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I worked at the the same place with my roommate and best friend Greg. We were both trying saving money for a vacation away from Florida, and by August the heat was at it’s pinnacle. If we had any hopes to make it successfully through our final year of college when it began in September, we need some relief – from the heat and the daily grind of having to rise each morning at 6:00 a.m. to endure work, most days suffering from massive hangovers and very little sl**p.

So we both put in our notice and began making plans for a trip to the Mountain West, into the Rockies where the temperature and the pace of life was certain to plummet as precipitously as the slopes that fell from its impressive peaks. We had been told that the little window of time that we had planned for our visit promised fair weather, but what we hadn’t planned on was the fairer sex. For a span of three weeks, I was exposed to a variety of beautiful girls with whom I experienced unparalleled sexual gratification.

We hit the road about 8:30 the next morning and arrived at West Lake trailhead on the southwest end of Cloud Peak Wilderness Area around 12:30 in the afternoon. We were just a little disappointed to find one other car parked in the parking area. We thought we might have the whole wilderness area or at least that trailhead to ourselves. We organized all of our gear, and then started up the trail.

Our gear was heavy. We had brought more than enough food and water for seven days, most of it in boxes, but quite a few canned items as well – probably too much canned food, but it made life a lot easier at the end of a long day of hiking. This was wilderness camping, which meant we were abiding by “leave no trace” principles – every thing we carried in, we carried out. While spent boxes could be burned in campfires, a can had to be carted out as garbage. We also intended to supplement the food we brought with fresh fish, so we’d brought our fishing gear as well.

We set off up the trail, climbing steadily. It was incredibly beautiful country that blended an infinite variety of scenic wonders – meadows of lush green mixed-grasses and wild flowers, dense forests of pine and spruce, hundreds of beautiful lakes that drained into miles of streams and wetlands, and rugged rock cliffs and outcroppings. It was wild, clean, and pristine, just what we were looking for to unwind from a summer of work. After three and half hours of hiking, it was late in the afternoon, and after walking the length of it, we decided to set up camp at the far end of Mirror Lake, a beautiful, mountain pond, fed by a half dozen streams and surrounded by a dense pine forest. This is where we spent the next 7 days.

Early in the afternoon of our sixth day of hiking we followed a new trail back down the mountain in the direction of the trailhead from which we had started. We planned to reach Mirror Lake, where we had camped the first night, and from there we intended to hike to the West Lake trailhead the next morning. As we were hiking through some rocky outcroppings, we came around a bend in the trail, beyond which a shear rock face, rose from a flat, stone ledge about 20 feet wide.

As we did, we heard girlish giggles and smelled a pungent and familiar aroma. Seated with their backs to the rock face, were two girls about our age, smoking a joint. From their vista, they had a spectacular view overlooking a convergence of two incredibly scenic valleys. We startled them, but instead of trying to conceal their wickedness, they just laughed even louder and smiled at us both.

“Care to take a load off and join us?” asked a well-built blonde, in a white halter top, that was straining to conceal her bosom. She had a long, straight hair that fell about her shoulders and down her ample chest, masking what appeared to be rather impressive cleavage. She was also wearing cutoff jean shorts and hiking boots. Her dark brown eyes smiled brightly, and I was surprised to see that despite being in some of the wildest country in the lower 48, she wore makeup! She sported a dark tan face, with a shapely nose that turned up a bit at the tip, thin lips, and full, thick, dark, sensuous eyebrows. Her name is Alison.

“Sure!” Greg and I answered simultaneously. We didn’t need to be asked twice. We pulled off our backpacks, both of which were now a good 10 pounds lighter than when we started our hike six days earlier, and laid them down on the stone ledge next to the girls’ packs.

“Want a hit?” asked a very pretty, short-haired blonde, as she extended a large blunt toward Greg at arm’s length. She was much slighter built than her friend, but undeniably cute. Greg sat down next to her, and accepted the joint, took a long hit and passed it back to her. She introduced herself as Coral.

“Did you guys come in on the West Lake trailhead?”

“Yeah, how did you know that?” Alison asked.

“I think we saw your car parked there. We came in the day after you did. You’re the only people we’ve seen in the six days we’ve been up here.”

“Ditto,” said Coral, passing the blunt back to Greg. “Where you guys from?”

