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Ranam Muscle Pump

Ranma muscle Pump
By [email protected] [email protected]
Nabiki finds a pump that can pump up muscle

Writer note-

This was a commission I did

This tales doesn’t start in an ancient land, or far of galaxy. It starts in a
small off town in the country of Japan, but it story would effect the world.
It was an ordinary sunny day and no one thought that this day will change
people lives. Nabiki was walking into Nerema School walking down the hallway

“She here … she here” A small man said looking down the hallway. He was
using a tube from paper tower roll as a telescope “Come on get ready to hide”

The man was a boy in the science club name Ken. He had very thick wire brim
glasses, and some acne. He ran into the science club room and cut the lights
off. He and his fellow club member hid under the table. Nabiki knocked on the
door. She was wearing a short little skirt and some sandals. Her hair was worn

“Come on I know you’re in there … you guys owe me 5000 Yen, for the shower
pictures of Ranma I gave you. OPEN UP. You guys owe me for those pictures I
let you look at your pervert. Time to pay up or get smashed up

Nabiki was a cute little number but when people messed with her money she
could be quite firey and scary

“Shhhhh maybe she will walk away” One of them said. He was and talking in a
hush whisper hoping that none one would heard

“I can hear you nerds breathing” She said stomping her boots “I can also hear
your whispering. I know your guys are in there”

“No where not” One of them said

Nabiki was getting pissed off. Her pretty face was getting red and steam was
going from her head. She started stomping her feet and bang on the door.

“Let me in or so help me I knock this door down” She Said

There were 5 people in the room beside Ken. 1 was a skinny girl and other 3
were other nerdy guys. The girl name was Chi Lee. She was a frail flat chest
woman with messy hair. She had deep green eyes and was sitting down

“Don’t worry she will never be able to get through the door” Chi Lee Said

Just as she said that like clockwork Nabiki kicked the door down and sent it
flying off its hinges’. She cut on the light. The members of the science club
s**ttered like roaches. She looked over to Ken who was trying to crawl toward
the Vent. She grabbed him by the hair and slammed him to the wall. She lifted
him up with one hand holding him by the neck

“Where my money Geek” Nabiki Said “No one messes with my money.”

“Wait … Wait I got something better than money” He Said

“Better not be something dumb like friendship…or the power of love” Nabiki

“No … .nothing like that … .show them Jonny” Ken said “It was something we
been working on for a long while”

Jonny was chunky look Asian man with a very round body. He had something that
looked like a bicycle pump. He lay on the table and pointed this. She put Ken
down and looked it with quiz fully looks

“What is this … ?” She Asked

“It called the MUSCLE PUMP.” Ken Said “You hooked it up to your body and it
pump up your muscles using a special tencique … used beta rays, and
electrical pulses to increase your breast size and muscles to epic

“Ohhhh … you wasted my time with that nonsense” Nabiki Said “What you think
I am some sort of idiot. You can’t con a con artist. Should smash you right

“Wait…waits before you proceed to smashing” Ken Said. He was pushing his
hands against her and back up to grab the muscle pump “I can test it out. Been
meaning to try it. You can be my advertisements”

She walked over to Chi Lee and hooked it to her arms. Chi Lee smiled and
pushed it against her arm. She started pumping it. They saw her right arm
slowly start to grow pumping big muscle. Her flat arms started to grow and so
did the left. Both her arms soon at 4 inch biceps and slowly was growing.

“Wow is that real” Nabiki Said. She walked over to her and felt her arms
feeling the strong muscles as big as g**** fruits “How big can you get”

“Well depends what you referring to not just muscles” Ken smiled a horny smile
“Breast too”

Chi Lee moaned in pleasure as her breast started to grow pushing out her
shirt. Her buttons started to fly off as her breast expanded. Her breast
started to get full and Juicy, pressing her breast against each other. Her bad
skin started to become radiant beautiful skin as her you heart crunches and
ripping as her legs started to stretch and grow

“This feels amazing” Lee Chi smiled. Her messy her started grow nice and
beautiful. She flexed her muscles showing 8 inch biceps now as it ripped
through her clothes. Her bra snapped off showing thick Triple E breast
snapping sending fabric everywhere. Her nipples started to grow dripping
breast milk from 3 inch nipples “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh fuck … .this feels amazing.
My breast is so milky and filled with milk”

The heard popping like pop corns as abs started to form on her stomach. She
soon had six pack abs, glistening with muscles. She kissed her arms. Jonny
watch it as his zipped popped as he got a hard on shooting streams of cum. Lee
Chi laughed

“Like what you see boys” She laughed kissing her biceps. Her big biceps had
veins in them pumping with bl**d and power. Her legs were long with 20 inch
calves. Her pussy started to grow as her pants were getting ripped. She stood
their topless.

