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Roleplay on skype

This is a roleplay I had with a girl over Skype, I thought it was hot enough to share it. It stops a bit abruptly because she fell asl**p before we could finish. Warning: i****t themed.

Eliza Rei: I mean, I couldn’t trust my devious little s****r just like that, right ;)?
Paprika: .. true. 😡
Eliza Rei: Now, what should we do with lying little s****rs?
Paprika: .. nothing. 🙁
Eliza Rei: But then how are you going to learn how to be a good s****r to your bigger s****r?
Paprika: .. I.. I don’t know.
Eliza Rei: Exactly, you don’t know anything, that’s why I’m going to teach you
Eliza Rei: First, lay on my lap, you deserve a good spanking, you little brat
Paprika: Yes, s****r
Eliza Rei: I knew my s****r was a little slut when I found the pictures of her and her boyfriend on her phone…
Eliza Rei: Did you do anything filthy together?
Paprika: N.. no..
Eliza Rei: *smack hard* Don’t lie to me bitch!
Paprika: W.. we did not! I swear!
Eliza Rei: So if I call that filthy, horny dog of yours he would confirm it?
Paprika: Y.. yes.
Eliza Rei: hmm, okay then, I guess I’ll just have to believe you then. *Smacks you hard 10 times*

Paprika lets out a moan before she shuts her mouth, not wanting to make a noise.

Eliza Rei: Why don’t you thank your s****r for the slaps?! Let’s do it again, and you better thank me this time

Eliza Rei slaps Paprika on her ass 10 times

Paprika: T-thank you s*s..!
Paprika: T.. thank you.. thank y.. you..

Eliza Rei rubs Paprikas bright red ass gently, occassionally going between her legs

Eliza Rei: you know I don’t like to do that, but when you’re such a little bitch I have to, are you going to behave now?
Paprika: Y.. yes s****r. I’m sorry..
Eliza Rei: You like it when I touch you between your legs, s*s?
Paprika: Yes.. 😡
Eliza Rei: Thought so, little sluts like you like that.
Eliza Rei: Stop riding my leg, you dirty bitch! What are you, a dog? Well, if you behave like one, let’s see you grovel like one. Go kneel in front of me, and don’t you dare look up my skirt!

Paprika gets down on the floor on all fours and looks towards your face.

Eliza Rei smacks Paprika in her face

Eliza Rei: Don’t look at me, you’re not worth it (yet), kiss my feet and give me a foot massage, and you better make it good!

Paprika looks down and whimpers before pressing her lips to your feet. She kisses the top and starts taking your left foot in her hands, massaging it.

Eliza Rei: Good girl. I’m sure I’m going to have lots of fun with my little s****r as my slave…
Eliza Rei: Don’t you think, s*s?
Paprika: Yes, mistress.
Eliza Rei: Good, you’re starting to learn.. maybe you’re not the bimbo I thought you were
Eliza Rei: Well, since you’re such a quick learner, let’s go on with the next lesson

Eliza Rei hikes up her skirt a little

Eliza Rei: Come sit between my legs, what do you see under my skirt?
Paprika: Y.. a bulge.. :$
Eliza Rei: Do you know what causes that bulge?
Paprika: M.. me?
Eliza Rei: Yes, you, you little fuckslut
Eliza Rei: go ahead, touch it

Paprika runs her hands up your legs, trailing her fingers up your thighs, all the way up to the large bulge..

Eliza Rei: Go on, nothing to be scared of, little s*s
Eliza Rei: I know you want to feel it

Paprika touches the bulge, moving her fingers up and down, feeling a wet spot.

Eliza Rei: Eliza Rei moves the panties away, and curls Paprikas fingers around Eliza’s cock
Eliza Rei: Go ahead girl, stroke it
Eliza Rei: Move that lovely little hand of yours up and down…

Paprika strokes her small fingers up and down, pulling on the foreskin and rubbing the head with her thumb. She collects the bit of precum oozing from the head and rubs it down and up the shaft.

Eliza Rei: You like the feeling, you little slut?
Paprika: Yes, I do. Do you, Mistress?
Eliza Rei: Yes slut, I find it hard to believe you never done this before
Eliza Rei: Is this really your first time?
Paprika: It is..
Eliza Rei: Why don’t you taste some of the precum, s*s? I bet a little bitch like you loves it
Paprika: Yes, Mistress.

Paprika brings her face closer to your crotch and lashes her tongue across the head of your cock, scooping up a bit of precum.

Paprika: It.. it tastes good, Mistress.
Eliza Rei: Then put it in that little mouth of yours and suck it for me

Paprika nods and wraps her lips around the head, gently sucking before slowly bobbing her head down.. up and back down, repeating this movement.

Eliza Rei: Good girl, you really are smarter and sluttier than you look, but you already look so slutty, always those short skirts and showing cleavage, you know how hard it was for your mistress to watch that and not being able to do anything?
Paprika: N.. no
Eliza Rei: Well, very hard… but now you’re going to make up for it, don’t you?
Paprika: Yes, as you wish, Mistress.

Paprika takes your cock back into her mouth, gently stroking up and down with her fingers while bobbing her head in rhythm.

Eliza Rei: Cup my balls softly in your hand sweetheart, boys love it when you do that

Paprika does as she is told and cups your balls with her free hand, continuing with taking in your shaft, pushing herself down on it deeper with every stroke down.