“Florida,” Greg answered tersely. “How ’bout you?”

“Chicago. Wheaton, actually. Hey, you know last year we hiked in the Hills. That’s pretty cool country.”

“When are you headed back to the trailhead?” Greg asked.

“Tomorrow,” Coral answered, passing him a plastic container of trail mix. “How about you?”

“The same. Where were you planning to camp tonight?” he asked. I could see where he was headed.

Alison stood up, and I admired her tight ass in her tiny cutoffs. She pointed toward the center of the valley on the left. “See that lake down there – the one on the left? That’s Mirror Lake. That’s where we’re headed now.” I laughed. “What’s so funny?” she asked smiling at me.

“We found a great camping spot there, with the best fishing that we’ve had during the whole trip. Tonight we intend to have a real feast for dinner.”

“You’ve been catching fish for dinner?” Coral asked, sounding half surprised and half jealous.

“We’re not really fishermen,” said Alison. “Mostly, we’ve eaten a lot of Top Ramen noodles, rice, macaroni and cheese, energy bars, and nuts.”

I knew what Greg was thinking, before he said it. “Why don’t you camp with us tonight, and we’ll treat you to an incredible meal? Whadaya say?”

“That sounds really nice,” Coral smiled brightly. When she did, her beauty was indisputable. She was slender, with a trim figure – small breasts, tiny waist, and skinny butt. Her dark blonde hair was cut into a stylish, sort of choppy shag. Like her friend, she was wearing makeup, which I found unusual so far out here in the wilderness.

“It sure does!” Alison said smiling at me. Then, it struck me. Coral was exactly Greg’s type, and Alison seemed handcrafted to my tastes. Without so much as a word having been spoken, an agreeable pairing off had somehow been achieved to everyone’s liking.

Then, while the girls gathered firewood, Greg and I headed to our fishing hole. We had had better luck at this spot than at any other lake or stream in our nearly week long trek, so we were hopeful that our fortunes would be good. Appropriately, luck was a lady that night.

After twenty minutes of casting, using corn as our bait, I got a major strike. This was not going to be as easy as my earlier catches – small to medium sized perch or smallish lake trout, but I knew before I had even seen what I’d hooked that the reward would be greater for my extra work. What I finally reeled in surprised both Greg and me. It was nice-sized walleye pike, and as soon as Greg saw it, he was amazed.

While I unhooked my catch, he reeled in his line again. Adding some more corn to his hook, he cast out again, as far as he could into the still water. In five more minutes, Greg was reeling in his own walleye, albeit one a little smaller than mine.

When we returned to our camp, proudly displaying our triumphs, the girls had a roaring fire going, and so Greg began to work his magic. He gutted and cleaned the walleyes, so that we had four magnificent filets.

The main dish was walleye filet, served over a bed of rice pilaf that was covered in a green bean/mushroom sauce. The entree was served with a side of corn, and for dessert, Greg had brought out the last of our freeze-dried strawberries and blueberries, to which he added a little water, sugar, and syrup. Then, he heated all of that up to make a kind of compote, which he topped with crumbled almond cookies.

Alison and Coral found the whole thing so freaking amazing that they both said it was the best meal they’d ever had. I think not having eaten real food for seven days had something to do with that, but I was pretty darn impressed myself.

By the time we finished eating and cleaning up our pots, pans, plates, and silverware, it was pretty dark. So we sat around the campfire on a couple of big logs that Greg and I dragged to our campsite and passed a couple of joints around, talking and laughing, pretty darn satisfied with our lives here at Cloud Peak. I sat with Alison on one log, and Greg and Coral took the other.

A pair of birds was romancing each other out on Mirror Lake, and we took our cues from them. Pretty soon I was hugging and kissing Alison passionately and feeling up her big tits. I wasn’t paying attention to Greg and Coral – I literally had my hands full with Alison, but then I heard Coral moaning, and I assumed Greg was, as usual, ahead of me. In a minute or two, he led her into our tent, and so a minute later, I picked up one of our lanterns, and grabbing Alison’s hand, we made our way to the girls’ tent. I set the lantern down on the ground outside the tent, and we climbed inside.

