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Replacing Dad

Mark Adams heard his parents before he saw them as he arrived home from a long day at school. As had become the norm, they were fighting. He paused for a moment as he listened to them from outside the front door then jangled his keys and loudly played with the lock to signal his arrival.

Mark sighed as the fighting stopped once he entered, his parents in the front foyer sporting fake smiles as he walked in, “hey mom, dad, what’s up?”

Tom Adams was not in a chatting mood and simply picked up a bag that lay at his feet, “nothing buddy, I just stopped by to pick up a few things I need for a business trip,” he said as he walked over to his son.

Tom looked back at his wife, “I’ll email you,” he said simply before turning to his son, “take care of your mother.”

Mark didn’t bother saying goodbye to his father; he was out the door with the door closed before he even had a chance to say the words. Instead he walked over to his mother and gave her a kiss hello on the cheek, “you ok mom?”

Melody smiled and put on a brave face for her son, “of course I am sweetie, and how was your day?”

Mark ignored his mother’s question as they walked inside, “you don’t seem ok mom, come on, what’s up? What did dad say?”

Melody sighed as the weight of a bad day came crashing down, tears formed in her eyes as she stepped closer to her one and only c***d and hugged him tight, “your father is officially filing for divorce,” she said as tears ran down her cheeks.

Mark hugged his mother tightly and held her as the words sunk in. He wasn’t surprised his parents were getting divorced, they had been separated for months and their marriage had been slowly deteriorating for years before that.

Mark rubbed his mother’s back softly and wiped away her tears as she looked at him, “I’m sorry mom; I know you really tried to make it work.”

Melody smiled at her son, she was so lucky to have him in her life. While her relationship with her soon to be ex-husband was in poor shape, her relationship with her son couldn’t have been better.

Melody broke the hug and wiped her tears away, “you know where he’s going don’t you? He’s going away with HER – business trip my ass.”

Mark led his mother into the living room so they could sit down. Before getting separated Tom had admitted to his wife and son he was having an affair with a colleague at work and that they were in love.

“They can have each other mom, you’re too good for him anyway,” he said.

Melody snorted with laughter, “yeah right, look at me, I’m a mess.”

Mark smiled as he looked at his mother, “you’re beautiful on the inside and out and the best mother a son could have,” he said.

Melody shook her head, “my little prince,” she said as she kissed him then wiped a smudge of her lipstick from his face, “where would I be without you?”

“We’re a team mom, to hell with dad,” he said.

“Now that’s a sentiment I can agree with,” Melody smiled. “I’m going to finish making dinner; you go change and get ready.”

Mark kissed his mother on the cheek again and went upstairs to his room. He was halfway up the stairs when Melody called out to him, “oh and sweetie?… ”

“Yes mom?” he asked as he turned around.

“My laptop is acting up, the sound won’t work, could you take a look at it?” she asked.

“Anything for you mom,” Mark said as he reached the top of the stairs and went into his room.

Mark and his mother had always been close. When he was younger his father often worked late hours so Mark and Melody spent a lot of time together. Mark didn’t mind being called a “momma’s boy” and happily spent time with his mother.

Melody married young and had Mark when she was only 19. She and Tom met in school and were high school sweethearts. Tom was two years older and truly loved her when they were younger but the pressure of providing for a f****y at such a young age wore on him before long.

When they were young, Tom and Melody enjoyed a vigorous sex life, they even belonged to a swingers club in their early 20’s but left that life behind them in their 30’s when a job offer came and they moved cities.

Tom adjusted to the move well but Melody didn’t. She broke her ankle soon after the move and became ill with an extended virus right after that, making for a terrible introduction to their new home. Melody struggled to meet new people and make new friends. It didn’t help that the gossiping wives of Tom’s new work colleagues spread rumors first about her beauty then reveled in her struggle to adjust when the stress and bullying caused her to lose her figure and her confidence.

Melody was used to the whispers but had hoped they would die off with age. She was short, standing only 5’3 with dyed blonde hair and green eyes, fair skin, toned legs and large firm round breasts that were 100% real. She had been a cheerleader in her high school days and had grown accustomed to attracting stares from the opposite sex; she liked the power it gave her.

The problems with Tom started after the move and never really stopped. It was Mark that pulled her out of her funk; he was an athletic k** growing up so Melody threw herself into doting on her son. Mark called her beautiful even when she didn’t feel like she was and convinced her to take up jogging with him as he trained for the high school baseball team.

Slowly Melody caught the exercise bug and her figure and confidence returned. It became yet another activity for the two to bond over. Melody went to all Mark’s games and enjoyed the attention she got from his teammates and their fathers but it was the attention she got from her son she enjoyed most of all.

Melody had caught her son staring at her from time to time while they jogged and around the house but didn’t mind his stolen glances. She knew her son adored her and often got in fights defending her honor. Melody didn’t like her son fighting but she did like that she did have one man in her life that defended her.

Truth be told, Mark wasn’t the only one who did some ogling. Melody noticed as her son blossomed from a boy into a man. Now 19 and in college he stood 6’3 with blonde hair, blue eyes, a well toned physique and an ass that attracted stares from women young and old. He was good but not great at baseball and his dream of playing professionally died before it even started.

Mark had decided to live at home rather than move into one of the dorms on campus. With his parents splitting up he didn’t like the idea of his mother living home alone. Despite the stolen glances the mother-son duo never did anything sexual, their relationship wasn’t like that, but they did have an extremely tight bond.

A bond that was about to grow even stronger.


Mark showered and changed then walked into his mother’s room to check on her laptop. It booted up without any issues and the sound problem was easy enough to solve.

He decided to check his college online web portal to see if his final marks were posted and was about to shut the computer down when a link saved in the favorites caught his eye. Mark knew he should leave it alone but proceeded anyway.

He clicked on the link and a hook-up site popped up. It was a sex meet up site, a combo of eHarmony and Ashley Madison. His mother’s profile was saved and Mark decided to check it out even though he knew he shouldn’t.

Mark found himself getting jealous as he read his mother’s profile even though logically he wanted his mother to meet someone and move on from his father, even if it was for casual sex.

Melody advertised herself as a soon-to-be divorced mother of one who was looking for a man who knew how to pleasure a woman. She indicated she was looking for a younger man, “like one of her son’s friends” who had a ‘big cock’ and ‘knew how to use it.’

Mark got a lump in his throat as he read his mother’s profile describing her sexual likes and dislikes. His cock started to throb as she described in depth how she wanted to ride a ‘hot young bronco’ and shove it in her ex-husband’s face. His cock got even harder she he spotted some pictures she posted. They weren’t nude, but they were pretty close.