Her nipples looked nice and dark and she had fuller lips. She had broad
shoulders. Her breast had a natural bounce and fullness to them. Her ass was
growing out showing thick and bouncy ass cheeks. She was making her ass cheeks
just like the people in those rap video. Her ass looked to be 44 inches, nice
and wide.

“Wow look at those calves…can’t even put my hand around it” One of the boys
said licking his calves. “Go ahead and Worship them boys. It FEELS fucking
great. That’s it kissed those muscles. Oh my god I feel so strong now

She was standing there tall which thick bones crunch thighs. Her hearts was
beating fast as she felt full with power. She had big pec muscles under breast
making her breast looked bigger. They had a natural fullness. She could make
them bounce by themselves with pec control. Same for her 16 inch biceps. She
stood 6.3 tall

“Are those muscles just for show … or are they strong” Nabiki Said

Chin Lee grabbed a desk that was nailed to the ground. The desk was long where
people did lab test on. She grabbed it tearing it from the ground. Two of the
men jumped on it as she grabbed it and lifted it up with one hands

“Ammazing … are right geek I guess I take it … .are you going to have
more” Nabiki Said

“Yea … maybe” He Said

“Well don’t tell anyone … .about this” Nabiki said grabbing him by the shirt
“Keep it secret I make you millions and maybe even get your laid”

“Gulp that would be glorious” Ken said pushing up his fog up glasses

She walked over to a Dojo across town a bit where Kuno and Ryoga were
practicing. She figures she could sale it to them for some good money. She got
onto a bicycle and rode in. The Dojo was small an earthy owned by Kuno wealthy
f****y. Ryoga and Kuno was facing each other and trading blows with kicks and

“Pardon me boys I got a deal for you” She Said

“No time for any of your get rich schemes” Kuno Said. He was dress in his Dojo
outfit with a bandana around his head. The outfit was right as he was wearing
wooden sandals, and holding a fight staff. “Victory will soon be in my gasp as
I face this pretender”

“Will see about that” Ryoga Said. He was wearing a blue dojo outfit and had
short brown hair. He was slightly shorter then Kuno but her were more bulky
and big bone and had muscles in her forearms. He was kind of built like a pit
bull “Once I defeat you it will be that fight Ranma…and maybe I take Nabiki
over there as my bride”

“As If” Nabiki Said. She was getting frustrated by them. She wasn’t use to
guys not paying attention to her “You two LISTEN right now … I got a deal of
a lifetime for you. Something that will make you two unbeatable … whoever
has the highest price will get

Both men were fighting for who would challenge Ranma next. They both were
rivals of Ranma…but when they fought Ranma last he convince them to fight
each other on who would get to throw the first punch. They swore not to be
tricked again. So they settled who would move against Ranma first in the Dojo.
Kuno was a handsome man and he smoother swiftly. He didn’t bother to look at
her while he fought.

“SILENCE WOMAN! The Great Kuno much focused on his martial arts so. This way I
will beat your boyfriend … Ranma”

“Sh … he not my boyfriend … your big Jerk” Nabiki was getting red face
again and she was having a vein showing up in her forehead

“Ha … your fascination with him can’t be hide, just like your lust for me
can’t be hidden woman. But unfortnully for you I prefer a woman with curves”
Kuno Said

“Ha yea like her s****r AKUMA … that’s … WOMAN” Ryoga Said

She was fuming not and leaped in front of pushing her arms out punching them
both and sending them flying. She slammed her muscle pump down on the ground

“FIND … FIND woman … what is it … what the important thing you want to
show us” Kuno Said “What is this life changing thing that we must stop
EVERYTHING for you to show us. What is it that you got to show us? Some goose
that lays golden eggs”

“Better my friends … what you see looks like an ordinary Bicycle punch. But
if you hook it up yourself it gives you amazing strength and muscle …
probably can even be used on your penis. Making you a MANLY man … top of the
heap. You can get muscles bigger than your head, 8 pack abs, and strong calves
and thighs. You could be a GOD … all I ask is fore a MERE 10,000 yen, to
rent it of course

Both Ryoga and Kuno looked at each other. They then burst into laughter
falling on the ground.

“Hey what you, laughing at … this are real” She Said. But before she could
say anything they grabbed her under her arms, each man on each side and
carried her two the door “Hey what you doing … .PUT me down you BIG JERKS”

They tossed her out the door and then tossed the pump with her

“And stay out you must thing where a bunch of idiots to fall for that. MUSCLE
pump … this is not some dumb cartoon Nabiki” Ryoga Said. He then shut the
door on her and locked it “She was never the SMART one so I shouldn’t be

She started pulling on the door but it was made with extra strength as she
banged on it. She was royally pissed. How dare they toss her out?

