least the neighbors wouldn’t be suspicious.
We headed down to the car, he opened the door for me, and I climbed in carefully so not to flash passerby’s. He went around the other side after closing my door, started the engine, and pulled away from the curb.
“Once we’re at the end of the block, that jacket comes off.” he stated. “You’ll be the highlight where we’re going.”
“Where are we going?” I asked, just now realizing he hadn’t told me earlier.
“It’s a surprise, you’ll see. Okay, coat off.”
We’d reached the end of the block, and I leaned forward to allow myself room to pull my arms out of the sleeves. The jacket remained behind me, keeping me warm from the cool leather seat. I’d never felt so exposed before, anyone who happened to look at the car as we drove past would be able to tell I was hardly wearing anything. He must have been able to tell I was nervous, because I started pulling at the material to try cover myself.
“You look beautiful, don’t even worry about it.” he said, his right hand reaching to gently pat against my bare thigh. “Be careful not to pull too hard at the lace, its delicate and I’d hate for you to ruin it.”
I nodded my head gently, and half expected him to return his hand back to the steering wheel, but he didn’t. Instead, it rose higher on my thigh and pushed the hem back to where it originally was before his fingers gently slipped between my thighs. I could feel his pinky finger lightly brush against my folds, and my legs automatically spread just enough to allow him room.
“I was just looking for a place to rest my hand, doll. I wasn’t looking to make an advance.” he told me.
My cheeks began to grow warm, no doubt in my mind they would be turning a nice shade of red. “Oh.” I was so embarrassed!
Just when I tried to press my thighs back together, I felt his hand adjust, “But if you’re so eager….” He left his sentence unfinished, and I felt his middle finger press down the length of my folds, and carefully work its way between them. “Lean your chair back a little, spread your legs again.”
I did as I was told and adjusted myself. With the position of his hand, the top of his finger was pressed against my clit, while the tip gently prodded at the opening of my pussy. It was such a good tease. The fact that we were driving and I was wearing next to nothing warmed up to me soon, too. Within about two minutes he could feel me getting turned on, I grew moist under his touch and he’d release a soft “Good girl.”
“That feels so good.” I moaned quietly. My hips began to roll against his hand, greedily encouraging more action from him.
“We’re about to hit the freeway, are you sure you want my finger in your cunt? Someone will definitely see you.” he warned.
“Please.” I begged. I pressed myself more firmly against his hand, and without hesitation his middle finger pressed through the threshold and slipped into my already moist pussy. I spread my legs as far as I could within the confines of the car, and his finger began to slowly pump in and out of my sex.
“Fuck, you’re so wet already.” he stated.
“I’m wet because of you.” I moaned to him.
A smile crossed his lips, and his finger plunged deeper, curling within my walls. He was trying to hit my g-spot, but with him driving it wasn’t exactly easy for him to get the proper angle. His finger continued to curl several more times before he slowly withdrew and brought his hand to my face. “Open your mouth.” he demanded. Without thinking twice, I did, and his wet finger was placed between my teeth. “Close.” And I did. I wrapped my lips tightly around his finger, and swirled my tongue beneath his salty tasting digit suggestively — the same way I’d suck his cock, and he seemed to have realized this.
“Dirty girl,” he growled softly, “Too bad its just my finger in that delicious mouth.”
I smiled at him, but he was too distracted and didn’t see it. He was doing a shoulder check before merging onto the freeway where hundreds of other cars were also driving. He tugged his finger from my mouth, and let my own taste linger.
“And if it wasn’t just your finger in my mouth…?” I bravely asked.
“Then we’d probably have been in an accident by now. I’m a good driver, but it’d be hard to concentrate on the road with your mouth around my cock.”
The thought of giving him road head made my pussy begin to tingle. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try, but I didn’t want to put us at risk. My hands slid between my thighs, and I dared to press my middle finger between my folds while he drove.
“Something on your mind?” he asked having noticed my hand movement.
“Um, just… you know…” I replied shyly.
“No, I don’t know. I’m not a psychic. Tell me.”
“Just… having your hard cock in my mouth while you drive. My tongue lapping up your precum. And… the thought of someone seeing us.” I admitted finally.
“Ah, so you’re warming up to the risk of getting caught, huh?” he said with a barely there smile.
His hand moved down to his trousers, and without struggle he managed to get them undone. “I love the idea of someone seeing me. You have no idea how many times I’ve jerked off in this car while driving home.” He was slipping his hand into his trousers, and pushed the front of his boxers down as far as he could in order to expose his semi hard cock. “Can you make me fully hard without touching me?”