We took off our our clothes, zipped the two bags together, and got under the covers; it was starting to get cold. The lantern light shone through the fabric of the red tent and set a perfect, romantic mood – rose-tinted light bathed the inside of the tent, so that it was just light enough for me to see every inch of Alison’s spectacular body.

We started kissing again really passionately, our mouths dancing together in a kind of oral mambo, until I moved my mouth to her ears and neck, licking and biting them, while I started squeezing and rubbing her breasts through her bra.

Then, I reached down to her cut-off shorts, unbuttoned the top button, unzipped her zipper, and stuck my hand inside her panties. When my fingers slid past her mound, I was surprised to find it smooth. I could feel that her only pubic hair was the tiny stubble that I guessed was the result of the seven days at Cloud Peak.

I kept going, and when I found her spot, she let out a low moan. At the same moment, I heard Coral’s soft groans coming from the other tent 100 feet away and a little closer to the lake. The groans echoed across the still waters.

Without removing Alison’s shorts or her panties, I first very gently ran my index and middle fingers the length of her slick lips. Then, I began to trace a line up one side of her labia, and then down the other. After I had made a half dozen circles around her wetness, I entered her with just the tip of my middle finger between her slippery lips and then slid my finger back and forth, unleashing a flood of arousal from her pussy. Alison let out a deep, throaty groan, so loud that she scared herself. I kept going.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, “but that feels so good. Oh, my god, yes! Yes! I’m getting so wet!”

After a minute or two, I inserted my index finger as well, but now I slowly slid both fingers into her more deeply, and Alison began to grind her hips against my hand. Then, I moved both fingers down, to the base of that pussy, and with my fingers fully extended inside her, I began to push downward hard with them, toward her asshole, and when I did, she screamed, “Oh my god, yes! Oh god, yes!” Again, she quieted herself and began to whisper, “My god, you just filled me up. I can’t believe you’re doing that with just your fingers. It feels so amazing.” I slowly withdrew my drenched fingers, but I wasn’t done with them. I slid her shorts and panties down to her knees.

I moved my way down her body and starting to give her oral pressure.

I licked her clit and finger fucked her, building up to be as hard as I could. Alison began to writhe and squirm under me, and she could no longer whisper. “Oh, yes!” she yelped, her volume growing with each word. “You’re gonna make me cum, oh yes! Oh my god, yes! Oh my god, yes! Oh, Jesus! Oh, Jesus! Oh, Jesus Christ, yes!” Then, she began bucking wildly, but I refused to slow my licking or stop my finger fucking until a scream escaped from deep within her, “Ooooooohhhhhhh! Yes! Yes! Yes!!” Her shriek echoed off the canyon wall across the lake and continued reverberating for at least five seconds.

She didn’t say anything for a minute, but in the dim, rose-colored light, I could see that her face and upper chest were flushed. Finally, she whispered, “I’m sorry, Steve,” she said still breathing quickly. “They heard me, didn’t they?”

“Probably,” I murmured, diplomatically, “but who cares? They’re in there doing the same thing we are.” At that moment we heard Greg moan. We laughed together. I leaned over to kiss her with passion, as I pulled my wet hand from her sex, raising it to stroke her face. I could smell her musky aroma.

I want to taste you,” Alison said in a low voice, and she pushed me down onto the sl**ping bags. She unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned and then unzipped my jeans, and pulled them down to my ankles. In one motion, she pulled both my jeans and shorts off me. A smile grew on her face. I lay back in the red light with my stiff erection, standing at attention. Now, I could hear a slow percussive rhythm from the other tent.

Then, Alison crawled between my legs and toward me, forcing my legs wider apart, and pulling my tent pole into a vertical position with her right hand, her head dove for my balls. She began to lick and suck them greedily. She worked up and down my cock, it was perfect.

Alison increased the rhythm of her bobbing head and the amount of suction that her mouth was applying to my cock head and upper shaft. Now, I was the one doing the groaning, “Oh my god… Alison…, that feels… really… good…”

Sensing that she had me fully aroused now, she pulled her mouth from my cock, as she continued to suck my dick vigorously. 100 feet away, I could hear Coral’s tortured groans now coming in quicker succession.

“Do you want to cum in my mouth,” Alison asked over her friend’s rhythmic grunts, “or do you want to be inside me?” I wasn’t used to being given the choice, and I was starting to get really close, so I was glad she had posed the question.

