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Sexting my Daddy by mistake

I never lost it to a man, it was more a thing, an inanimate object and in a supermarket. It was a bit of a dare and just as well I was wearing a dress, had I been wearing pants or denims, it might never had happened that way.

I was always adamant I would never be considered a ‘trophy’, to some jerk-off guy, to be hung-out on his bedpost, so that Saturday lunchtime, I pushed a 4″ banana into my pussy, and walked around the whole freaking store, with my panties holding it up inside me, while my girlfriend Carla, giggled behind me, as proof I surrendered my maidenhood to a piece of fruit.

Teenage girls can be very precocious creatures, I know I was back then. I was never afraid of sex, just curious. I had been fingered many times and had clitoral stimulation and orgasms, and in return, given hand-jobs and some blow-jobs, as part of natural progression, especially when my menstrual cycle started and my body was full of sex hormones, that’s when you start to notice men looking at you and giving you those looks that said, ‘I want to fuck you’.

So my skirts became progressively shorter, and my panties became more thong-like, and my pussy always seemed to be on fire. I bought hi-cut thongs, so the string section always rode over my clit, when I walked, and I found with my new freedoms, I could have really good stimulation in public places, with men watching me, that was the bit I enjoyed, being nearly caught and flashing, when I knew he could do nothing about it.

I went to see ‘Emmanuel’ one afternoon, instead of being in classes, I was under the admittance level, but the old guy on the counter was offering to let me in for free, he was a dirty old bastard and I knew he was wanting something in return, but I made a big deal about not wanting to go in and watch this erotic stuff, and in the end agreed to look at a bit of it, providing he left me alone in the back row.

The whole fucking cinema was practically empty except for a few older guys, one who was a few rows ahead of where I sat in the back had his thing out and was just sitting jacking off to the film as I watched him.

It did not take me long to start fingering myself. I knew the old guy who let me in was watching me, so that kind of excited me, turned me on even more, and I took everything below my waist off, and just got on with it, wanting to be caught, which was ridiculous as I knew I was being watched.

The old guy who was watching me came into the row and say alongside me and he took over, taking off the rest of my clothes until I was completely nude, but by now I was on another level, and amongst all these old men taking their turns touched and probing me, I swallowed three loads that afternoon, all without being penetrated.

My Daddy Fuck up

I had been drinking most of the afternoon with my office friends. It had been getting a little hot and one guy in particular, who was married, had been teasing me and I wanted to get back at him, but in a way, we would finish up fucking somewhere.

I went down into the bathroom and locked myself in one of the cubicles, undressed and shot a rather risqué sex video on my camera, ending with me begging to be taken that night.

I sent it to his phone and waited a little for the message to get home, planning to return to this cubicle for that all important and much needed fuck.

I got back to the bar and shocked to find he had left to go home to his wife, who had called while I was in the toilet. I was angry and disappointed, but too d***k to care.

I too went home in a cab and while I was en-route, I had a text from my daddy thanking me for the short stimulating video, I had sent it to him instead of my proposed married lover.

Thankfully I was so pissed I was not even embarrassed when daddy played it back to me, I laughed it off, telling him I was as horny as fuck I would even sl**p with our dog.

Needless to say, daddy did put me to bed that night, but I passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow and could scarcely recall getting home.

I was glad I had sent it to the wrong phone after reviewing it as working with the guy I was proposing to fuck, would have been a nightmare. On the other hand, daddy was much nicer to me and more loving, and whether he did it or not, because I have no way of knowing if he did me on my bed as I slept, we sort of grew up that night, now he is my best friend, and we talk about everything.

That Train Journey

Our house used to rock whenever the train passed by. I grew up watching the train, and tried to visualize the people on it and what they saw when they looked back at me and our desolate little white coloured house.

During the Summer, I would sit on the veranda with my legs up on the railings, knowing a dark secret between me and anyone looking up my skirt, I was naked under it and wondered if anyone looking could see that.

It was a start of my love affair with trains and sex, because of my naughtiness, trains were the epitome of seduction, and I would lie in bed and study the seasons scheduling, knowing the times they passed, and my menstrual cycle, trains carried men and men carried semen, all I needed was to bring them together, to fertilize my eggs.

I travelled the four miles North to board the train, which would take me into the city, and past my house. I wore white that day, to signify my virginity, but also to let men who had seen me, regular commuters, that I was the girl on the veranda, the girl who never wore panties.

That morning I felt no need to change anything, even as I looked at my full refection with the sun streaming in behind me, the shadow of my bodily outline could be seen with ease, even my thigh gap allowed for my inner lips to be seen, it was only right that be so.

I sat by the window in the facing direction of the trains motion, men soon began to sit around me, nodding and smiling, at last she was in here with them and not out there on that veranda.

The linen from which my dress was made off, was an absorbent material, the damp patch under my crotch was enlarging as the train neared my house. I was a healthy adolescent girl who lubed easily, and the darkening, and ever enlarging circle under my bum, proved this to be so.

I saw the men look from their windows as my house came into view, they were looking for me, I was right about that at least, now I knew, and I turned to the man beside me, ‘I live in that house’, I said, and the men all looked at me.

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