My right eyebrow perked in interest, “Without touching you? I… I mean… maybe…”
“If you can, I’ll drive the rest of the way with my dick hanging out. Maybe then I’ll let you touch me.”
The idea was appealing, I couldn’t deny that. But I knew in order to accomplish this, I had to risk more, myself.
“Okay.” I said softly.
I leaned my chair back a little more, just enough that if someone was passing on my side of the road it’d be more difficult for them to see me. I then tugged the front of my dress, parting the plunging neckline so that my breasts were completely exposed. The cool air in the car had my nipples harden instantly, and goosebumps formed over my skin. With my dress already hiked up my thighs, I simple parted my legs once again and gave him a nice view by turning in my seat. My hand went back to my pussy, and my middle finger found itself gliding around in my wetness, lapping it up.
His cock twitched when he glanced over, but it didn’t instantly get harder. “Go on….” he said, his voice growing husky.
“Mmm…” I moaned softly as I drew my finger up to my clit and softly began to rub in a circular motion. It felt good already with how wet I was, and soon I was forgetting about the other cars passing by. “I wish this was your cock,” I told him, “I’d love to feel it grind against me.”
He twitched again, “Yea? What else would you love?”
I continued circling my clit for a bit longer before pressing my finger down to my tight little opening, teasing it by pressing just the tip of my finger within those tight walls. “I’d love to feel you teasing me, allowing me to feel just the tip of your cock before making me beg for it.” I’m not sure where I was finding the courage to speak like this, but I was kind of liking it. “I bet that would feel sooo good.”
He seemed to like this idea. Another twitch, and I could see him hardening. “Good girl. I want you to push your finger as far as you can into that little cunt, fuck yourself for me.”
I bit down onto my bottom lip before I pressed my finger into my sex, diving in as far as I could before slowly withdrawing. The motion was repeated over and over, my pace quickening without realizing it. I was lost in my own little world now thinking about his cock and the way it would feel fucking me. I was craving him now that I could see him and how turned on he was. The thought of him being turned on aroused me as well, and a white ring of cream gathered at the base of my finger.
“Holy fuck… I’d say you did a good job, darling. I don’t even know if I can continue driving.” he groaned. His left hand dropped to his hardened member and his digits wrapped around its girth to begin stroking.
“Then don’t drive. Pull over.” I moaned.
There were always little pull off areas on the freeway. Some had rest stops, others had trash bins, and they were almost always empty. They were originally built for truckers to pull over and sl**p, but no one else seemed to use them. I heard the sound of his turning signal, and he pulled the car over to the side and put the car in park. He continued stroking himself just as I continued fingering my cunt, the sound of my wetness emanated and it had him growling in pleasure.
“Get in the back seat, I don’t care how you get there, but get there now.”
He pulled up his pants and got out of the driver seat, and went around to the back passenger door and got in. I adjusted my dress and did the same thing, and then climbed in to sit beside him. He wasted no time in getting his hands on me. He was grabbing at my hips and tugging me towards him, drawing me onto his lap. Once I straddled him, he reached to his pants again and pulled his cock out. He guided the thick head towards my wet pussy lips and teasingly drew it across my folds. “Is this what you were wanting?” he asked, his voice deeper, huskier.
“Mmm, yes!” I moaned.
My hips rolled forward in attempt to feel more of his length, but his strong hand held me in place.
“Don’t. Or I’ll have to put my cock away.” he warned.
He had every intention on teasing me and making me beg for him, I thought.. I’d said it myself I wanted it like that. I felt him lift off of the back seat just enough for the head of his dick to press between my folds before he completely sat down again with a knowing grin on his face.
“You’re so wet, baby girl, and I haven’t even done anything to you yet.”
“You don’t have to do much, I just want you so fucking bad.” I whimpered.
Cars continued to race on by, the freeway was getting busier but no one had pulled over to our rest area yet. Thankfully the back windows were tinted so it was hard to make out what we were doing, but if anyone stopped in front of us they’d get full view of my ass and my cunt taking his cock.
“Yea? Well….” he paused and his hips pressed upwards quickly, forcing himself into my waiting pussy all in one go, “It’s a good thing I want you just as badly, huh?”
