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Second time

About 6 weeks ago (at the time of writing this) I had my first experience of wanking naked with another man. Gary, a work colleague of my wife’s, watched me wanking for a while then joined in. It was one of the most sexually exciting things I’ve done and we said it was something we’d love to do again and tonight we did. As before the wife and I were at Gary’s house after a night out drinking and chatting. After about an hour Lisa said she was going to bed, we said goodnight to her and carried on talking. The only thing on my mind now was getting naked and wanking. I said to Gary you know what happened last time we were alone don’t you. He said he remembered it well. This moment had been the only thing on my mind since Lisa had said we were all going out for a drink. I didn’t want to waste any time so I said to Gary that I would love to carry on from last time. He grinned and said he was hoping I would say something along those lines. I could feel the excitement now as my cock was starting to get hard. I started to get undressed and Gary said are you going to let me see you completely naked again. I smiled as I took my t-shirt off and then my jeans. I could see Gary looking at the obvious bulge in my boxers and he said come on take them off. I told him that I would like him to take them off. He looked at me and said with pleasure. He slowly pulled them down to reveal my very excited cock. Throwing my boxers on the sofa he asked if he could touch my cock. With pleasure I said. Being completely naked and letting another man see my erect cock is exciting enough but when he put his hand round my shaft and started to slowly stroke I thought I was gonna cum instantly. After a couple of minutes I said to Gary take your t-shirt off and turn round. He smiled and said ok. With Gary standing with his back to me I reached round and undid the button and the zip on his jeans. After pulling them down I undid the buttons on his boxers and put 2 fingers in around his cock and slowly pulled it through his shorts. I knew he had a gorgeous cock because I’d seen him working it but I thought to myself how fantastic it felt. I now stood in front of him with my hand stretched out holding his very hard cock. I pulled his shorts down and took hold of his cock. I started stroking his cock with one hand and my own with the other. Something I’ve always wanted to do is wank another guy and myself at the same time and Gary wasn’t complaining. I couldn’t believe how excited I was about stroking another mans cock but my cock was rock hard. After a few minutes Gary started to stroke his cock and we stood there naked and watched each other pleasuring ourselves. I told Gary that he had a truly gorgeous cock and I loved seeing him working it. After 5 or 10 minutes we heard Lisa going to the bathroom. Gary started to panic but I told him to relax as she would probably go back to bed but to be honest I was really hoping she would come downstairs. A couple of minutes later we heard her walk back to the bedroom. I thought she was going to come down and see us he said. It’s a shame she didn’t, that would have been very exciting I said. How would you explain it to her he asked. I wouldn’t have to I told him. If Lisa had come downstairs and seen us she’d watch us and say something like, I see you’re doing what men do best. Gary said so you wouldn’t mind if your wife saw us wanking naked together. The honest answer I told him was absolutely not. In fact I would love her catch us and the thought of her seeing one of her work friends completely naked stroking his cock was very exciting. I made Gary promise that if Lisa did come down he would do as I did and just carry on wanking. ok he said if you’re happy with it so am I. We were stood side by side so I reached over with my right hand and put my fingers around his very hard shaft. Stroking his big cock while working mine was fantastic and after only a few minutes I was ready to burst. I told Gary that I would love to make him cum and he said please do. I stood behind him slightly to the right and reached round and took a firm grip of his cock. I slowly worked his foreskin along his erect shaft whilst every now and then making sure my finger and thumb went gently over his bellend. I made sure I touched every inch of his cock as I slowly wanked him while touching my own cock. I’ve always wanted to experience the feeling of a guys cock in my hand when he cums and I thought well now you’ll find out. It took a good 10 minutes before I felt his cock twitch Several times. His stomach muscles tightened and he let out a loud moan of pleasure. I could feel his cock stiffen even more every time his cum left the end of his cock. I continued to stroke his cock for about 2 minutes and now his cock and my hand were covered in his cum. I said if Lisa heard him then it wouldn’t take her long to work out that one of us had cum. Catching his breath Gary asked if I would like him to finish me off but I told him I really wanted him to watch me wank and make myself cum. He sat down slowly touching his semi hard cock while I stood in front of him stroking my very stiff cock. As I stood there naked and pleasuring myself I was looking at Gary as he was looking at my cock and the excitement I felt was unreal. After only a few minutes I told him I was going to cum. Having a naked guy looking at my cock as I was cumming was beyond belief and I stroked my cock till every last drop was out. Gary asked how it felt and I told him it was unbelievable. I can’t wait till the next time we have the opportunity to do this again and to see what other pleasures we have in store.

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