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School Nurse Confidential 3

School Nurse Confidential, Ch. 3 of 3
by DirtyMindedMom

My whole world was different. Ever since Nurse Cady had opened my eyes (as well as her pussy), I was seeing things in a new light. I sat in fourth period English and stared at Mrs. Hughes moving around in front of the class talking excitedly about Catcher in the Rye. I’d never paid much attention to her before, but now I was compelled to study my seemingly asexual teacher in a new way.

She was tall and slim. Her breasts were small but their existence was undeniable. Her hips had no discernable curve beneath the plain skirt she wore, but there was a hint of a womanly shape there. Her ass may not have had the pronounced voluptuousness of Nurse Cady’s generous backside, but there was an ass under that fashionless dress all the same.

I tried to imagine Mrs. Hughes’ pussy. Was it hairy? Did she trim it to a neat triangle, or did she shave it bald? Even though she was skinny, I envisioned her having had huge, meaty pussy lips. The kind that stick out whether she was swollen with desire or not. Big, fat, floppy, gnarly pussy flaps just waiting to be spread open by a horny boy like me.

As Mrs. Hughes plumbed the depths of Holden’s psyche, I wondered if she liked sucking her husband’s cock. Did she get naked and choke on his prick while she pulled on those huge cunt lips of hers? Did she swallow his cum? Or did she pull his prick out of her mouth at the last second and let him spew his jizz all over her academically bespeckled face?

I was a fucking idiot. Ten minutes before the bell was about ring and I was getting myself all worked up over a middle-aged English teacher. My cock was throbbing hard in my pants, and there was no chance it would settle down before I’d have to venture out into the corridors and make my way to my next class. All I needed to do was to stop thinking about sex for like five minutes and maybe I’d have a chance of not embarrassing myself for one fucking day!

With a deep breath I tried to pay attention to what Mrs. Hughes was saying. What was the significance of Holden’s encounter with the nuns? Fucked if I know. That’s when I noticed Amy Chun looking away when I glanced over in her direction. She was sitting in the row to my left, one seat ahead of mine. Why the hell was she looking at me? Oh fuck, did she spot my boner? My life was apparently nothing more than a series of one humiliation piled on top of another.

I tried to will my dick to go soft, but that only made it stiffer. The mental effort conjured up memories of Nurse Cady’s solution to my overactive hard-on problem. It still didn’t seem real that the school nurse had actually given me a handjob to “cure” my erection. The image of her huge tits spilling out of her white uniform filled my mind, as did her claim that the girls would be more than pleased with the size of my not-yet-fully-developed manhood.

I looked over toward Amy Chun and reconsidered her. I think she was Chinese. A little on the chubby side, with a wide, round face. But these things didn’t really come across in an ugly way. Actually, she was kind of cute once I thought about it. Her butt was somewhat flat, but she had a pretty good rack for an Asian girl. When she smiled, two adorable dimples appeared in each of her cheeks. And then there were her eyes. Those exotic, almond-shaped eyes were alive with a curiosity that she would probably never risk satisfying. From the way she sat hunched at her desk I could see a well-defined roll around her pudgy middle that showed through her too-tight top, but for some reason that only made her sexier.

I slid back in my chair and sat up a little straighter. Every old instinct in my body was screaming at me, but, after having fingered a woman’s vagina and felt her orgasm from it, the new me was feeling a bit cocky. I glanced down and confirmed that my erection was clearly detectable through the fabric of my pants. I should have been doing everything in my power to hide it, but there was a voice inside me that had never been there before telling me to be proud of it.

Less than a minute later, just moments before I lost my nerve, Amy glanced back toward me. Her eyes widened when she saw what I was openly sporting. She noticed that I saw her looking and quickly snapped her head around to face forward. Oh well, so much for the bold approach. I was about to scoot back into concealment mode when I saw her look back at me again.

She didn’t make any effort to disguise the fact that she was checking out my crotch. I f***ed myself to remain where I was; my bulging dick on full display within my jeans. Her eyes flicked up to meet mine, and without thinking about it I just smiled.

While my stupid face was smiling, my brain was racing through what was going to happen next. Amy Chun was going to report me to Mrs. Hughes, who was going to send me to the Principal, who was going to call my mom, who was going to ground me for life after cutting my balls off.

Instead, Amy Chun, the cute, shy, chunky Chinese girl, smiled back. Her gaze then drifted once again down to the front of my pants, and I swear she squirmed a little in her seat. My heart thumped in my chest at the prospect of a girl willingly looking at my hard-on in the middle of Mrs. Hughes’ classroom. Not only looking at it, but quite possibly liking it!

I turned in my chair ever so slightly in order to give her a better view. If anyone else looked my way I would be totally busted, but I didn’t even care at that point. Amy blushed and turned away, but a few seconds later she was checking out my package again. The girl was totally obsessed with my cock!

But, when the bell rang, she grabbed her backpack and bolted without giving me so much as a second glance. Shit. It was entirely possible that I completely misread that whole situation. For all I knew she was in the hallway right now telling everyone she knew that Alex, the loser-freak-of-the-century, was popping boners over Mrs. Hughes’ scrawny ass.

I shuffled out of class holding my books if front of my crotch to hide my everlasting knob topper and wondering if Nurse Cady was feeding me a line of complete and total bullshit when it came to girls and my supposed manly charms. Even if she was, that didn’t change the fact that I needed some kind of girlfriend. Now that I knew what it was like to touch a boob and finger a pussy, I needed more of it. It didn’t really even matter what kind of girl she was, I just needed someone who would let me get in her panties.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The next day, moments before I was about to stab myself in the throat with my protractor, Mr. Brundowski got a message that I was to report to the nurse’s office. His bushy eyebrows crowded together as he eyed me with skeptical mistrust. I hurried through the corridors, wondering if he knew something about Nurse Cady’s kinky appetites.

It had been a week since she and I had given each other prostate exams, so I was more than excited that I was going to get to see her again. When I arrived, Nurse Cady was standing behind her desk in the waiting area. She smiled as soon as she saw it was me. That was all it took to kick-start my dick again.

“Alex, it’s so nice to see you.” She came around the desk, went to the door and turned the lock. “I need your help with something.” She took my hand, flipped off half the lights in the waiting area and led me toward the examination room.

I knew exactly what she needed help with, and I couldn’t wait to give it to her.

“Can I ask you a question? Don’t most nurses dress in scrubs these days? Why do you still wear an old-fashioned uniform?”

“I believe that the traditional uniform conveys a higher degree of professionalism,” she told me in a rather formal tone. She stopped at the examination room door and turned to face me in the dimness. “It also provides easier access to certain anatomical features.” To demonstrate this point she lifted the front of her skirt. The lace tops of her white thigh-high stockings hugged her upper thighs just below her dark thatch of pussy hair.

I was still in a bit of a daze when she pulled me into the darkened examination room and closed the door behind us.

“I need you to take all your clothes off for me,” she instructed as she moved past me. The softness of a breast brushing against my arm as she went by was only a promise of what was yet to come.

I knew the routine. I began stripping as quickly as I could. All the while I strained to follow Nurse Cady’s movements in the shadowy light, willing my eyes to adjust faster to the darkness.

“Is your cock hard yet?” she asked.

“Way hard,” I confirmed enthusiastically.

“Good. I knew I could rely on you to help me.” She flicked on the lights and I couldn’t see anything for a few seconds. As my vision cleared, I looked around to find Nurse Cady and just about passed out on the spot when I located her.

She was standing on the opposite side of the examination table from me, but that wasn’t the shocking thing. Lying on the table was a girl. My first instinct was to turn away and cover my hard-on, but then it registered that she was naked too! She turned her head to look at me, and I thought I was going to double pass out on the spot.