“I can’t believe it,” he said to himself.

Just then Melody called from downstairs, “dinner is ready sweetie!”

Mark closed the website and the laptop, “be there in a moment mom!” he called as he adjusted his pants and went downstairs.


Mark visited his mother’s online profile a lot over the next two weeks. She had recently joined so he didn’t think she had met anyone yet but for some reason he just couldn’t let it go.

He wasn’t mad with his mother, he could never be mad at her for wanting to meet new people, regardless of the reason. He just couldn’t shake the surprising jealousy he felt towards unknown men trying to score with his mother.

Melody was an attractive woman. She was toned but not skinny, curvy but not overly so, with soft smooth skin and large plump breasts. Mark loved the smell of her shampoo, the way she dressed, moved and laughed. So why wouldn’t other men?

Melody didn’t dress to tease her son around the house but she didn’t dress overly conservative either. She wasn’t nearly as tall as her son and from time to time wore his old jerseys or shirts around the house with little else on. She had done that the other night when they watched a movie together. Mark found himself stealing glances at his mother as she cuddled beside him, he watched her as much as he did the movie.

He’d always dated but never for long. Potential girlfriends didn’t last long if they didn’t meet his mother’s approval.

One late night while Mark was surfing the internet he invariably made his way back to his mother’s profile. He’d been f***ed to get one of his own after he used up his free visits. He filled it out honestly save for the picture he used. As he logged on he noticed his mother was logged in as well.

Mark’s heart started to beat fast as he stared at her profile picture and the green dot indicating she was online. He decided to take a chance.

Mark, otherwise known as “blondenblue62” sent his mother, whose username was “sexygal69” an invite for a live chat. 30 seconds later she agreed.

“Hello” he typed.

“Hi,” his mother responded, “Thanks for the invite.”

“Couldn’t resist,” he started. “Can’t sl**p?”

“Horny and alone,” Melody replied.

Mark swallowed deeply as he chatted online with his mother. He knew he should stop but couldn’t bring himself to do so. “I find that hard to believe,” he typed.

“Lol why?” she asked.

“You’re beautiful,” he replied.

“You’re sweet,” Melody replied, “but the only man who notices me these days is my son.”

Mark stopped dead in his tracks. She knew? Was she upset?

“I find THAT hard to believe,” he wrote.

“It’s true,” she said, “he’s the only one and to be honest, I don’t mind.”

Mark’s heart started to beat even faster, “naughty girl,” he wrote.

Melody smiled as she chatted online. She had been considering cancelling her membership and hadn’t expected to share any secret desires but here she was – and she was horny. She started to rub herself as she typed.

“Truth be told? He’s not the only one who peeks,” she wrote.

Mark’s cock immediately started to throb; his mother had checked him out?

“Ever done anything?” he asked, knowing the answer.

Melody rubbed herself even harder as she typed, “no, I’m too much of a chicken.”

“What about his friends?” Mark asked.

Melody chuckled as she typed, “They’re cute but I’d never do that to my son.”

Mark breathed a sigh of relief; his head would have exploded if one of his friends was fooling around with his mother.

“You think he’d want to do something?” he asked.

“Probably not,” Melody responded. “I’m not some freak, just a lonely woman.”

“I read somewhere a lot of sons think of their mother sexually at some point,” Mark wrote.

“Why did I type that?” he asked himself.

Melody started to finger herself as she typed, “have you thought about your mom?”

Mark paused and then responded, “I’ve started to, hard to not notice her.”

“You naughty boy,” Melody wrote. “Do you want to fuck her?”

Mark didn’t know what to say. He hadn’t really thought about it but he had been visiting her profile and thinking about her nonstop recently.

“Hello?” she asked.

“Sorry,” Mark wrote, “I was just thinking about her.”

“Mmmmmmm” Melody responded, “that a yes?”

Mark paused again before responding, “Well, my cock is rock hard,” he replied honestly without actually responding.

“My pussy is wet,” Melody replied. “How big are you?”

Mark knew he should stop but was long past the point of no return, “big enough, maybe I’ll show you sometime” he typed.

“How old are you?” Melody asked.

Mark was tempted to lie but didn’t, “I’m 19,” he typed.

“Mmmmm you could be my son,” Melody responded, not knowing how right she was.

“I’d like that,” Mark replied.

Melody fingered her pussy faster, “I bet you would…”

Both mother and son played with themselves as they chatted, Mark pulling his cock out of his boxers giving it the relief it needed.

“It’s late, I should go to bed, talk again?” Melody asked.

“Absolutely,” Mark replied.

“Goodnight sweetie,” Melody wrote before logging off.

“Night mom,” Mark said softly as he stood up and moved over to his bed. Both mother and son played with themselves that night, thinking of one another before they drifted off to sl**p.


Neither Melody nor Mark had intended for that chat to happen. In fact, neither had admitted to themselves they had those desires but it was clear now they both did.

Over the course of the next week they chatted almost every night about their shared fantasy, not really sure where it was leading.

Mark noticed his mother was suddenly in a better mood while Melody couldn’t help but notice her son checking her out even more than usual.

Mark had learned through their online chats his mother hadn’t met anyone through the site and wasn’t too pleased with it overall until she started talking to him. Melody meanwhile found herself looking forward to her late night rendezvous with her anonymous young stud. She had started to fantasize about her and Mark together but left it at that, just a fantasy.

One night after watching a movie together they met online after saying their goodnights in the hall.

“God I’m so horny,” Melody wrote when Mark popped online.

“Why is that?” he asked.

“We just watched a movie together and I did what I told you I was going to do. I wore a skimpy little nightie and he was so hard. I saw him. I felt him,” she said.

“That IS hot,” Mark wrote back.

“I was so tempted to do something but I couldn’t. I shouldn’t be doing this to myself or to him. He’s the only good relationship I have in my life,” she said.

“Sounds to me like he doesn’t mind,” he wrote.

“I don’t know…” she replied.

“I bet you he’s thinking about you right now,” he typed.

“You think so?” she asked.

“I know so…” he said.

“I wish you were him,” Melody replied.

Mark’s cock throbbed at that last comment, “go check if he’s still awake, I’ll be here…” he said.

Without thinking Mark got up and slipped out his room, going downstairs to the kitchen. Melody heard him in the kitchen and walked down to join him in her skimpy nightie.

“Mark?” she asked as she entered the kitchen, “is that you?”

“It’s me mom, I’m just making some hot milk, want some?”

