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Ryder cup part 2

Wills lucky adventure with his Mum Chapter 2

Will was very confused. His mother had always been very conservative, especially when it came to being naked etc. This morning’s little episode, despite being the best experience of his life so far, was so unlike Hallie and he could not work out exactly how to cope with the situation. They retired back to their room after breakfast as it had been arranged to Skype with his father at 9am each morning, although it was early hours of the morning back home and Terry was looking forward to the chat.
The skype call started chiming through and they both looked into the camera and greeted his father. The normal small talk took place and his father reminded him he was to make sure his mother was happy whatever the cost. Hallie said she was very happy and was pretty sure Will was also, which made him go bright red, good job the camera could not pick that up he thought. As soon as it started it ended and the normal kisses blown to each other and promises to call the following morning made.
A long day watching the Ryder cup took place and they felt like they had walked a hundred miles. Once they finally returned to the room reality hit Will again, there was still another 3 days sl**ping arrangements to sort out! Hallie sensed that this was still an issue and knew she had to do something about it.
“I am going to take a shower” she announced to Will “then we can head out for a meal”
“Ok sounds a plan” Will replied, trying not to show his worry. Although he may have been worried, Will still fancied his mother more than ever now. His only regret was he had not taken any photos of his experience.
As they left the hotel for their second evening looking for food his mother instinctively grabbed his hand and said “come on darling”. Wills head was spinning now he was totally confused his mother never acted like this before. They found a nice restaurant, where once again the staff thought they were a couple, with low lighting and candles on the table. They ordered drinks and as they waited for their starter to arrive Will thought he should say something.
“Mum, I think it best if I sl**p on the chair tonight”
“Don’t be silly we can still be grown up about this, although your father must never hear of this”
“I wont breath a word honest” he replied
“Good then lets not worry about it anymore then shall we?”
“OK but there is one thing you should know, I knew what was happening this morning and made no attempt to stop you, I am so sorry”
“I expected as much don’t worry all boys have fantasies, its not only boys!!”
This just confused him even more. Does this mean his mother also knew what she was doing? Did she also want for this to happen? Too many questions running through his head.
The meal was a blur and over far too quickly. They retired once again to the hotel bar for a few drinks. Although Hallie was nowhere near as d***k as night before you could tell she was merry. Once back in the room Will offered once again to sl**p on the chair, which was rejected without question. Again will got into bed first and stripped down to his boxers, when Hallie came out of the bathroom stark naked and headed for the bed. Only comment she made was she managed to get undressed herself this time. Once she climbed under the cover she rolled over to face Will and asked if he was OK with her sl**ping naked. Of course he managed to stutter he was fine with it and was sporting a huge hard on once more. “I have seen enough of you today for you to sl**p naked” she said to him and urged him to take off his boxers. Although very hesitant he did as requested. But made sure his bum was as far from his mother as he could get it so she didn’t feel his erection.
Hallie sensed this was the issue and rolled over so her back was to him. “Come on give your old mum a cuddle” she said to him. “You’re not old at all and look amazing” he replied which brought a smile to her face. Will slowly got closer and closer until they were almost spooning. His hard on had not gone down at all and was pushing against the cheeks of his mum’s bottom. Hallie knew every thought she was having was wrong on all levels but enjoyed the fact that she was making her son so horny. “Would it be more comfortable if you put that between my cheeks? But you cannot do any more than that” she asked. How could Will refuse that and placed his cock between her arse cheeks. He was only there a few minutes when his mother started pushing back onto him. He slowly pushed back into her and could feel the entrance to her pussy with the tip of his cock. Slowly and rhythmically he started pumping actions with his hips. His mother reacted at the same speed with similar f***e. This went on for a few minutes without a word being spoken until inevitably his cock entered her pussy, the place he arrived in the world from. His mother gasped out loud and not knowing whether to pull out or keep going. Will froze. In a second his question was answered as she pushed harder back onto him. This was all the confirmation he needed and started to fuck his mother for all he was worth. Back and forth riding her like a cheap whore. “Don’t come in my pussy” was all she said but Will was getting too close to stop. Hallie sensed this and expertly grabbed his cock with her free hand and placed it into her eagerly waiting ass. Will could not believe his luck and began pumping his seed deep into his mother’s ass.
So many fantasies had come true in less than 24 hours. And they still had to go to sl**p and spend another 2 nights together.

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