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Putting a Cuck in the place he needs to be in…

One thing you can say about a good quality cuck is the lack of balls!!! Yes my hubby is that alright!
Ok I guess you should know his vital sizes…
About as thick as a thumb
No often erect
No ball sack to speak of

Fires only water-OK he at least orgasms-useful when he has a chance to see me with a tasty BBC!
What made me so horny for the world of BBC? Well I never grew up with black guys about, just little white guys like my hubby and they
lied to us ladies in out country saying they were big boys–pathetic, now he must pay!!!

You know our cunts can take any size of man and the more meat that is stuffed in there the better the orgasm, so why have a little pecker riding away in you when there are so many sexy BBC boys about who deserve it more???

Ok, back to the cuck- so he lied but now he knows I know truth! I say if I can’t have BBC then I leave him. He thinks that will be bad so says OK, try one time with friendly one then. Time come and I loved to search net for him. Some time wasters of course, silly really when we are to meet and then I see if he same as photos? But this guy very direct and easy to chat. Botom line I say hubby will be watching us? You bothered? I send naked photos of tits, pussy and ass, he says nope hun I not bothered. It me and you after all that fucking good not him. Ok, I excited now he like my big ass in photo and says will fill my tight cunt real good. Your hub can run about and do as I tell him hun too.

His name is Nathan…OK now his build..
6’4″, racked body
Size 13 feet
12″ long, coke tin thick-very bent upwards shaft.
Balls you see on a donkey!
Spunks as yet I don’t know-but says will not be sad there and he brings XXXL rubbers.

He says he will come over one night and I sort it out. Mick goes to the door to let Nathan in, he is nervous at the size of him and never known a black guy before. They go into the lounge and Nathan sits in the sofa, making it later Mick says like a small chair! Mick sits opposite and says that I am nearly ready, just bought new outfit that Mick not seen either!
Mick asks if he done this before, thinking he will say a polite no! Yeah man loads a times he says. What with a married Lady in front of husband? Yeah that too, many sluts had a slice of my black snake b*o. Oh OK he says, do you think then you will just see if you like her this time and then come back if you do? What he replies to Mick-NO WAY b*o!!! She gunna get it good tonight, like she never had it. Ok, will you kiss her you think do you mean? HAHA yeah we will kiss. OK Mick then thinks that is all and he not so nervous, so with that he leaves the lounge and shouts up the stairs for me. Yeah I say I ready coming down.

Mick tells Nathan she coming down, Nathan goes to the bottom of the stairs and waits. I come down slowly as my porn shoes, 8″ heels and see though are very wobbly. I wear a thin lycra skirt, micro mini, bare legs, red g-string and a white see through blouse no bra.
Mick is faint and white, he is gasping and needs his inhaler. Nathan looks lovely in his tacky bottoms and camo t-shirt, he is wearing a pair of golden flip flops and I love his huge feet that support this powerful giant black man x

As I reach the last step he reaches out to steady me. His huge hand like a shovel is so hot and firm. I fall forward into him and he takes his thick arms around me so I don’t fall off the shoes, with that I can feel the power of him as he gently squeezes me.
He says Doll that some body you got there for this ‘ol Nigga.mmmm mmmm Yeah! You gunna make me a happy boy this eve.
My heart flutters and I go light headed as he squeezes me.
He kisses my lips with those huge warm pillows of lips, I am all faint as he holds me-I think it love…mmmm xxxxxxxxxxx

Mick is heard to say guys you want to go into room please? Nat says yeah b*o just wait and shut the fuck up dude! Pardon says Mick! You heard me good and clear b*o, this my Lady now not yours! Mick says nothing so Nat says to him what you say b*o? Er well shall we see how it all goes Nathan? Listen you call me SIR now you get it. Silence then Nathan says to me excuse me Maam he not get this. He sits me in the lounge on the sofa then goes out to Mick. Mick is pulled into the room and sat on the chair opposite us and told to say fuck all again! Mick is terrified so shuts up. Now b*o if you want to wank your little pecker that is up to you, but just sit in silence.

