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It was one of those dreams. You know the one, guys. And it was seriously hot!

I’d lost my wife nearly a year before. A stupid car crash when she was out. It was made more painful by the fact that she was out with my best friend. He’d lost control on the motorway. It was glossed over that she was naked and he had his trousers round his ankles. I appreciated their tact but it wasn’t that much of a shock. She’d often fantasized about him when we were having sex. She’d found some naked pictures of him and was obsessed with his cock.

I didn’t mind that. Hell I used to fantasize about her friend. And to tell the truth, I’d had an affair with her also.

But I loved my Jenny. She was my great love. My wife, my mistress and the mother of my daughter. Now she was gone but I still had these dreams about her performance for me in bed, or wherever she decided she needed sex. And she needed sex often and in every conceivable place. In fact, our daughter had been conceived in just such a place. An alley. She’d dragged me in as we walked home late one night. Up against a wall in a dark alleyway littered with used condoms. She said she wanted to feel like a cheap whore. I took out a twenty pound note and tucked it down between her tits. I would have slipped it in her knickers but she never, ever wore any.

Now I was a single father and still had erotic dreams.

This night, Jenny was kneeling on the bed and being seductive. Even in the dream I know I had a massive erection and in that strange state, knew I would have to wash the duvet cover in the morning.

Jenny was taunting and teasing me, I could see her blonde head down below my belly the way she always did. I could feel her tongue working on my cock, deep inside her mouth. She could always give a fantastic blow-job. I let my mind feel the pleasures of her mouth . It felt so good and I knew I was about to come. I was looking down, The long blonde hair felt soft on my belly and thighs.

Then I knew I wasn’t sl**ping. Jenny had a short haircut.

“Sammie!” I cried but too late. I felt it rise through my prick and the sucking on me drew it out into a final explosion. I was sucked dry and then she lifted her head and eased along my body like a snake. I was transfixed as her naked body slid over min and her lips met mine. She squirted some of my own cum into my mouth and her tongue wriggled its way in after it.

Finally coming to my senses, I pushed the girl up.

“Morning, Dad,” she said. “That’ll save you having to do the washing today won’t it?”

“Sammie! You’re my daughter! What the fuck are you doing?”

“Oh come on, Dad,” she said. “Surely you know. I’ve just sucked you off.”

“But….But…You’re my daughter!” I said again.

“You said that already,” She grinned. “Try something different like ‘Hey, Sammie, that was a great blow-job’ Something like that.”

We stared at each other and she finally wriggled and cuddled in to me. I put my arm around her.

“I know you needed that,” she said. “I hear you wanking each night and guess you miss Mum.”

“Sammie, I’m sorry,” I said. “I didn’t know you could…..”

“Sssshhh,” she said placing a finger against my lips. “I lay in bed fingering myself and figured that you need cunt and I have one and I need cock and you have one so why not get your cock in my cunt?”

“Sammie. You’re my daughter!”
“It’s going to get fucking boring if that’s all you can say.”

“But we shouldn’t….We mustn’t!”

She laughed.

“I know. Isn’t it deliciously sexy. Don’t tell me you’re not turned on by having me naked and available to use because your cock tells me you are.”

She was right. It was hard and the thought of my little girl, a woman now, taking me into her was very exciting.

“Sammie, Do you know what you’re doing?”

“I’ve just sucked you off, Daddy dear. You tell me if I know what I’m doing.”

“That’s not what I mean and you know it I mean…..Wait a minute. How did you learn to do that so well?”

She laughed out loud.

“By spying on you and Mum and practice on a couple of guys at school.”

“A couple of guys? What the hell?”

“Oh calm down, Dad. They’re nice guys and it’s worth twenty quid a time to me.”

I was totally shocked.

“You sell blow-jobs?”

“Too true! I don’t do it with them for nothing. Fuck – £10; Blow-job – £20.”

“I don’t believe it! My daughter, the whore! What else don’t I know.”

“Bum-fuck – £50 quid,” she said. “But only one of them has taken that up which was a surprise.”

“Why a surprise?” I asked despite myself.

“I thought I’d priced it too high to put them off but he came up with the cash and Hey! It’s another asset so I touched my toes and gritted my teeth. Oh, and they supply their own condoms.”

Her hand was gripped around my rigid shaft and she was gently pumping it. It felt good.

“But you, Daddy dear, will be the first man to fill my cunt with his spunk and if you want it in the back-door then you’ll be the first to fill that up too.”

“I can’t!” I said. “What if you get pregnant.”

“Oh, Dad!” she said exasperated. “I’m on the pill now get that fucking cock into my tight little pussy. I’m gagging for it.”

As she spoke she moved to straddle me and guided my cock between her spread legs. Her cunt was bald and felt good. Like her mother the first time I shagged her.

“Oh that feels so good, Daddy,” she said, Her eyes closed in ecstasy.

“Please,” I asked her. “Please call me Brian.”

She shook her head.