Mark looked at his mother as she softly stepped into the kitchen, her nightie was light purple, very short and see-thru everywhere but at her chest. His eyes traveled up and down her body, her nightie barely covered her panties and perfectly showcased her body.

“I couldn’t sl**p, you?” he asked.

Melody smiled at her son, “same.”

Melody watched as her son reached up to get a second mug, he was wearing boxers and a t-shirt that was moulded to his toned physique. Whereas her husband had let himself go in recent years, her son was a verified hunk. Like her, he wouldn’t have any problem finding a mate if he wanted, but like her he was more comfortable at home.

Melody stepped closer to her son as the milk started to heat up, “aren’t we a pair?” she chuckled, “heating up warm milk on a Saturday night.”

Mark smiled as he pulled his mother close to him, his hands sliding down her back as her arms went around his neck.

“I don’t mind mom, I’ve always preferred being with you. I like our special bond,” he said.

Melody smiled back at her son, “me too. I’m lucky to have a son who talks to his mother more than once a month.”

Mark smirked, “you mean that’s an option?” he teased.

Melody gasped in mock horror, “just for that I’m going to embarrass you the next time your friends are over. I’m going to treat you like a little boy and just shower you with kisses…”

Melody leaned up as she started to give Mark sloppy wet kisses on his cheeks and forehead just like she did when he was young.

“I’ll kiss you like this and this and this and this and this and this…” she teased.

Mark laughed as his mother gave him sloppy wet kisses, her body pressed against him as she did, and as she pressed against him it was impossible for her not to feel his hard-on.

“Ok ok ok!” he laughed, “I give in!”

Melody smiled as she stopped kissing her son but stayed pressed against him. Their eyes locked for a moment as Mark held his mother in his arms. He pulled her slightly against him and she didn’t fight it.

Finally after an extended silence Mark said, “I love you mom.”

Melody bit her bottom lip and smiled, “I love you too sweetie. You’re the love of your mother’s life and you always will be.”

“I’d do anything for you mom,” her son replied.

“I know you would baby,” she started as the milk started to boil over, “but right now I think you should pour us some milk,” she giggled as the warm milk spilled on the floor.

Mark swore softly as he pulled the pot off the burner and wiped up the spilled milk, “if that isn’t a metaphor I don’t know what is,” he thought to himself.

Mark poured a glass for himself and his mother, “here you go,” he said.

“Thanks sweetie,” she said as she kissed him on the cheek, “goodnight, don’t stay up too late,” she said as she walked back upstairs.

Mark watched her leave and adjusted his hard cock once she was out of sight. He quickly cleaned up and returned to his room. Messages from his mother were waiting for him as he sat down.

“I’m here,” he typed.

“Thought I lost you,” she wrote.

“How’d it go?” he asked.

Mark groaned as his mother shared the story that he just participated in, “sounds hot,” he said.

“You have no idea,” she said, “my pussy is on fire.”

Mark was thinking about his mother’s pussy when she asked him her most daring question yet, “would you send me a pic of your dick? I’m sopping wet.”

Mark’s cock lurched with lust at his mother’s request, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” he said.

“Deal,” she said. “You first.”

Mark gulped as his mother responded quickly; he hadn’t expected her to take him up on his offer.

He turned on his webcam and focused on his hard cock, making sure only his cock was on screen and nothing that would give away where he was. He took a pic and sent it through the chat.

“Enjoy,” he wrote.

“Mmmmmm that’s bigger than my ex,” Melody said, unknowingly telling her son he had a bigger cock than his father.

“Seriously, that’s a great cock” she continued. “Your mother doesn’t know what she’s missing.”

Two minutes later she sent him a pic in return, it was a pic of his mother from her breasts down to her wetness, her fingers inside her pussy, “your son is the one who doesn’t know what he’s missing,” he typed.

“Think of me when you jack off tonight,” his mother wrote. “I’ll be thinking of your cock and pretending you’re my son.”

Mark and Melody both got off that night, touching themselves as they thought of one another, their orgasms arriving at almost the same time, albeit in different rooms.


For the next week they traded more pics as they chatted with the temperature slowly rising to a crescendo the next weekend.

Mark arrived home from his part-time job Saturday afternoon hot and tired and in need of a swim. He saw his mother outside so he quickly changed into his trunks and went outside.

Melody looked up as Mark walked outside, “how was work?”

Mark shrugged, “same old same old, glad to be done and in the pool,” he said as he dived into the pool and did a few laps.

Melody watched as her son did his laps and hid behind her sunglasses as he pulled himself out of the water.

“Better?” she asked.

“Much better,” he said as he sat down beside her, “have you been in today or is this another one of your ‘dry’ bathing suits?”

Melody stood up and spun around for her son, happy to show off her body, “does this look like a swim suit you get wet?” she asked.

Mark smirked as he stood up, “it does to me!” he said as he picked his mother up and put her over his shoulder.

Melody shrieked loudly as her son picked her up, “Mark! Put me down this instant!”

Mark chuckled as he carried his mother to the edge of the pool; she kicked her legs playfully as she squirmed on his shoulder, “what’s that? Can’t hear you. I’ve got this woman screaming on my shoulder.”

Melody squirmed and kicked and lightly smacked her son as he held her, “don’t you dare throw me in the water!”

Mark walked to the edge of the water then set his mother down, “you don’t think I’d actually throw my own mother in the water did you?” he asked with a wry grin.

Melody breathed a deep sigh of relief and then smiled at her son, “you should have,” she grinned as she pushed him into the water.

Mark bellowed as he tumbled in the water and surfaced quickly, a big grin on his face. Melody shrieked again as Mark popped out of the pool and started to chase after her.

She ran around the backyard before Mark scooped her up into his arms and carried her over to the pool.

Melody gave her son the puppy dog look as she squirmed in his arms, “you wouldn’t throw your dear old mother in the pool would you?”

Mark grinned, “My dear old mother? No. My hot young mother… yes.”

And with that Mark jumped into the pool while still holding Melody, letting her go as they hit the water.

Mark laughed as he came up for air, Melody surfaced a moment later. She wiped her hair from her face and giggled as she splashed her son.

Mother and son splashed and played in the pool before they wound up in the shallow end. Mark sat on the steps as he pulled his mother on top of him. Melody straddled her son in the water as they caught their breath.

“So you think I’m hot do you?” she smiled.

Mark’s hands slipped over her body and Melody didn’t stop him, “I do. Not exactly breaking news.”

Melody grinded against her son as she leaned into him, “well there aren’t exactly a lot of men breaking down my door,” she breathed.