Nat returns to me at last. Now Mrs L he says you stand and give me a twirl, i wobble around between his legs as he is sat on the sofa. Hie hot hands are on my ass but on the outside of my black lycra skirt for now, he kisses my belly as he lifts my crop top blouse. Mmm it is so nice and then he lifts the skirt at the front and sniffs my red g-string. His breathing goes all heavy and my crutch is soaking from his spit and tongue….mmmmm.
One of his fat fingers pulls the string out of my cunt slit and to one side the other nad works my big ass on and off his fat tongue. O wow he is right on my clit button and it swells up. Mmmm…slurp, slurp he is like a cat with cream as my juices run down his stubble. He lifts one of my legs now so I am either side of his huge muscled legs. He rips my g-string, tearing it off me, then straight up my cunt with that tongue as we look at each other in lust! I look round and Mick is frozen with shock? He says later he can see this snake in Nats pants rising, at 1st like a 3rd leg neatly packed down one leg of the stretchy material, then allowed to arch upwards as he tongues my cunt, getting more excited. I reach down and feel it, wow the fat bell end is holding up the heavy cotton trackies and banging on my naked ass! My little hand rubs the end of the shaft through the material and I feel it is wet and then sticky??? Nat does a wriggle and the trackies work there way down his tree trunk thighs, the shaft holds onto them until the last moment then a big plop as out it swings!!!
And swings it does, still arched downwards and the huge heavy ball sack seems to pull it down even more!
Nat turns me round so he can see my fat ass real close up and he rims me…o wow never had that before…mmm. No I can see his shaft swinging below me as it slowly rises to meet my face. Fuck this is huge and those balls the size of peaches look like they are full of liters of spunk! Well the slit id dripping the stuff all the time???
I look at Mick over on the chair and blow him a lusty kiss! Mick does not respond his jaw is on the floor still! Nat sensed this and pushes me head down then puts his big handsome black face on top of my ass and says hey b*o you liking the show? No reply? b*o what you say you lazy fucker? Mick nervously squeaks yes SIR. Ok b*o you sit and learn about your old Lady you hear me? Yes SIR. he wimpers!
Now Nathan sits me same way onto his lap, his fat dick reaches up in front of my blouse so he undoes it and pulls it up over my belly and into my cleavage then pulls my titties round it. With that he begins to fuck my titties all the time little jets of thin white semen squirt out of the slit with a soft schlock sound, It smells so heady and a****l? I never had real cum so this is a 1st for me. Nat pushed my tits harder together and his fat bell end is too big for them to cover it!
My ass rubs into his hard six pack and my cunt wets his belly so I am slipping about on it! He pushes my head down and says open wide love. I look down and he positions my open mouth over his bell end, with the other hand he puts mine onto his shaft and pulls down his massive foreskin, now place my hand under his wet head. Ready Love he asks? Oh yes Nathan, I am in love, please do it xxx
With that he stiffens the long bent hard shaft and turns the dripping into a full on gush of semen, thick cum the lot, I hear a schloook sound,then Nathan cries out loud a loud bellow and say O yeah fuck you Maam. It shocks me as it hits the back of my throat and I gag at the load he makes. No sooner as he done that then he shuts my jaw tight with his big hand. My eyes bulge and I try to breath again as I f***e swallow his dirty load!
Nathan quickly recovers and says yeah your Wife a prize whore b*o, she getting the ‘ol Niggerin tonight. My boys are on fire and they just love a white bitch on heat. I was still trying to breath, this filthy stuff is so sticky and thick, somehow it was bunging up my throat?
Yeah b*o I gunna enjoy this tight pretty cunt, with that his fingers parted it to show Mick.
Hey Lady you so quiet what got you? I said chocking still, sorry your cum is stuck my love? Oh now you kneel on the floor and look at this ‘ol Nigga. He helped me to my knees then flipped off the flip flops and trackies, ripped off the t shirt, just to leave a camo string vest.. He planted those big black size 13’s either side of me and from a distance poked his dick into my mouth. Shit I thought my jaw would snap! He shoved and then with both strong hands banged the back of my blonde head so the lips and teeth worked round the bell end! Once in it was well stuck there, but he was not bothered.Now Lady lets clear your throat shall we? His hands reached down to my ass and he parted the cheeks, then pulled me to him, slowly I was sinking deeper onto his sticky glans!!!! Even breathing though my nose was not easy as the fat bell end and shaft thickened with all that foreskin stretched me more than any limit. I was f***ed to sink my teeth into him, but that he loved saying Oh yeah bite baby! He said tell Mick how you like it? I uttered a crazy. .mom cough, cough, snort, snort…mahhh, ahhh cot..ort, uuurp. Then deeper still now the bell end reaching the blockage he had made 5 mins before with his dirty black sperm! I was sweating and my eyes had tears, but I loved it too? Then the head was in my throat still crazily going deeper???
