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Rewarding my Heros (part 1)

When i turned 18 i got a fake ID and started going into the city on weekends to go bar hopping with my friends at our favorite bar i was approached by a young good looking black guy who offered to get me and my friends high but i thanked him and told him no thank you. He bought us a round of drinks when i turned to thank him he was walking out the door. I didnt see him for a couple weeks then just my one friend Suzy and i went to the city to visit our favorite bar. As we sat at the bar talking and checking out the guys the same guy who bought us the drinks sent us another round. He tapped me on the soulder and said “Hi my name is Jerry, wanna dance?” i thought i should at leasst dance once with him.I dont normally go for his type but he was very funny and very nice to Suzy and i. As the bar closed Jerry asked if we wanted to go get something to eat, i was hesitant but Suzy said she hadnt eaten all day and wanted something so i agreed. Jerry got in the back seat with Suzy and told me to wait a second before we left cause he wanted to thank us, so he pulled out this pipe and put a couple chunks of some white stuff in it and gave it to Suzy and lit his lighter as Suzy took a big hit and handed me the pipe i said no thanks. Suzy started getting all giggly as i started to drive.As Jerry gave me directions i got to a stop sign, i was waiting for directions as i turned around to ask Suzy had Jerrys cock in her mouth, well half of it and there was probably still 6 inches showing. I stammered to Jerry lala left or rara right? He looked at me and smiled as he could see how impressed i was seeing a cock that size for the first time in my life. Take a right here Jenny and pull into that Easy Night motel so i can get some more money from my room its the last room on the right. As he pushed Suzy off his cock reluctantly but im sure it was to give me a better view of what had to have been all of 10 inches, He laughed at me again as my eyes im sure were popping out of my head and i could feel my juices start to flow as i imagined what that big black cock would feel like inside of my little teen pussy. Jerry tucked his semi hard cock back into his pants as he said he would be right back. As the car door shut i turned to Suzy and said OMG you slut how did that big cock taste? Suzt said Jenny i dont know what came over me i smoked that pipe and got so horny and when Jerry pulled his big cock out it just seemed natural to start sucking it. Just then Jerry tapped on the window and told us to come in for a minute and i had to go pee anyway. Once in the room Jerry and Suzy sat on the bed and Jerry pulled out the pipe as i could see Suzy rubbing his cock through his shorts i made my way to the bathroom. As i came out Jerry and suzy were still sitting on the bed but totally naked and Suzy was sucking his cock again. Jerry patted the bed and said to come sit next to him and have a hit on the pipe. Ive never done it befoore so i was kinda scared at what it mght do to me. Suzy coaxed me as she pulled off Jerrys cock” Come on Jen you will love it, its better than weed” Im not bi-sexual but as Suzy talked to me i could see her naked body and something new stirred in me. I dont know if it was the booze or just curiosity but i agreed as i sat down and took a long hit off the pipe it tasted chemicly and then wham it hit me like now and felt so good and before i knew it i was naked on the bed and Suzy was eating my pussy as Jerry was shoving his big cock in and out of Suzys little pussy real fast. I reached down and rubbed Suzys little clit. In no time i started to cum in gushes on Suzys face and i could hear her gurgled screams as she came also. Jerry pulled his cock out of Suzy as i leaned forward and started sucking it i could taste Suzy on Jerrys beautiful cock. Jerry moaned as i tried to take as much of his cock as i could gagging but im sure i wasnt even close to taking it all. Jerry pushed me off his cock and grabbed the pipe and gave it too Suzy and i for another hit. Suzy and i got into a 69 and i started eating pussy for the first time in my life never before even pictureing myself in this situation, As Suzy brought me close to orgasm again i felt the head of Jerrys cock push into my soaking wet pussy as i was already cumming before he could get his cock in me for the first time. As Suzy continued to lick on my clit Jerrys big cock began to fill me up more and more I felt so full and so good as i was having mutiple orgasms so was Suzy as i either drank her hot cum or dround in it. She tasted soo sweet. After awhile Suzy climbed off me and we both started sucking Jerrys cock until he shot a hugh load of cum all over Suzy and mine tits and face.
Suzy and i were still so horny we asked Jerry how long before he would be ready to go again, He handed us the pipe and said he’d take care of us and he would be right back as he got dressed and left the room. Suzy and i got high waited for Jerry to come back. we were hoping he would get something to drink as we were really thirsty

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