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Hi I’m Arun Kumar living in Chennai. This is story of my Mallu Aunt and me having pleasure of life. I’m 19 years old and I’m going to share my sex experience with you guys! I was enjoying my semester holidays in my Aunt’s house.

We all went to ECR to a resort for a swim in the pool. She don’t know swimming so I thought her. I had a great opportunity to see her curves. I held her navel and gave her a support to swim. Then I could not resist myself. I touched her breast and it was so soft. We came home so late.

My mom and my uncle were at the other room and they asked if I could sl**p at their room. But I compelled them that I slept in my aunt’s room. Here was my game!! We both were alone in the room. Then We talked for some time. We talked about the film industry and some politics.

She was gorgeous in the red saree. I could see her curves. She turned off the tube light and turned on the lamp. She slowly went asl**p and I could not tolerate myself. In the name of affection I hugged her and went closer to her. I put on my hands on her navel.

I thought she was asl**p, BUT…. She was not sl**ping. In turn she too held me in my stomach and slowly opened her eyes. I was frightened. Then she slowly came closer to me. She asked “Are u nervous?” I replied “Yes!” I saw her blushing. I was just waiting for this moment.

I just moved close and kissed her cheek. She smiled. I moved further and gave her a kiss on her lips. She responded. We had never got a chance like this before. I just played with her hair and pulled her closer to me. I must say that tongue. Saliva, was too mesmerizing.

I was already high. We both slept and continued to kiss. She reached my shirt and pulled it up. Her hand and those nails on my back was making me to horny when she moved it all through back.

I just kissed her harder. I moved my hand to remove her saree. She stopped. Finally she let me remove. Fuck. She was too sexy to be seen. In no time I just broke the hooks of her bra and started sucking her boobs. That soft nipples slowing turned hard.

I loved that. She was just pushing my head down. I couldn’t control myself. I went down to remove her “pavadai”. To my surprise she never resisted. I removed it with ease and came up to kiss her as i dint know if i had oral at the first time. I started kissing her again.

She now was more than just horny. She sucked my lips, when i just moved my hand down and touched her wet panty. The moment i touched her, she just shivered for a second. There was a huge wet spot i could feel. I moved my finger in though the sides of the panty near the legs.

I must say, she was too fucking wet. It was too watery. I second i touched her inside. She just held me tight and bit my lips hard.Then I could feel that clitoris, getting harder. I kept moving my finger over there. I was just watching a girl within in pleasure him and bit my lips hard.

Her eyes were not to be seen. She was in ecstasy. I just loved it. I was now uncontrollable. She bought her hands down and unzipped my pants and felt my dick. She climbed on me. Went down towards the penis. She started to enjoy my Penis. Then She went in and out of my dick.

She took my penis in her hands and brushed it gently. She put her finger in the slit of my cock and gently rubbed it. Fuck. She was talented. I came a little as she stared into my eyes and licked my lips. It was too much to handle. I was still hard. We had one more go at it.

She blew me and i sucked her. Then it was my turn. I went to her pussy and started licking there. She moaned loudly. I did for 2 minutes. I tasted her vagina. WOW Tastier than a meal. Now came the most important part. FUCK her!! She was lying down and I was on her top.

I asked whether condoms are required. Then she was in no mood to hear that and asked to fuck her hard. I started to push my pennies inside and out with all my energy. I managed to get the head of my cock all the way in, and I watched as her sphincter tightened around my cock.

I continued pushing until the remainder of my cock was all the way into her. That’s it, how does it feel now, Does it hurt? When it could go no farther, I stopped for a moment. A little. Just wait a minute. The pain eased and she nodded. Okay, Fuck now began pumping my hips into her.

Then I could feel the burning heat of her ass. I pulled out of her almost completely and then rammed myself back in. Then she grunted at the f***e I was using, but I didn’t care, this felt good. I loved the thought of fucking my dream woman’s ass. Then when I was about to cum.

Then I took out my dick and kept in her mouth. She was enjoying it. She also came with collapsed forward, onto the floor, and I and I collapsed right on top of her. She rolled over when I moved off of her. We smiled tenderly at each other. I’ve done all that you wanted me to do. Are you happy now? She asked.

Happy? I wouldn’t say that was the proper word for my feeling. We have spent more time than I expected. She said wish you could stay longer, but maybe you’re right. She replied.

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