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Seducing a Straight guy on a Train

Seducing straight guys is one of my favourite fantasies – I’ve never done it for real – though I’ve met plenty of married guys at the sauna who say they’re Straight.

One I’ve had for a long time is about a guy who was often in the same carriage when I had to travel at peak hour – always packed – I’ve stood right next to him a couple of times – handsome businessman – tall – smart suit – looks ultra straight.

I thought of this a while back – when there was a problem with the metro train system – and the one I was in was stuck in a tunnel for 40 minutes (though he wasn’t there that time).

Anyway – I’m on the train – for some reason I’m wearing my leather pants – it’s packed as usual – I’m squashed against the doors – at one side – sort of wedged in a corner.

He’s standing facing me – looking over my head – everything’s perfectly normal as the train goes underground. Then the train comes to a sudden stop – the lights flicker – then the dimmer emergency lights come on. After a while the driver announces that the power supply has failed – he’ll let us know as soon as he finds out how long it will take.

We all stand there in the packed train – people start to talk. I check my watch half and hour goes by – then an hour – another announcement – the driver still doesn’t know how long we’ll be there.

He’s still facing me – but starting to look rather anxious and sweating – I ask if he’s OK. He looks annoyed – and answers that he’s perfectly fine – just got an important meeting to go to.

I say – sorry – he looks a bit sheepish – then says that actually he was starting to regret having the third cup of coffee at breakfast – I said I was feeling much the same – except mine was 2 glasses of orange juice and a lot of milk on my cereal.

For the next half hour we talk a bit – but he’s starting to look more and more distracted. Eventually he says to me that’s he got to get off the train to pee – could I move so he can reach the emergency door release.

I tell him that’s crazy – what if the trains started up again? – plus with everyone packed so tight people would probably fall out if the doors opened.

He groans – looking really pained – I say “Look – my pants are mostly waterproof – it won’t show – plus I’m probably going to wet them anyway – Maybe I could help you”?

I undo my zip – I’ve got no pants on underneath – I undo his flys – reach in and guide his penis in through my open zip. I manage to get it in on the same side as my penis – below it touching. No one else on the packed train can see into our corner in the dim light.

Of course I start to get hard – I can feel his dick starting to swell inside my pants as well – hot against the top of my legs. I smile at him – I let go a small spurt of piss – spraying the head of his dick.

He groans – I feel his hot piss gushing out into my pants – seeping down my leg inside the tight leather – his stream keeps on coming – then my balls in a warm pool of his piss – then trickling back to wet my ass hole.

I hold onto my own piss – giving time for more of it to get further down my legs – so the piss doesn’t overflow through my open zip. I’m stroking the outline of his dick through my pants – I rub a bit harder – look at him and whisper if he wants me to stop?

He shakes his head – soon I feel his dick twitching against mine – and his semen spurting onto my skin.

I carefully remove his penis from my pants – pull up my zip while he buttons his trousers. I put his hand on my bulge – so he can feel it through the leather as I let go my full bladder load into my pants.

Not long after – the full lights come on – and we start to move. I say to him that I’m going for a shower – would he like to come to? He asks where – I tell him there’s a sauna near the main station a few stops further.

At the sauna – he asks if this is just for gay guys – I say yes – and BI – not many guys are there – I watch him get undressed – but keep my leather pants on – I lead him to the shower – he’s dick is really hard – tight balls – I pull my pants down – as he reaches for the taps – I say to lets have a shower later and lead him to a cubicle ….

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