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Sissy’s Bra size

Well we stayed over at Sissy’s place last week. It was really good to see her, and feel her giant breasts squished agaist me as she gave me a hug! I heard her get up for work and get into the shower.

I snuck into her room and started looking for her unmentionables. Right in the top drawer was her underware. Nothing too sexy, just pretty plain XL bikini bottoms. I found one of her clean bras, damn no tag! I wanted to know what size her gorgeous tits are.

The shower quit running and I quickly put the bra back and closed the drawer. Now I had to get out without being seen. My cock was throbbing as I snuck past the bathroom door.

I went back into the guest bedroom where my wife was sl**ping and closed the door. I whipped my cock out and started masturbating over my wifes sl**ping face. I could hear her s****r getting ready to go in the other room.

The front door opened and closed. She had left. I looked out the window with my dick in my hand and pumped it, as she pulled out of the driveway hoping she would see me.

Back into her bedroom I went. I could not find her dirty laundry. I desperately wanted to sniff her used panties and play with her bra. Baby, my wife calle dout…shit I thought. I stepped out of her s****rs room and she asked what are you doing? Nothing I said. Just looking around. That seemed to satisfy her for the moment and she went back to bed.

Into the laundry room I went on my nasty search. There it was, two piles of her dirty laundry. Underware, Bras, pantyhose…I picked up the pantyhose and could smell her musty pussy! A little bit of pee, but mostly sweaty pussy.

My cock was throbbing and growing again. I pulled down the blinds in the room and started to jerk my fat dick. It was growing super huge! Next I picked up her bra, hmmn surprising, it was only a 40 C. I thought for sure they were bigger! She had accidentally shown me a couple times while showering over at my place.

I rubbed my cock and balls in the huge cup of her bra leaving streaks of precum. Next I started digging in the dirty smelly laundry and hit paydirt. A sexy pair of leopard spotted bikini bottoms.

I lifted them up to my nose crotch first as I pumped my huge fat cock harder and faster. Oh they smelled so dirty and musky!! MMMmmmmmmmm I pumped it harder and harder thinking about my s****r in laws fat pussy. It smelled very much like my wifes only with a different vintage.

Mmmmmmmmmmm I stuffed the bra and panties back in the laundry and headed back into the guest room where my wife was back asl**p.

Her mouth was slightly gaped open as I rubbed my cock on her cheek. She was sl**ping very hard as I jerked my load onto her gorgeous hair, cheek and lips…Ohhhh I love roadtrips!!!

I can’t wait for the next one!

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