It was Michelle Nickerson!

What the fuck was she doing naked in Nurse Cady’s examination room? What the fuck was I doing there naked? Holy shitballs on toast!

“Him?” Michelle burst out, sounding somewhat horrified as she covered her face with her hands. “Oh God, you didn’t tell me it was going to be him.”

Nurse Cady smiled, seemingly enjoying our mutual discomfort. “I take it you two know each other?”

“Um, yeah, sort of,” I stammered, not knowing what to do. “We have gym class together…”

“So you’ve seen Michelle in her tight little pink shorts?” Nurse Cady ran her fingers up the girl’s naked leg. “You’ve seen her bare thighs and checked out her hot ass, I assume?”

“Uh huh,” I said nodding. “I mean, um, not that I ever looked at her like that, but, well, yeah…”

“And, Michelle, I’m sure you’ve noticed Alex in his cute gym outfit and wondered what he’d look like without it on?”

“Ah, no,” she said emphatically from beneath her hands. “Definitely no.”

Apparently I was summoned here to have my ego kicked in the nuts.

“You don’t know what you’re missing,” Nurse Cady told her and patted Michelle’s thigh. “Go ahead, take a look. Don’t be shy. Alex doesn’t mind you looking, do you, Alex?”

I did, but I wasn’t about to admit it. What harm could there be in total and complete humiliation in the middle of a school day?

Michelle slowly spread her fingers apart and peeked in my direction with just one eye.

“Doesn’t he have a beautiful cock?”

“I don’t know,” Michelle replied. “Maybe. I’ve never seen one before.”

“Well, there you go, Alex is helping us already.”

My head was spinning in both directions at once. I still couldn’t quite figure out what was going on, and, more importantly, how the hell had Michelle Nickerson of all people never seen a guy’s dick before?”

“Are they all that big?” Michelle wondered, taking a risk and looking at my junk with both eyes at once.

“Alex is above average for his age, but I expect him to gain even more length and girth once he’s fully matured. He’s the perfect size for our purposes: not too big, and not too small.”

“And those are his balls underneath there?”

“That’s right. Alex, lift your penis up out of the way so Michelle can see your testicles.”

I did as I was told, feeling like a piece of meat being objectified like some kind of a sexual medical prop. I can’t say I didn’t sort of enjoy it.

Michelle’s hands slowly came down away from her face as she examined my package from where she lay. “God, it’s so weird looking,” she said to Nurse Cady as if I wasn’t even there, “but I think it’s kind of cool.” Michelle’s eyes worked their way up my body until she reached my face, then her gaze quickly darted away. “He actually has a decent body.” She didn’t say the words “for a nerd,” but they were implied.

Speaking of bodies, my eyes weren’t missing out on the golden opportunity laid out before them as all this was going on.

Michelle’s skin was tan everywhere except where there had been a bikini at one time over the summer — rather revealing one by the looks of the small areas of pale flesh. Her adorable little toes were topped by painted toenails of a deep midnight blue. I’d never considered the possibility that a girl’s feet could be sexy, but the sensual curve of her instep convinced me otherwise. Her narrow ankles served as a slender bridge between those alluring feet and her shapely calves.

Further up, I found a pair of thighs that defied my most ardent fantasies. One of Nurse Cady’s hands still rested there, suggesting an intimate familiarity between them that I would never have suspected. The way the light was shining I could see fine little blond hairs sparsely spread along the length of both her legs. Who would have ever guessed something like that would be such a major turn on? What came next had my heart beating a mile a minute.

Michelle Nickerson’s pussy. Well, not exactly, but at least her mound and pubes. The curly tuft of blond pubic hair wasn’t nearly as thick and as bushy as Nurse Cady’s muff, but it clearly marked the gateway to more womanly delights below. I was no expert, but Michelle’s mound seemed more pronounced than normal, which created an inviting effect, as if it was begging me to mount it. My mouth watered at the remote prospect that I would get a view of all the succulent private parts that were currently hidden from me.

Her belly was a sculpted landscape of sensual perfection. It swelled and dipped in all the right places. Her tiny belly button was ideally placed and uncorrupted by any piercings. I never wanted to kiss a girl’s tummy as much as I did in that moment. It was almost impossible, however, to study her magnificent abdomen for long with the treasures to be found just above.

If there was one legendary pair of tits in our school, it was the set I was looking at. No conversation about Michelle Nickerson between any two boys didn’t include at least one reference to her amazing rack. And it wasn’t so much her size — there were other girls with bigger boobs — but it was, in my opinion, more about presentation. Every time you spotted Michelle walking down the hallway, the first thing that popped into your head was “POW!” There was no other word for it. That girl’s tits were outright “POW!”

Now, don’t think that I didn’t completely appreciate what I was being treated to, but I couldn’t help thinking that her boobs didn’t look nearly as big as I thought they would be. It’s not that they weren’t lovingly formed by the very gods themselves, and tipped with the most exquisitely delectable nipples I’d ever seen (including those of my busty sexual mentor, Nurse Cady), but something didn’t entirely match up. That’s when I noticed Michelle’s clothes d****d over that old green vinyl chair in the corner.

There were a pair of jeans beneath some kind of baby blue shirt, and on top of those was a plum-colored bra. A padded plum-colored bra. That must be the explanation. I couldn’t be too upset; her natural tits were still stellar examples of the genre. On the seat of the chair I noticed a pair of balled up socks and a pair of purple, zebra-striped undies. I’d always longed to get a peek at Michelle’s panties, I just never expected that she wouldn’t be wearing them when did.

As awesome as her body was, her gorgeous face was almost enough to distract you from all her other naked glories. She wore her blond hair long with a few loose curls. Right now she looked nervous, scared, and just a little bit intrigued. Her pale green eyes darted around excitedly, never settling on any one thing for more than a few seconds. I couldn’t avoid noticing that one of the places her gaze frequently paused for a moment was on my hard dick. I never in a zillion years would have imagined that Michelle Nickerson would one day be intentionally looking at my naked hard-on. I felt my confidence swell, along with my other body part, and reconsidered Nurse Cady’s assessment of my chances with the ladies.

“Shall we proceed?” Nurse Cady asked Michelle.

Michelle swallowed hard, took one more lingering look at my boner, then nodded. That put a big smile on our nurse’s crimson lips.

“You see, Alex, Michelle came to me with some questions. She doesn’t have much experience with boys and needed some advice.”

“I don’t get it,” I said without really meaning to. “She’s like the hottest girl in school.”

“That’s true.” Nurse Cady looked down at the beautiful specimen before her. “Most boys your age find this very intimidating. Either that or they assume a girl this hot must already have a boyfriend. Either way, no one in this school is willing to approach her and risk rejection.”

I’d never thought of that before. I looked at Michelle. She shrugged to confirm the truth of her situation.

“Up until now, Michelle has had to resort to frequent masturbation to satisfy her unfulfilled sexual urges.”

Michelle made a strangled sound of surprise and gave Nurse Cady a look of betrayed humiliation.

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” Nurse Cady assured her, patting her high up on the thigh. “In fact, Alex here masturbates almost as much as you do. Isn’t that right, Alex?”

“Um, yeah, I guess so.” I should have been mortified about admitting I whack off in front of Michelle, but I was too distracted by the idea of her masturbating more than anything else.

“See, Michelle, we’re all habitual masturbators here. Nothing to be ashamed of.” Nurse Cady pressed against the front of her white skirt with the hand that wasn’t touching Michelle. “Would you like to see what it looks like when a boy masturbates?”

With blushing cheeks, Michelle nodded, unwilling to admit her desire out loud.