“No way! You’re my Daddy. My filthy old pervert Daddy and I’m your little girl. You love being a filthy old fucking i****tuous pervert, Daddy?”

“Yes,” I said feeling another orgasm building inside me.”

“Tell me!”

“Oh my little girl,” I said. “Oh my dirty little girl, my fucking little whore daughter.”


“Oh yes! Ride me you filthy bitch! Ride Daddy’s cock you dirty little fucker.”

“Yes, Daddy. I’m fucking riding you. How does my little cunt feel?”

“Tight!” I said. “Tighter than your mothers. Oh I’m fucking coming!”

“Yeah? Come on then you old fucker. Fill your little girl’s cunt with your cum!”

“Yes! YES! Of fuck, Sammie. OH FUCK!”

“Come on you dirty bastard. Fucking cum and fill me up. The next time your little girl will be on her back and you’ll be fucking her hard like the whore she is.”


My cock exploded inside her and she cried out. She was rigid and twitching and I knew she was cumming. The little mounds of her developing tits were shivering and I sat up and took one in my mouth. Her arms were around my neck and she was holding me so tight to her chest I could hardly breathe. Her little tit was fully in my mouth. And then I felt it. At first I thought she’s pissed herself but the liquid gushing from her was around my cock and I knew she was squirting.

I pushed her onto her back and went down between her legs, lapping at the wet, spunk filled cunt and she came over and over, squirting each time. I loved it. Mouthful after mouthful of cum that was sweeter than her mothers. Her hands pressed on my head.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Eat my fucking cunt, Daddy. Eat me. Drink me! Lick me, fuck you. LICK MY FUCKING CUNT!”

Her legs were tight around my head and I couldn’t have moved if I wanted to. I didn’t want to. She was sweet and very, very wet and I now knew that she would squirt a lot of it into my mouth. I loved her mother doing that and I knew I was eating my daughter’s cunt and I didn’t care. I was rock hard. I hadn’t had a woman since her mother went and I needed this. My cock was still rigid.

I moved up between her legs, my cock automatically locating her holle and sliding in. She was tight but so well lubricated that I slide right inside her. Her face was a grimace of lust as she spat her words out.

“Gonna fuck me again, Daddy? Gonna fuck your little girl’s hot box. You gonna be a filthy old fucker and use me like a cheap whore the way you did Mummy?”

“Yes you filthy little bitch,” I said ramming my prick into her. “Your mother was a whore and you are a whore and I’m going to give that fucking cunt a pounding you will never forget.”

“Well you’ve got all day, Daddy. You’re going to be drained dry you bastard. Oh yes! Oh, fucking YES!”

She bit me hard on my right chest just above my nipple. The pain was excruciating and delightful. I rammed her hard, my body slapping against her wet body. The sharp nails of her fingers dug into my buttocks. They weren’t that long so didn’t bend but actually broke the flesh. I was almost ther. Almost at the point of cumming and as I arched my back, her finger f***ed it’s way into my arsehole. It was a trick of her mothers and I exploded in a fantastic orgasm. She screamed her own and we bucked against each other

Sweating and laughing we rolled over and cuddled each other. I had bl**d trickling down my chest and Sammie licked it and sucked more from the wound her teeth had made.

“Wow!” I said. “A little vampire.”

She grinned up at me.

“Do vampires also fuck their Daddy?”

“I think they do now.”

We later found more bl**d from my buttocks on the sheets which were so wet from her orgasms that it felt like we were in a bath.

Sammie looked at me after a while.

“You haven’t said that this should never happen again,” she said.

“It shouldn’t.”

“It will though. I’m my daddy’s little fuck slut now and we’ve got all day.”

“You should be studying….”

“Ssssshhh! All in good time. Today I’m your whore. Just like Mum was. And I’m going to be your whore for as long as you want.”

“Sammie,” I said softly. “You have a life of your own. You should be concentrating on young studs who can satisfy your young cunt.”

“And you think you didn’t?” she laughed. “Well no, maybe you’re going to have to do it over and over again before I’m satisfied.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Dad, one day you may meet another woman and want to fuck her. Then we can discuss my life. I may want to go off and find my own lover to fuck me. I may want to have you when she’s not around. I may even join the two of you in bed and then you’ll be exhausted. Ah! I feel that excites you.”

“Sorry,” I said. The thought of a threesome has always excited me.

“Don’t be,” she said. “Our bodies are designed for this. It’s only our minds which say what we should or shouldn’t do. My mind says I want to fuck you.”


“Oh, yes!” she said sexily. “But first kiss me.”

Our lips met and our tongues wrestled in a long, French kiss. Finally we broke and she smiled at me.

“Delightful, Daddy dear. But that’s not how I wanted you to kiss me. Down boy!”

I laughed and moved down her body. Her legs were wide for me and I could see her bald pussy, very pink from being hammered and glistening with her juice. A faint trickle of creamy spunk oozed from her and down between her buttocks.

“This is going to be a long day,” I thought as my tongue probed and licked all the way from her tight little arsehole up to her clit and back. “A very long, hard day!”

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