“I want to be inside you,” I said breathlessly, “but… I… I don’t… have… a condom.” I realized that this was why I had not succeeded as a Boy Scout: I had failed at the cardinal rule of scouting to always “Be Prepared.”

“That’s okay, it’s a good time of the month for me, but it’s probably best if you pull out when you’re ready to cum, okay? I want to taste you anyway,” Alison admitted.

How would you like to take me?” she whispered bending low, close to my ear.

“Can I fuck you from behind?” I responded as quietly as I could. I don’t know why I was whispering, because Coral’s moaning was non-stop now.

“That’s what I was hoping you would say,” she smiled, letting go of my erection. She seemed oblivious to the lusty sounds coming from the other tent now, but I suspected that they were turning her on as much as they were me.

I sat up, and reached behind her to undo her bra. I still hadn’t seen her tits yet, and I knew that the sight of them would really excite me. I undid the clasps in the back, and Alison slid her flowery cups down her arms and off.

I grasped her boobs with both hands, and they were incredibly soft to my touch. Her nipples were erect so I dropped my head to lick and suck them momentarily, as Alison let out another audible groan. I heard Greg commanding loudly, “Yeah, ride me baby! Oh yeah, yeah!”

Then, I grabbed her and motioned her into the doggy style position.

She was eager and presented her sweet pussy to me. Her asshole was cute too. I slid my head just inside Alison’s slippery lips and then up and down her wetness. When I had myself coated with her juices, I slowly entered her, pushing my way into her wet pussy until I felt my balls kiss her lips. I was balls to the walls now, and so she bent her knees and spread herself as wide as she could to accept my offering.

Alison reached back to grab by hand, and pulling me into her she gasped again, this time really loudly, “On my god, you’re big.” I knew that Coral and Greg could hear, but I was rather proud of the advertisement. Besides, I suspected that our soundtrack was turning them on as much as theirs was having the same effect upon us. All four of us had stopped caring about privacy.

Now, I began to slowly increase my rhythm, plunging with long, steady strokes into Alison’s pussy. I pounded her for several minutes while she was moaning at the top of her lungs. Eventually I got tired so I switched positions so I could fuck her from the side. She was rubbing her clit as I was pounding her hold. Her breathing was becoming more ragged now, and I knew that both of us were approaching climaxes.

Apparently, things in the other tent were progressing similarly, “Oh, oh, oh. I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum,” I heard Coral scream, and then a long, high-pitched shriek, “Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!”

I took her declaration as a challenge. Friends should do things together. So, now I pounded Alison with everything I had. It was incredibly erotic to be able to watch in the dim rose-colored light as this sensuous young woman became so overcome with the pleasure that I was providing for her.

Her soft tits were bouncing back and forth uncontrollably. Then, I saw her open her mouth as if surprised, and as she stared into my eyes, she lifted her thick eyebrows to signal her impending climax, “Oh… my… god… I’m… cum… ming…! Yes…! Yes…! Yes…! Yessssssssssssss!” She quaked hysterically under me, and I could hear our whole tent shaking.

100 feet away, I heard rustling inside the other tent, a throaty murmur from Greg, and then Coral’s girlish voice saying, “Yeah, cum in my mouth.”
That was too hot for me, hearing Coral want cum in her mouth made me want to cum. I also announced the inevitable and told her, “I’m cumming. Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!” I pulled out of Alison’s sloppy pussy and she got up and leaned over her face and closed my eyes and groaned, as I deposited spurt after spurt of semen on her open mouth and face.

“You taste good,” she said smiling.

I found my jeans. I had a bandana in one of my pockets, and I handed it to her. “I made a mess on you,” I apologized. Without saying anything, she reached her finger back to her neck, dragging more of my cum to her mouth.

“A tasty mess!” she said, smiling even more brightly. I lean over and kissed her hard on her lips, on which I could taste my salty cum. She wiped the rest of my deposit up with the bandana. Then, I reached out of the door to the tent and turned off the lantern.

Without putting our clothes back on, we slipped naked back inside the sl**ping bags, zipped them up around our necks, and quickly fell asl**p in each other’s arms.

Part 2 to be continued…

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