“Alex, I need you to stroke your cock for Michelle, please. Give her a demonstration of what it looks like when a boy jerks off. And be sure you don’t ejaculate.”

Was this really happening? There was a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach, like the kind I get when I know I’m the victim of yet another prank by the jocks or one of the popular cliques. It didn’t seem possible that the eager look on Michelle’s face could be real. I wrapped my hand around my shaft. Fuck it. Even if this is some kind of cruel joke, I wasn’t going to pass up a chance to pull my pud while looking at the hottest girl in school naked.

I began yanking and Michelle watched with rapt fascination.

“See how he holds his penis firmly, yet not too tight?” Nurse Cady continued to rub herself through her skirt as she directed Michelle’s attention to the finer points of my jack off show. “Notice how the cock-skin slides under his grip with each stroke. The motion of his hand mimics the sensation he would feel if his penis was moving in and out of your vagina.”

If Nurse Cady didn’t shut up soon I was going ejaculate all over the damned place! Michelle remained still except for the slow but perceptible rise of her stiffening nipples. Holy crap, she was actually getting turned on by this.

“What’s that stuff coming out? Is that sperm?”

“That is a natural lubricant that Alex’s penis is expressing at the moment. It serves to reduce the acidity of the urethra, smooth the way for his impending ejaculation, and, incidentally, would help him penetrate you more easily. The fluid you see dripping from the tip of his erection right now may contain some stray sperm cells from a previous ejaculation event, and therefore it could have some degree of potency in terms of making you pregnant.”

Penetrate her? Make her pregnant? What the heck did Nurse Cady have in mind?

“Cool,” Michelle whispered without taking her eyes off my dick.

I was about a dozen strokes away from blowing my load all over the floor when Nurse Cady held up her hand.

“That’s sufficient, Alex, thank you.”

It took me three more pumps before I was able to f***e my hand open and let go of my hard-on. Nurse Cady also seemed to struggle briefly in her own effort to take her hand away from the spot where she’d been rubbing herself through her uniform.

“Since Michelle isn’t likely to find a partner here at school, I’ve advised her to seek out a college-aged boy. This presents two problems.” Nurse Cady was lightly stroking Michelle’s inner thigh as she spoke, seemingly without being aware of it. “First, Michelle is worried that her inexperience will leave her looking foolish, and she will be unable to adequately satisfy a more knowledgeable partner.”

My dick was jumping here and there all on its own as I listened. Even though I wasn’t jacking it anymore, I had the feeling it might just cum by itself. Nurse Cady continued:

“The second and more difficult problem is that Michelle wishes to retain her virginity.” Nurse Cady placed her hand protectively over Michelle’s unspoiled vulva when she said this. “I’ve tried to counsel her away from this course, but she places a great deal of value on her purity.” The look on Nurse Cady’s face told me that she thought that whole idea was ridiculous.

“So, what do you need me here for?” I asked, not understanding what any of this had to do with me.

“I’m glad you asked, Alex.” Nurse Cady patted the alluring hump of Michelle’s mound and came around to my side of the examination table. “Michelle needs to learn various sexual techniques that don’t involve vaginal penetration. Just before you arrived I taught her all about the pleasures one can experience from receiving oral sex.”

Was she saying what I thought she was saying? I glanced over at Michelle and she looked away, casting her eyes down along the length of her own body. I looked back at Nurse Cady and her sly smile confirmed for me that less than fifteen minutes ago she had been eating out Michelle Nickerson’s pussy. Cue head explosion.

“The remainder of Michelle’s lessons require a penis.” Nurse Cady reached down and tickled my balls with her glossy red fingernails. “And that’s where you come in, Alex.”

While I stood there with my dick levitating straight out in front of me, as dumbfounded as ever, Michelle was busy looking embarrassed. I was clear that Nurse Cady had told her she was bringing in a stunt cock to practice with, but Michelle certainly wasn’t expecting a doofus like me to be her training dummy. She must have been as bummed out to see me as I was fired up to see her.

“I assume you don’t mind assisting me with showing her some of the ways she can have sex without surrendering her precious virginity?” Nurse Cady traced her nails along the underside of my dick as she waited for my answer.

“No. I mean, yes. Wait…no I don’t mind and yes I want to help.”

“I knew I could count on you.” She gave the head of my dick a friendly squeeze and turned to Michelle. “Let’s start with the basic handjob.”

Nurse Cady ushered me closer until my boner was almost touching Michelle’s shoulder. I could see her tense up. At least she didn’t flinch and pull away.

“This is what you’re going to do,” Nurse Cady began in a matter of fact tone. She took my cock in her soft hand and began to stroke it. “Just like this, see? Now you try.” My dick was released. “Okay, Michelle, take a hold of Alex’s cock.”

These were words I never expected to hear in my life. I braced myself and prayed I wouldn’t spooge the second she touched me. That is, if she touched me. Michelle hesitated, took a deep breath, then reached over and grabbed my dick.

“Gently, my dear,” Nurse Cady cautioned. “I know it looks big and strong, but a boy’s penis can be a very sensitive appendage. “That’s better, now up and down with nice, slow strokes. There you go.”

Michelle stifled a giggle and shook her head. “The first time I touch a boy’s thing, and it’s Alex Kussler. If anyone ever finds out…”

“One of the reasons I selected him to help us is because he is very discreet. Isn’t that right, Alex?”

“Oh, yeah, totally,” I assured Michelle. “I never told anyone about all the stuff Nurse Cady and I have done together.”

Michelle appeared surprised. Nurse Cady cleared her throat. “Yes, well, you’re not going to say anything about what happens here today, are you? Full confidentiality is in effect.”

“Definitely, sure, all the way.”

Nurse Cady gave me a pat on the shoulder and reviewed her student’s progress. “How does it feel, Michelle?”

“Now I know why they call them boners. I like it. It’s so hard, but soft of soft at the same time. And it’s almost like there’s little ribs or something in there.”

“Erectile tissue can achieve a high degree of rigidity under the right circumstances. The effect is especially pronounced in virile sixteen-year-old boys like Alex here.”

Michelle rolled onto her side and propped herself up on one elbow so she could get a more comfortable angle. She was avoiding eye contact with me, and I was doing my best not to look down at what she was doing for fear of going off like an open fire hydrant.

“Can I touch his, um…testicles?”

“Why don’t you ask Alex if you can play with his balls?”

She looked up at me sheepishly with those pretty green eyes. “Can I?”

“Yeah, go for it, if you want.”

Without letting go of my shaft, she used her other hand to cup my nutsack. “Oh!” She quickly pulled her hand away and squirmed a little on the table. “They feel too weird.” A moment later she tried again. This time her hand stayed in place as she acclimated to the alien feel of my nads. “So fucking weird,” she whispered as she fondled me.

“Alex has a particularly nice scrotum.” Nurse Cady was unbuttoning her uniform top. “Some men will have more hair there; others will shave their balls to achieve a smooth look and feel.” She slipped her top off and revealed that she was wearing a white half-bra thingie underneath. It was like Nurse Cady’s big boobs were set out on a lacy shelf. Her naked nipples were sticking straight out at me. Michelle was too focused on my dick to notice what else was going on.

“Handjobs can be administered in the car while he’s driving, in dark movie theaters, or while just hanging out and watching TV.” Nurse Cady gave me a wink and tweaked her nipples for my benefit. “It can also be done as part of mutual masturbation. Alex, would you please demonstrate the effect by rubbing Michelle’s pussy while she strokes your cock?”

Michelle still didn’t look up at me, but after a few moments she parted her legs, lifting one knee up to give me access to her pussy. This was beyond a dream come true. I quickly moved my hand between her legs before she came to her senses. I felt the springy softness of her pubic hair against my palm. My fingers settled lightly on the plump swells of her outer lips. An expectant shudder ran through me. I was actually about to finger Michelle Nickerson’s pussy.

