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Sissy Cuckold’s first time

She waited till I was out of the shower and then shouted me to come in.

I towelled myself and entered the living room. ‘So Marcus has just texted me,’ She said, smiling. ‘Want to read it?’

Of course I did. My cock twitched at the thought of her with Marcus. ‘Yeah.’

Marcus: Hey babe. Can’t wait to see you later xxx

Samantha (my wife): Me neither. I’m looking forward to it xxx

Marcus: I’m hard right now thinking of doing the nasty with you

Samantha haha! Not long and you can do what you want with me xxx

‘I see you like it,’ Smirked Sam, grabbing my balls. ‘Let me feel your legs.’ She pulled me closer and ran her hands up and down my legs. ‘Very smooth. Let me see your pussy.’

I bent over and spread my cheeks for her.

‘Good.’ She said, rubbing her fingers against my hole. ‘Now get your outfit on whilst I get ready.’

I went upstairs and put on the outfit she had prepared for me. I thought back to how this had all started, that moment when she had flipped the roles and had complete control of me.

Marcus was kissing her on the bed, tenderly rubbing his hand between her arse cheeks. She moaned and lifted her leg, giving him better access. I didn’t know what to think. Here was a man, bigger in all areas pleasing my wife like I couldn’t. I should feel ashamed by this, but I didn’t. My cock was pressing into the cage causing me discomfort. I was pleased that my wife was going to get what she needed – a good hard seeing to by a big, black cock.

Sam’s hand tenderly travelled down his chest until she managed to get inside his trousers. She broke the kiss. ‘My, my,’ She said, her eyes wide and greedy, her hands suddenly fumbling to undo the buckles. ‘That is big.’

Marcus smirked, ‘I told you baby. You’ll get what you want. What you need.’ He bent down and kissed her passionately, pinning her arms above her head. Her pale, milky legs spread wide, making her babydoll ride up, revealing her panties. It was only an instant, but I could see they were wet and moist. Hungrily she kissed back, moaning as his tongue explored her mouth whilst his spare hand fondled her big breasts.

Marcus broke the kiss and held her there, sucking on her nipple. ‘Oh Marcus,’ She cried, grinding her hips against him. I sat there, beneath them and sneakily started playing with the butt plug inside me. I knew all her attention was on him and decided it was worth the risk.

Marcus stood and said, ‘Suck me.’

Sam crawled over and started undoing the rest of his jeans. She pulled them off his legs and he lifted his feet out. ‘Oh I am so ready for this,’ She said, as she rubbed his bulging member through his pants. She couldn’t take it and pulled them down. Her eyes went wide and her mouth opened as his big, heavy cock flopped out. ‘Look at this,’ She said, weighing it in her hand, ‘It’s bigger than my forearm! Marcus – do you mind if we measure it against sissy? He needs to see what a proper cock is, as he still tries to fuck me with that pathetic thing.’

I blushed at this, but was strangely aroused by this humiliation.

Sam pulled the key from round her neck and undid my chastity cage. She pulled me closer to Marcus and he started smirking at me. On the flat of her hands, Sam measured up our cocks. ‘That’s why you’ve been kept in a clit cage sissy.’

‘Enough talking,’ Said Marcus, pushing his cock into Sam’s face.

Sam’s mouth opened wide and she engulfed as much as she could, her cheeks expanding like a balloon.

Marcus grabbed her hair and started rubbing it. ‘Oh, that’s good. That’s good. Suck that cock.’ Sam looked up at him as she started pushing it down her throat. Not satisfied, Marcus grabbed her head and pushed his cock deeper. ‘I said suck it.’ He said. ‘Show me what you want. You ain’t showing then I ain’t giving.’

Sam moaned and started thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth, her throat making wet, sloppy sounds as it went deeper and deeper. Her eyes were watering from the onslaught.

‘Much Better,’ Said Marcus, pulling his cock out, ‘Lick my balls.’

Hungrily she licked his balls and stroked his cock, her breathing causing her chest to rise and fall.

‘On the bed,’ Said Marcus, slapping her cheek. ‘No. Hold your shoes.’

I watched as she obeyed his every command. She lay on her front, her head stretched upwards over the edge searching for his cock, whilst her hands gripped her high heels. Marcus pressed his cock into her waiting mouth and started fucking her face. Soon she was gagging and retching, her make-up streaming down her cheeks.

‘Good. That’s a good slut.’ He said, as he spat on his hand and slipped his fingers roughly into her cunt making her arse wobble. ‘Suck that black cock.’

He pulled out and lay on the bed. ‘Come here bitch.’ He jammed her head hard down on his cock and fucked her throat again. He looked over at me. ‘See. This is how you treat a woman.’ He yanked her up by the hair, ‘Ain’t that right Sam?’

She just had time to say yes as he pushed her back down on his cock.

‘Give your sissy a taste.’

Sam got up and leaned over. She gripped my collar and pulled me to her. She kissed me, spreading her saliva and his cock juices all over my face and in my mouth.

‘You like that sissy?’ Said Marcus.

I nodded.

‘Have some more,’ Said Sam, as she let go of my collar, squeezed my lower jaw and spat in my mouth.
‘You still gotta show me that you want it bitch.’ Said Marcus, slapping Sam on the arse hard.

