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Random Encounter

My boyfriend and I had recently split up after only a few months of dating. No matter how long we’d been together, I was in serious need of some dance therapy. Clark, one of my good friends, offered to take me out one night… a hard opportunity to pass up. Clark didn’t drink much, and he never had issues taking care of me if I accidentally drank myself silly.
After agreeing to go out, I put some real effort into myself while I got ready. I straightened my hair, fixed my make up quite nice, and picked out a decent outfit which generally included a nice pair of tight jeans, and a flashy low cut tank top.
Since Clark and I live on opposite sides of town, we met at the club. The night started out great, I found a group of girls I’d met a few times before and danced with them. Clark wasn’t much of a dancer, so he had the tendency to sit at a table and people-watch. This seemed to work in his favor this particular night, because within about twenty minutes a fairly pretty girl sat down and started talking with him.
As the night went on, Clark asked if it would be okay if he left. He and his new friend were looking to find somewhere quiet to talk. Honestly, I was happy for the guy.
Shortly after he left, I spotted a group of people I’d graduated high school with several years before, and I made my way over to say hello. It wasn’t until I was closer that I saw him, one of our old high school teachers, Damien. Personally, I’d never had him as one of my teachers, but I definitely knew who he was. I often admired him walking by when I sat in front of my locker. Let’s face it, it was hard not to admire the guy, he was quite young and very good looking.
Anyways, Damien bought a round for the table and offered up the empty chair next to him for me to sit. Before I knew it, he’d treated me to five rounds and was dragging me out onto the dance floor with him. I was originally there to dance in the first place, so it was damn hard to resist.
Things started out friendly. We were mostly laughing and goofing around. But a few songs in he was working himself up to placing his hands on my hips, and I didn’t find myself fighting him off. Despite his moment of bravery, I could still tell he was nervous, his hands trembled at my sides. But he didn’t stop trying.
About forty five minutes later, we were still dancing. The dance floor was getting cramped with all the extra bodies, and it meant we had a smaller space to work with in terms of dancing. With the floor now flooded with swaying bodies, the DJ changed the music to something people could bump and grind to, and I found Damien pulling me closer yet. My body was essentially pressed to his now, and I didn’t mind. I brought my hands up to his neck, and it was then that I realized how tall he was. I’m about 5’1″, Damien had to have been at least 6’3″.
Damiens fingers twisted in the side of my shirt, and he began turning me so that my back was against his torso. I continued dancing to the rhythm, my hips keeping pace with the rhythm and probably moving a bit suggestively. He seemed to appreciate this, because he began pressing more firmly against me, and his head leaned down towards my neck.
“Maybe it’s the alcohol kicking in, or maybe it’s because you’ve got me so hot… but, you’re feeling really good right about now.” he said into my ear. I hadn’t felt it yet, but he was growing hard in his jeans.
“It’s probably the alcohol making you brave.” I replied, smiling back at him.
Damien’s fingers slid from my hips to my stomach, and he began gently pulling me more firmly against him. “Probably. And regardless, you’ve got so many things running through my mind right now.” he admitted.
“Oh, like what?” I could feel my cheeks burning, if it had been brighter in the club, there was no doubt he’d see how red my face had just turned.
“Like, how your bare ass would feel pressing against me. Is that wrong?”
I smiled again, and let my body reply wordlessly by swaying my ass more firmly against him. I could hear a soft growl, and he knotted his fingers in my shirt once more, “I guess not. But if you keep on this way, I’m gonna end up cumming in my pants. Lets get out of here.”
I nodded my head, and Damien took me by the hand and lead me outside. We hailed a cab, and went back to his place.
Not two seconds in the door, Damien gently pinned me against the wall, and grabbed my legs to lift me up. He slowly drew his face to my neck, and I could feel his five o’clock shadow tickle the bare skin. “You have no idea how hard it was to behave in the cab.” he murmured. “And you have no idea how happy I am you came back here with me.” Soft kisses were placed from my neck to my jaw while he spoke, “I never thought I would be so lucky, not after seeing you day and day again sitting at your locker.”
My jaw dropped! “You remember seeing me?” Obviously I was floored. I was the quiet, socially awkward type. I would be surprised if anyone not in my grade knew who I was.
“I do,” he replied huskily, “I liked seeing you then, and I’m gonna love seeing you now.” He placed a quick kiss at the corner of my mouth before he started towards his bedroom, carrying me.
Damien carefully lay me on the bed with my legs hanging over the edge. He leaned over me, and once again brought his mouth to my neck and began kissing. Only this time, he led a trail of kisses down my chest, over my clothes, and to my stomach. He stopped when he reached my jeans and looked up as if asking permission to remove them. I gave him a simple nod of the head, and he began working my jeans off of me, sliding them down my body. My gstring was left on, and he went for my tank top next, sliding it up over my head. I was nearly naked, and he was standing at the foot of the bed looking down at me.
“Fuck, you’re beautiful.” he murmured.
With a smile, I sat up and drew my hands back to unclasp my bra. I let it fall forward before tossing it to the floor, exposing my breasts to him. They were quite large given the rest of my body, and the sight made him grin.
Damien leaned down once more and placed a quick kiss on my lips before he made me lay back again. I found him sitting on the floor at the foot of the bed and he was gently spreading my legs. I closed my eyes and let the rest of my senses take over, I could feel his breath against my thighs as he came closer. And then I felt his nose press to my clothed pussy when he smelled me. A small growl emanated from him, and before I could lift my head to look down at him, the material of my gstring had been pushed to the side and his tongue was getting it’s first taste of my sex.