“Grrr … .I show them. And what they mean by not the smart one. I am the
smartest one you IDIOTS” Nabiki Said. She grabbed the muscle pump and went to
alley way “I show those big Jerks … going to give them a taste of true

She started using it pumping out to the point her clothes were ripping off.
She looked around to make sure that no one was seeing her as she pumped up.
She started to grow and grow feeling lust as her body pumped with power. She
paid extra attention to her breast wanting to be super busty. She watch it
Amazement as she felt her breast grow several cup sizes before he eyes. She
was becoming a goddess. In the Dojo the two men fought

“You believe her trying to trick us … MUSCLE pump…what she takes us for”
Kuno Said

“Yea … muscle pump…believe that when pigs fly” Ryoga Said

Suddenly the door was kicked in off its hinges. There she stood towering over
them. The two men looked up at her and an erection formed in their pants

“Miss me LITTLE boys. Was going to share this gift with you. But rather beat
you and take the money that. Or maybe a demonstration of me humiliating you
with my power is more than enough showing off what my device can do”

She stood 7.2 feet tall hitting the roof. She looked gorgeous with big broad
shoulders and huge Tits, Well over J size tits. They were like two gigantic
globes slammed together, bouncy and full. Her skin had a radiance and richness
to them. As she breath out her massive tits would squeeze together pressing
into each other, like two gigantic planets mashing into one another. Yet they
looked soft enough to lie in like the most conformable pillows. She flexed her
massive muscles pushing on her tits. She stood there naked, because her
muscles and tits ripped through her clothes. Sweat was dripping down her
wondering clothes causing pre cum to drip out of the two men cocks. Her
nipples stood out 4 inches like pacifiers. Gobs of milk would drip from them.
She smirked giving them a nice Suck on them, letting the milk dripped down her
lips. Ryoga came at the sight of off it. She smirked

“Figure you were a two PUMP CHUMP … didn’t know you were a NO PUMP chump”
She laughed. Her big breast shook as she laughed

“Come on … she is such a woman … all those muscles just for show” Kuno
said grabbing her staff. He posed and pointed at her dramatically “The bigger
they are the harder they fall”

“Yea OUR power of martial arts can PUNCH THROUGH steal … feel the full f***e
of what my Kung Fu have to offer”

Ryoga ran and kicked her stomach. He bunch off and nearly broke his foot. Her
abs felt like steal, thick 6 packs abs cut like steal. She was had very
detailed muscle definition as she flexed her mighty arms with power kissing
her biceps. Kuno grabbed his staff and slammed it against her back as hard as
he could. It brooked in half. He started punching her back

“Thanks…that a good massage” She laughed. She flexed her arms as she did it.
Solid steal, 22 inch biceps squeezed together showing off her massive power

“Damm you … you will break” Ryoga said punching her abs. It was like
punching a titanium wall. His knuckles started to bleed.

She kicked him and sent him flying across the room into the wall. Her ass was
huge, over 66 inches of thick ass cheeks. She pushed her ass glisten with
sweat Again Kuno and knocked her down. She slammed her ass his face putting
her whole weight on him. Over 500 pounds. She smiled and took some nail polish
from the middle of her tits and started doing her nails. He tried to push her
off grabbing tons of ass cheeks. Her gasp for air. She crosses her legs
showing 32 inch calves, thick and beautiful

“Maybe next time you think twice before insulting a goddess” She Said

“SHADOW KICK” Ryoga Said running across the wall. He flew toward her with a
flying kick

Her swatter he away like one would a fly sending him fly. She got up and
clenches her ass cheeks on Kuno face, lifting his body up as she stood. His
face was stuck in her glorious butt cheeks as she looked around and pretend to
not to know where he is

“Anyone seen Kuno … hu … I haven’t .” She laughed evilly “Guess he afraid
off a girl

Ryoga was getting up and grabbed a metal staff. She stood in front of him
tower over him. She looked over to a metal pillar holding up the roof and took
a round kick knocking it down and collapsing the roof. Ryoga rolled out the
way but was amaze she moved with him at top speed. Ryoga ran but she was on
him with a flying kick knocking him down. She picked him up and caught him
with a punch to the stomach making him gasp for air. She grabbed his legs and
slammed him down slamming her foot on his stomach. She stood over him and
flexed her arms. Sun glisten off her huge biceps. Her biceps had layers of
layers of muscles wrapped together.

“So my tool doesn’t WORK hu” She said kissing each Bicep that were like two
missiles. She flexed harder and her biceps were now 24 inches. She made her
tits bounce with pec control one and a time. She gave him a winked and licked
her lips “And to think if you were a good boy your cock could have been
sliding between these biceps”

“Please … ..I give you anything … 100,00 yen” He Said “Let me used the

“Ohhhhh don’t think your WORTHY little man … .you just abuse it. Boys like
you. In fact I think I only will let WOMEN used it. Only sale to girls so they
can beat show up men like you “So tell me little man do I have enough curves.
Are my tits bigger then Akuma”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh God there so beautiful and glorious” He Said trying to pushed
her foot off her.