She turned and went back to bobbing her throat back on his cock.

‘Sissy. You want me to fuck your wife?’

I didn’t look up, but managed to mumble, ‘Yes.’

‘Have I got your permission to ruin your wife’s cunt and spill my seed in her?’

‘Yes I want you to fuck my wife.’

‘Then help her out sissy. She’s struggling. Lick my nuts. Show me what you want.’

I climbed between his legs and started licking and sucking his nuts, tasting all the slime from my wife’s mouth that had dripped onto his balls. He tasted sweaty and I was soon enjoying myself. Enjoying being under the control of this man.

‘Looks like I got two bitches,’ He said, folding his arms behind his head, ‘I think it’s time I fuck your wife sissy. What do you think?’

‘Yes, she needs a proper cock.’

‘You got a good sissy here girl. Now come and sit on Daddy’s cock.’

I stayed where I was watching Sam clamber on top of him. Her face was a mess, but she didn’t care. I could see her desire, her hunger for his cock to be inside her. She held it up as she squated onto it.

‘Keep licking them balls sissyboy,’ Said Marcus.

‘Oh god!’ She whimpered, biting her lip as the tip of his cock started to stretch her pussy. ‘Fuck that’s big.’

Marcus started pushing his cock up inside her, making her yelp each time. ‘Bounce on it. Show me what you want bitch.’

‘Yes Marcus.’ She said as she started getting deeper onto his cock.

‘Call me Daddy.’

‘Yes Daddy, She said, leaning back into him.

She was too slow for Marcus. He picked up her legs and pulled them up to her chest. Holding her, he started fucking her, part thrust, part dropping her weight onto it. S

She cried out, ‘Fuck me Daddy!’ And he did and I had the perfect view. Her lips were spread wide. They looked pink and puffy as he slammed into her. With each slam his balls left my waiting tongue and it was hard to keep up. ‘Eat my clit sissy!’ She ordered.

I got up and tried to eat her clit. It was difficult, as he was bouncing her up to the tip and all the way back down, so I lay there passive with my tongue out, brushing against cock and clit.

‘You like that black cock Sam? You like Daddy’s black cock? Said Marcus, ramming his dick deep into her.

‘Yes Daddy!’ She mewled.

‘Still want me to fuck your arse?’


‘Sissy can wet it for you with that bitch tongue of his.’

They swapped positions, so Sam was facing him. They kissed and fucked slowly and I worked my tongue into her hole, getting it all juicy and wet.

Marcus slapped her arse to get her off and fucked her doggy. ‘See. This is what a bitch needs sissy. A real good, deep dicking.’ He said, as he fucked her doggy and started fingering her arse.

Damn, was he right though. I didn’t know she wanted to be arse fucked and she never let me do that.

‘This gonna make her gush sissy.’ He said as he went and sat in a chair. ‘Sam get your arse over here. ‘

Like before, he held her close, with her legs pinned against her. He toyed with her arse, slapping it with his cock and then he pressed it in. Her face screwed up and she let out a deep, a****l sound as he pressed it in. It must have been the size and the angle he fucked her, as there was no speed involved. ‘Get your face on her pussy.’ Ordered Marcus.

I licked her pussy as he fucked her, stabbing his cock slowly upwards, so that it was pressing against her pussy. Soon she was mewling and pushing her pussy out. I licked and sucked on her lips, getting lost in that melted butter taste. ‘I’m cumming!’ She cried, as her gush sprayed all over my face.

‘You like that?’ Marcus said, slapping her stretched, purple hole with his cock.

‘Yes.’ She said, gaping her cunt and hole as if wanting more.

Marcus gave it to her again. And again. Three times she gushed on my face until Marcus lifted her spent body and put her on the bed. He climbed on top of her, pinning her legs on his shoulders and started fucking her pussy with long, deep strokes. She was sweaty and red in the face, gritting her teeth as he ploughed into her. ‘Fuck me Daddy. Fuck your slut.’

‘That what you want?’ Said Marcus, building up speed and tempo. Soon it was a blur, his cock splitting her wide with a slopping sound and his heavy balls banging against her arse. ‘Get ready bitch.’

He kissed her and with one final slam he buried his cock deep inside her and held it there, his body shaking and pulsing as he unloaded his semen into my wife. He lay on top, panting, waiting for his energy to return. ‘Better get ready to clean her up sissy.’ He said, as he cock pulled out. He had me clean the tip of his cock as he pulled her pussy lips apart. There was no cum yet. It must have gone deep. He pushed my head between her legs as it started to spill out, a big, thick, runny blob of cum dripping out of her puffy and abused slit. I sucked it in without worry, tasting the mixture of hot cunt and this amazing specimen’s salty seed.
‘Let me see,’ Said Sam.

I raised my messy face and opened my lips for her. The cum stretched like a spider’s silk.

‘Stick your tongue out.’

I stuck my tongue out making sure I didn’t spill any.

‘Swallow it all up sissy.’

I swallowed.

‘You better get eating unless you want babies.’ Said Marcus.

I buried my face in her wet, sloppy cunt, sticking my tongue as deep as it would go. She held me there, by the hair as I cleaned her out.

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