“Don’t worry, Michelle,” Nurse Cady assured her patient as she eased the zipper down the side of her skirt. “Alex knows what he’s doing, so you’re in good hands. Keep stroking his cock nice and slow while he takes care of you in return.” The skirt dropped and it was impossible not to look. Despite having a naked girl my own age right there at my fingertips, Nurse Cady’s mature pussy had an irresistible magnetism all its own.

Her thick triangle of dark pubic hair was the first thing that caught the eye. That curly jungle served as an enticing invitation to the world of carnal delights hidden below. A gold chain circled her curvaceous middle, meeting at a champagne-colored crystal jewel tucked into her belly button. I don’t know how it stayed in there the way it did, but the loops of the thin chain served to accentuate the feminine roundness of her belly and hips. The white stockings and lace half bra made it seem like she just stepped out of the pages of a classy porn magazine.

“I need you to find Michelle’s clitoris, Alex, and begin stimulating her with your middle finger.” As Nurse Cady gave me instructions in that sultry, authoritative voice of hers, she moved around to the opposite side of the examination table from me, putting Michelle’s naked body between us.

I wiggled my finger into the upper part of Michelle’s crease and quickly located what I was seeking. Her clit was already stiff and eager to be found. I began rubbing it very gently and noticed that it was already slick. From what little I’d learned about female anatomy I knew it couldn’t be her own wetness there, so I could only assume that it was still moist from when Nurse Cady had licked it earlier. God, I would have paid a year’s worth of allowances to have been able to see that.

I was startled by a moan. I looked at Michelle and saw that she had her eyes closed. She let out another long, sighing moan. Not only I was playing with her clit, but she was actually getting into it! And, on top of it all, she was still willingly tugging my junk. It just couldn’t get any better. And then it did.

“Even though she wants to keep her virginity, you can still finger her vagina.” Nurse Cady’s hand slipped between Michelle’s legs from behind. “Just don’t go too deep. Only to about the first knuckle, like this.” I watched her middle finger circle Michelle’s pussy hole a few times before sliding in.

Michelle responded with another involuntary moan. The rhythm of her handjob faltered for a few strokes, but she soon returned to a steady beat. I couldn’t take my eyes away from the sight of her pussy as Nurse Cady and I fingered it together.

“Oh, God,” Michelle groaned. “I think I’m going to cum again.”

Knowing I was partly responsible for giving her an orgasm was balls out awesome enough, but to hear her say “again” made it even sexier. That’s when I noticed something else.

“Uh, Nurse Cady,” I sputtered out, “I’m probably about to cum soon, too. If she does, then I definitely will.”

“What do you think, Michelle?” Nurse Cady posed as she continued to swirl the end of her finger around just inside her patient’s virgin opening. “Would you like to see Alex ejaculate?”

It seemed like Michelle was having a difficult time concentrating on forming an answer. Her eyes fluttered and her body moved in time with my finger on her clit.

“Yes…” she finally breathed. “I want to see.”

“Then pump his cock a little faster…that’s it.” Nurse Cady brushed Michelle’s hair back away from her face with her free hand. “You’re going to get some of his sperm on you, but it’s nothing to worry about. In fact, many women particularly enjoy the way a man’s ejaculate feels on their skin. Isn’t that right, Alex?”

“Yeah…totally…” I knew she was referring to me cumming on her before, but I was too close to blowing my wad to pay close attention.

“My arm is getting tired,” Michelle said more as a worry than a complaint.

“In that case, this might be a good time for you to learn about performing oral sex on a man. Put Alex’s cock in your mouth and stimulate him that way instead of with your hand.”

Michelle looked at the pre-cum slathered tip of my dick and made a face. “Seriously?”

“Yes. It’s easy. Do it just like this.” Nurse Cady leaned over Michelle’s body, her big tits pressing against the young girl’s bare hip, and then took the end of my dick in her mouth. She sucked and twirled her tongue around. I was too shocked to cum. She pulled away with a sucking pop sound and smiled. “Give it a try. I think you’ll like it.”

Michelle considered my dick again. This time my cockhead was all clean and shiny with Nurse Cady’s saliva. It must have looked more appealing this way because Michelle slowly moved her head forward and tentatively took me between her soft lips. If my brain hadn’t already exploded it would have blasted out of the top of my skull right then.

“You got it,” Nurse Cady cooed encouragingly. “Now move your head — yes, like that — and suck at the same time. Nice, isn’t it?”

“Mmm hmm,” Michelle hummed with her mouth full. She was no longer hesitant and was blowing me like she’d been wanting to do it all her life.

“This is going to be a quick one,” Nurse Cady warned as she let her tits dangle so that her nipples just barely grazed Michelle’s naked skin. “Alex is going to ejaculate in your mouth. The flavor will be strange at first, but you’ll acquire a taste for a man’s cum soon enough. You can swallow it or spit it out this first time.”

Michelle nodded to show that she was listening even though her eyes were closed and she seemed completely lost in act of giving head for the very first time. That’s when her hips began bucking and I realized I was still fiddling around with her pussy. I heard the wet, slurpy sound of Nurse Cady’s finger continuing to work the entrance of Michelle’s virgin fuck hole.

“I think she’s going to cum,” I said, stating the obvious. Michelle nodded again as she sucked.

“Rub her clit faster, Alex. Oh, she likes that, doesn’t she?” Nurse Cady jiggled her finger back and forth causing her big boobs to jiggle side to side.

There was too much to look at all at once: boobs, tits, pussy, lips wrapped around my dick. I was going crazy trying not to miss anything. Michelle pressed her hips upward, forcing her clit hard against my finger. She really did like it! She began a series of desperate moans that vibrated my dick nicely. I was praying that she didn’t bite down in the throes of her excitement, but I wasn’t about to pull myself out of her mouth.

Michelle’s whole body convulsed and her moans turned into a muffled cry of divine agony. When the reality hit me that I’d just fingered Michelle Nickerson to orgasm, I lost it. Nurse Cady recognized the signs.

“Get ready, Michelle. Alex is about to cum in your mouth. It’s going to seem like a lot, but you can handle it. That’s a good girl, keep sucking that cock.”

I leaned my head back and the overhead lights seemed to dance and swirl above me as I crossed the threshold into a realm of pure pleasure. My balls clenched and my dick swelled. It felt for a moment like I had a f******n inch cock. I was cumming, and cumming hard. Spurt after spurt of my semen shot into Michelle’s mouth. She gurgled and gagged, but she kept her mouth locked around my shaft. Her tongue flailed around beneath my hard-on, struggling against the deluge of jizz I was pouring into her. My entire body shuddered, then shook, and I was suddenly back on earth. Nurse Cady was smiling as if she was proud. At first I thought that maybe she was proud of me for some reason, then I started to think that it was more likely she was proud of herself for this scene of debauchery she had orchestrated.

Michelle pulled her head back, freeing my dick. She held her lips pressed tight together and looked up at Nurse Cady with uncertainty.

“You don’t want to swallow it?” Nurse Cady asked gently. Michelle shook her head. “That’s okay. Like I said, it’s an acquired taste. Give it here.” She held a cupped hand under Michelle’s mouth.

Michelle paused before leaning her face down and spitting the gooey contents she held in her mouth into Nurse Cady’s palm. Seeing my jizz dribble out from between her lips would have made me cum again if I could have. My dick jumped as I watched Nurse Cady lift her hand and sniff the puddle of spooge she held.

“I did swallow some at first,” Michelle said. She was watching Nurse Cady as intently as I was.