He smiled at me once more, and both hands found their place on my hips. He guided me down until every inch of his member disappeared. My mouth fell open and a long drawn out moan escaped me. I could feel my sex stretching to accommodate him, I’d never been with someone so large before! His hands held me tightly, keeping me anchored to him when he began to rock his hips upwards. I leaned forward and placed my hands at the top of the back seat in order to keep myself still for him, and he seemed to have liked this since my breasts were now inches from his face.
“Fuuuuck!” I moaned loudly.
“That’s it, baby girl. I’m gonna fuck you so good you’ll be craving me later.” he groaned.
He leaned back against the seat and his hands began pushing and tugging at my hips so that I would rock back and forth against him. For now I kept as much of his cock within the confines of my walls, feeling him that deep was amazing, anyways. Soon he would not only feel my wetness, but hear it too, and he groaned again in approval. The sheer sound had him lifting me up slightly so that he could visually examine our sexes.
“God damn, you’re creaming all over me.” he said, his eyes quickly shooting upwards to mine.
“You feel so fucking good…” I told him.
His head tilted back against the seat, and his eyes fell shut momentarily when he pulled my hips back down only to guide me upwards again. He was non-verbally telling me what he wanted, and what he wanted was for me to fuck him. So I did. I placed my hands against his chest and sat up as much as I could with the low ceiling of the car and began to ride him. Air was sucked between his teeth before he released a guttural moan.
We’d been so busy, we didn’t notice a car pull into the rest area. The lone driver turned off the engine and lights, and was opened the door to get out. It was the sound of the door closing that grabbed my attention, and I leaned down quickly. “Shit, someone’s coming.”
The driver came over to the window and tapped with his key. He was quite young, maybe a few years older than me, and pretty good looking. “I uh… I can see you two in there, and this is a really shitty time to interrupt, so I apologize in advance. I’m having some engine trouble, would it be possible to borrow a cell phone to call for a tow truck?”
“Really poor time to be interrupting, mate. Tell ya what, give me ten minutes and then you can use my phone. I can’t be disappointing my girl now.”
“Right, uhm, yea… okay. I’ll just….” and the stranger pointed to his car, indicating he’d wait there.
“So much for the tinted windows…” I laughed softly.
“Who cares? Not like he knows us.” he whispered. “Now, where were we?” He gave his hips a roll, I could feel he was still hard despite having been interrupted. “Mmm, yes…. right here.”
I smiled down at him and sat up again. His hands drew to my breasts and he began to fondle them, most likely giving the guy a show IF he could still see us. I began to roll my hips again, pushing forward then drawing back again, though this time I quickened my pace.
“That’s it, baby girl… just like that. You’re gonna make me fucking cum if you keep up like that.” he groaned.
I said nothing, and instead went for a soft moan while my head tilted back. My pace was steady and quick, though not because I wanted him to cum quickly, but because knowing the random guy outside was most likely watching had me feeling hot. The pleasure was building quickly, much more quickly than I anticipated. A tremble in my legs threw me off pace and I started fucking him erratically. The tremble took over my entire body, and I would be left a quivering mess slouching over him, panting loudly. “Fuuuuuck!” It felt like the orgasm lasted much longer than it generally did, but over my loud moaning I didn’t hear him groaning along with me. His cock quivered between my contracting walls, and he came inside me.
“Fucking hell. That… was amazing.” he said between breaths. “I feel bad now, I don’t have anything for you to use to clean yourself up.”
“It’s okay. Just uh, distract that guy and I’ll squat outside.” I murmured, looking out the window. Clearly, Mr Stranger heard us and I could see him rubbing himself discreetly over his jeans. “Looks like he enjoyed the show.”
He sat up and looked out the window, laughing some. “Yea… we’ll see how bad he wants to use that phone now after seeing us.”
I started to climb off, and tugged my dress back to cover as much of myself up as I could. I then opened the door, and slipped out to squat beside the car. It was hard to quietly drain the cum from my cunt, I could hear a bubbled squirting sound and it seemed to grab the attention of Mr. Stranger. He came around the side of the car, and jaw dropped when he saw me.
“Holy… fuck…” he said rather loudly, and then spun around, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have seen that. I…. I’ll just…”
“You shouldn’t have seen the other stuff either,” I told him honestly, “But you must have liked it. I saw you, yanno, rubbing….”
“Yea, I just…. nevermind. Uh, can I still use a phone?”
I finished up and tugged my dress down as I stood again. “We’ll see if he still lets you.” Smiling, I turned to get back into the front seat of the car and waited.

… to be continued.

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