She cupped her breast squeezing them together. Tit flesh dripped through her
fingers. She squeezed her nipples and warm milk flowed down. Some of it
falling into his mouth. He licked it up greedily…tasty the most tasted thing
he ever tastes. Her pussy was dripping wet, shaven and dripping her pussy
Juices all over her face. Her Juices were strong and intoxicating. Her
clitoris was nice and thick. It was huge. She rubbed it rubbing herself.

“To think if you were a little nicer you could have sucked these tits, and
rubbed your cock between then. Now you will never have them. You just have to
look at them and worship them. There nice to and so full. Look how firm they
all let soft, and squeezable. Don’t you like to bury you face into them”

“Please let me” He begged tying to stretching out her arms to touch them. But
it was an impossible task. “Please want them so much”

“No no … little man … you’re not worthy

Her calves and glutes glisten with power raining sweat now. He could see her
thick calves flexed showing power. Her legs were long and showing thick
muscles squeezing into each other, and crashing like big rock formations in
perfect harmony. She was show tall there was a shadow cast over her face as he
looked up on her. They were as a big Halo over them

“Please get me out of here” Kuno Said pulling against her ass cheeks

She pulled him out and hung him by the legs by holding him with her big hand.
Her foot was still on Ryoga body threatening to break his ribs with her

“There you are little man” She laughed. It was a big sultry laughed that
echoed through the streets “I was wondering where you. You enjoyed your face
full off ass

She pulled off his clothes and tossed it aside. She wrapped him in her arm
holding him in her arms and started spanking his ass like a big drum. His
large hand slapped his butt cheeks making it jiggle. Kuno cried in pain
screaming, as his cheeks were getting red

“Maybe you should be (SPANK SPANK) more nicer to girls when they comes over to
you” She Said laughing “Look at your ass…it’s nice and red now, like two
apples stuck together”

She d****d him over her shoulder and began spanking him that way. Kuno cried
like a baby as she was spanking him leaving big hand prints across his. Every
time she laughed her big tits would slapped together.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck … god stopppp MERCY!!” He cried

“Say PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR on top” She Said with a giggle

“Pretty please with SUGAR on top” Kuno said with gritted teeth. He never been
humiliated this before

She stuffed Kuno face in her tits, and squeezed them together. His head was
trapped into her tits as he tried pulling them out as he was squeezing her
tits. He looked down at Ryoga and pulled off his clothes with one swoop. She
places her sweaty foot on his cock and flexed her arms as Kuno legs and arm
dangled in the air as he was trapped in her tits. She was sliding her sweaty
foot against his cock making Ryoga moaned with pleasure. It took a couple of
seconds for him to have the biggest climax off his life. She pressed her foot
against it was followed by another, and then another, multiple climaxes each
one more intense and lasting longer then the last. It had one 3 minutes long
making him moan. She tossed Kuno against the car making his body bounced. She
walked over to him and slammed her foot into the car bending metal

“Deal with you soon HANDSOME … just lay right there” She Said. She turns to
Ryoga who was crawling fearfully across the floor. She showed him her cum
covered foot “You got some cleaning to do sweetie”

Kuno was getting up. He saw a piece of the hubcap from the car she smashed on
the ground. He snuck up on her and leaped in the air hitting her across the
head. The hubcap bent and she turn around. She did a roundhouse kick and sent
him flying against the car making a big metal dent. She went toward him and
gave him a couple of punches and kicks to the ribs. A few slaps with her
gigantic tits across the face as she laughed. She gave him to black eyes and
bl**dy lips slapping him senseless with her big gigantic tits

“Silly little man … you actually think that can hurt me little man” She
Said. She put her arms by her side and let him get his hardest shot in. It did
nothing. She grabbed his hair and slapped him around like a small c***d
“HAHHAHA the great Kuno getting beating like a little woman”

People gathered around and laughed at his predictiment. They took picture and
snapped pictures of him. She held his body and played “Why your hitting
yourself, why you hitting yourself” With his hands. She grabbed him giving him
a bear hug burying him in her huge tits and threatening to crush your body

“Oooooooooo your so light and delicate … like a little girl. My little stuff
a****l. My teddy bears Kuno to play with and cherish “She laughed. She notice
Ryoga made a break for it. “Opps look like my little rabbit making a break for
it be with you later. Time for you to take a nap.

She caught him under his chin with a big punch sending him flying. He flew in
the air and landed on the top of a car knocked out cold

“Where you going little man … this body is fast as it is strong” Nabiki

“Someone help me. SHE IS CRAZY!!”