“You have to take the padlock off the front door first mom,” Mark replied.

“Are you telling me you want me to do that?” Melody asked.

Mark didn’t break eye contact with his mother as she stayed on his lap, “hell no.”

Melody grinned widely, “I didn’t think so.”

Mark held his mother close and then leaned in to kiss her, finally tasting her lips.

Melody moaned as she kissed her son, he held her tightly and kissed her with heat and passion. Her arms went around his neck as she grinded against his growing hard-on, their lips locked in a hot taboo embrace.

Mark and Melody kissed like teenagers as they pressed against each other in the pool, Mark’s tongue slipping inside his mother as he succumbed to his lust.

“Mmmmmm mom,” he moaned as he broke their kiss.

“Oh my god,” Melody moaned, “That was so hot. I’ve wanted that for so long.”

Mark’s cock throbbed she he heard his mother’s words and she felt it, “me too,” he said.

They started to kiss again only to stop just as quickly, “what’s wrong?” Mark asked.

“I want this so bad, but I can’t. It’s wrong. I’m your mother,” she said.

“It’s ok mom, I want this. I want you,” Mark replied.

Melody extricated herself from her son, “it is wrong. We can’t do this,” she said as she pulled away from Mark and ran inside.

Mark watched his mother run inside and went after her. He went upstairs and heard her crying in her room, “mom?” he called as he knocked on the door.

“Not now Mark. It’s wrong, we can’t do this, I’m your mother,” she cried.

Mark turned the knob and went inside, “we need to talk.”

Melody looked at her son, “Mark! Please! I’m embarrassed enough!”

Mark walked over to the en suite bathroom to grab a towel and some tissues. He came back into the bedroom and wrapped the towel around his mother and handed her a tissue.

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about mom,” he said as he sat down beside her.

Melody sighed deeply as she leaned against her son, “I’m such a fool.”

Mark rubbed his mother’s arms through the towel, “don’t be silly mom, you’re perfect.”

Melody looked at her son and started to talk when he stopped her, “let me speak,” he said.

“A few weeks ago when I was fixing your laptop I found your online profile,” he started as Melody’s eyes bulged in surprise.

“It was wrong but I checked it out and I’ve checked your profile every day since. I checked it so often I had to get my own … and then I couldn’t help myself and started chatting with you online. I’m the one you’ve been talking to mom. So if there’s something wrong with you there’s something wrong with me and we can be wrong together,” he said.

Melody was shocked as her son revealed all, “you mean…” she started.

“Yup,” he said. “We’ve been sharing our secrets, swapping pictures… nurturing our mutual desire.”

“You planned this?” Melody asked.

Mark shook his head, “No. It just… happened. Every step of the way I knew I should stop but I couldn’t. It was you. Deep down I guess I’ve always had a mommy thing,” he said.

Melody smiled for the first time, “a mommy thing? So, you really want to…”

Mark nodded, “I want to do whatever you want mom. But if you’re asking me what I really want, I want to fuck my mother.”

Melody’s nipples instantly responded to her son’s words, “You want to fuck me?”

Mark nodded.

“Say it again,” she said.

“I want to fuck you mom,” he repeated.

“Again,” she said.

“I want to fuck my mommy,” Mark smiled.

Melody grinned a lusty grin as she stood up and faced her son, she tossed her towel aside. She reached behind her back and undid her top, letting it fall to the floor as her gorgeous breasts spilled free, her lust and desire now fuelling her actions.

Mark stared at his mother’s chest in wonderment, not believing this was actually happening.

Melody smiled as her son gawked at her, “mmmmmm mommy wants to fuck her big boy…” she moaned.

Mark pulled his mother back onto his lap and kissed her again, her naked breasts pressing against his chest as they kissed for a third time.

Mark and Melody kissed on the bed. Melody straddled her son and felt his growing cock against her and it turned her on even more. Mark fell back on the bed, Melody stayed on top of him as they kissed hungrily.

Melody broke the kiss and looked down at her son, “did you really mean all the things you wrote?” she asked.

Mark nodded, “every single thing.”

“And that was really your cock you sent me?”

Mark nodded again, “of course, you think I have lots of dick pics sitting around?”

Melody giggled, “no, but it looked too good to be true,” she said as she kissed softly down his body until she reached his swim trunks. Melody looked up at her son as she slowly undid his swim suit and tugged it down his legs, letting his hard young cock to spring free.

“Mmmmmm you weren’t lying,” she said as she licked her lips.

Melody’s lust grew as she grabbed her son’s cock and started to stroke him slowly. Her smile grew even larger when he groaned softly as she stroked his shaft.

“I bet the girls love this cock…” she hissed.

Mark smiled as he looked at his mother, “they do, but what I really want to know is if my mother likes it.”

Melody had a mischievous glint in her eye as she stroked her son slowly once more before her lips approached his shaft and sucked him into her warm wet mouth.

Mark groaned loudly as his mother started to suck his cock, “ooohhhhh fuck yes mom.”

He watched as his mother’s head bobbed up and down his cock as she expertly swallowed his cock, her lips gliding up and down his shaft.

Mark’s cock slipped from his mother’s mouth and she started to stroke him again, “does that answer your question?” Melody asked.

“Mmmmmm fuck mom…” Mark groaned as his mother’s salvia glistened on his prick.

Melody smiled as she kissed and stroked her son’s hard cock, “mmmm that will happen soon enough,” she teased.

Mark groaned again as his mother slowly dragged her tongue along his shaft and took his cock back in her mouth.

The sound of Melody blowing her son while he moaned filled the room and turned them both on. “God I love how you suck my cock…” Mark groaned.

Melody smiled and continued to suck her son’s cock, it was so big and hard, she loved the way it felt in her mouth and she loved the taboo of sucking off her own son.

Mark ran his hands through his mother’s hair as she sucked and slurped on his dick, he wanted to watch every second as his mother’s mouth pleasured his cock.

“I want you so bad mom, even more than I did in the pool when you were sitting on my cock. I want to fuck you. I want to suck you. I want to taste you,” he said.

Melody started to stroke her son’s cock as she sucked on his balls, her hand moving up and down his wet cock.

“Tell mommy what you’d do to her…” she moaned.

Mark smiled as he moved his hips, thrusting slowly against his mother’s hand.

“I’d fuck my mommy good and hard. I’d fuck her balls deep. I’d fuck mommy until my cock was worn out,” Mark started.

Melody’s pussy was on fire as she toyed with her son’s balls and stroked his shaft.