“That’s a start. Trust me, it won’t be long before you can’t get enough of the stuff.” She stirred the second-hand spunk with the tip of her tongue, then sampled the flavor. Nurse Cady smacked her lips and lapped up another, larger, serving. “It varies from man to man, but Alex here has rather pleasing essence. Salty with a touch of sweetness,” she tested it again, licking up another sampling of my spent-and-spit load, “and a subtle note of nutty bitterness underlying it all.”

Michelle’s mouth moved as if she were trying to identify the tastes as Nurse Cady described them. The way she made it sound, I almost wanted to taste it myself.

“Mmm, that’s some damn good cum.” Nurse Cady took one more long sniff, then tucked her hand down in between her legs.

Her eyes closed in ecstasy as she smeared what was left of my spooge all over her pussy. Michelle looked at me to see if I was as shocked as she was by this. I suppose I was. Michelle stifled a giggle and returned her attention to our naked nurse as she mashed her palm against her jizz-coated crotch.

“Nurse Cady?” Michelle said lightly after half a minute of this.

“I’m sorry, k**s, I know this is unprofessional, but after watching you two I need to cum myself.” She moved her feet wider apart and stood there finger fucking herself next to the examination table.

“Do you want some help?” Michelle asked innocently.

“What did you have in mind?”

Michelle turned on the table, giving me my first look at her naked ass. It was about the prettiest thing I’d ever seen. She sat up some, enough to kiss one of Nurse Cady’s nipples.

“That’s what I had in mind,” Michelle said, then took the same nipple into her mouth and suckled it enthusiastically.

“Oh God, yes. That’s a big help.” Nurse Cady’s fingers pumped in and out of her cum-coated cunt noisily.

Michelle released her nipple long enough to say, “C’mon, Alex, you do the other one for her.”

I moved around the table without questioning anything, as if Michelle’s voice had full control over me (which it pretty much did). I leaned in and started sucking on Nurse Cady’s unattended breast. I was cheek-to-cheek with Michelle as we both nursed on the nurse’s voluptuous boobs. I could feel Nurse Cady’s arm bumping against my shoulder as she masturbated. The scent of her pussy juices mixed with my spunk floated up from below at the same time as her barely restrained grunts of pleasure drifted down from above.

“That’s good, k**s, both together. Suck me. Oh, I like that Alex, just a little nibble. Let me feel your teeth, Michelle. Ahh, that’s my girl. Suck those big tits for me while I fuck myself.”

By that time Nurse Cady was beating her twat like crazy. I could see the skin of her chest begin to glisten with sweat. Michelle sucked and moaned just inches away from me. She was really getting into it. I never imagined that she would be into chicks, but I think maybe all girls are at least a little bit lesbian.

“I’m going to cum,” Nurse Cady announced with husky insistence. “Suck my tits while I cum. Suck ‘em. Oh, yes, suck my big fucking tits you horny little fuckers. Make me cuuuuuum!”

Michelle and I each stayed latched onto a nipple as Nurse Cady spasmed and shook through her standing orgasm. After what seemed like almost a full minute of convulsions, she gave a long sigh and leaned against the table for support. We both let go of her fat, swollen nipples and looked at each other a bit self-consciously. I had tingles all over my body knowing that I had just shared that that kinky moment with Michelle.

“Okay, we got a little distracted from our main objective,” Nurse Cady’s tone was softer and slower, not her normal authoritative style. She looked around the examination room as if trying to remember what she meant to do next. Her eyes still had that faraway, post-orgasmic look to them. “Ah, yes. Alex, could you please get the lubricant. You know where it is.”

I fetched the tube out of the drawer, hearing the paper on the examination table crinkle as I did. When I turned I saw that Nurse Cady had Michelle lying on her side with her knees drawn up.

“We’re behind schedule, so we’ll have to go through this quicker than I’d like. It was difficult to pay attention to what she was saying with her lovely melons swaying gently in the open and Michelle’s divine rear end practically being presented to me on a platter. “Michelle, I’m going to need you to spread yourself open, like this.” Nurse Cady took a hold of her ass cheeks and gently pushed them apart. My heart skipped a beat or two. Michelle then took over, her fingers digging into the flesh of her exquisite posterior.

“Good…very good,” Nurse Cady said with a kind of longing. “Okay, Alex, please lubricate Michelle’s anus.”

I gulped in hopeful disbelief. “Seriously?”

“Yes. If Miss Nickerson wishes to have intercourse and maintain her virginity, anal sex is the only logical alternative.”

I looked at Michelle. She seemed kind of scared. With a determined smile, she gave me a nod and spread her cheeks a little wider. I happily glooped some lube on the tips of my fingers, stepped in closer, and slathered Michelle’s asshole with the slippery stuff.

“Oh, that’s cold,” she giggled.

“Don’t worry, it’ll get warmer very soon.” Nurse Cady watched intently as I worked. I thought for a second that she might actually start drooling. “There we go. Okay, Michelle, just relax. Alex is going to insert his finger into your anus now. This may feel strange at first, but it can also feel very pleasurable if you let it.” With a curt nod Nurse Cady signaled for me to proceed, and I was more than willing to comply.

I circled my finger around the rim of Michelle’s rear opening. I could feel how nervous she was about this and for the first time I felt like I had the upper hand in all this craziness. I found the center of her puckered pink threshold and began to apply a little bit of pressure. That’s about when I left my body. The reality of me about to stick my finger in Michelle Nickerson’s ass was too much for my puny brain to handle and it apparently decided to wander off and float above the whole scene.

“Just relax,” Nurse Cady coached. “Let Alex inside. There you go. That’s my girl.”

I felt Michelle’s tightness loosen just enough to allow the tip of my finger to enter. As soon as it did, she clamped up again.

“Oh, wow,” Michelle whispered to herself.

“You’re doing good,” Nurse Cady assured her patient before turning her attention to me. “Now that you’ve penetrated her anus, you should be able to feel her sphincter muscles gripping your finger.” From the way she was talking I got the idea that Nurse Cady wanted it to be her finger in there. “When you feel her relax again, I need you to progress deeper along her anal canal.”

After a few seconds, I felt her start to loosen up a little and I pushed in past the strong ring of muscles that held my finger in place.

“Okay…that’s different,” Michelle commented in a silky tone.

Nurse Cady stroked her hip comfortingly. “Alex had a very similar reaction when I digitally penetrated his virgin ass for the first time.”

Michelle lifted her head from the table and looked at me questioningly. All I could do was shrug. I was hoping that her enigmatic smile was because she thought it was sexy that Nurse Cady had finger fucked my asshole. When she lay her head back down, she relaxed even more.

“A little further,” Nurse Cady instructed me as she watched my finger slowly disappear. “The end of Alex’s finger has reached a little ways into your rectum. When he inserts his penis, it will go even deeper.”

“When I do what?”

“Come now, Alex, what did you think I meant when I said I needed you to help me teach Michelle about anal sex?”

“I guess I really didn’t understand completely.”

“Then let me put it as simply and as directly as I can so you will understand.” Nurse Cady walked around to my side of the table as she spoke. “You are going to mount this young lady.” She squeezed some lube into her hand. “You’re going to take this hard cock of yours…” She grabbed my dick and coated it with greasy goop. “And you’re going to fuck her in the ass. Do you think you can handle that?”

I glanced over at Michelle to see how she was reacting to this. From what I could tell, she looked like she was hoping I would say yes. It seemed impossible, but I thought maybe she really wanted me to fuck her. Michelle’s ass tightened once again around my finger in a way that confirmed what I suspected. She did want it.

“Um, yeah,” I answered even though I expected my mind to have already melted beyond the ability to speak. “Yeah, I can do that.”

