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Ride in the Country …..

A hot sunny summer’s day, let’s go for a picnic and a ride into the country….

We jump in the car and head out to the countryside taking in the warm air and the smell of hay lingering in the air. We follow the winding lanes until we turn up a side road and stop at a dead end. We turn off the engine and I lean in for a kiss before getting out of the car. We start to walk, its so quiet, and very warm. It’s a good job I decided to wear a short dress and no underwear, to which you discover as you cuddle me as we walk along. We stop and kiss deep, so deep I’m turned on instantly. My nipples aching and hard, pushing against the fabric of my dress as I feel your cock rock hard pressed against me. We step back and you lean against a tree. I move my kisses to your neck, licking, running my hands down your body. My pussy tingles with excitement as you rub me and feel how wet I am. I release your cock and drop to my knees, taking you into my hungry, wet, damp mouth, sliding my tongue over the tip as my lips close around you. Using my tongue in a circling motion, I lick around the head, then spinning my head back and forth to add to your pleasure. I lick, kiss and nibble my way all around and up, down and underneath your throbbing cock. Moving to your inner thighs, your balls and working slowly back up your shaft towards the head as I take you deep sucking hard as you push my head further onto you. You grab me your mouth finds mine, our tongues eager and fierce as we kiss. You move and push me now against the tree. Opening up my dress you lick my erect nipples making me to moan with desire. You lift my hips slowly as you enter me. Your stiff hard cock thrusting, mmm I’m moaning loudly as you penetrate me deep. I grab your arse and pull you into me deeper as you bite on my neck. I kiss you again hard heavy with desire as waves of feeling run down my body. My passion rocks within me as I start to come. It won’t stop, my pussy tightening around your cock. I claw at your back, as my orgasm continues. I’m trembling as we slow the rhythm down. My juices running down my inner thighs as you withdraw and put me down. We move to the blanket you lay on your front. I work my tongue up and down your spine, down to your buttocks and over your balls to your cock. You turn over and I slide myself down onto your hard cock. Rocking back and forth against the base of your cock you insert a finger into my pussy alongside your cock to add to my stimulation. We change around again and you move to my pussy smelling my juices as you start to lick and suck on my clit. I push up against your tongue as you run your tongue down past my pussy entrance and insert a finger into my arse as you carry on licking. I start to shake I can not hold it any longer and I come shouting your name. You immediately enter me heightening my pleasure even more. Thrusting hard and deep you work me hard and fast I tell you to fill me up. I turn over onto my knees as you slide back in from behind, slapping my arse as you fuck me. You come at once the pace slowing down as you withdraw and you hold me tight as we kiss again catching our breath laying stretched out on our picnic blanket . We pack up and stroll back to the car happy and contented loving every minute under the hot sun. We sort ourselves out and drive home ready for the hot shower that awaits………..

Updated: October 20, 2016 — 7:24 pm

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