Ranma meanwhile was eating some hot bread walking down the street. He was in
the park by the lake. He was in male form wearing his red dojo outfit with his
hair into a ponytail. He also had a book in his other hand about ancient
warriors. He didn’t notice a screaming Ryoga coming toward him. Ryoga slammed
into sending his bread flying and slamming both of them into the water. It
change Ranma into a gorgeous woman

“Hey WHAT GIVES YOU IDIOT” Ranma said now female

Ryoga was pointing gasping. He couldn’t get his words out. He was pointing
behind him. Ranma was furies. He wasn’t paying attention to Ryoga…and
getting annoyed that Ryoga wasn’t speaking clearly. Ryoga desperately was
trying to tell him to turn around but in his panic it came out “Guh …
blabble … big girl … titties … big girl strong … mumble mumble”

“Well spit it out … what. What there some sort of earth quake. Is The
Yakuzza loose on the street? Come on man PRONOUNCE your word pronunciation …
this is no way for a karate fighter to talk. Quick gasping and pointing and
talk to me man”

“Think he talking about me” She Said

She was standing there. She had pumped a bit before she ran. She looked even
more massive with 40 inch thighs and was a foot taller. Her muscles looked
like gigantic mountains as she was flexed as she was squeezing her muscles
showing thick veins. Her hair was flowing down. Ryoga was frightened. She
turns around showing her big back muscles flexing with long roads of muscles,
peaks and valleys. It was a like an artists trace lines across sand on her
back making hills. She smiled making her ass shake as her flexed her muscels
showing her triceps

“Get Away from me you mad woman” Ryoga Said. She looked over to Ranma “Come on
maybe we can team up”

Ranma was looking at her with her mouth wide open. Her eyes were daze and she
was almost hypnotized by her huge breast. She was getting wet. Her pussy was
getting soaked. She was dripping leaving a puddle on the ground, dripping from
her legs

“Think Ranma hypnotize … .TITmytize if you will” Nabiki laughed. Her huge
breast bouncing up and down as she laughed “Let’s give him a show shall we”

She grabbed Ryoga and slammed him down on the ground. She places a foot on his
chest holding him down.

“Lick my feet pet” She Said. He was f***e to lick her feet as she grabbed a
big rock and put it between her biceps. “Take a look at this”

She put another rock against her other biceps. She flexed making the rocks
crushed into tiny pecks of dust sending it flying. It dripped down making
crumbs of rocks down on the ground. Ranma almost fainted as he was so turn on.
She grabbed a gigantic rock and lifted it over her head. She squeezed it and
crushed in her hand. Rama watches every muscle in her hand work in unison as
she tore it apart. She then picked up Ryoga by the hair and tossed him high in
the the air. She caught him in her arms and spun him like a pizza before
tossing him again. Ryoga screamed in fear as she held him effortlessly
catching him into her breast as she did it

“Like the show little lady” She Said

“Ohhhhhh Yessss” Ranma Said drooling at her strong muscles.

She was swinging her breast back and forth as she held Ryoga by his penis,
using his yoyo. She had learned about hypnotizing a long time ago. She figures
it a way to make money sometimes.

“Look at my muscles … looks at my thick biceps. Imagine kissing them,
hugging them, being lifted like your weightless. Imagine my muscles and breast
engulfing you. Look at them … seeing and laying against them the most
relaxing thing every”

“Yes … mistress” Ranma Said in a drone like manner

“Yes just imagine in a big lake…me floating while you lay on my breast. Your
head in soft pillows. It quiet. The lake is as cherry blossom trees all
around. There a peach tree up the hill. The wind blowing the scent of Cherry
Blossom to us as a eat calmly on a peach with my little Ranma in my arms. All
is quite all is calm … .do you see it … do you see it.” She Said as Ryoga
scream. Ranma seem to be ignoring his screams as she pulled on Ryoga like
taffy. She was swinging he breast around “Don’t look away just imagine it”

“Yes … I can see it…you’re so beautiful” Ranma Said. Her eyes were getting
rather glassy and he felt lighter then air

“Sky is blue…all is tranquil…quite and serene. Your will slipping … all
you want to do … is please me … serve me … . You serve me because I am a
goddess. But by serving me that make you a minor goddess. You soon will be
strong…you soon will be safe. You soon will be in nirvana”

“Yes Mistress”

“You will go to sl**p…and when you do you will seek to serve me. It will be
your greatest of pleasure. Eating my pussy shall bring your most intense
orgasms of your life. My slightest touch will drive you wild. Now sl**p”

Ranma fail in deep slumber. She looked over to Ryoga who was in fear for his
life. She spun him around and around holding his cock. He was a blur as he was
being spun like a fan. She was doing tricks tossing him under her arms behind
her back and in the air. She caught him with one hand and choke slammed him on
the ground.

