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remembering “uncle” buddy part one

after many years of our having fun together, doing the role playing we so much loved, for whatever
reason, you have disappeared from my life, and it is time to chronicle some of those times. when we first met it didn’t take long for us to discover what a good fit we were together, you being the 6’5″ 230lb uncle, and my being the 5’3″ 120lb bad cock teasing little girl niece, how you liked that I didn’t get into the “over the top” sissy get ups, but preferred keeping it simple with just my training bra, sexy little bikini panties, and full slip, you said that was “keeping it real” and it made you super horny. how I recall the first time you caught me coming out of the bathroom dressed like that, how you roughly grabbed me, pulled me in close to you and asked, “what are you doing running around here in the hall way in your underwear little girl ?” “what do you mean uncle bud” I stammered out, as I struggled to get away from you, fearing what was happening.
“you know exactly what I mean, you cock teasing little slut” you said as you held on tighter, making it impossible for me to break loose from your hold. you now had a handful of my hair jerking my head back, as you pulled my hands behind me and put handcuffs on my wrists, and started dragging me into your bed room, in spite of my struggles. as you spun me around to face you I heard you say, “on your knees, you little bitch” and when I tried to resist “no uncle bud, please no” you put your big hands on my shoulders squeezing hard as you pushed me down “I SAID, DOWN ON YOUR FUCKING KNEES, YOU LITTLE FUCKING SLUT”!! as I sank to my knees, you attempted to f***e the head of your now fully erect 8 1/2 inch, thick cock past my tightly clenched lips, while I mumbled “noooooo, pleaseeee, nooooo, uncle bud”, which apparently really angered you. “YOU LITTLE FUCKING BITCH!!, you reached down with two of your fingers pinched my nose, while violently slapping my face with your cock, til I had to open my mouth to breathe, at which time you f***ed your hard cock past my lips all the way to the entrance of my throat, causing me to gag and choke as you rapidly began to roughly face fuck me, holding my head in both of your hands you fucked my mouth faster and deeper with every violent stroke, all the while screaming and shouting at me “SUCK MY COCK, YOU LITTLE SLUT” “CHOKE ON IT BITCH”, “SEE? THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO LITTLE COCK TEASERS LIKE YOU”. after what seemed like forever, you pulled out of my mouth, and before I could scream for help you gagged me with some cloth and a scarf, telling me you didn’t want to “disturb your neighbors” with the screaming I was about to do when you shoved that big cock into my little pussy and started to fuck me, and that is just what you did, you shoved so hard I bounced on the bed, you then put me on my knees with my little ass up in the air and my head down on the bed, you then stood behind me grabbing me with your big hands, one on each hip, and when you suddenly pulled me back and thrust your cock forward at the same time, forcing that huge cock head into my tight little pussy, with the shaft following all the way in with one long single thrust, that is exactly what I did, I screamed, screamed and screamed some more, but the gag confined my noise to the room, all the while you were fucking my brains out you told me about how this is what happens to bad little cockteasers like me, “you get punished for being bad, you little slut” you said, “you’re getting what you want, you little bitch” and I guess you were right, for my clitty, confined in a very tight cock ring, tucked back in my panties had gotten hard and I was about to cum in them. suddenly you made one last slamming thrust and I could feel your cock pulsing while filling my pussy with your cum, which made me cum in my panties. after a few minutes you pushed me all the way down on the bed, tied my ankles together, and left the room leaving me to wonder, “what next”?

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:03 pm

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