Mmmm…mmmm Lady you doing fine, tell Nathan you love him, let me hear you? What you say Mick? he laughed out loud. Er yes Sir he replied, but is that enough for this eve? Fuck no b*o we ain’t sent Dyno rod in yet…hahaha!!!
Mrs L, you love your big boy Nathan? I tried to say Oh yes, but said Aaaawww, os aaaa..ooooo! between nasal breathing! Ok, Lady you take hold of those big ‘ol balls and squeezes ’em real good, let the cum party begin!
I had to take my hands off the carpet but I did not fall as I was wedged firmly onto his shaft! I reached forward and did as my master said. Shit these are huge and heavy. That’s it Lady squeeze with both hands om one ball., Nathan calmly said. It was not easy as the balls slipped bout in there huge hairless, wrinkled black bag. At Last I got one and took it in both hands and squeezed hard. O that good Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaady, Yeah that so goooooooooooooooooooood…mmmmmmm.. Now I felt a hammer hit the back of my head of so it felt as he had made a pony tail of my long blonde hair and was ramming the bell end deeper!!!! The cum was firing so fast down me.I was shaking as I tried to breath? I thought I would pass out, then was allowed back to clear the bell end from my throat for a second, but I was working his ball more and out of control, his pleasure was all. Another squeeze and thwack in went the glans this time into the throat and he holding me there just pumped for Jamaica!!! He wailed that would wake the neighbourhood!!! Each firing of his black babies into me blew his brains out and mine!!! He now pulled me off with one big pull, I felt cold air rush down my throat and the spunk belched out stinking in my nostrils too. is shaft glistened with cum, my thick spit and tears.
He pulled me up onto the settee and told me to show Mick my face. He parted my legs too and Mick could see the spunk bubbling in my mouth, dripping onto the blouse and thighs and sofa. My cunt was dripping wet too.
Now b*o do you know what spunk is he asked him? Yes Sir I do really I do I never saw so much! Lady what you say? I said Oh Yes Nathan I love it you make me cheap and yet special too, I never was treated so well. Mmmm. I love you Lady and he kissed my spunked up lips.
You want to see my spunk fly he asked me? I was confused I thought I had felt it fly in and over me already? Fly I asked. Yes Nathan said lets see if we can make it shower you stand up sexy Lady. I stood and he reached down to put my hands round his shaft and he ordered me to wank him off. He pushed me back upright and within 2 secs he fired a heavy load off! I saw white globes leave the meaty slit in slow motion, then without warning it hit me over my face, nose and hair, it just picked up speed. Again he moaned and cried out as I pumped. I was showered about 3 times then he held the base of the cock and turned the big black cannon towards shocked Mick!
The speeding seed tumbled through the air mixing and separating as it flew again getting faster as it reached it’s target. Mick did not have time nor saw it coming at him. He got the 1st round full blast in the face!. Nathan grunted and laughed too. He was excited by it as if he had power over pathetic Mick. He shouted to Mick don’t cover your face until I am done! Mick’s instinct was to do just that, but Nathan ordered him not to. That’s it love he said keep pulling the trigger. ‘ol Nats gun is loaded. It was a bizarre scene as I was letting loose billions of rounds of Negro bullets at my hopeless Hubby. I loved it though and so did Nathan as he orgasmed his black crown jewels over Mick.
Nathan stopped then still hard kissed me again. HAHA Lady look at your fella now? Mick was dripping Nathans warm seed from head to foot and so was I too. I noticed that the ceiling and back wall was running with semen as it loosened up, ceiling slowly dripping! Micks chair was well stained up. Hey b*o lick your lips. Mick refused that one!!!!! b*o I don’t see that? No I am not gay he replied. Gay he shouted you pathetic piece a shit, Nat stood up and rushed at Mick. Standing in front of him he told him again. EAT IT NOW ASSHOLE! Just for that refusal he made Mick lick all the spunk from he chair and the sofa next to me. I saw in Mick’s eyes he hated it so much. Nathan stood towering over him just in his camo string vest and dick bending into the air. Those balls looked still full and as angry as him. Mrs N my Love will you bring me a glass from over there. We have a small bar in the room and I fetched a tumbler for Nathan.Lady make you lover cum in this now. I placed it over his cock, well put the slit onto the glass and pumped his balls, this time working both. Hands on hips me wanking and pumping, I felt Nathans legs go weaker a he let go into the tumbler, I pulled down the shaft so not to spill his seed. He held my head as he spurted and spurted.pressing me with each discharge of filth! Oh my head is explooooooooooding Lovvvvvvvvvvvvve. Oooooh yeeeeeeeeeeees. You Whoooooooooooooooore. The thick spunk just fired into the glass in sticky layers each time deepening, each layer not really mixing with the others??? Nathan’s bell end was dipping now into his hot jizzm and he sensed the glass was filled. Even so he asked me to do one more. With this the pressure was too much as his glans was sealing the rim of the glass and my hands were not strong enough to hold it in place, so a jet of hot juice squirted over my tits. O Lady that is he said. The glass filled and his juices running down the outside of it too!!!