“Let’s not waste any more time,” Nurse Cady said crisply, clearly eager to get us to do this in front of her. “I would have liked to have spent longer preparing her to take your cock, but we don’t have all day.” She took my wrist and unceremoniously pulled my finger out of Michelle’s butt.

“Should I stay like this?” Michelle asked. I could hear the nervous excitement in her voice. “How do you want me?”

“I’m thinking we should have you on your back, legs up.” Nurse Cady helped Michelle get into position. “Now just pull your hips up a little so Alex will have easy access to your ass. That’s it, perfect.” She wasn’t shy about the way she looked at Michelle’s aroused pussy with barely contained lust. “Okay, Alex, I need you to climb up here and get into position. Careful.”

The table was narrow, but I managed to get into place. The tip of my cock hovered just inches from both of Michelle’s nether holes. With one quick thrust I could be in her pussy, spoiling her precious virginity forever. I would never do something as mean as that, but just the idea that I could was almost enough to make me lose control.

Nurse Cady filled her palm with lube, then grabbed my dick. She massaged it expertly, coating it with another thick layer of jelly. She then smeared what was left on her fingers around Michelle’s defenseless rear opening.

“There you go,” she said, pulling her hand away reluctantly. “Now place the head of your penis against her anus, Alex, and apply a slight amount of pressure.”

“Oh, geez,” Michelle blurted out, “I don’t know.” She looked at me from between her knees, unsure.

“Do you feel his cock against your ass, Michelle?” Nurse Cady asked in a soothing, almost clinical, manner.


“It feels nice, doesn’t it?”

“Um…yeah, it kind of does actually. But…”

“No time for second thoughts, Michelle. Just relax as best as you can. There may be a bit of discomfort at first, but once you get used to it I promise that you’ll come to like it.”

I felt Nurse Cady’s hand settle on my lower back. She gave me a little push, and I pressed myself forward with slightly more f***e. I wasn’t getting in. Michelle closed her eyes and took a few breaths. The hand on my back pushed again, and I pressed harder. At first nothing happened, and I was afraid my dick was about to break in half, then something gave way. With a lurch my dick leapt forward and suddenly there was no resistance.

“Oh!” Michelle’s eyes popped open. “Is it in? It is, right?”

“Yeah,” I told her, not really believing it myself. “I’m in. You all right?”

“I think so.” She took a few more of those breaths, the kind pregnant woman use when they’re giving birth. I guess it was basically the same sort of thing, only in reverse, and with a different orifice. Her pretty eyes focused on me and she nodded.

I pressed again and felt my dick go in a little more.

“Oh, yeah, you’re in there alright,” Michelle said through a pained smile. She was doing everything she could to be brave, but it was not easy for her. After a moment she was ready for more. “Keep going.”

“Nice and slow, Alex.” Nurse Cady’s whisper was close to my ear. I’d almost forgotten she was there for a moment. She was leaned in close so she could get a good view of what was happening down there. I looked down myself for the first time and it was as close I ever came to swooning. The head of my dick was legitimately inside Michelle’s ass. If only I could have someone take a picture to prove it!

I eased forward as slow as I could. A ring of excess lube was building up around where my shaft was passing into her anus. Centimeter by centimeter more of my dick disappeared insider her. Michelle’s fingers dug into the soft, tanned flesh of her thighs as she held her legs back. Her eyes were screwed up tight, but she wasn’t making a sound. What a trooper.

“Okay, hold up a sec,” Michelle begged. My dick was about halfway in. She blew out the lungful of air she’d been holding onto.

“You’re doing awesome,” Nurse Cady assured her, patting one of her butt cheeks. “Let us know when you’re ready for more.”

After a few seconds, she nodded. Nurse Cady pushed against my back, and I gave her more of my dick. I was amazed I was able to do this. I’d never felt anything so tight before, not even my own hand. It was a good thing they were making me go so slow, otherwise I would have blasted already.

“He’s almost all the way in.” Nurse Cady’s hand moved from my back to my butt. “How’s that?”

“It’s weird,” Michelle said. I could hear the tension in her voice. “And very uncomfortable.” My cock went deeper. “But I think I do kind of like it. Maybe just the idea that there’s a boy’s cock inside me…”

“That’s a good feeling, isn’t it?” Nurse Cady confirmed. The discomfort will lessen the more you do it. You might even begin to crave it.” She looked at me and a big smile graced her ruby lips.

“That’s it,” I grunted. “I’m all the way in.”

“Nice job, Alex.” Nurse Cady squeezed my butt. “What do you think, Michelle, are you ready for Alex to start fucking you?”

“Uh-huh, I think so.”

“Alex? Can you please fuck Michelle’s ass for me?”

“Sure, but I’m probably going to cum pretty quick,” I warned weakly.

“That’s fine. We don’t want to overdo it on the first try.” Nurse Cady caressed Michelle’s naked tummy. “You don’t mind if Alex ejaculates his semen in your ass, do you, dear?”

“No, I guess not…” she answered, unsure.

“Wonderful. Alex, you may proceed.”

I pulled my dick back out of her halfway. Her asshole stayed clamped around my shaft the whole time like it didn’t want to let me go. When I slowly pushed back into her, Michelle let out a ragged little moan that gave me goosebumps. Not only was I fucking Michelle Nickerson’s asshole, but she was totally into it! Now all I had to do was not blow my wad with the next pump.

I tried to think of something else — Star Trek, the English paper I hadn’t started yet, the hairy mole on my great-aunt’s cheek — but nothing could distract me from the epic butt that I was forcing my dick into. I closed my eyes. I could still see those flawless cheeks as if they were burned into my retinas. Going slow wasn’t going to save me, so what was the point in holding back?

I braced myself and put it into her good. She let out a surprised grunt. I began humping her like I meant it. I didn’t hear any complaints out of her, and Nurse Cady appeared quite happy with what I was doing.

“Oh, wow…fuck me, Alex,” Michelle moaned. “Oh, fuck my asshole…”

She wasn’t just into it, she was loving it! Too bad hearing those words did me in. I managed to get three more quick pumps into that sweet ass of hers before my dick let loose.

“I’m cumming!” I warned the ladies, as any civilized gentleman would do, then filled Michelle’s insides with a generous flood of grade-A baby gravy. She gasped for air as I shoved my dick into her as far as I could manage. I was on another planet as it was happening, but I’m pretty sure Nurse Cady slapped my butt as I emptied my balls into Michelle’s guts.

“There you go,” Nurse Cady said soothingly. “Well done, you two.” Her nipples were at full attention, and there was a bright flush across her chest. She might have been even hornier than the two of us teenagers put together. “Alex, I need you to withdraw your penis nice and easy. Michelle, focus on keeping your muscles good and tight back there, okay?”

“Okay,” Michelle panted, “but how come?”

“You’ll understand in a few moments.”

I drew my dick back inch by inch until my cockhead popped out of her asshole. Her delectable anus snapped shut the moment I was out, and I could see that she was clenching her butt cheeks according to instructions. I wasn’t sure why, either.

“You can hop down, Alex. And, Michelle, I’m going to have you bring your feet down for now. Keep that butt tight.”

I stood at the foot of the examination table gawking in wonder as the nearly naked Nurse Cady helped the completely naked Michelle into position.

“I think I almost came.” Michelle had a dreamy look on her face.

“That’s great. You might be one of us lucky ones who can orgasm from anal sex alone.” Nurse Cady had her scoot down on the table a little more toward me. “I’m going to show you another position, but first I want to teach you a handy little trick. Boys will often get soft after ejaculating, although Mr. Kussler doesn’t seem to be experiencing this problem just now. If he were, here’s a fun way to bring a man’s member back to full arousal.”