“Ahh…” I moaned softly.
He took his time in exploring me, slowly lapping at my sex as I grew wet. My soft moans didn’t stop rolling, and it wasn’t long until I found my hips squirming against his face. Damien slipped his arms under my thighs, and used his hands to keep me pulled down to the bed.
“Someone’s liking this, huh?” he asked.
“Mmm, more than you know.” I panted. My hands had dropped to my sides and were balling up the sheets in my palms.
“Good, then you’ll love this…”
I didn’t ask him what he meant, I was too busy enjoying the pleasure he gave, but his tongue slid north to my clit and began flicking against it. It was then that I realized his tongue was pierced, and each time it graced my clit it was like an electric current was riding through my body.
“Fuuuck….” I moaned much more loudly. My greedy hips tried desperately to squirm against him, but he wouldn’t allow it and tried to keep me held down. Over and over again his tongue hit me with this sweet assault, and the build up grew quicker and quicker. “I’m gonna cum,” I warned him, “Fuck you’re gonna make me cum!” Damien didn’t let up, his tongue worked faster, circling my clit before flicking it again. Further and further I was pushed towards the edge, and soon I was pushed off of it, free falling into ecstasy. A tremble started in my legs and worked its way throughout my body. His hands released me, and I writhed against him, moaning over and over until my body began to calm again.
“God damn…” he said, again in this husky tone.
I lay on his bed panting, and Damien stood up and began to undress himself. I tilted my head just enough to see him removing his clothing, and when his jeans fell to the floor, I gasped. “You’re huge…” Seriously, he was. He was easily 8 inches long, if not more.
“And you’re tiny.” he said, smiling as he leaned down on the bed. Using his thigh and his arms, he pushed me to the center of the bed, and found his place between my thighs. He wouldn’t let me feel him just yet, though.
“Do you want me?” he asked.
I nodded my head in reply.
The question threw me off. There was no way he was looking for validation or reassurance. “Because I always have.” Truthful and to the point.
“Good.” he whispered.
Damien lowered himself now, I felt the tip of his cock brush against my wet pussy, teasing me. Slowly he began to grind himself against me while his lips pressed to mine. I began to moan softly despite our lips being locked, and the more of his length I felt running down my folds, the more anxious I grew. “Please?” I begged him.
“Please what?”
“Please, I want you to fuck me. Please?” My hips rolled upwards to press myself more firmly against his length as if to get the point across.
“You don’t need to beg, but I love it when you do.” he growled softly.
Damien rose on his knees, and pulled my legs up against his shoulders. His hand had to draw my thong to the side again, and then immediately I felt the tip of his cock pressing into my moist sex. He was slow at first, allowing my cunt time to adjust to his size. I could hear him sucking air between his teeth as he entered me, and once again I found myself with his sheets balled into my palm. Inch by inch I took him, and I could feel each ridge, each vein.
“Holy fuck, you’re so fucking tight, baby.” he gasped.
“I want to see…” I told him, an odd request, but a request nontheless.
Damien parted my thighs, and allowed my knees to bend. I propped myself up on my elbows and looked down. From the looks of it, there was no way he’d fit his entire cock inside of me. But I watched until I’d taken his entire length. His hips began to slowly rock forwards and backwards, pumping himself in and out of me.
“You feel so damn good, Damien…” I moaned as my head fell back. He offered the kind of pleasure you weren’t sure you could tolerate. Like it was too much, yet you couldn’t have enough at the same time.
Damien picked up the pace a bit, and I could feel my tits begin to bounce each time his thighs met my rear — a sight he appreciated. “You’re so beautiful… so fucking beautiful.” he moaned.
He began to fuck me harder, and all those veins and ridges I felt had me wanting to cum again. I could feel myself building again, and he knew it by the intensity of my moans.
“You gonna cum for me, baby?” he asked.
“Mmmhmmm…” I moaned in response.
“Good, I wanna feel you cum all over my cock. Cum like a good girl for me.”
Damien began fucking me faster and harder, further building me up until I was once again on that ledge. Within seconds of his demand I was writing under him again. My entire body began to quiver, and my pussy contracted around his enormous cock. Filling his demand warranted a groan of approval.
“Mmmm, good girl, I can feel you squeezing all around me…”
He let my body calm before withdrawing and laying down beside me. With a grin, he patted his hips, “Now I want you to make me cum.”
Sitting up on the bed, I moved to straddle him so that my ass and my back were facing him. He wouldn’t be able to see my face, but he’d get a damn good view of me fucking him. Using my hand, I lifted his cock into the air, and began to lower myself on him. A soft quelch of wetness could be heard as he entered me again and in no time I was bouncing myself up and down the length of his shaft. Damiens hands found their place on my ass, and he pulled me down further and further as his need to fuck me deeper grew.
“God damn, girl… you’re already gonna make me cum.” he warned. “You’re so fucking tight.”
I could feel him pulsating inside of me, and his hands grew needy as they guided me on his cock. I fucked him faster, filling his erratic need, and I was rewarded with him groaning loudly as wave after wave of cum filled my pussy. Damien lifted his head off the bed and watched. Each time I rose upwards, some of his cum seeped out of me and coated his length. I didn’t stop fucking him until he was too sensitive for me to continue.
When I climbed off, he pulled me into his arms, leaving me a mess of cum while we drifted off to sl**p.
That was the first, and the last time I’d ever had sex with him. If I ever had the opportunity, I’d do it all again.

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