“I’m going to fuck you in every room of this house. I’m going to fuck you in my bed; I’m going to fuck you in this bed and fuck you better than dad ever did. I’m going to fuck you while we eat breakfast, I’m going to bend you over the couch and fuck you in the f****y room. I’m going to fuck you in the shower, in the grass out back, on the washing machine and everywhere in between,” he continued.

Melody moaned loudly as her son went on and on all the places he would fuck her, she took his cock back in her mouth as his shaft throbbed. She sucked his shaft with increased intensity now as her entire body felt like it was on fire.

“Cum for mommy,” she breathed, “Mommy wants to taste her baby boy.”

Mark’s cock throbbed as he listened to his mother; her mouth was driving him insane as he thrust his shaft deeper in her hotness.

Her hard nipples rubbed against his skin as she sucked his cock and slurped loudly on his hot rod. Melody hadn’t been this hot since she and Tom went to their last swingers party years ago and none of the cock’s she’d sucked over the years made her as hot as her son’s.

Mark grunted and groaned loudly as his mother continued her taboo assault on his shaft until he couldn’t help himself anymore.

“Here it comes,” he grunted through gritted teeth.

Melody moaned as she sucked her son, her eyes bulging when he finally released and came hard down her throat.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk mom!” he yelled.

Melody sucked harder on her son’s sprouting prick as his sperm coated her tongue and throat.

“Mmmmm fuck yes mom, god you’re so hot. So so so so so hotttt…” he grunted.

Melody moaned as she swallowed her son’s load, she hadn’t always swallowed with Tom and other men but just had to taste her son.

She licked her lips as she lifted from his shaft, a long line of spit connected his cock to her lips and she eagerly kissed his cock head to clean it up.

Melody moaned as her son’s cock stayed hard, she started to stroke him again, “you taste so good baby.”

Mark smiled as he looked up at his mother, “no one ever sucked my cock like that mom. No one ever made me cum that hard.”

Melody smiled as she climbed up her son’s nude body, licking his skin along the way, “mmmm well mommy knows how to take care of her baby boy…”

Mark pulled his mother up to him and kissed her again, they kissed hungrily on the bed as Mark rolled his mother onto her back.

She felt his hand snake down to her soaked bikini bottoms and slip under them. Mark smiled when he felt how wet his mother was and Melody moaned when her son started to feel her up.

Melody looked at her son, “mommy is so horny baby.”

Mark slowly undid her bikini bottoms and tossed them away, “well we’ll have to do something about that won’t we?” he smirked.

Melody watched as her son moved between her legs and spread them wide, she had expected him to just fuck her like Tom would have after she sucked his cock but instead he started to lick her wet pussy.

Mark’s tongue slid over his mother’s wetness as he tasted her, causing her to moan, “mmmm god Mark, eat mommy’s pussy…”

Mark smiled as he started to do just that, he started to kiss, lick and suck his mother’s twat as he slid one and then a second finger inside her.

Mark buried his head between his mother’s sexy thighs as he started to eat her out; he flicked his tongue against her before licking and sucking on her pussy lips.

Melody moaned and fed her son her pussy as he paid more attention to her pussy than his father had in a long time.

Mark fingered his mother with two fingers and rubbed against her clit with his thumb, teasing her and making her squirm. His tongue lapped against her pussy as he fingered her, his tongue digging into her.

“Mmmmm yes Mark, eat mommy’s pussy, eat mommy…” she moaned.

Melody started to pinch and play with her nipples as her son ate her out. Mark’s tongue slipped between her soft folds as he played with her clit and sucked his mother’s cunt.

Melody’s pussy was sopping went as her son’s tongue worked it’s magic, “ohhh baby yes, lick mommy, eat mommy…”

Mark put his mother’s thighs over his shoulders as his tongue dug even deeper inside of her. He rubbed her and fingered her, his tongue licking her one moment and spearing the next.

“Mmmm baby, mommy is going to fuck you so good…” she groaned.

Mark licked and kissed his mother’s inner thighs as he fingered her sopping twat. He looked up at her and smiled, “I’m not going to let you leave this bed for the rest of the weekend…”

Melody moaned and smiled, her pussy was on fire, “I need your cock inside me baby.”

Mark leaned down to lick his mother’s pussy again, he looked up at his mother, “does mommy want to fuck her little prince?”

Melody moaned and started to pull her son up her body, “mommy wants to fuck her BIG prince…”

Mark’s hard, wet cock dragged against his mother’s naked skin as he moved up her body, they kissed again as Melody spread her legs wide for her son.

Mark had a moment of clarity before he fucked his mother, “last chance to stop before we jump off a cliff together mom…”

Melody felt her son’s cock throb against her and smiled, “mmmm, just like my baby boy to be thinking about his mommy. Don’t think baby, don’t worry. Just fuck me,” she said.

Mark mounted his mother and smiled wide, “anything for you mom,” he said as he pressed against her and thrust inside of her.

Melody moaned loudly, her eyes bulging again as her son thrust his throbbing member inside her.

“Oooohhhhhhhhhhhuuughhhhhhh…” she groaned.

Mark’s cock got even harder as he slide inside his mother’s hot wet canal, sliding inside her sent shivers of pleasure up his spine. He pulled back and thrust inside her again.

“Mmmmm fuck mommmmm…” he grunted.

Mark started to fuck his mother hard and slow, her breasts shaking and swaying as his hard shaft slid balls deep inside her.

“Fuck. Fuck. Ffffuck!!” yelled Melody. “Fuck me baby, fuck mommy…” she encouraged.

Mark started to saw in and out of his mother, making sure she felt every inch of his hard young cock as he fucked her for the first time.

Melody felt Mark press against her as he fucked her, it was unlike anything she’d ever felt before. All the men, all the orgies, all the threesomes, nothing made her pussy buzz like fucking her own son.

Melody wrapped her legs around her son, sucking him into her as he fucked her.

Mark smiled as he felt his mother wrap her legs around him, “how long has it been since you were fucked mom?” he asked as he thrust into her.

Melody moaned as she bite her lip, she reached down to rub herself as her son scratched her itch, “too long baby. Your father hasn’t fucked me in over a year. Just rubber for mommy…”

Mark smirked and fucked his mother harder and deeper, his cock glistened with his mother’s wetness as he slid balls deep inside his mother and held his cock in place, “no more rubber cocks for my mother, just her baby boy’s.”

Melody moaned loudly at how nasty and wrong that was, “mmmmm yessssssss Mark, fuck your mother.”