Nurse Cady took Michelle by the ankles and brought her feet to my dick. She placed her dainty feet at either side of my hard-on and pressed them together. Nurse Cady then slid Michelle’s feet up and down my lubed shaft. My dick was wedged in the narrow crevice formed between her arches, and it felt fucking awesome. Nurse Cady let go and Michelle continued working my dick with her feet, wiggling her sapphire-tipped toes as she did.

“Guys actually like this?”

“Guys like everything, dear, especially when they’re horny — which, thankfully, is just about always.” She leaned close to Michelle’s ear. “You’re keeping your ass nice and tight, yes?” Michelle nodded. “Good girl.” She then brushed her nipple lightly against Michelle’s cheek.

Michelle instinctively turned her head and took the tip of the proffered breast into her mouth and began suckling. I could feel my boner getting harder than hard. What a scene. Michelle Nickerson, naked, feet around my dick, legs spread, pussy open and dripping, tits out, and her mouth latched onto one of Nurse Cady’s big boobies. And if that wasn’t enough, I watched Nurse Cady slip her hand down past her furry bush and begin fingering her own pussy once again. It was so fucking hot it hurt.

After we had all enjoyed this kinky arrangement for a little while, Nurse Cady spoke up.

“Okay, so that’s one other way to pleasure your partner without giving up your prized virginity.” She reluctantly pulled her nipple from between Michelle’s sucking lips. “We have time for just this one more thing.”

Nurse Cady came down to my end of the table, moving me back a few steps. She got in between us with her back to me.

“There are several positions that are suitable for anal sex. I showed you one already, but I also wanted to demonstrate another that is a favorite of mine.” She handed me the greasy tube. “Alex, I need you to apply some lubricant to my anus.” With that she bent forward, leaning her elbows on the examination table. She would only have to duck her head down a few more inches if she wanted to give Michelle’s pussy a kiss.

I tried not to get distracted and went to work on my assignment. I pushed one of Nurse Cady’s plump butt cheeks to the side, exposing her rosy asshole, then smeared lube all over it. I had no idea when I woke up that morning I would be butt-fucking not just one, but two, chicks! I heard them whispering something as I put the finishing touches on my lube job. When I looked up, Michelle was giving me a strange smile.

“You see, Michelle,” Nurse Cady said in her educator’s tone, “this position is similar to being on your hands and knees, but the angle of penetration is slightly different and standing allows the man more leverage when he thrusts. It can be very pleasurable this way. Alex, please insert your penis into my anus.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I stepped up, rubbed the head of my dick around her puckered rear entrance, and carefully pressed forward.

“No need to be gentle,” Nurse Cady said over her shoulder. “I’m not a virgin like our friend here. You can go ahead and shove it in.”

God, I loved this woman. I gripped her ample hips, set my feet, and rammed my dick into like she asked. My hips slammed against her cheeks, making a loud slapping sound. She let out a small squeak, quickly followed by a satisfied chuckle, as if she’d been waiting for that all day.

“There’s my boy,” she said with sultry appreciation, her professional demeanor slipping away. “Now go ahead and fuck my asshole as hard as you can, Alex.” She shot me a lewd wink before turning to face Michelle’s crotch.

I was more than happy to set to work. I pulled back, watching my hard dick slide from her butt hole until I saw the rim of my cockhead, then smashed it back into her ass with all my strength. I got another squeak out of her, which I loved hearing, then began pumping my dick in and out as fast and as hard as I could. The sounds and smells this elicited were a symphony of sensual eroticism that you’d never have expected to find in a school nurse’s examination room. Michelle watched wide-eyed, which was almost as much of a turn on to see as her naked body.

Nurse Cady then pushed Michelle’s legs up until her knees were back by her shoulders, much like they had been when I was fucking her. Nurse Cady’s head was in the way, but if I leaned to the left I could see Michelle’s pussy and asshole being prominently exposed. Nurse Cady gave her a kiss right about where her clit was.

“All right, Michelle,” she said, her voice a bit uneven due to the pounding I was giving her from behind. “Go ahead and relax your bottom now. That’s it…”

I could see her cheeks go slack. Nothing happened at first, and I wondered what the hell Nurse Cady was up to, then I saw something. A tiny bit of white fluid appeared at the center of Michelle’s winking bottom hole. Nurse Cady leaned in and licked it away. Holy moley! Michelle giggled, and another small gob of my cum oozed out. Before it could run down her ass crack, Nurse Cady was in there licking that up too. There was no way I’d ever encounter another woman as nasty as her. Our school nurse was literally eating my cum out of Michelle Nickerson’s asshole while I watched. This was well beyond the filthiest wish I had ever made in my life. I couldn’t even fully conceive the full extent of how fucking hot this was. All I could do was fuck and gawk.

Nurse Cady backed off Michelle’s ass and waited for more semen to dribble out. It looked like Michelle was trying to f***e my cum out, and as soon as some trickled from her asshole, she clamped it tight. Nurse Cady watched it seep down her crack for a second, then went in and slurped it up.

“How do you like that?” Nurse Cady asked.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe you’re licking my asshole. It feels amazing. I love it!” Michelle pulled her thighs back further, raising her cunt and ass toward Nurse Cady’s face. “Don’t stop!”

Nurse Cady dove back in, enthusiastically sucking and licking more jizz from Michelle’s asshole. They were both moaning like crazy, while I was struggling to keep up the pace and sucking air. There’s no way I would have lasted this long if I hadn’t just dumped a load in Michelle’s ass. If felt good to actually fuck without having to worry about cumming too soon. Nurse Cady may not have been a back door virgin, but she was still almost as tight as Michelle. I watched her fleshy ass ripple with each punishing thrust I gave her as my sweat began to drip down onto her bouncing cheeks.

We continued this way until it was clear that Nurse Cady had gobbled all of my spunk out of Michelle’s butt hole. She straightened her back, looked at me over her shoulder and said, “Alright you dirty assfucker, see if you can make me cum with that beautiful cock of yours. Fuck me harder.”

I gladly accepted the challenge and renewed the f***efulness of my thrusts. I was slamming into her good, causing her whole body to lurch forward each time I rammed home. From the look on Michelle’s face, she was enjoying the show. She let her legs down, setting her feet flat on the table, and moved one of her hands to her sodden crotch. I could tell she was a bit embarrassed about doing this to herself while I looked on, but she obviously needed to cum more than she cared about masturbating in front of me.

“Harder, Alex,” Nurse Cady insisted between grunts. “Fuck my asshole harder!” Her hands gripped the edges of the table.

I didn’t know if I could bang her any harder, so I began pulling back farther so my cock was almost all the way out of her bum hole before plunging it back in as fast and as brutally as I could. I assumed this did the trick based on the squeals she began making.

“C’mon, Alex,” Michelle cheered, “make her cum!” She was rubbing her pussy like crazy, not holding anything back. “Fuck that ass! Give it to her hard! Give her your cock!”

“Don’t worry, Michelle,” I answered between slams, “I’m gonna make this bitch cum good!” It sounded funny coming from me, but they both made guttural sex noises of approval when I said it.

Nurse Cady grabbed my wrist suddenly. She yanked my arm down around her and brought my hand to her hairy wetness. This f***ed me to press my chest against her back. I was bummed that I couldn’t see Michelle’s puss from this angle, although I could still see her face contorting with self-induced pleasure as she watched the live porn show we were putting on for her. My disappointment was further lessened by the fact that I was touching Nurse Cady’s lovely cunt. She directed my middle finger to her clit and pressed it hard, moving it back and forth roughly to demonstrate what she wanted me to do to it.