“That what you get SLAVE … now for my dear Ranma” She Said

She ran and grabbed the pump going at top speed. She went over to Ranma and
started pumping up. She made sure to make her breast nice and big first. She
would be muscled. She also pumped herself up to make sure she was stronger.
She watches Ranma clothes get ripped off as her big breast grew. She had nice
pink nipples and red hues on her body that match her hair. She got a bit
overboard she thought with the breast … but then she reminded herself you
can never be too big, so she made added more height and muscle to her body to
even out. While Nabiki would be stronger in breast size Ranma supposed her
with thick Z size tits … AMMAZING … cartoony let natural at the same time.
They were massive globes of tits, tons and tons of titty meat that was driving
her wild. She squeezed them enjoying the fullest and firmness. Her Pecs pushed
the breast out even more. She watch the entire outfit gets ripped apart as her
muscles grew to 30 inches squeezed together. She watches her abs pop out like
popcorn showing thick muscles that looked like solid deal. Her clit was
growing pushing out getting nice and wet. Nabiki could figure out how to
control the pump to see where the muscle goes where she had a perfect woman
she played with. She had huge abdominals that was growing before Nabiki eyes.
Her larges thighs were expanding making Ranma moaned as she was pumping it up
higher and higher

“Got to pump up that ass” She said pumping her ass nice and big. It was
growing like a rising cake cooking in the oven.

She gave her as a slap waking her up. Ranma suddenly felt fantastic. Her body
was huge. She stood 7.7 with huge gigantic breast and a thick ass that pushed
out. Her breast seem to Jiggle all by herself and she was couldn’t help but
touch her clit. Her biceps were 35 inches nice and thick. People gathered in
the park but they didn’t care. They started kissing slamming against the trees

“Ready for some fun sweetie” Nabiki Said rubbing her clit against her she
pushed her to her knees and had her suck her pussy “Yea clitirious big enough
to wrap your lips around them … suck me. Nice and deep oh yea that feels

She stood 8.1 inches of big muscles. Her tits were a cup bigger than but not
as big as Ranma. She moaned flexed her abs feeling the power of bl**d pumping
through her veins. The bl**d was pumping at the speed a of a rocket. She felt
her heart beating fast. It felt fantastic like she was on a perfect d**g. It
was a high where she had complete control. She licked her lips as she flexed
her arm feeling the power. Her biceps were at least 30 inches ripping with
muscles and tendons…a complete b**st of muscle, power and sex. She looked
like she could tear someone in half. Both of them were Amazon diving in hot
sex. Ranma tongue was extra long pushing her fat tongue into her pussy and
parting the pussy lips with her lips. She grabbed her ass and gave it a nice
squeezed, as Nabiki pulled her long pony tail with a tight gripped wrapping it
around her fist. She had a tight gripped as Ranma was pushing

“Ohhhhhhhhh Shit” She moaned her big tits slapping together making gobs of
sweat fly off. She moaned with intense pleasure as she was grinding against
her trapping her strong calves

“Ohhhhhhhh God your pussy taste so good Mistress” Ranma moaned. The scent of
Nabiki pussy was going through her nostril. The smell was nice and thick and
erotic. It was going through her nose and seeping into her body. Ranma pussy
was soaked leaving a big puddle on the ground “Ohhhhhhhhh Fuck going to cum”

She screamed out as she was rubbing herself. She came with an intense climax
as she sucked her pussy. Her tongue glided wildly up and down in the middle of
her pussy going like a lollypop. She held Nabiki ass as Nabiki was slamming
her pussy against her

“That’s it suck it baby … right there keep licking your cute little slut”

“Ohhhhhhhhh God … please more Juices all over my Face” Ranma Said “I
NEEEEEEEEED it. Want to be soaked and Baptize in your Juices. Ohhhhhhhh God
all over me. Want your pussy to Gush all over me and soaked me me … drown

She sucked on her clit pulling it and rubbing her pussy lips. She was in
heaven such by sucking her pussy. The clit was swollen and pushing out as she
was sucking it. Her tongue was circling around adding a lot of spit rubbing
her pussy lips

“Ohhhhhhhh Fuck” Nabiki Said as she was cumming against her. Her pussy
squirted splashing all over her. She kept feeling her lick her “Ahhhhhhhhh God
… right there…make me cum again. Keep licking my little love slave keep
sucking right there. Nice and nasty”

Her legs closed around it, feeling big giant tree Trunk squeezed around Ranma.
She moaned gliding against it. She grabbed two trees that she was between and
crushing them into little splitter as she grabbed them and came. She came
together with Ranma in a multiple climax. Her big globes were swaying around.
People were shocked seeing these Amazons. Their minds couldn’t comprehend
their beauty. She grabbed Ranma and slammed her against the trees ripping them
out of their roots. They were rolling on the ground. Their big breast
squeezing together pushing her big nipples against her. Their breast milk were
flowing into each other

“Spread those legs baby” Nabiki said kissing her. They kiss passionately,
running their tongue across each other wrestling for power. She pushed her
hand in her clit “Going to make you cum till you break”

“Ohhhhhhhhh God Yessssssssssssss” Ranma moaned “Ohhhhhhhhhh God right there
… .ohhhhhh my god your hands feel so good … pushed it deep in me. I want
it elbow deep”

Their bodies rubbed against each other as they were feeling each other
muscles, rubbing their clits against each other, banging against each other in
a tight scissoring. They were swapping spit as the rolled on the ground making
huge craters in the ground.