Mark grabbed his mother’s wrists as he pinned her down on the bed. Her legs fell to the side as he fucked her harder and deeper. His cock drove into her hard and fast, his balls slapping loudly against her as they fucked.

“Your pussy feels so good,” he grunted.

Melody’s pussy was on fire as her son thrust back and forth inside of her, she was unable to respond, just moan.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmarkkkk…”

Mark smiled as he pulled his cock from his mother, picked her up and put her on her hands and knees. Melody looked back at her so with glassy eyes, she loved being manhandled and moaned again when he thrust back deep inside her.

Mark held her tightly as he pumped into her pussy from behind. Her head hung down as she sucked in a breath and tried to comprehend how her son, her only c***d, was giving her the fucking of her life.

Melody grabbed her right breast and played with her hard nipple; she toyed with it and twisted it as Mark pounded her from behind.

Mark pounded his mother’s pussy as hard as he’d fucked anyone. His cock speared into his mother and he loved the way he looked balls deep inside of the woman who gave him life.

Melody started to moan louder and louder as she was fucked by her son, “more baby more. Fuck mommy harder. Harder. HARDER!”

Mark picked up the pace even more as he savagely pounded his mother as she egged him on. Mark fucked his mother harder and deeper.

“More, more!” she moaned.

Mark fucked his mother faster and faster.

“Harder, harder!” she groaned.

Mark slammed deep and fast into his mother again and again.

“Yes, yes, yessssssssss…” she hissed.

Mark drove his cock into his mother as his cock throbbed and his orgasm started to build. Their bodies glistened as they fucked on her bed.

Mark pulled out of his mother and put her on her back once again, “nnnnnnoooo…” Melody whined.

Mark grinned as he looked down at his mother; he dipped his head down to lick and suck on her sweaty, juicy, plump breasts.

“I just wanted to look you in the eye when I cum inside you mom,” he said as he thrust back inside his mother.

Melody moaned again, “mmmmmm yesssss,” as her son’s cock filled her up.

The bed shook and squeaked as he fucked her, “you do want me to cum inside you, don’t you mom?”

Melody reached down to grab her son’s ass and pull his cock deeper inside her, “mmmm yes,” she huffed. “I had my tubes tied years ago, fill mommy up you naughty boy. You naughty motherfucker.”

Mark smiled as his mother called him a motherfucker, his thrusts picked up and he fucked her harder and harder as they started to kiss hungrily.

Mark’s big cock disappeared inside his mother as they moved together, slowing their illicit mother-son coupling as their orgasms grew as one.

“Here it comes mom,” he grunted.

Mark’s cock exploded inside his mother as he looked her in the eye.

“Yes baby YES!” she yelled as her body shook as she came all over her son’s plunging cock.

Melody squeezed her son’s cock hard as he pumped load after load inside of her, cumming hard as he fucked his mother with all his might.

“Aaaahhhhhhhhhh…” Melody moaned as orgasm after orgasm washed over her body, “feed mommy…”

Mark’s muscles strained as grunted and pumped one last load inside his mother as their mutual orgasms rose to a fever pitch.

“Ooohhhh yes mom yes. So fucking perfect yessss…” he grunted again.

Mark and Melody’s orgasms slowly died down until he pulled out of his mother and collapsed beside her, his chest heaving as he took a deep breath.

“Holy fuck,” he said. “I can’t believe that actually happened.”

Melody licked her lips and wiped her hair from her face, a wicked smile crossed her face as she looked over at her son.

“Any regrets?”

Mark looked over at his mother, “hell no.”

Melody giggled moved closer to her son and leaned over to kiss him, “you were amazing baby,” she said as she lovingly combed his hair with her hand.

Mark smiled as he cupped his mother’s naked body in his arm as she half lay on top of her son.

“I think it’s time you took your online profile down,” he smiled.

“You naughty motherfucker,” she teased.

“And proud of it.”


Any inhibitions that may have lingered disappeared for good that day. Mark and Melody embraced their taboo secret completely and fully enjoyed themselves and each other. The fact they were mother and son only made it hotter. They had no second thoughts and their familial relationship made their lust and their fuck sessions hotter.

Mark became an accomplished mother fucker spending every night over the summer in his mother’s bed. The only nights he didn’t spend in his mother’s bed were the nights she spent in his, wanting to savour the kink of fucking her son in his bed, in his room and spending the night there.

Mark and Melody fucked in every room of the house and in every way possible. Melody developed a habit of riding her son’s big dick; she loved to bounce on his cock as much as Mark loved to watch her slide down his shaft.

Their new relationship wasn’t based solely on their kink however. There was a tenderness to it and total and complete trust that allowed them to explore freely with one another. They made love as often as they fucked.

Mark’s friends noticed he was spending less time with them but they were all so busy preparing for their next year at college that it never really came up. No one seemed to pick up on how he didn’t chase women when they went out and when he did he only seemed to do it to avoid arousing suspicion.

Melody’s friends also noticed a difference but unlike Mark’s friends they did press her on it. They noticed Melody was more cheerful and deduced it was because of a man but Melody wouldn’t tell her friends who the mystery man was.

Even Tom picked up on her cheerful state; their divorce actually progressed quite quickly without any incidents. Tom was eager to move on with the new woman in his life and Melody’s desire for revenge was quelled by her tryst with her son. It didn’t hurt that she also did quite well in the divorce, Tom was happy to give up the house save for some f****y heirlooms which Melody didn’t want anyway.

At the end of the process Tom asked his son what had gotten into his mother and as badly as Mark wanted to say HE had gotten inside of his mother, he decided to be ambiguous and let him guess.

Mark returned home from his job one late Friday afternoon to find his mom sunbathing topless in the backyard.

“Going european are we?” he asked with a smile as he walked over to kiss his mother hello.

Their kiss was long and passionate, not the typical kind of kiss a son would greet his mother with. “Are you complaining?” Melody asked with a smirk as she propped herself up on her elbows.

Mark grinned as he sat down beside his mother, “not at all” he replied as his cock started to throb. “So, how does it feel to be a single woman again?”

Melody bit her lip, her nipples started to harden immediately, “it makes me horny.” She looked right at her son, “makes me want to fuck the next cock I see.”

Mark grunted with lust and stood up in front of his mother. He took off his shirt and unzipped his jeans, kicking them off.

“Thank god for tall fences,” he said as he pushed his boxers down and let his cock spring free.

Melody giggled as she swung her legs around as sat up on the deck chair, “mmmmm hello” she said as she grabbed her son’s cock and started to stroke his shaft.