When she took her hand away, I continued to abuse her stiff nub of erect lady wood just like she wanted. I wasn’t able to smash her ass as hard in that position, but from the increasingly loud wailing cries she was emitting it obviously didn’t matter. Anyone in the waiting room would have definitely heard the two of them, but I was starting to wonder if people out in the corridor might be able to hear what was going on. I quickly realized I didn’t care. If we got caught, I wouldn’t be the one to get into trouble. As a matter of fact, if word got out that I was in here butt fucking Michelle Nickerson — the hottest girl in our school, in case you need to be reminded — and Nurse Cady, I’d be an instant superhero celebrity.

“Give me that cock, Alex,” Nurse Cady pleaded through gritted teeth. “That’s it! Work my cunt — work it good!”

It was a little like trying to pat my head and rub my tummy at the same time, but I was putting every bit of my concentration into pulling off this trick.

“I’m cumming,” Nurse Cady informed us loudly. “Oh, fuck my asshole, I’m cumming!”

“Me, too!” Michelle sang out. “Oh my God, I’m going to cum so bad!” Her face disappeared from my sight as she flopped flat onto her back. I could hear her thrashing on the crinkly paper and slapping madly at her gorgeous pussy.

I was on the verge of blowing my third load, and I wanted to join the choir and let everyone know, but I couldn’t break my focus. I remained on my tip-toes, hunched over Nurse Cady’s back, jamming my cock into her lube-slicked asshole as hard as I could while I blindly battered her cum-soaked clitty as mercilessly as I could manage. I guess I hit the combination just right.

“Oh, fuuuuck!” Nurse Cady groaned in deep anguish. This overlapped nicely with Michelle’s frantic cries of “Oh God, oh God, oh God!”

Listening to the two of them cumming was all I needed to finish me off. My hips jerked, pushing me as far into Nurse Cady’s rectum as I could go, and there I deposited everything that was left in my balls to give. I knew there’d still be a lot of jerking off in my future, but I also knew that it would never ever feel as good as cumming inside a woman’s ass did. I didn’t regret for a moment that my favorite hobby had been knocked down a peg as I squeezed out the final spurt deep within Nurse Cady’s ass.

For the next minute there was nothing but heavy breathing, and at one point a lilting giggle from Michelle. I rested on Nurse Cady’s damp back, taking the opportunity to bring my hand up and cup one of her dangling boobs. She didn’t object, and I absently fondled her loose-hanging titty contentedly. Somewhere in the distance a bell rang.

Nurse Cady reached around and patted my hip. I knew it had to come to an end, but I wasn’t ready for it. She straightened up and my dick slipped out of her butt. Michelle was still sprawled out on the table, her legs wide open, her hands resting on her flat belly, chest rising and falling. I couldn’t help but stare at the inflamed perfection of her swollen, virgin pussy. The sizeable wet spot on the examination table below her sent a reverent shiver up my back.

Nurse Cady pulled her uniform on. “Alex, could you please help Michelle clean up a little before she gets dressed?” She ran her tongue over her rouged lips suggestively.

It only took me a second to figure out what she was hinting at. I stepped forward, ducked in, and ran my tongue up the length of Michelle’s engorged slit. She tittered happily in surprise. Before I could decide if I should keep going, she put a hand on my head and mashed my face against her pussy.

“Lick it clean, Alex,” she commanded merrily.

I had no idea how to eat a pussy, so I just began licking and sucking her everywhere down there. Either I did it just right, or she was so keyed up that anything I did at that point would have gotten her off, but it wasn’t more than ten seconds before she was cumming against my mouth. I’d never tasted anything as indescribably delicious before or since.

I was still lapping up her juices when Nurse Cady pulled me away.

“Okay, stud, that’ll do.” She had her uniform back on, but for some reason she hadn’t buttoned it up all the way, leaving her big titties hanging out.

Nurse Cady helped Michelle get dressed while I got my clothes on myself. My dick had only just started to wilt, but I knew it could be brought back to full strength without much effort. I buckled my belt and noticed Nurse Cady putting Michelle’s hair in a scrunchy. Michelle took the opportunity to lean forward and again take one of Nurse Cady’s perpetually protruding nipples into her mouth and give it several good sucks. No wonder she hadn’t closed her uniform up all the way. I slipped over and began sucking on her other boob just like before.

“Now, now, c***dren,” she said lightly after enjoying our suckling for a brief interlude, “our lesson is over. We grudgingly let go and she buttoned her top. “Michelle, do you think you learned enough to satisfy a college boy without giving up your virginity?”

“Yes, definitely.”

“And is there someone you’d like to thank for helping us out today?”

Michelle turned to me, her cheeks still flushed from her recent orgasms.

“Thanks, Alex. I never thought…” she paused and reconsidered what she was about to say. “I think you have a really nice cock. I liked sucking it, and you did a great job fucking my ass. And, also, thanks for licking my pussy at the end there. That was awesome of you.”

“Uh…you’re welcome?”

She pulled me toward her and gave me a kiss on the lips. I was surprised, but I didn’t mind at all. Michelle then turned and kissed Nurse Cady much the same way, but it looked like there might have been some tongue involved. If either of them even hinted at it, I was ready for round two!

“Okay, you two, better get to class.” She handed us each a hall pass and scooted us out of the examination room. “And, let me remind you both one more time, this is all to be kept strictly confidential. Understand?”

We nodded. As much as I wanted to run down the hall screaming that I had just butt fucked Michelle Nickerson, I knew I would keep our secret. Nurse Cady closed the door exam room door, leaving me and Michelle alone in the waiting room.

I looked at Michelle and shrugged, not knowing what to say.

“Okay, well,” she began awkwardly, “I guess I’ll see you in gym class.” She unlocked the outer door.

“Yeah,” I answered lamely. “But…if you ever want to, um, ‘practice’ again…”

Her smile was friendly but noncommittal. “I’ll let you know.” With a wink she was gone.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I sat in English class the day after my first, and quite possibly last, threesome. My dick was sore as hell after jacking it off about two dozen times the night before like an obsessed mental patient. I was shooting blanks most of the time, but it didn’t matter. Every time I thought about what happened in that examination room my dick got hard as a motherfucker, and I had to do something about it. I wasn’t even trying to picture what Mrs. Hughes’ pussy looked like and I was sporting a boner under my desk.

I checked and saw Amy looking at my package. After a couple seconds she glanced up and saw me watching her, then turned her attention back to Mrs. Hughes. She certainly didn’t have a body like Michelle’s, but I bet that pudgy little thing looked cute all naked and bashful. I wondered if Asian pussy tasted the same as American pussy.

After class I caught up to Amy in the corridor. Now that I’d fucked two women in the ass, I had a kind of confidence I’d never known before. It was time to test it out. I figured it would be safe to start with a slow moving target like the curious Miss Chun.

“Hey, Amy…I was wondering if you’re not doing anything Friday if you’d maybe like to go with me to the mall, or to a movie, or something.” Okay, so I wasn’t quite Mr. Smooth yet, but at least I’d asked a girl out for the first time ever.

She just stood there shyly, shuffling her feet, unable to look at me.

“You mean you want to go out? With me?”

Geez, and I thought I was an awkward dork. “Sure. Why not?”

“I’d have to ask my parents,” she said with more than a little embarrassment.

“Okay, that’s cool. Let me know.”

She nodded and turned to go. Before she got two steps away she turned and came back.

“I…I think you should know something…” she said and leaned in close to my ear, “I’m a squirter.” She smiled at the stunned expression on my face. “Big time.”

She gave my crotch one more lingering look before she headed off, leaving me standing in the middle of the corridor with an instant boner snaking its way down my pant leg. I covered the lengthening bulge with my notebook and headed for Nurse Cady’s office to get her professional opinion on this unexpected development.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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