“Ohhhhhhh Yesssss” Ranma said spread her legs. Her body blushed as she let out
a huge climax. She was rubbing her hands across Nabiki biceps kissing them
“Mmmmmmmmm my god that feels so good. You’re so strong. Your arms are so huge
like cannon balls of muscles”

“Go ahead kissed them feel their power baby. That’s it run your tongue across
my biceps and thick triceps. That a good girl.” She Said. She moaned as she
flexed slamming her pussy against her. She had her smell her underarms and
licked it “That’s it little girl”

She grabbed Ranma hair and shoved her tongue roughly in her mouth. Nabiki had
a****l lust fucking her like a b**st. Nabiki let out a scream as she came.
Their bodies were shaking with passion and vibrating against other. There tits
were slamming against each other like two giant ships. Their bodies slammed
together like two mountains as they screamed with a volcanic orgasm. She was
crying out in passion playing with Ranma huge tits. Their pussies were
connected with a necklace of pussy Juice. Their sweat skin was rubbing against
each other. There Colum like calves rubbed against each in a perfect dance of
muscle and power. Their moans were loud. When Nabiki came she slammed her fist
into the ground shaking it. Ranma looked up at her and admire her. Nabiki
shoulder was a wide as door. Her muscles seem to have layers and layers over
each other. She looked at Ranma with deep eyes, like she was looking through

“Tell me how much you like my muscles baby”

“I fucking love those … your muscles seem planet size. I want to worship you
and take over the world. I want to be by your side” Ranma Said

“Kiss my Abs … right up to where the V is…lick my sweat” Nabiki Said

Her sweat was filled with pheromones. It was like taking ecstasy. She was
licking up and down feeling her abs and kissing it. Nabiki smiled flexing her
arms and looking down at her. Her big tits stuck out in passion as she looked
down. Her tongue was circling around her Belly button as Ranma was giving
kisses all over her body

“Come here little lady” Nabiki Said slamming her against a huge rock that
people would stand and have pick nicks on. It started to crush it. Nabiki
started sucking her tits moaning and drinking her milk. She was playing with
her clit “That’s it baby … feels so good”

Her fist was deep inside her and then part of her arm flexing inside her
pussy. Nabiki moaned with intense passion. She roughly sucked on her tits
driving her wild. Her muscles were vibrating inside Ranma making her scream.
Her body was soaked with sweat enjoying the power and lust of it. Her pussy
gripped her arm. It felt like it could bend steal. Having sex as an Amazon
felt amazing to them both.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh God” Ranma Said “Ohhhhhhhhhhh Fuck. My pussy filled with vaginal

Her pussy squirted splashing juices all over the place making a huge long
puddle of cum, stream of cum flew as people took pictures.

“STOP right there” One of the cops said “Enough is enough”

The two women looked at them. It was a look of no fear and just lust. They
laughed and stomped their foot knocking the cops off their feet. One of the
cops shot at her and the bullet bounces off her, and then more

“That tickles” Ranma Said. Her big breast was bouncing up and down as bullet
flattens against her abs and muscles. There were 12 cops surrounding her. She
picked one of the cops up and punted him like a footballs “Oooooooo that was a
field goal”

“Silyl little man with your silly little guns” Nabiki Said. She grabbed the
gun and bent it crushing it in her hands.

Ranma had one of the men trapped between her calves as she grabbed one of the
guns and chewed on it. The police were no match. Some tried to use heavy
weaponry like shot guns. It just turned them on more. The cops were getting
tossed around like a rag dolls as they started to run for cover.

“RUN LITTLE MEN…HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA” Nabiki laughed. She had her arms around
Rama playing with her clit as she ran “This what happen when your face women

The kissed each other enjoying the passion. The smell of gun fire was still
heavy in the air and floating through the sky.

“Think I am going to love this”

Meanwhile Shampoo was walking through the park in a cute dress and blue hair.
She notices the commotion. She didn’t know what happen but she knew she had to
stop it before they wreck the place. Shampoo goes into a bathroom and gets a
bucket of hot water. She runs out and tossed it at Ranma. Ranma
changes…glowing … change into a guy. But now a muscle bound man…still
worshiping Nabiki.