Mark watched as his mother lovingly stroked his cock, “as much as I love fucking you out here mom,” he started, “why don’t we take this inside and celebrate your new found single status?”

“I thought we celebrated that Tuesday and Wednesday night?” Melody asked with a smile, remembering the hard fucking her son gave her while the ink on her divorce was still wet.

“Let’s celebrate your first weekend as a single woman then,” he said.

“Mmmmmm” Melody moaned, “I’m a cougar now you know,” she teased.

“You already were a cougar, now you’re a single cougar who fucks her son,” Mark replied as his mother stood up and let go of his cock to take his hand.

Mark wrapped his arm around his mother as they walked inside; once they were in the privacy of their own home he pressed her against the wall and kissed her again. Melody hungrily kissed her son, her desire to be fucked once again growing with every second.

“You know,” Mark said as he broke their kiss, “I seem to remember sexygal69 saying in her profile that she wanted to ride a hot young bronco and throw it in her ex-husbands face. How about we celebrate by taking some naughty pictures…”

Melody moaned loudly, “mmmmmm fuck yes, you naughty boy.”

Mark and Melody scurried upstairs where Mark pinned his mother down on the bed and started to pull her bikini bottoms down her shapely legs.

Melody rubbed and played with her tits as her son stripped her naked. She still couldn’t believe how much their lives had changed in one summer and how much she loved it. She was in a sexual relationship with her son. She was fucking her son. Her baby boy. And she loved it.

Mark’s head disappeared between his mother’s thighs as he started to lick her wet pussy. Mark had lived between his mother’s legs all summer and it had been the best summer of his life.

Her familiar moan and whine fuelled his desire as he licked and toyed with her pussy. Melody pinched her nipples as her son’s tongue licked her wetness. Mark started to kiss her inner thighs as he slipped two fingers inside her to finger her slowly.

Mark played with his mother’s clit as he fingered her, Melody moaned loudly as she looked down at her son, “mmm yes baby, finger mommy…”

Mark fingered his mother faster as she started to moan louder and louder, her pussy glistened with its wetness as he dipped his head down to lick and suck up her juices.

“Mmmmm god yes baby, mommy loves what you do to her pussy,” Melody moaned.

Mark fingered his mother, flicked her clit with his tongue and groaned as she fed her pussy to her son, “I love this pussy so much…”

Melody smiled, “whose pussy does my baby boy love?”

Mark looked up as he drove his fingers into his mother again and again, “I love my mother’s pussy,” he grinned.

“Mommy’s pussy is your pussy baby, you can have mommy’s pussy whenever you want,” Melody moaned.

Mark dipped his head back down to lick and suck on his mother’s drooling twat. He sucked on her pussy lips as he put her legs over his shoulders.

Melody pulled on her nipples as she watched her son eat her out. Her son has eaten her out more over the summer than his father had in 5 years.

“Mmmmm yes yes yes yessssss…” Melody hissed as her son dug his tongue inside of her and toyed with her ass. She raised her ass for her son as he used her own wetness to lubricate her ass while he licked and sucked on her pussy.

Nothing had been off limits since they started fucking. Melody made Tom work to fuck her ass when they were young but willingly offered it to her son. They had once spent an entire weekend where Mark exclusively fucked her ass. It was so primal and dirty and Melody had never felt so alive.

Now Mark was alternating between fingering her pussy and ass while he sucked her clit and slurped on her cunt.

Pleasure rocked through Melody’s body as Mark’s constant attention boiled over.

Mark felt the goosebumps on his mother’s thighs as she whined his named loudly, “MMMmmmmmarrrrrkkkkkk!!” she moaned as she came hard.

Mark moaned loudly as his mother came all over his face, he licked and slurped up her sweet nectar as she came hard.

“Yes yes yes yes fuck YES baby,” she moaned.

Mark licked his mother’s wetness again and fingered her through her orgasm as it slowly died down.

“Mmmmm Mark honey…” Melody breathed.

Mark pulled his fingers from her pussy and tasted her juices.

Melody giggled at her son’s actions, “you bad boy,” she said. “Stand up for mommy.”

Mark did as he was told and watched as his mother crawled towards him on the bed. She looked hot as she swayed back and forth sensually on the bed, her large breasts dragging against the sheets.

Melody grabbed her son’s hard cock once again and licked the tip as he stood as the head of the bed. “Mmmmm how mommy loves this cock,” she said.

“My cock loves mommy,” Mark grinned.

Melody licked her son’s shaft and then sucked him into her mouth. Mark moaned loudly as his mother bobbed back and forth on his shaft and then let it pop from her lips.

“Will mommy need to fight off all those slutty college girls when classes start up in a few weeks?” Melody teased.

Mark smiled as his hands moved to his mother’s head, his cock already slipping back inside her mouth, “those slutty college girls aren’t even in your league.”

Melody moaned and sucked on Mark’s throbbing member before pulling off her son’s cock once again, “mmm just like your father isn’t in yours baby…”

Mark’s cock throbbed at the unusual, but arousing, compliment and Melody giggled. She kissed the head of his cock and then reached over to her bedside table to get her smartphone. “Now take some pictures of your mommy gagging on your cock to send to your father.”

Mark groaned loudly and Melody giggled again before swallowing her son’s shaft.

Mark steadied himself as he took a picture of his mother sucking his cock. There was no way for Tom to know whose cock it was and that made it even better.

“Take a picture of me sucking the head of your delicious cock, I want your daddy to see how big you are,” Melody directed.

Mark did as he was told, wanting to please his mother.

Mark took a picture of his mother sucking the head of his wet cock, licking his shaft from the tip down to his balls and of her swallowing him whole.

“Jesus mom, dad is going to flip out when he sees this.”

Melody smiled as she continued to suck her son’s cock. Her head lovingly bobbed on the organ she had quickly decided she couldn’t live without.

“This is just the beginning baby, we’re going to show your daddy what a man you are for mommy.”

Mark smiled as his mother kissed his cock with her soft pouty lips, “I want you to record mommy sucking your cock, 15 or 30 seconds of me going to town on this gorgeous prick.”

“Anything for you mom.”

Melody smiled at her son’s words and then started to lewdly suck her son’s cock. Mark nodded when he was recording and Melody didn’t disappoint.

She sucked her son deep into her mouth and loudly sucked and slurped on his prick. Melody pulled off Mark’s wet cock and looked up at the camera, “Tom baby, this is the best cock I’ve ever had. Look at it,” she said as she kissed it in an almost motherly way, “look how big and juicy it is.”