He placed it on the coffee table and kissed me. OK he said time we enjoyed that fine cunt of yours. I was turned and sat facing him. The hands parted my ass cheeks the bell end knew on auto pilot where to head to and wooosh in it went assisted by a wet cunt and all that spunk. I orgasmed as it sank deeper again and again. He took off my blouse and ripped the lycra skirt off my ass!!!
Lady lets get real comfy he said. We need some spunk lube in that tight hole of yours. that little pecker of your old man never done any work on you Doll! You feeling this Doll? o yes I am feeeeling it and Ohhhhhhhhhh here I cum again…Ohhhhhhhh!!! Gee that tight Maam. you make this ‘ol Nigger wanna cuuuuuuum…Ohhhhhhh…Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Sheeeeeeeeeeeet! You getting this b*o? He looked over to cum soaked Mick?
Look please a condom please please please I beg you both. Haha..asshole then Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Lady your cunt so tight and fine. Each cum blast pressured inside and scalded my uterus too. But I still came off all the time I had to hold onto my lover as I was weakening now fast. Nathans hot hands working my ass cheeks and he thrusted made easier with the slippery niggas he was firing into my belly. Hey b*o there is about a billion niggas in every shot!!! Hope she insured you get me over there? Mick was so white and shocked he could not speak no more. Nat sucked on my cum covered nipples and I cum again. He wispered I wanna blow in your womb Doll? And tongued me deep in the mouth. With that he lifted me forward and shuffled the Black cannon under my cunt. I was rocking about to the hilt resting on his fat bell end He rocked me around and at 1st I was in pain as he found my cervix opening. I was dilated already and accepting the offer of his seed into my womb though the opening-but taking the whole shaft no way!!!
Nathan had other ideas and was too strong to say no, he was also know as a breeding bull with lots a k**s to women, so that was his thing too to fill our wombs as we should thank him xxx
He lifted my folded legs and controlled the decent. all my weight was on his shaft I was going down slowly!
Nathan could wait for me. as he did he ordered a worried husband to celebrate the blacking of his wife with a toast of black spunk and down in one when I say b*o he said.
If you drink it now I won’t invade her womb deal he said? If I go there she will be full for days with my visitors waiting to do her eggs. he told Mick.
No please no that he said Mick, I will do it. I could not see him nor did I care now. I wanted the womb fucked up. Nat held me back and I could hear mick chocking as he tried to down Nat’s filth, he was almost chewing on it!
Nat was happy that Mick had swallowed his invaders then said your Mrs now b*o. You said you would not SIR I plead with you on my knees, you have surely had her and you way with her please SIR. Haha looser, here goes Love he wispered. He bucked right on target the cervix snapped open and in went the big boy. Now love the bit I love. Up and down faster and faster biting my tits tonguing me deep. Blat, spurt, wack, slapping my ass as I sat on his balls my ass doing now what my hands were before. He loved the heavy ass pounding the ball sack.
Each time I did I served myself a billion niggas he said. He was in daddy mode loving me at the same time using me. He saif I loooooooove you….you whoooooooooooooooooore yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, you fukin diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirty whore. O yes, again..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Ooh Doll here it cums agaaaaaain.
Yeah your hubby is a graaaaaaaaaaaat guy. Oh your so fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukin tight. Empty meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain. Lets fill that wooooooooooooooooomb.
I was ooooooooooooooh, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, tel me what I will get? Oooooooooooooooooh my belly is getting biggggggggggggeeeeeeer, ohhhhhhhhhhh.
Oh love call me neeeeeeeeeeeeega daaaaaaaaaadddddddddyyyyyy. mmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Yes, yes, yes your my cleveeeeeeeeeeeer neeeeeeeeeegggggggggggggaaaaaaaaa Daaaaaaaaaaaaaadeeeeeeeeeee. Oh my belly is swelling my love, feeeeeeeeeeeeel.
Oh yes it issssssssssssss, nearly there Doll. ahhhhhhhhhhhh wooooooooooooH!!!!