Eliza Rei: You better get it all in there, bitch, else I’m gonna have to punish you

Eliza Rei grabs Paprika’s head and f***es it deeper, fucking her face

Eliza Rei: You like that, getting your face fucked like the little slut you are?

Paprika moans around the cock lodged in her throat, trying to say or nod a ‘yes’ but unable to do so as she is pushed down once more.

Eliza Rei lets go of Paprika’s head

Eliza Rei: What did you say? I couldn’t hear you

Paprika gasps and coughs up saliva as her mouth is free.

Paprika: Y.. y-yes, I do..
Eliza Rei: Good girl, but I fucked that hole good for now, how about your other holes? Want to lose your virginity to your big s****r?
Paprika: W.. would you like to take it, mistress?
Eliza Rei: Yes, you got a problem with that? I already know you’re soaking down there so you obviously want it
Paprika: No.. I am not. It makes me.. happy.. that you want to take it..
Paprika: I mean.. no problem.
Eliza Rei: You may sound eager, I already know you’re a little slut for my cock
Eliza Rei: go on all fours before me and present me those two fuckholes
Paprika: Yes.. Mistress.
Eliza Rei: Well, do it then, present those holes like you’re a bitch in heat! Oh wait… you are a bitch in heat…

Paprika turns around and gets on her hands and knees, crawling forward until settling on a spot. She presses her face to the floor and lifts her behind up, spreading her cheeks with her hands, giving you a full view of her dripping pussy and her pink butthole.

Eliza Rei runs her big toe along Paprika’s slit, and pushes it slightly in.

Eliza Rei: Do you want this hole filled, little slut?
Paprika: Mm, y.. yes. I am yours, s****r..
Eliza Rei: Hmm but what should I use to fill it up?
Paprika: I. I don’t know..
Eliza Rei: Yes you do, say it, bitch!
Paprika: Your cock.. s****r.
Paprika: I want my s****r’s cock to take my virginity..
Eliza Rei: Good girl, I love it when you talk such dirty language to your s****r

Eliza Rei slides her toe a bit up till it touches Paprika’s butthole.

Eliza Rei: Should I fill this hole too?
Paprika: Yes.. please..
Paprika: But.. be gentle, just this once?
Eliza Rei: If you behave well, I might

Eliza Rei comes forward and puts 2 fingers in your dripping cunt.

Paprika: Mhmmph.
Eliza Rei: What did you say s*s, not enough for you?

Paprika nods.

Eliza Rei slaps Paprika unexpectedly hard on her ass

Eliza Rei: I decide what is enough for you, you fucking understand me?
Paprika: Y.. yes s****r..
Eliza Rei: You should thank me I even pleasure you at all, don’t you think?
Paprika: Yes.. sorry.. Thank you Mistress..

Paprika whimpers out, face flat on the floor.

Eliza Rei: Glad you understand, bitch
Eliza Rei: Do you have any vibrators/dildos in your room, little slut?
Paprika: Y.. yes.. a pink vibrator in the drawer..
Paprika: And.. a dark-red dildo underneath the bed in a box.. shaped like.. a dog..

Paprika answers as her cheeks flush a bright red, embarrassed by telling her older s****r.

Eliza Rei: Go get them and present them to your mistress, understood?
Paprika: Y.. yes, of course.

Paprika crawls towards the door and gets on her feet, running to her room to get the two toys for her Mistress. She runs back into the room, kneels in front of you and shows them, holding one in each hand. Her left the smaller vibrator, 14cm long, and in her right the canine dildo, 24cm long with a knot having a 7cm diameter..

Eliza Rei takes the canine dildo from your hand, inspects it closely

Eliza Rei: how often do you fuck yourself with this, kinky bitch?
Paprika: T.. two to four times a week.. when no one is home..
Eliza Rei: show me how you do it, and you better not slow it down because I’m watching
Paprika: Y.. yes..

Paprika places it on the floor, in between her legs and hovers above it. Biting her lip, she lowers herself onto it and it enters her pussy, slowly sliding down, up, and back down. She repeats this movement until she reaches the knot and continues to ride the long cock in front of her mistress, moaning on every thrust down..

Eliza Rei approaches Paprika

Eliza Rei: You get me so hard with that show, you better suck my cock while you’re doing it

Paprika parts her lips and takes your cock into her mouth, bobbing back and forth while riding that canine cock between her legs, trembling every single time the knot smashes against her vagina, wanting to get in.

Eliza Rei: Oh god, I can’t take any more of this little bitch

Eliza Rei pushes Paprika over, pulls the canine dildo out roughly, sets her on all fours and puts her cock at the entrance of Paprika’s pussy

Eliza Rei: Beg for it, bitch, beg me to take your virginity
Paprika: Please Mistress, pl.. please take my virginity! C-claim me as your own..
Eliza Rei: Beg harder, little girl
Paprika: Pleaase! I can’t take it anymore.. take my virginity, please..

Eliza Rei buries her cock deep in Paprika’s pussy, not trying to be gentle but purely satisfy her own lust. She starts pounding on her with no mercy, her big cock in and out of that just deflowered pussy. She grabs Paprika’s hair and whispers in her ear.

Eliza Rei: How do you like it, being fucked like a whore by your big s****r?

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