Melody swallowed her son once more and bobbed her head three times before pulling her lips from her son’s dick. A long line of spit once again connected Mark’s cock to Melody’s lips and it was perfect. Melody giggled hornily and sucked it up and that was where the short video ended.

“Holy fuck mom,” Mark exclaimed.

“Was I good?”

Mark smirked, “were you good?” Mark shook his head, “you were like a porn star!”

Melody giggled again, “mmmm how many mothers have their son tell them they acted like a porn star and take it as a compliment?”

Mark’s cock throbbed as his mother started to stroke him, “I don’t know, but they’re the lucky ones…”

Melody moaned softly and kissed her son’s cock, “yes they are. Now be a good boy and lie back on the bed so mommy can bounce on your dick and you can show your daddy how much I really love my baby boy.”

Mark’s cock lurched at the improbable scenario but he didn’t hesitate.

Melody watched as he son got on the bed, his cock still rock hard. Despite all they had done over the summer an argument could be made they had ‘over indulged’ in one another, Mark was still as eager as day one to please his mother. As his mother that made Melody proud, as his lover it made her want him even more.

Melody looked at her horny son and his hard cock. It glistened with her saliva and bobbed back and forth.

“Record me as I slide down your shaft honey,” Melody directed.

Mark immediately complied as he grabbed the phone and started to record.

The camera watched as Melody moved over her son and rubbed her wetness against his shaft. Melody leaned down to kiss her son’s cock from the side as if she were eating a cob of corn.

“I loooooove this cock,” she said as she looked in the camera.

Melody positioned her drooling pussy above her son’s cock and started to push down.

Mark stifled a groan, not wanting to give any hints as to whose cock his mother was so eager to fuck.

Slowly Melody took Mark’s cock deeper, inch by inch, “mmmmmm I looooooove this cock,” she repeated.

The camera caught it all as Melody impaled herself on her son’s cock, sliding deeper and deeper until Mark was buried deep inside her.

“Oooohhhhh god yes, you STUD!”

The camera shook slightly as lust boiled hot within Mark.

Melody smiled as her son struggled to contain himself, “hold on lover, you can put the camera down and fuck me senseless in a minute.”

Melody started to tease her ex-husband (and in the process herself and her son) as she slowly lifted herself off her son’s cock and then down again.

“Uuuhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” she squealed.

Melody started to ride her son as he recorded their taboo lust. She bounced again and again on his shaft, showing her husband she’d moved on.

Melody moaned as she started to fuck herself using her son’s juicy prick. The camera scrolled up to catch her bouncing breasts and her glazed over lusty eyes as pleasure swam through her veins.

Melody smiled and blew a kiss to the camera, “you blew it baby, now I blow him!” she cackled as the recording finally ended because neither Mark nor Melody could help themselves any longer.

Mark tossed the phone aside and grabbed his mother; he grabbed her hips and thrust up into her.

Melody cooed and moaned as her son started to fuck her back and they fell into a hot and hard rhythm. The bed shook as they fucked each other with a white hot lust.

Melody’s body glistened as she fucked her son, the sound of their bodies slapping together filled the room and fuelled their lust.

Mark looked up at his mother as her body glistened with sweat, putting a perfect shine to all her features.

Melody propped herself up on her son by putting her hands on his chest as she grinded against his shaft. Their fucking evolved into love making as their pace slowed but their desire continued to build.

“Mommy loves you so much baby.”

Mark smiled, “I love you too mom, more than anything.”

Melody leaned down to kiss her son hungrily and passionately, kissing her son with a love she had felt for no other person.

“I’d do anything for you mom,” Mark said as he broke their kiss.

“I know you would baby. I know this is wrong but I don’t care. I never want this to stop. Even when you get married – and it won’t be to me – I never want you to stop fucking me. Never stop,” Melody moaned.

Mark started to speak but Melody stopped him, “hush baby, mommy doesn’t plan on sharing you just yet…” she grinned.

Mark smiled in response and rolled his mother over so she was on her back. Melody squealed in surprise and moaned as her son took control and started to fuck her harder.

“If I’m going to marry someone – not you – that’s not going to stop me from fucking you on my wedding day,” Mark grunted.

“I will never stop fucking my mother, and you will always be my true love. My kindred spirit.”

Melody moaned and groaned as her son thrust his cock deep inside her, using his elevated fucking skills to curl her toes as her orgasm grew.

“Mmmmmm Mark, my sweet boy, keep talking like that and I may not ever be ready to share you with the world…”

Mark smiled as their fucking grew in intensity. Melody offered herself completely to her son as he thrust hard and deep into her. Mark used every muscle in his body that he possibly could to fuck and pleasure his mother.

He dug his dick deep into her over and over. He moaned loudly as her plump, round breasts shook with every thrust.

Melody’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as her son fucked her harder and deeper, his cock powering into her again and again.

She wrapped her legs around his waist to lock his cock inside her.

“Your cock belongs to me…” she moaned softly.

Mark’s head dipped down as he licked and tasted her salty skin, he licked her as he fucked her, his orgasm building in tune with hers.

Melody could sense her son’s growing orgasm and in turn it fuelled hers.

“Fuck me baby, fuck me fuck me fuck meeeeee…” she whined.

Mark did as his mother told him and fucked her harder and harder. Every muscle strained in his body as he poured all his energy into pleasuring his mother.

Mark sped up his thrusts as he pounded his mother’s pussy with all the energy he had left. Melody moved her hips in tune with her son as he filled her totally and completely with his tool.

Mark held her tightly as their mutual desire grew until it boiled over and he came hard inside his mother.

“Mom mom mom fuck yes mommmmm” he grunted as he thrust and then popped off inside her welcoming pussy.

Melody’s eyes bulged as she felt his intensity grow and then culminate in his taboo explosion and that triggered her own orgasm.

“Aaaahhhhhhhhhh MARK!”

Melody shook and came hard all over her son’s shaft as he came deep inside of her.

Mark’s cock went even deeper inside his mother as he pumped load after load inside of her while holding her tight and kissing her passionately.

“Mmmmmmm yes baby yes, cum in mommy. Give it all to mommy…”

Mark and Melody came together before finally giving way to exhaustion and falling down to the bed beside one another.

Mark reached over to grab his mother’s smartphone.

“One last picture,” he said as he took a picture of his cum oozing from his mother’s freshly fucked cunt.

He took one more showing her entire contented state.

“I wish we could do a selfie like this,” he said.

Melody giggled, “Me too but then it would be the last time we ever did this.”

Melody leaned over to kiss her son softly on the lips.

“And we both know this summer was just the start of the rest of our lives…”

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