With that he slid out and not a drop of jizz left me?

We sat on the sofa, his shiny dick now happy and semi hard dripping spunk and my cunt open and felt the cool air.

Hey b*o, on your knees have a look in your wifes cunt, he ordered. What do you see tell us? O shit SIR, I see it open and cervix now shut!!! It plastered in your cum and it all swollen up.
Yeah feel her belly b*o? Go on do it, Doll put his hand on the f****y! How it feel b*o? She full? Yes SIR she is very hard and swollen.
Say hi to the boys then? Go On! Yes SIR-hi boys and girls, he said. No b*o you wrong say hi boys. Yes SIR hi boys. Say you niggas are powerful. Yes SIR, you niggas are powerful. I mean the ones in your Mrs loser! Yes I know SIR. Say you will look after them when I not about too. Yes SIR I will do that.
OK, b*o I will be back next week for your Mrs pleasure and I will need to empty these big old balls into her again you get me?

Yes Sir I get you, he said. Tell me I am welcome to dump my f****y into her when I need it. Yes Sir your welcome to leave your f****y with us.You Ok with that Doll he asked me? Oh yes you know I am, Your f****y is very safe in here and I rubbed my belly gently. Your future f****y in here, I kissed his heavy ball sack is expected by us much too.
Sorted ppl he said, till next week.
b*o you may be invited as yet not too sure?

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