“Wow … .you look good handsome” Nabiki Said

“You LIKE mistress” He Said. He had a big 22 inch cock hanging between his
legs. His balls were like basketballs…nice and thick. They were looking each
other. He was ripped “I am here to serve you ever way you want”

She kissed him and took his cock deep inside her. She squeezed around her
holding him down riding his thick cock as his balls slapped her ass. Her big
tits slapped against his face as she screamed in passion. Her nipples were
thick 4 inches as he sucked on them. The heavy balls were slamming into her,
echoing the sound all the way through the Park. The Park was wrecked as they
were rolling around on the ground. She felt his muscles body and squeezed his
balls with a tight gripped. She was still a bit strong then him as was riding
his cock. Her big tits bounce up and down as she squeezed the with both hands.
Nabiki licked her lips

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Fuck Yesssssssss” She Said squeezing all of his 22 inches cock
like a vice “RIGHT … THEE..RIGHT THERE FUCK ME YOU BASTARD. Can feel that
cop deep into my gut want every bit of your cum filling me up, filling my

“HEY CUT that out” Shampoo said stomping her foot. “There a group of people
watching. The WHOLE town going to see what sex deviants you two are”

“Ohhh like your not” Nabiki laughed. “No wonder you can’t take the eyes off
his cock”

She kissed Ranma as she started to cum on his dick. The cock was thick and
vieny, 6 inch long…a monster of a cock. It was thick and vieny. He pussy
wrapped nicely around it as it hit he pussy walls. She came against splashing
pussy juice on his balls

“I am CUMMING” Ranma screamed. It was in an intense mind blowing climax that
lasted 5 minutes “Ohhhhhhhh fuck … ..emptying my whole load”

Long streams of cum shot into her pussy. Nabiki moaned licking the feel of
being pounded. She felt every inches. She pulled out his cock and deep
throated it. She sucked all 22 inches down and kissed the balls. Ranma grabbed
the ground and moaned as she was being sucked off. Shampoo was shocked and
turns on by the display. Ranma came deep into her mouth, shooting stream of
cum. She pulled out and let it splashed out garaging his cum. She tasted the
intense Juices licking hips and playing with the cum in her hands. She looked
over at Shampoo.

“HEY wait..A minute don’t like the way you’re looking at me” Shampoo Said

Both of them held her down and hooked up the Pump. The f***efully pumped her
muscles. It felt intoxicating. Her legs grew…spaning out to thick 40 inches
thighs and calves stretching the frabric of her clothes. Her clothes were
ripped apart as D turn to G..turn J breast before their eyes.

“Ohhhh GOD … .that feels fantastic” She moaned

She grew to 7.2 with large perky breast and thick nipples like the rest of
them. Her abs was nice six pack and her body looked like it was sizzled out of
marble. She felt cut, feeling the lines of muscle and enjoying the intense
power. Her blue hair was long and her breast had a healthy glow to it. Her
pussy lips were nice and thick.

“How you like the new you babe” Nabiki Said grabbing her breast from behind
and playing with her clit

“I feel FANTASTIC” She said giving a big wide smile. She flexed her arms, even
unflex they were 30 inches. She felt like a goddess. “Feel like I could take
over the world

“And to think” Nabiki said kissing her neck. “You can have the best of both
worlds. You can have MALE Ranma…or FEMALE ranman…she and he completely
love struck … aren’t you”

“Yes Mistress” He said stroking his cock. It was already hard dripping gobs of
pre cum. More pre cum then most men came with their ejaculate. He pushed his
cock in as Nabiki held her “Like that baby”

“Ohhhh FUCK yesss” She said … feeling her breast smashed against Ranma Chest
“Right there”

Her pussy was pulling on his cock sucking him it. Nabiki was rubbing her hands
over both of their bodies. She gave both their ass a slapped to get them fuck
faster. Both Shampoo and Ranma kissed passionate fucking with rough passion.
The ground was shaking by their love making. She watches and rubbed herself
enjoying the show

“Yesss OHHHHHHHH God” Shampoo Said. She licked his chest and then buried his
face into her big tits. She wrapped her arms around him “Fuck me faster …
that’s it NICE AND FUCKING hard. Pound my pussy. Oh God it feels like
Jackhammer inside me”

“Ohh Your PUSSY so tight” Ranma Said. His face trapped between her amazing
globes. He loved it, the smell, the touch “Ohhhhhhh Your pussy feels fantastic

“That it don’t you two stop … fuck each other long and harder…like the
MUSCLE SEX freaks that you are pound … here pussy”

Ranma let out a scream as he came again and again inside her. His cock
remained hard. When Shampoo came it was like a tidal wave. Their climaxes
crashed into each other like Tsunamis. It was passionate and erotic

“Ohhhh my god…love you…you big dick bastard” Shampoo Said

The 3 of them fucked into the night till the sun rose.

Later at Home Akumi was coming down to breakfast. She was wearing pajamas and
reading her magazine. She had a some coffee she put by her bead to brew. She
went down to the Kitchen door and saw the 3 of them. Nabiki and Shampoo had
two strapons. They were fucking a female Ranma. Nabiki had her ass and Shampoo
had her mouth. She dropped her coffee and it smashed to ground

“Hey s*s … care to get pumped up and take the other hole” Nabiki Said

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