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Shuttle Bus Cum Squirt on Indian Auntie

I was a typical young white western male backpacking around Nepal and in this bizarre sexual experience, I was minding my own business, traveling alone and simply wanted to file into our shuttle bus that would take us to a hotel for the night. Most of the passengers were Indian but we were all exhausted from traveling late that night.

The shuttle bus might have been 50 years old but all I know is that I was on first and as more and more passengers shoved and pushed their way on I found myself in standing with my back pressed against a luggage cage. The most unusual thing is that there was really only room for two people to stand back there and to my surprise an Indian auntie who seemed to be traveling alone ended up rudely pushing her way into the one space in front of me. The space was separated from the rest of the bus by a sort of waist-high divider. It’s unusual to see an Indian lady traveling alone but even more unusual to choose to position herself with her buttocks towards a man behind her! In India ‘gropers’ are notorious. It would not matter I was a white western male as some Indian women believe we are oversexed deviants anyways.

I would guess she was around 40 years old. It was terribly hot that night and she was wearing the typical light Indian Sari that did show off her curvy plump body, large round breasts, a fat Desi ‘booty’. But I didn’t really think much of this other than I’d better be careful or she’d be whistling ‘groper’. In fact, I got worried more as our shuttle bus departed and she was making a point of looking behind her every odd minute. She was giving my crotch dirty looks and then would dart angry eyes at me. I wasn’t doing anything! Yes, I have a bulge in my pants but its not an erection Auntie!

After what felt like 20 minutes its seems half the passengers were asl**p, it was very dark inside, otherwise road noise, jostling as we were down more rural roads. Auntie was becoming very annoyed and this time turned around to glare at my bulge and slapped it! I dared not do or say a thing. She gave me another turn of the head dirty look and again another slap to my crotch bulge! She was clearly very offended but I was not going to hide myself or move either. If anything I stuck out my bulge a bit further. A minute later she reached behind and squeezed my bulge and shook it!

When angry Indian auntie squeezed my crotch the 3rd time I just decided to fight back with offensiveness and I purposely pumped my hips back and forth as if getting off on her squeeze. that did it for this angry indian lady! She was not happy with me now! with a sort of angry attitude she put two hands behind her and pulled her Sari in series of pulls. Right up over her fat auntie bum and tucked the Sari into the waistband of her panties. Then she made a resolved and impatient face and waved some ‘okay there you go pervert’ hand gestures behind her back. I totally got it – she was offended I was NOT groping and perving her and so now I needed to get it over with.

Auntie’s panties were not sexy, standard thing pink panties, but the sight of her big fat brown asscheeks and the total horny situation really did give me a painfully hard cock but I had to be careful – most of the passengers simply could not see or hear us at the back of this shuttle bus but I could just start jacking myself like crazy. I carefully, quietly unbuttoned, unzipped and slid my jeans down. Auntie surprised me again by turning her head to glare at my hard cock just visible in the moonlight. She barely broke a stare for a minute and then again reached back to slap my cock! She spanked it a few times so it was bouncing around. Then she went back to her angry submissive pose with her fat booty exposed to me. I did start stroking my cock and pushing the head of my cock against her panties. I was going to be rude and really pushed my cock into her butt crack through the panties, I pressed my shaft between her fat cheeks, I decided she was getting what she asked for, a real perverted hard cock masturbating all over her fat brown bum.

Auntie wasn’t satisfied though because she reached a hand behind and pulled the crotch of her panties so aggressively to one side that her big fat hairy pussy appeared. Her vulva was so big and fat and swolled she could leave the panties to stay to the side. It was dark in the shuttle bus but enough moonlight lit up that horny Indian pussy to make me want to explode cum all over her. I had never seen a pussy that fat, plump and swollen and the way her panties were bunched up up only squeezed those big brown pussy lips outward towards me. I carefully but frantically pushed my throbbing cock up and right into those glossy fat pussy folds. Auntie was clearly hairy at the front but her pussy was only only lightly hairy from behind. I could even get glimpses of her smooth brown asshole as my cock head pushed up and down between her deep crack. I would not need to push my cock inside this bad Auntie’s pussy (though I wanted to) but her pussy labia were so fat, so hot, so wet, her buttocks so deep and tight that it was just as gratifying as being inside a pussy.

Indian auntie must have been an experienced lady because she was perfectly jutting her pussy out to be used for my pleasure but she also seemed to know exactly when I was about to cum because as I was getting closer and closer from pushing and fucking my cock up and down her fat pussy and ‘fucking her ass cheeks’ she knew, Im sure from the throbbing and pulsing she just knew to carefully but firmly interrupt, reach her hands behind her and firmly pull open her ass as wide as she could. Auntie even arched her back just enough to push out her big fat pussy. The sight of her spread open fat ass, her asshole exposed and that gorgeous plump brown pussy was all I could take before holding my breath and squirting cum more than I think I’ve ever squirted in my life, the first squirt was nearly a ‘bullseye’ to her pulled open asshole, I squirt again and this time it seems like a water gun splashing her fat pussy lips, I squirted a third time by holding my cock closer and this went down her thighs. Indian Auntie looked absolutely offended and more indignant as each cum squirt splashed her.

Her face contorted to more contempt as she most abruptly released her grip, pulled her panties back in place and dropped her dress back down. I was dizzy from one of the most intense orgasms but myself quickly but carefully putting my cock back inside my pants, buttoning up, now sobering up to feel worried someone noticed this but a glance to the front of the bus and not a single passenger seemed to have noticed a thing! There were too many open windows and other smells for anyone to have caught the smell of cumsoaked Auntie I thought but as soon as I was sure we weren’t caught the shuttle pulled up to our hotel and a chaos of luggage and hustle bustle to disembark had us ramble off the shuttle.

Indian Auntie gave me nothing more than an extra-indignant stare of as I glanced at her on the way out but otherwise nothing to acknowledge what just happened, that she knew me or that she did not have cum-soaked panties under her dress. the last thing I saw was another Indian auntie, maybe a f****y member, picking her up outside and driving off.

The next day I had moved onto he next stop and would never see that lady again but to this day its still one of the strangest more erotic sexual experiences in my life and I have found myself standing behind Indian Aunties on the bus or metro and feeling my cock surge and fantasizing about that sexy auntie who taught me how to be a real life Indian bus groper! But then again, angry Indian auntie was the groper after all and I was her willing victim. I like to think she went home, got on her bed, spread her legs and moaned in pleasure as she massaged and rubbed her cum-soaked pussy. I guess I will never know.

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